West Indian Girl - Back To You Lyrics

As he rose up to meet the challenge
Words he might have said
An arrow shot through his heart and
Stopped him in his tracks

I'm running, running, running back to you

He lied awake counting minutes
He imagined he was under water
Where she's swimming out beneath the surface
Together between the currents

I'm running, running, running back to you

People believe
I still remember
People lose
And still regret
People become
I shouldn't have told her
People dream
To forget

He reached out with a whisper
Hoping she might hear
In his mind, she is dancing
I want you

I'm running, running, running back to you

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West Indian Girl Back To You Comments
  1. GoatzAreEpic Maokai

    I will shure do that :P

  2. Jeremy Peck

    lol at your tags.. :P

  3. gingerfaceism

    reminds me of 16bit moth

  4. colbi mitchell

    doesn't get much better

  5. Thomas K

    @WeAreToxicGaming its that easy.

  6. Thomas K

    @WeAreToxicGaming good one.

  7. jh p

    @MrSedaghat I use Trittons for gaming. I use subwoofers for listening to music :)

  8. Thomas K

    @TheGermandude2 thanks

  9. Josef

    @PFCKutzner nice comment hipster

  10. Thomas K

    @EvolutionNE let me put this is a way that you can understand it. Turtle Beaches are headphones for noobs of music listening.

  11. Rotbart1337

    @MW2xCommander lol!

  12. Josef Stalin

    Skullcandies sounds better. ;3

  13. jh p

    @EvolutionNE Did you just secretly advertise for Turtle Beach?

  14. bruno barbieri

    wht do u call all these songs and remixes make up a cool name instead of just alot of different remixes like mr random remix or somethiung its ur choice but it would be cooler at least in my opinion im not gonna be on this video again at least i dnt think so so if u cn name the next song u put on ................ remix

  15. MrsNinaMartini

    @Snagator234 because of the MR(!) random song. good guess :D:D

  16. MrsNinaMartini


  17. acidmaker1980

    its a very interesting song!!!!!