Westlife - No More Heroes Lyrics

When the waves are crashing down
Pulling you to sorrow
I will sail you back to shore
When there are no more heroes
Over under, near or far
I'll be right beside you
Standing here with open arms
When there are no more heroes

And through it all
And through it all
When you're tired and you stumble I will carry you
When starlight falls, my love will guide you home
You'll never be alone
When there are no more heroes

It was you who showed me how
Brought me back to glory
Through hopelessness and darkest days
It was breath you gave me

[Chorus x3]

When there are no more heroes

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Westlife No More Heroes Comments
  1. Phuengz T

    I like this song. 🥰

  2. Karla Mae

    Where we are album is so underrated and that ONE song in the album that wasn't their original (What About Now) was the one that got popular than these original songs of theirs it's just so sad because all the songs in the album are so great!

    But their Classic songs were the most successful...

  3. 김종엽


  4. Alfred Chambika

    I love this song

  5. Vanlalhruaia Khawlhring

    Anyone 2019.. ???

  6. Chiemelie Obidike


  7. Ucee Web

    June 30th 2019 still listening? ❤️🌹🌹

  8. Ucee Web

    June 30th 2019 still listening? ❤️🌹🌹

  9. Dessire Jimenez

    Over under, near or far
    I'll be right beside you
    Standing here with open arms
    When there are no more heroes 

    OMG SO BEAUTIFULL ! Thank u Westlife you are perfect!

  10. Reisqita Vadika

    2019 and still in love with this ❤

  11. arong yang

    여전히 좋네...2018끝자락에서 듣다...

  12. Beauty J. Mulenga

    Lukundo my son.. I dedicate this song to u my sweet fruit of my womb...much more love until my last breath😍😍😍

  13. SportsFan 27

    In my top 10 of Westlife…dunno why but I really love this one. Powerful

  14. Puspita S Nurkaton

    Mark's voice 😍😍😍

  15. Loriane N'guessan


  16. Diina Namutenya Shikesho

    You guys are still heroes... When there are no more heroes...

  17. ajith Wahalathanthri

    Miss them and still listening in 2018

    Binakadara Jayasanka

    Same here! Glad to find someone from my country!

  18. pylaia chembe

    2018 and its still my favourite

  19. tiffany nathasingh

    Derek your my hero hunny, I love you. I can't live without you

  20. Ewa Dachowska


  21. Vicky Entwistle

    Still missing them and listening to them <3

  22. Gaolathe Lekgoba

    i am listening in 2018

  23. Kelly Higham

    Where we are..... embrace.... 💕💕💕💕💕

  24. Justin Knight

    I prefer the original Stranglers version.

  25. 胡志閔

    LOVE IT !!!!

  26. White Voyage


  27. Jeppe Nielsen

    Still listening 2018!❤️

  28. Riky Zakaria


  29. nordicpink

    2018 and I still stand by them.

    Binh Nguen

    I'm here


    They are getting back together.

  30. Floydmar Gallo

    Now I'm listening... anyone 2018?

  31. sub pheonix gg

    Anyone 2018?

  32. Black Sun

    😍 love from mee

  33. thisis Guide

    Now. I'm listening 2017

  34. 11: 11

    its 2017 and westlife and this song is still great and wonderful

  35. MrMunky500

    Whatever happened to
    Leon Trotsky
    He got an ice pick
    That made his ears burn

  36. Shenick Lamae Rence Jonga

    Through it all, my love will guide you...

  37. Rafi #

    Its 2017 and Westlife is still on my Playlist

  38. wole isaac

    the song Is just like evergreen that always look afresh

  39. Brutus Mashile

    Good music with meaning last for ages i love this guys

  40. Chonthicha Foged

    So bueatiful song. Feeling support by someone all the time!

  41. 낭콩쨩

    마음 울적할때 들으면 너무나 슬픈것....아ㅠㅠㅠ너무 좋아ㅏ😢💧

  42. Kang Aldy

    god song

  43. Wannarat Wongsuwan

    You aren't the heroes but you are thr heroes yourselfs.

  44. Anas H

    this song is just too perfect, I can't stop listening to it

  45. Biljana Vucenovic

    Wonderful singers... So sweet, awesome and young... Their music is so romantic and soft...

  46. Aling Maria OFW


  47. Philomena Langama

    I'm so much in love with this song. I can't stop playing it.

    Anas H

    omg same here

  48. Charlene Giles

    this song is for my baby boy xxx

  49. HedgyAsh//AlloHedgyAsh

    BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Rui Augusto


  51. Narella Sotelo

    This is a great song. I can't stop listening! ♡

  52. Chenwit Lee

    i like this song so much

  53. Ibu Angsa

    It's 2015 and westlife is still ON my must listen playlist.

    Montana Dunn

    @etong DoReMi of course it is! They are wonderful!

  54. Avelino Chivela

    This is one of my favourites music of this guys, WESTLIFE beats in my heart!

  55. millitus raphael

    But am still the hero

  56. harrys ratobison

    The song westlife is my home,my Life

  57. Darlan bambam

    pow   sao os melhores   sao demais 

  58. whaleliam

    This song touched my life and I've been a better me because of it.

  59. Gai Forshiso

    i like too much this

  60. Wesley Samuel

    Selena all I ever wanted was to be your one and only Hero, I love you and always have Selena Jade Brooks, I wanted you to be Selena Samuel. Love Wesley

  61. Ngonga afonso

    it a good song

  62. Patto Contreras

    Great!!! :)

  63. andyho1632

    So amazing 3

  64. LOVE KUN

    i love westlife very very much:D

  65. Sweetie ItsBloodLust

    No More Heroes - Theme song of No More Heroes
    imagine if it was

  66. Nat Idzz

    People who disliked doń have a heart...

  67. Chalet Brannan

    They are featured in the film Soldiers Of Fire coming in 2013!!!

  68. Fernanda

    Tengo 16 años, pero crecí con westlife, cada una de sus canciones, marcan mi vida.

  69. Khimberly Anuran

    gives me goosebumps.. love this song.. well done westlife..

  70. mafynka9

    incredibly feeling...famous WESTLIFE

  71. vicky25154

    when i listen for a few second , i love this song. I love the melody !

  72. tangled charm

    goosebumps o.o

  73. Xsmeraldo Rose

    omg meeeeeeee tooo I should try to look it up :D

  74. ff14x

    Same here - been listening to their music since i was like 9 thru my mom's cassette tapes and now i'm 25 and still listening

  75. Alice White

    I really want to learn this on piano! anyone have the sheet music maybe? :)

  76. Mar Arellano V


  77. changedbyatf2003

    i absolutely am! lol, i'm super stoked about it too...front row btdubs.

  78. musseprinsesse

    It's so beautiful <3

  79. Maryam Utaifa

    Anyway , so R u coming all the way from America to see Westlife live ? u r a true Westlife fan , keep loving them , they're the best !!!!!!!!

  80. Maryam Utaifa

    yes I know sooo many American Westlife fans and they really seem to love and respect Westlife's fantastic music,but I find it strange that a global band like WL r not as popular in the US as they r in other countries,they're massively famous all around the world+ they've had concerts in sooo many countries in Asia,Africa,EU , middle east..etc.They should have gone to the US but they focused on other parts of the world. In fact they came back from China a month ago as part of their final tour.

  81. changedbyatf2003

    :-) all of us US fans of westlife are dedicated fans though, lol, because we have paid ridiculous shipping charges for imported CDs, and if we do go see them on tour we have to go out of country. I can't blame them for not coming here, though. Their families are in Ireland and they were already famous enough. I do love me some westlife though, can't wait to see them on their farewell tour!

  82. Maryam Utaifa

    4 Stupid dislikes

  83. Maryam Utaifa

    @Maryamahmed96 I meant they're massively popular in the entire world but they should gain more popularity in the US , Americans are dumb if they prefer BSB

  84. Maryam Utaifa

    They do have maaaany American fans but i agree they should be more popular , Westlife are a lot better than BSB

  85. Maryam Utaifa

    it's one of my favourite songs on this fantastic album ,i really love it , Westlife r the best singers ever,the kings of pop and great music,the founders of fantastic & real music . WESTLIFE FOREVER and plz people don't mention other bands' names because all the bands and singers of today are NOTHING compared to Westlife ,Westlife is the best and have made a great history of 14 years at the top ,what /who is one direction ?? they were on the x factor in 2010 and they're rubbish
    Westlife 4ever

  86. Cecilie

    @metalurch Who or what is one direction...is it a band??? if it is, never heard of them!!!
    Westlife is the best <3 :)

  87. Charm Williams

    Thankyou for this song!!! So what I needed right now!! <3

  88. dominic hurst

    @joefan89 ill answer that question for you if u can answer the question of why one direction have been searched on google like 2 million times more than westlife......WTF!!!!

  89. Saskia van der Graaf

    shane really has the most amazing voice I ever heard.

  90. rfgstl

    @Moegiust > I agree that their tracks get overdone from time to time. I have seen them live, and they sound so much better with much simpler orchestration. Westlife is very talented, and have some amazing vocals...i would love for them to put out an acoustic EP or album.

  91. Doug Hensley

    i think this is my favorite group

  92. Moegiust

    These guys have a genius for picking great material, but their studio overproduces every cut. I get impatient to find out what they sound like when their singing isn't covered with reverberation.

  93. torbuizes

    who are the heroes in this song refer to???

  94. fucyou youcanthavemyname

    what the fuck does this have to do with the game?