West Indian Girl - To Die In La Lyrics

We See
Bright lights, another day, I'm waking up,
Into the street, stay on beat, here it comes

So I get high to lift myself, remembering,
I'm running late, I'm running late, here it comes

And you don't know how you got there
You don't know why you got there

Sunday, Monday, pass the time away
Friday, Saturday's on, here it comes

LA Dee Da
And the world's a song that plays along,
La dee da dee day to die in LA

And you don't know how you got there
You don't know why you got there

Looking outside outside of yourself

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West Indian Girl To Die In La Comments
  1. Frank christ


  2. Norman Christensen

    Great song, talented band, very nice video.

  3. Phoebe C.

    The L Word. <3

  4. Carolyn McHugh

    who else loves mariqueen and trent reznors side project how to destroy angels? an omen ep just came out and i'm in love

  5. tspencer227

    I'm surprised nobody else mentioned the KCRW reference near the beginning of the video (89.9 FM). Best radio station in all of Southern California.

  6. johnbarboursworld

    She is so stunning! Trent deserves the every moment they share?

  7. Jason Chamberlain

    Makes me wanna shake my hips.

  8. BiffJonestyvm

    I love the sound of this band. Reminds me very much of Steve Miller's Fly Like An Eagle album.

  9. zeickus

    This band sucks, hippies... so glad trent got the only good member.

  10. roguecurious

    This band and this video deserve a lot more attention...fantastic

  11. Dan

    @lonesalcornbug Oh stfu... She is a brilliant musician and so is he. Stop being a little bitch

  12. Bonnie McPhee

    @vincentBurden funny since you say you are stalking,and get a fucking life...

  13. Derek Read

    Great song!

  14. thepeter

    HAHA! union station in LA!

  15. DannyGrowth

    This is one of the videos I watch when I am in a bad mood. I love you guys.

  16. BeyondEDM

    i love your beard

  17. CrakShaft

    Not bad! :) not bad indeed...I just found out about this band while searching for some NIN info. Seems I've been living under a rock lately :))

  18. Nalani

    Nice Shaka =)

    Mildly MGMT-ish...mildly I say. They have a good sound

  19. mrkrinkle699

    Yeah Q is one Hot Filipina Girl!!!

  20. pinksky86

    Aww...it's Tony!!! =)