Westlife - Home Lyrics

What's your name?
Do you live around here?
Don't I know your face?
You say, "I've been a stranger
For too long"
I didn't even notice I was gone
And I wanna come back home

[All (Shane in lead):]
Show me the way to make a start
Show me the road back to your heart
And I've learned the only truth that I need to know
There's a million places I can go
But without you it ain't home
It ain't home

Please say...
What I need to hear you say
Say, "I'm thoughtless and foolish"
But say, "it's not too late"
Now I don't know exactly
Where we go from here
But trying is the only way to know
And I wanna come back home

[All (Shane in lead):]
Show me the way to make a start
Show me the road back to your heart
And I've learned the only truth that I need to know
There's a million places I can go
But without you it ain't

It ain't always
Please believe me
Don't give up
Cos we're half way there
We're at the crossroads
In the middle
Between home
And between us there
All I need is
Some direction
Let me know you're here for me
Where you are
Is where I'll be

[All (Shane in lead):]
Show me the way to make a start, oh
Show me the road back to your heart
And I've learned the only truth that I need to know
There's a million places I can go
But without you it ain't

Show me the way to make a start
Show me the road back to your heart
And I've learned the only truth that I need to know
There's a million places I can go
But without you it ain't home

It ain't home

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Westlife Home Comments
  1. Elizabeth Teixeira

    Who's still listening in 2020 ?! Xx

  2. meemeef

    2020 still far from home

  3. Inspired Fandoms

    For my soldier. ❤️💙

  4. DUCK News

    2020 ^^

  5. Maryam Haidar

    2020 ❤️

  6. MD Film

    2020 anyone

  7. Ying Young Woo

    Yeah. Yeah. Everyone is listening in 2019 and also in 2020. So please asking who is listening when. I want to read comment about the feeling of the song too. For the people who are away from home, this song make you teary every time you miss home.

  8. corry Annelia

    I Don't now why, but I always cried every time I listened this song. Especially when I was in the flight to new country and left my family.

  9. sup Fanny

    2020 anyone?

  10. Trang Phuong

    Sitting on the bus. Listen this song. Well, I just wana to cry😭😭. Miss my mom and dad so much. I haven't gone home 6 months. The lunar newyear.is comming. 2 weeks later I will go back home. Waitting for it

  11. Snoopy iwnl

    2020? Anyone?

  12. George e

    2020 I love it

  13. Susan Heavin

    Love the song HOME.... It's has all of meaning.... For everyone that is gone from all my family.... Love you guys...

  14. Afolabiwunmi Ojo

    Missing my family so deep this season, I wanna go home

  15. Tracey Durose

    U can't beat west life 👌

  16. Mayara Arantes

    Nesse vídeo eles extrapolaram na beleza :O

  17. Y dos Bethas

    Angolan in Brazil. Dec. 2019

  18. Karen Martin

    I like this song

  19. Ciara O'Loughlin

    I wish to join them with Westlife boy band. Spend a night in there houses
    Regards Ciara O'Loughlin

  20. Wasana Yueyai

    I miss my home.

  21. Putra Adam

    this song always makes me cry when listening to it

  22. June Palma

    Still listening💕...2019

  23. Solitary Junior

    Mom i wanna come home 😟

  24. Andrew Parr

    brings to my tear too my eyes this song

  25. Michael Tan Nát

    I love weslife. 12-2019

  26. mercy thompson

    Alone in a foreign country, missing home....who'll be listening in 2020?

  27. rahmat firdaus

    I dont know if this song sing by westlife before Michael Buble. 😱

  28. cafe com livros

    I thought this was their song

  29. Thu Nguyễn Đình

    Ai còn nghe home

  30. hường nguyễn thị kim

    i love it

  31. Purple Sky

    Shaaaaane my Love💋💋💋

  32. Dandy A. Nugroho

    Saya pikir ini lagu punya michael buble ya

  33. Lama Mohammed

    December 2019 I'm still watching...😘😘😘

  34. Marjorie Villalino

    Is this song a cover? I thought the original singer is Michael Buble?

  35. Johnny Nkrumah

    2019 December

  36. Mhon Abat

    2019 dec still watching my idol

  37. Joel Bernardo

    Dec 2019...who else?

  38. Dison Arnibal

    I didn't know Michael Buble is the original singer until now that I'm 29 years old. My life was a lie.

  39. Priscila Chagas


  40. Mhiz Trinity

    Am I the only one always crying when listening to this song 😭😭

  41. sabhayner lee

    I really love this song 😍😍👏
    happy month,, December 2019

  42. rexie joy D bitamog

    Let me home. I'm going home

  43. Muriel

    I want to.go.home too!

  44. 賴奕神

    I want join westlife , this is my dream

  45. ayu shiridara

    i want to read comments about the song but the everyone is talking about the years and get likes hmpt☺


    shane lovers😊
    from indonesia
    2 Des 2019

    Theresia Müller

    Yep, but from switzerland. 😘


    @Theresia Müller nice to meet u😊

  47. NinaVu Cuisine

    Who’s still listening to this song in December 2019?❤️🍀☘️☘️👍like if you’re here

    Craig Backhouse

    I sure am 👍

    Jc Cabrera

    2020. 😊👌

  48. Ngoc Thien Huynh

    11/2019 anyone? Listening 2013-2019 ❤️

  49. chieuthuong ng


  50. Maulana Arr

    November anyone?

  51. Ella Trang

    Tuyệt vời 👏👏👏😍😍😍

  52. Summer Reign

    So much glad that your back together Lads! Stronger bolder and yet Powerful!!!❤️💚💙💜

  53. Keawta Srisomboon

    I always love you westlife..🤩😘

  54. Moneeeng Perez

    I always wanted my father to come home but it's just impossible to happen now. He's now in God's paradise and all I can do is to wait for my turn to go home in God's palace.

  55. Gita Amora

    I Miss my 'Home' 😭


    26 November 2019

  57. Hiếu Lê

    2019 còn bạn Việt Nam nào nghe k???

  58. Youth Basketball Clinic and Tournament

    America, November 24, 2019 Love this version!

  59. Aivy Aday

    November 2019 who's still watching ? Kawaykaway

  60. Phạm Hải Nam

    about 10 years, anyone listen? <3

  61. Minh Thúy Nguyễn

    20th November 2019. Maybe surrounded by a million people I still feel all alone. I just want to go home 🇻🇳❤

  62. Harley Lopez

    Westlife forever

  63. Pei P Wong

    i luv listening to this song everytime my brother who will be coming home from UK.

  64. Dawid Kosiedowski

    one of the worst cover ever awfull disgrace for Michael Buble !!!!!!!

    my best life

    Heaters gonna hate.. Lol.. But westlife still be relevant to cover any song they want.. Their version is pop.. Not a country music like in Michael version.

  65. Loffe K

    Soon 2020! 🎶🎵🎶2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣

  66. Mai Lê Thị

    Our hone

  67. ritty dana6263

    2019 💙

  68. Dhannyel Augusto

    I like wastlife but Michael Bublé singing is better...sorry people...

  69. Dian Wijayanti

    I still

  70. Chin Chin Crockett

    I wanna go home 😔♥️♥️♥️

  71. Sophie Shaw

    This boyband will forever be the best yet, no one will ever compare to the passion& love put into them!🥰, forever west life!!💙💙

  72. Lucifer Streamer

    Do you see me? I'm listening the song than you like. I miss you babe, 15 years ago You and me...

  73. Bhone Myint

    November 11 2019

  74. Nenti Yuliana

    Love mark part...

  75. Jhay Andrino

    I really love this song thank you westlife

  76. Jason kent Cuadra

    2020 anyone?

  77. Jun Bautista

    Westlife forever 🇵🇭🇮🇪

  78. Hiếu Trần

    Liên hệ 0913389905 để có được 1 any đẹp trai vui tính nhé các bạn :( <3 westlife

  79. Yaqin Sapi

    November 6 2019

  80. Prince Calix24

    Nov 2019😭

  81. Jeff Elliott


  82. Ana Gomez

    La nueva canción de Westlife esta hermosa, se llama My Blood

  83. Raden Ronggo TV

    I really enjoyed this video. This is an essential program. Very interesting and informative video. Thank you.

  84. Fīī NHA

    November 2019 who still listen this song

    Shirley Phon Chui Leng

    love them so......so......much❤❤❤❤❤❤

    nguyen chung

    I listening and now a want go home !!!!

  85. Gallery ph

    Our love for you will never change and will never fade fan from Philippines. ❤

  86. Gallery ph

    I missed you guys hope you are together again shane mark bryan nickki and Kian i love you all and missed you.

  87. John Agboola

    October 31st,2019...One of my best westlife songs

    Ogonnaya Ukachukwu

    Not their song though. Its a cover

    my best life

    @Ogonnaya Ukachukwu still they had their version of a song lol

  88. Adinda Maharani


  89. lynsey styles

    i want to go home right now

  90. Nana Q


  91. 陳品憲

    29 10 2019 anyone~~~

  92. Yến Phụng Lê Thị

    I know Westlife had another song "Home" in album Turnaround, can you upload it. It's hard to find this song on internet.


    I'm so happy! I saw them singing live I'm in front of the stage. Feels like I'm performing too. Love this #westlife forever. And looks better they are 4.

  94. Ana Lara Paulino


  95. jane canlas

    I remember the time when i was teenager,, then buy a foster for only 10 pesos...ha3..miss much

  96. jane canlas

    Miss you westlife

  97. pet Kisco 1

    wow..i love this version after that of blake and miranda

  98. Re Ivoriz

    2019 ✅
    Are there still Westlife fans in Indonesia listening to this song?
    Indonesia Westlife Big Fans.

    Grace Alone


    Re Ivoriz

    @linh pham 2020