Westlife - Poet's Heart Lyrics

When did I lose my voice?
When did I make the choice to be
living so easy in the quiet?
Too much of restless thinking
But they say time is everything.
You came and opened up the silence.

So I lie awake,
writing symphonies trapped inside me,
But now I know, what you give to me,
I'm living with the poet's heart, heart

Now all the lights turned on and I'm never gonna stop
As the words come out, it's because you lit the spark.
You're a priceless, timeless, precious work of art.
Though everywhere you are,
I'm living with the poet's heart.

Whisper to me again
You (fall) from my ears straight to my pen,
How did you see right through?
It's like you're always new.

So I lie awake
writing symphonies, you awoken me
Cause now I know, what you sing to me,
I'm living with the poet's heart, heart.

Then all the lights turned on and I'm never gonna stop
And as the words come out, it's because you lit the spark.
You're a priceless, timeless, precious work of art.
Though everywhere you are,
I'm living with the poet's heart

Oh, oh
So let's lie awake, making history
Yeah, you and me
Cause now we know,
so won't you sing to me,
our melody,

Now all the lights turned on and I'm never gonna stop
As the words come out, it's because you lit the spark.
You're a priceless, timeless, precious work of art.
Though everywhere you are,
I'm living with the poet's heart, heart, heart, heart

Now my feet won't touch the ground,
Yeah, we're flying high homeward bound
Take my hand, yeah, just like that.
We'll keep riding, riding
Don't look back, don't look back,
no, no...

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Westlife Poet's Heart Comments
  1. Maria

    I LOOOOVE this song <3 <3 <3 so brilliant ! priceless timeless pecoius work of art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Enrick John

    The comeback is actually happening guys!!



  4. Christie Smith

    PLEASE boys make a reunion happen, if not for the money or for you, do it for your fans, you are missed so much.

  5. Puspita S Nurkaton

    Westlife long last


    Miss these guys badly, the best boy band ever. Soledad " why did you leave me." 2016 and still listening to the best.

  7. Mary J

    amazing! i love them! i enjoy discovering their other music. love them so much! i wish they were still a band

  8. Paul Andre Tadiar

    God will reunite Westlife in a his perfect time, the time when the only one they need is each other...

    Uti Adjeran

    Paul Andre Tadiar They'll be back with Five or the Four member.

    Megan McKnight

    I feel like it will be 5 members since Shane in 2012 said he would never rule out letting Brian back in, and Nicky and Kian kind of struggle singing lead,plus I've noticed how Kian and Nicky have not once complained about not singing lead the entire 5 to 6 years Brian was with the group. Plus Brian would of stayed until the very end of the group if they would of taken a break in 2004 which they should of done. Plus Brian is the frontman and one of the leads. Also westlife would not have existed in 1998-2004 if the group was not formed with 5 members to start off with so Brian plays a very important part in the formation of westlife. because brian just needed a break from making music. So I get the feeling westlife will be back 5 members again at some point.

    There is a reason the group was formed with 5 members in the first place and not four its meant to be 5 guys sharing the fame&money. The other four from 2004-2012 just got too use to singing as a 4 member group that they forgot that they originally use to have 5 members and that Brian deserves credit for the 5 to 6 years of the group's because westlife would not have existed the first 5 to 6 years if the group was not formed with Brian in it as one of the leads and the frontman. So I get the very strong feeling it will be back to 5 members when the group comes back.

    Megan McKnight

    Plus Brian never said that he would not be back after he got different interests off his mind

  9. cyndi asih

    I love you guys so much westlife boyband is the best& wonderful⭐👍

  10. Andine Chelsca

    Miss u guys...

  11. Andine Chelsca

    Miss u guys...

  12. Star Streamer Dragon Wiccan

    I know every generation says that there favourite bands were the best of there time. But Westlife were the best boyband ever, most people don't know that they did write there own songs. I really miss this band alot, they actually made my life bearable and worth living for when I was younger. It's thanks to them that I'm here to day and even though their not together anymore, i have their albums to listen too. Westlife till the end of time xxx

    Christie Smith

    I agree, these boys songs got me through my teen years, I knew no matter what happened I always had the best favourite band, these were the loves that came without warning.

  13. Christie Smith

    Miss you more each day boys, please come back one day.

  14. Natt R

    2015 😅😆😍

  15. Maria ditas Andalis

    Westlife make a reunion please, come back all you guys and perform on stage again, millions of people missed and love Westlife...

  16. Maria ditas Andalis

    ❤❤❤ Westlife...

    Claudia Ayana

    Maria ditas Andalis jgnjxjxnxsn

  17. Maria ditas Andalis

    Nice songs

  18. carrie ann rubi

    westlife is the best! the songs they sing are meaningful unlike many songs nowadays,,so sad that they have to break the group apart:( but still there songs will forever and always be remembered by true westlife lovers:)

  19. Thành Lã

    did anybody realize that this song sounds kinda like Greatest day from Take That ?

  20. Aarti Sharma

    I miss Westlife so much! They have the best harmony!

  21. oky doky

    This sounds just like a Coldplay song...but even better...Westlife...what a band...what talent...!

  22. deanne kylile jose

    missin' westlife :( love those guys. . .

  23. Polish issues

    absolutly disagree i must Not be "everyone" - lighthouse is much better is so meaningful beautiful, think about God Jesus or Pope this song is about it....they are my lightHOUSE...........lighthouse song is amazing incredibile and very meaninfullllllllllllllllllllll amazing

  24. Jevelynn Palmos

    i know. but it's still sad tho. :(

  25. C. Rodrigo Leyton

    Because everything in this life has a beginning and also an end...

  26. Buona Notte

    Soo sad to see them breaking up. Their songs were so inspirational it's not even funny. Gna miss em

  27. Raghad O

    Aowwh ,, westlife ,, forever ,, my best band when i was young till now :""} i love you guys

  28. Jevelynn Palmos

    Westlife, why do you have to break up? :'(



  30. Tommy Scott

    Which album includes this song?

  31. Morrison Mckay

    amazing song. can not believe they're leaving!

  32. Kasey Simkins

    Im forever arguing with school mates about westlife. i know these guys are amazing, but people are constantly putting them down, i adore westlife and i dont care what people think. the truth is- these people are to shallow to even give westlife a chance, because most the people saying theyre rubbish, havnt ever listened to their music properly, Complete IDIOTS.

  33. Twinkle D

    I love you Westlife, your the Best of all the Best....:)

  34. Sallie Planty

    @changedbyatf2003 I'm not really bearing any grudges, I'm just saddened by the number of these views. This really incredible group deserves more. Yah! I'd love to go see them in the UK this year, but I think it'd cost a little more than my bank account will allow. LOL! Guess I'll have to settle for seeing their performances via the internet....

  35. changedbyatf2003

    @cqsallie hey. think about it. they came to the US with Swear it Again but by the time they got here we had backstreet boys and NSYNC were chart-topping with sub-successful boy bands (BBMak, O-Town, etc.). The US just wasn't having it. So, they stayed in the UK. Then they got married, had kids in the UK. We couldn't expect them to dislodge their families for a 2nd attempt to do what already failed once. I hold no grudges. So I'm going to see them in the UK this year. U should too

  36. a sasing's creed

    @khebzrock1 my god.. ur so late... it was still last 2004 when brian mcfadden decided to split up from the band.. ^_^

  37. nicky quinio

    westlife ever!!!!!!!!

  38. alexden2000

    love it its better than lighthouse more song my lovable westlife...

  39. Sallie Planty

    I'm asking myself the same question. How can they break up when they're just getting better and better? Solution: For reasons unknown to me and the rest of US fans, they haven't broken into the US charts. Why? I tend to think that it's because their manager is a dolt! Hey! I love ya, Louie, but you haven't been doing right by these guys in the states! Westlife needs a states-side manager and then all hell'd break loose....

  40. Christian Apac

    The replay button's not working.

  41. Christian Apac

    How many like buttons here are present?

  42. letterZach

    all the new songs are GREAT!! T_T

  43. Dannie C

    I thought the second line is "when did I make the choice to be" :o

  44. Monica ianni guimaraes camargo

    Esses rapazes são igual a um vinho de excelente qualidade. Quanto mais velho, melhor. Theys are the best! Ilove you Westlife!

  45. Engr. T2

    nice song.....

  46. aizat27

    This is a good song. I don't mind Lighthouse as a single. But this song reminds me of Coldplay. How can they break up when they keep improving their music & songs? I'm sure this kind of song would achieve top spot in any chart.

  47. Pararparaver

    personally I prefer light house - it has more elements such as the soft starts, then the ris which defined Westlife - which I think it's absolutely essential considering it's 'one last shot'. But releasing this as a b side is a fantastic compliment to lighthouse....

  48. Liverpool .Girl

    does anyone have the mp3 they cansend me pls

  49. Joanna Louise

    @westlife4life I've made my own video with the RIGHT lyrics lol

  50. heyitsdani_

    @rainbowprincessxx LOL i know, haha

  51. heyitsdani_

    thank you for sharing! I already miss Westlife :( <3

  52. Grace

    me encanta pero sigo prefiriendo Lighthouse! <3

  53. kelly kahyan

    love the song..u lads are always the best!! :D

  54. Joanna Louise

    Those lyrics are totally wrong!!!

  55. solovinit

    I absolutely agree, everyone's been saying that this is better than lighthouse. Didn't believe it, but once I heard it, it's hard to deny. Lighthouse is AMAZING <3 but this is even better (': Well guess I can only expect the best, coming from the BEST BAND EVER, GO WESTLIFE! (:

  56. colin0622


  57. Kelly Hodges

    What an amazing song!! Beautiful <3<3

  58. Noraini Frieden

    WOW! absolutely amazing.. wish them all the best when they split.. :)

  59. Jubernack

    gonna miss these guys when they split, but hey look on the bright side. Mark and Shane solo cd's :)

  60. wiselite0210

    Another nice B-side song of Westlife!!! Thank you for uploading this,,..