Westlife - Another World Lyrics

And another life
Maybe we see everything
In a different light
Like an endless summer
And in the years from now
We'll all be living
The same old certain dream
That we imagined would be

Somewhere high
Somewhere high above the clouds
We could live there safe and sound
Far away from where we are
Yeah we'll find our star
But maybe that's another world

In another life
We would fall in love you see
And the sun would shine
For you and me yeah
Chasing the storm from the sky
Altogether love would come and save us
And we would let it take us


Far away from where we are
Yeah we'll find our star
But maybe that's another world

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Westlife Another World Comments
  1. Hk Lien Chongloi

    Love u westlife

  2. Dessire Jimenez

    This is SHARP !!!!!

  3. EVANDRO STK Music

    Westlife is the Best 🇧🇷

  4. Lynette ToRRES


  5. Supriya Halder

    This is superb song

  6. Louise Mitchell

    This is my favorite song of west life.

  7. Kelly Higham

    In another world 🌍 xxxxx ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  8. Black Sun

    what a cool song 😍

  9. Rizal Channel

    very very love

  10. Honey Cuartocruz

    i love this song.

    Vanessa García

    Ooh yeah!!😍❤

  11. sailor vinyl

    shane and mark have the most angelic voices ever .. i always fall in love with their music mostly because of mark and shane 💖

    Vanessa García

    Yeah, But Kian
    It's OH MY GOD!!😍

  12. Mung pi

    the cover Elispe of the heart also 1direction sang that song Westlife a even more more more and more better than 1direction

  13. Asgood asitgets

    Mark nails this song! "SOMEWHERE HIGH... SOMEWHERE HIGH ABOVE.. THE CLOUDS" = awesome!

    Ciara O'Loughlin

    Not that good as Shane filan or Nicky Bryne

  14. Mak San

    Mark's voice was start...... so amazing!!

  15. TK111106

    omg..... mark's voice..... just simply a perfection!!

  16. Maryam Utaifa

    Westlife is the best forever

  17. Isis

    westlife are amazing,incredible,PERFECT.their voices(especially mark's),their songs and their performance,everything about them is just PERFECT.i wish they never break up cz they are the best in the world

  18. 0tatiana0

    One of my favourite songs of Wl♥

  19. michaela91

    2 people have no taste in music x

  20. Omar AbdElnaby

    Mark is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. daishu09

    i was 9 years old when i first heard westlife. they still rock on till now..

  22. 82kikyo

    i was 17 years when i knew westlife, 10 years since that, and mark still makes me shiver with his voice

  23. Ochyas

    @WestlifeVideos Yeah when I first heard this song it's so imagery and I told my friend: this gotta be a movie theme.

  24. Kirsty Spencer

    @BathroomBear No. Not even Shane. Shane has incredibly beautiful vocals...but no-one has vocals like Mark. He's the best male singer out there.

  25. Brian de Waard

    i hear everyone say: Mark's voice is great. But i prefer Shane's sound really. His voice is incredible too!

  26. WestlifeVideos

    @otgzld k you're right : )

  27. WestlifeVideos

    all songs in the "Where We Are" album is very very perfect and beautiful I'm sure that all the musicians will gonna love it

  28. Joseza Otero

    of course girl they're another beautiful awesome world!!!

  29. WestlifeVideos

    I hope there will be a movie that make this song an official sound track

  30. WestlifeVideos


  31. Joseza Otero

    please noooooooo, twighlight nooooooooooo, I mean Westlife is something special, the best of the world don't try to mix them with that stupid movie pleaseeeeeee!

  32. WestlifeVideos

    i wish it will be a soundtrack of twilight 3

  33. Charmaine Bean

    @elainefelicity me tooo :D :D his voice is just soo pure and soft if you know what i mean lol xx

  34. Kirsty Spencer

    Mark's voice is just incredible. Always loved him!! I love all of them but Mark's vocals are just untouchable. No-one can beat Feehily!!!

    Lydia Kay

    very true..i always say if Mark had left westlife instead of brian..there wldnt have been westlife ever

  35. WestlifeVideos

    I wish It will be soundtrack in twighlight 3

  36. ixorra85

    i do think mark has heavenly voice...it kind a going straight to my heart...it's the reason why i fell in love with westlife in the first time...i just love mark..

  37. Ciara Holly

    mark is awesome shane is amazin and kian is ddly nicky is brill LOVE THEM!!! xxx

  38. Charmaine Bean

    MArks justbrilliant :) and a brill song writer too :)

  39. Charmaine Bean

    i personal think there both the same, mark can go high and shane has a soft voice that can go high :) but not as high as mark its a perfect conbination :) why do u think they do so well together :D <3

  40. Serianabella

    Love u Nico!!!

  41. Kay Yu

    FREAKING AWESOME TRACK, one of the best !! WESTLIFE FOREVER!!!!!!!

  42. Heidi

    i love this album (-;

  43. dayangku khairiyah

    i really want to nicky and kian singing...just 1song!

  44. renerazz

    Shane has an important part of this song too...

  45. Chen cc

    haha, i like Mark very much too. His voice is flawless.

  46. Natalia Diaz

    Mark....his voice sounds wonderful!!!! I'm crazy about Mark...ha ha ha