West, Matthew - Safe And Sound Lyrics

Can't believe you're here now
Tiny dream come true
The answer to a prayer now
I'm so in love with you

Couldn't wait to meet you
Hope you like your name
I get the funny feeling
Life will never be the same

Safe & sound
You're here with me now
Like I hoped you'd be

Safe & sound
You're here with me now
And that's all I'll ever need

The world's a scary place here
But baby, it's alright
I'll make sure the coast is clear
So you can just sleep tight

But if you're afraid of monsters
Like everybody is
I'll be right beside you
Closer than a kiss

Safe & sound
I'm here with you now
And you will always be

Safe & sound
I'm here with you now
And that's all you'll ever need

Someday I'm gonna teach you
The reason why we pray
So that Heaven's love may reach you
Every single day

So baby, close your eyes now
And say a prayer with me
Lord, I lay me down to sleep now
But I know I will be

Safe & sound
You're here with us now
And we will always be

Safe & sound
You're here with us now
And that's all we'll ever, all we'll ever need
You're all we'll ever need

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West, Matthew Safe And Sound Comments
  1. Chan Lee

    My baby nephew Jeremiah gonna be born next year on May and this song made me think of him so much ! Love u and cant wait to hold u in my arms, Jeremiah!

  2. Lalsimawii Darlong

    Prayers answered are the most wonderful feelings God makes us feel

  3. Bryan Sphere

    My wife is due November 16, 2019. We have been blessed with a baby girl. This song recks me and brings me to tears. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! 💜💜💜💜

    Naomi Dabreo


  4. Jmack 4275

    Wow I didn't realize this song was over 10 years old... btw I think i'm a tad bit late. about 10 years lol

  5. Adri Amaral

    "Baby close your eyes now..."....darling song.

  6. Levi Handog

    first time i heard this was when i watched COURAGEOUS CAITIE STORY

  7. good day

    I was at a party once and was with a group of people who were talking. Suddenly, I heard some news that I didn’t want to hear, hadn’t expected to hear at that moment either. I could feel my heart breaking and suddenly I felt alone even though I was surrounded by people. At once, my first reaction was to silently pray to God “please stay with me” and under my crossed arms made the gesture I normally do to remind me God is with me (it symbolises the Holy Trinity in my church back home). Few minutes later, I had gone and sat down next to the radio. I started hearing this song about “so in love with you” so I thought oh great, another romance song. Then it got to the chorus “Safe and Sound, you’re here with Me now, and you will always be, Safe and Sound”. He was there for me when no one else was. God is good :) I’m not pressurising or forcing anyone to believe anything, I’m just sharing my personal experience.

    isabella stens

    I had an experience like that in a movie theater was watching the movie 'I can only imagine' and it drew up old memories of my childhood and I nearly jumped out of the seat in fright after the movie was over as soon as we got into the car i heard the song 'Mended' and began to pray

  8. Jessica Sammons

    first time I heard that song was when I watched agp charlie's birth story

  9. Lady Dyxea

    Safe and Sound. What a Beautiful song....<3

  10. SkylerPlayzMsp

    that was cool

  11. Rachel Kubiak

    Perfect lullaby puts my baby girl to sleep 💕

  12. Random Dancer25

    this song is from me to my baby sister Mackenzie who is only a few months old. as well as my older siblings say it's from them to me


    this song is dedicated to my 1st Son - Happy Fathers day to all dad..06/15/2014

  14. CB981

    The best song I've ever heard. All these years later and it still makes me cry.

  15. evaelisavisser

    Love this song

  16. JustifyTheKid

    I love you and your song

  17. isabelle gough

    Wow luv this song!! <3

  18. Hailey Groves

    you are REALLY good!!!!

  19. Sammy Likes Trains

    <3 this song

  20. biffers9999

    This puts me to sleep. The perfect lullaby.

  21. Gary McNamara

    Very good song - Well done.

  22. Jillian Powell

    I love Matthew West. A lot.<3

  23. AliceIsabellaP

    I'm waiting for my little brother or sister to come to the world, I just found the perfect song for the future baby <3

  24. Heather Lashae

    this song makes me feel like jesus is singing this to all of us :) i love it!

  25. bugzz1212

    I so love this song...:)

  26. Southerner

    I literally spent all week just lisening to this... there are so many sad memories with this song... yet god has helped me through. Even when the outcome is bad and never is still better. Love this song. :')

  27. ninjaXalpaca

    I need this soooo much right now!

  28. Cerena

    My ex-boyfriend sent this too me.. I love him so much.. I can't without you Max.. ;-;
    I want you back! Dx

  29. Bob Diggety Andrew Friday

    I meant safe and sound- Taylor Swift... but wow. This is great!

  30. takeurtimeful

    Thank You God for reaching my heart! I used to be a non believer but I am a believer now becauseof You. Thank You for reaching to me and touching me.

  31. Dawn Marie Ingram

    This song is perfect for my son Eli. My husband and me prayed so hard to have a baby and it took us almost two years. Through it all, my husband and me only grew closer and more in love. When we finally became pregnant with our son, I prayed to have a baby just like my husband and God has answered my prayer. I thank God everyday for my boys!

  32. jonathan2jon

    nice....matthew west is awesome..

  33. The first guy To ever walk on lava

    @janeygirl14 Amen to that.

  34. Danny Munoz

    this song helps me sleep at night....weird right?XD

  35. Stringbeansterrr

    Adding this to my fave list heehee XD I just love it

  36. janeygirl14

    @thestral45 Jesus is your bridegroom :) He is singing this to you

  37. Sarah

    Aww...I want my future husband to sing this to me. :)

  38. MegaNova999

    @childunderGod Not quite sure what you mean. Some people think there 'might be a God'.rather than 'God is definately there'. So I was trying to explain that God is there. Also to find him they need to believe that totally, and persist in prayer until he breaks through to them. It took a long time before I received God, but it was worth the wait.

  39. Thomas Marshall

    @MegaNova999 Verry ture (: I wish all the athiests would just belive so god can revel himself

  40. MegaNova999

    Jesus loves everyone, and wants to connect with non believers. These are the people he is desperate to reach. Anybody can connect with him. All they need to do is 100% believe he exists (no doubts!) and pray for him to reveal himself. You'll know when he speaks to you!!

  41. Reflected Media

    @Link9272 Thank you for not dissing on our religion i can't stand people who call our God evil and diffrent crap like that.

  42. Yuni Ordaz

    im sorry for those people who disliked this AWSOME song

  43. Yuni Ordaz

    sorry i made a mistake i waited 17 years sorry

  44. Yuni Ordaz

    I JUST LOVE THIS SONG i sing it to my baby sis who i was waiting 17 years every day

  45. Yuni Ordaz

    i just got my little sister by waiting 18 years and when my mother was pregnant i sang this song to my sis so this real-y LOVE THIS SONG <3

  46. Laura Guerrero

    @luvthemusic1000 Im so sorry.I hope youre not but ill pray tonight for you.

  47. yoeppy2

    @pangchitao If i offended you, or your beliefs, i'm really sorry. I was in a bad mood, and indeed i'm a non-christian, ánd a musicion, so i over-reacted. I'm really sorry.

  48. Gu Ren

    all i gotta say is, everyone has their own belief, if ppl wanna listen to it thinking about GOD, then they can, and that doesnt mean that NON-CHRISTIANS cant listen to the song, if u wanna listen to the song without thinking about GOD, then dont. all i gotta say is, i AM a christian, so wen i listen to songs, i do think about GOD, and wen i listen to ANY kind of music, i try to listen to it, with GOD in my heart, im srry, but as a christian, we is to live our life like JESUS or try to

  49. yoeppy2

    Seriously, can't you just listen to the awesome song, WITHOUT thinking about god?
    I have nothing against your religion, but sometimes i think you think about it too much. You shouldn't link this song to god, you should listen to the great way he sings this song. Music isn't about religion(well, most of the time it isn't), it's about listening to the music someone has got in his heart. And i think that is more important than faith

  50. Laramie Thompson

    I love this song! Can I just say, that there are a lot of comments that mention religion, and I would like to think of myself not a religious person, but simply a child of the One True God...if that makes sense to anyone other than me... lol

  51. Tiffany Last

    i love this song!

  52. reina C.

    love matthew west!!!
    great song!!!

  53. Miguel E

    may we all be safe and sound in gods love rejoys for the lord

  54. HelpSaveMotherEarth

    Is this song about how God gave him and his wife a healthy baby.

  55. Leonard Cosier

    Happy Easter!
    I enjoy Matthew West' s music.
    I never heard this song.
    Thank you for sharing.
    God bless in all you do.

  56. Colleen Dodd

    Wow....this is exactly what I needed to hear. I love my Best Friend :) He's the most amazing Man to ever walk the Earth, and He still has time to walk with each of us each day :)

  57. JesusLovesPiano94

    This is like, my absolute favorite song of the Something to Say album. Really. :D

  58. ANZP Y

    i'm so proud of all my fellow brothers and sisters....don't gve up faith...do not deny our savior..^_^

  59. kataang222

    i agree his music is amazing and thanks for posting this song up!! its awesome!

  60. TheForeverParadise

    I love Matthew west. He is such an inspiration, and he's one of my favorite artists, Christian and non-Christian alike. (:

  61. andy

    Learn about how the bible talks about division.

  62. senxo

    Nothing of value comes without sacrifice. When we set out to do something great, those who choose not to get uncomfortable. Many have grown to love their darkness and get offended when the light shines on them. But thats ok, some will come to the end of themselves, see the world as temporary and will look to God. Its funny how trolls accuse believers of being intolerant, yet they roam the net leaving biased rants on peaceful channels.
    You keep loving and shining your light.