West, Kanye - New Body Lyrics

Oh my God, Ronny

[Ty Dolla $ign:]
Can't wait to see your new body
Your Holy, Holy and new body
There's more to gain in your new body
So it's only fair to your new body, woah

[Kanye West:]
New walk, new talk
Who that, who this?
Who else you know this bad with two kids?
Nobody nowhere, ever gave you this
Nobody flew to Colombia, like you did
Trying the new dress out with the new drip
Buying a new bag, first one to get
Other than this, it's on the to-do list
And I get in fluent all by the influence
Old sins don't count
Old friends might bounce
Told the devil, "Get behind me, I ain't ever going out"
Start, the leaders tryna doubt
But we never going out
My body's soul, so who you dealing wit now?
This a new jig, got a party table at the Ruth Chris
All God's children take a group pick
Turn the flash off 'cause we too lit
You used to twerk to every-every song
You done partied every way, now you're very, very on
Spent it on a bottle like Christ on the phone
All glory be to God, Hallelujah, carry on

[Ty Dolla $ign:]
Can't wait to see your new body
Your Holy, Holy and new body
There's more to gain in your new body
So it's only fair to your new body, woah

Can't wait to see your new body
Your Holy, Holy and new body
There's more to gain in your new body
So it's only fair to your new body, woah

New body, you ain't working hard
But I gave my life to you, you deserve it all
Now if he calls you, I ain't perfect
I know sometimes I agree, but it's worth it
Tryna put my legs up, never give up
Only thing I'm tryna do is give that sin up
Look at the scoreboard, I love to show off
And if anybody step to you, then they too wrong
'Cause every last one, go ahead, return it
And if the price ain't what you asked for, every sermon
So I'm turning to Your commandments
'Cause I know all you do is give me strength, yeah

Can't wait to see your new body
Your Holy, Holy and new body
There's more to gain in your new body
So it's only fair to your new body, woah

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West, Kanye New Body Comments
  1. Zack Sullivan

    Not a fan of female rappers but Nicki killed this

  2. Montreal Jones

    This ish is wack! There’s a reason it wasn’t released.. it would flop 😭😭

  3. Raymond Curry

    He should’ve released separate from the Album because this slaps🔥

  4. Faith Good

    Christian version will be LIT

  5. Hermanisha Anderson

    The best part of song starts at 1:40 🦄

  6. AmusementNoodle

    Can Ty and Nicki release this song it’s good and better than the entire Jesus is King album.

  7. Andrew Falk


  8. Marcus Miller

    Song starts at 1:20

  9. Jazz Critic

    This shit is a banger

  10. Zach Ambita

    Form Monster to New Body. Time flies 🛬

  11. Katoriッ

    1:40 Nicki minaj part

    this is for me so move along

  12. AngelWest

    When was this song made? Isn’t Kanye going gospel music now? How u go from loving Jesus then new body who dis?... 🤔

    Jasmine Jones

    AngelWest this was before the gospel, that’s why the song hasn’t dropped cause he’s doing gospel now. It’s never gonna be released


    Jasmine Jones got it thank u for clarifying!

  13. Kenzie

    Fuck up a cheque on my bodyyyyy

  14. Kyrsten Athan

    My fav song atm

  15. Judah Licht

    Watch Kanye release this in 10 years “Jesus just got a new boodddyyy!”

  16. Squeeks v

    As we can see, he took a different direction.

  17. Guri Getsadze

    Kanye drop Yandhi

  18. Xenoslyce

    Skyrim Tavern type beat

  19. zzZeZa

    Nickis Part was Not That good

  20. Signature Blaque

    Wait this song is basically promoting getting your body done? There’s no problem with ppl who get their body done but...yikes


    Signature Blaque it’s not promoting anything? and if there was nothing wrong with it you wouldn’t be saying yikes. your ignorance is showing

  21. Lucas Gonzales

    THEY KNOW I’LL BODY U SIS👑NM5 is coming‼️

  22. Cartier's Ravioli

    Nicki is so humble for letting Kanye sing in her song.

  23. colefishhat

    This wouldve topped the charts had it come out

  24. Tazz Mania

    Nicki Skated 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Ray M

    wish this was the album we got

  26. Shani Mulah504

    This hit for real even though it promotes plastic surgery this song remind me of them twins

  27. Jordan Jones

    “off with they heads these bitches is nobodies” 🥰 PERIODT💋

  28. Ruben The Actor

    Cookie game make me the g.o.a.t

  29. Bwood 803

    You ain't fuck nicki you fucked nicole body 😂😂

  30. Isaiah Armendariz

    Nicki really delivered FIRE in this 🔥

  31. Maximum Perfection


  32. Allan Tj

    I need Nicki to release her verse in this song including verses she rewritten for this song when Kanye decided to turn this into a gospel. Put all that together and we got a new song.

  33. SSteVE DDrive

    6ix9ine version wayyyy better

  34. Travis C

    nicki need to get her ass off from "retirement" and body more hoes on they on track.

  35. Toni Karma

    Kanye was scared this would be Monster pt 2 😂 he wasn’t tryna get outshined again

    The Black Naruto Blog

    Toni Karma factz

    vanessa hurt

    Barbie facts

    Queen Niyah


  36. Rodrigo Gomez

    The best unreleased song in human history.

    Guri Getsadze

    Last Name(Slave Name) though


    dumbest comment in human history smh

  37. Jamais

    This would've been a radio hit

  38. Olivia Rose

    kanye, i just wanna talk..

  39. Darius Carlos

    Can the barbz make a fund to buy this song from Kanye cause our queen’s verse to damn good to waste

  40. G Babyy100

    Why is this not available on iTunes yet!?! 😩 why Kanye doing us like this !? Here for NICKI 👑

    Main Kings


    G Babyy100

    Thank you !!❤️

  41. blxrryfxce 234

    When was this made?
    I think i heard this before.

    Tina Akhavan

    It was leaked months ago, like before summer. Its been all over stan twitter ever since

  42. Xanny Phantom

    Slowed down? Or am I high


    Xanny Phantom u high🤣🤣🤣

  43. Draw Clearly

    I thought we would get a gospel remix of this on jesus is king. I thought wrong.

  44. El Cabrera

    Stream #Anaconda Nicki Minaj. 900M get 100M :

  45. Everyone!


  46. Cartie King

    Would be a great song without nicki. That goes for every song tho🤷🏾‍♂️

    Hard White

    You just got to be that ONE hater huh!? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣😂

    Alex Sis

    shake dat ass

    oh raad

    Cartie King nah her verse carried it tbh

    Siyavuma Xaba

    😂😂😂you wish.. Nicki gave this song life

    Lucas Gonzales

    WTF are you talking about Dumby?Im here for Nicki.It’s lit as always!

  47. The Yetii

    “They know I’ll body you sis” fraudi b is shaking

  48. Slender

    Waaaaaay better than the “official “ infact “yandhi” was better than Jesus is king

  49. sophie grace

    So, fetishising plastic surgery? It's kind of gross.

    Bill Coxon

    its pretty fucked but i think thats kind of the point idk, like its criticising this mentality imo

    Celianny Bezerra

    fuck off

  50. El Cabrera

    letter in description

  51. nineteenct

    Nicki always sound good on Kanye songs

    Oscar Delgado

    Agreed. A Nicki album produced by Kanye would SLAP!

    Lena Wyman

    i hate kanye. i team taylor

    Max Power

    @Lena Wyman stfu

  52. Talib Moore

    Kanye needs to do this video...I'm pissed

  53. Brian Taylor

    I get so happy to hear new Kanye & nicki ❤️

  54. war_angel

    Nicki put this song in a coffin literally


    Giancarlo Hicks ignore him. He’s a dumbass


    @J_C Oh now I see. You just big mad Kanye trashed her mediocre ass verse. And my stupid ass actually expected any arguments from you...


    rzejdi I know you’re not talking about to putting out arguments. Nothing you’ve said here has been true. You don’t even know how to spell. Stop letting meth ruin your life and find a rehab center

    Tyler Farago

    I hope yoou


    rzejdi aww quiet again?? Dumbass

  55. arnoldo lopez

    I hate to be immature but Kanye’s entire verse seems like a ray J diss


    arnoldo lopez the whole concept of this song is almost like Kanye trying to say he was the one that hit it first lmfao. New surgeries = new body.

    Jazz Critic

    arnoldo lopez Jesus is King is so bad I prefer this

  56. El Cabrera

    Stream #Tusa Karol Ft. Nicki Minaj: https://youtu.be/tbneQDc2H3I

  57. King Boston

    1:38 is Nicki Minaj


    King Boston thx

  58. BigBadBazzz

    Nicki and Ty should just release their own version honestly. This is too good to go to waste.

    /Jonathan Sherman

    Jakaŭ ישראל https://youtu.be/ZAc4gwOBvyY

    winta semere

    Jakaŭ ישראל nobody said they don’t like Kanye, he became a “pastor” so he said he ain’t going to release this song that’s why ppl are asking Nicki to release it without him because the song so goooood.


    Jakaŭ ישראל Lets Not come to conclusions without proper evidence 💀lmao.


    Jakaŭ ישראל They only want it like this because Kanye wouldn’t release this knowing damn well this is a top 10 hit song.


    winta semere exactly. some people are so dense lmao.

  59. dana

    nicki bodied.

  60. Sebastian

    how dare kanye not put New Body on his album smhhhh

    Justin Alarie

    Not christ like:/

    Leah Sorias

    he suppose to put it on his deluxe album.... Hopefully


    New ass, new tits, jesus is king

    Mason Ward

    Inferos omg hahaha you literally just made me spit out my coffee

  61. Ricky

    Needs to be on Spotify alreadyyyytt

  62. Young Snuggle

    Cant wait to see your new body

  63. K J

    This some medievil beat type shit 🔥

  64. El Cabrera

    Playtime Is The Over - Nicki Minaj 2007: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLehE1ZDAAtRMjQVkes7XJY4TQ2LS7VzvM ♥️

  65. alexgotfans

    here before it gets taken down

    El Cabrera

    He did not throw it, he was afraid that Nicki was again the center of the song as in Monster


    El Cabrera he threw it cuz it didn’t fit his new holy persona 🙄 he tried to change New Body into something gospel but nicki was over changing her verse constantly...