West Indian Girl - What Are You Afraid Of? Lyrics

I lost myself inside someone else
I couldn't see the lines between her and me
On a darker road, the fear I've shown
With eyes of stone, he walks alone

What are you afraid of?
All the years fade away
What are you made of?
From the ties that hold us down
What are you fighting for?
To feel them all
What are you dying for?
To be free

Who tonight will change your life
To jump on a plane and land a
Thousand miles away
Just to see what we came to be

[chorus repeat]

Inside my eyes

There's no chance of losing
When there's no chance at all
As time goes by, I forget why
From a distant view it might still be true
There's a part of me that lives for you.

[chorus repeat]

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West Indian Girl What Are You Afraid Of? Comments
  1. Robert Iniguez

    I heard this song 16+ years ago on an AMC commercial. Wrote it down on paper. Lost the paper and never saw the commercial again. Finally found the song. It’s been playing in my head all these years. I just love it

  2. voicetube

    I discovered this band about 15 years ago by doing a weird "on a whim" search in iTunes – sort of random maybe it was the word Indian ?? and either this song came up for 1 of their other amazing tunes and I thought "Who is this???" And I was at once in love.
    1 of the greatest concert experiences I ever had was seeing them play live literally down the street on the Sunset strip at House of Blues – it was actually transcendent!! This song live did not suck!!

  3. darealleelee

    Veronica and Logan's first kiss <3

  4. Canei McDonald

    AMC MonsterFest 2005!!

  5. NeoGeo12

    Veronica Mars


    @blazodeolireta It's played in Season 1.

  6. You Forget A 1000 Things A Day

    AMC had this in a commercial and it's been in my head ever since.

    Robert Iniguez

    You Forget A 1000 Things A Day me too 16+ years ago. I finally found it today. Cheers 🍺

  7. SAKU TheGreat

    One Tree Hill brought me here

    Jimmy The Clown

    I remember that :)

  8. Richard Rofacale

    Brings God damn tears to my God damn eyes. And I can't even get into hippie stuff. But I don't hear hippie in this instance.

  9. Carolina De Avila

    min 3:45 ---------> <3 solo <3

  10. Canei McDonald

    AMC's MonsterFest 2005!!

  11. 69HemiGTX

    Yes, I'm slow to the game, and I don't willingly admit I kinda like hippie rock, but this is good. HDA brought me here, so no hate from me. Congratulations to Trent and Mariqueen on their marriage, family, and future success. My wife's a Pinay, too, so now she has a couple new bands to root for. ;) FIL-AM family for life!


    this is more post rock

  12. Jimmy The Clown

    God this Song is so Beautiful