Wengie - Deja Vu Lyrics

We can spend the day
Let's stay up all night
We never get tired
Of doing what we like

You say let's go out
You just read my mind
All the magic places
That I know we can find

When I hear that song you like
Oh it takes me back in time
Think I been here before

I don't think it's something new
And I think you know it too
Every time I think of you
I keep on getting deja-vu

I don't think it's something new
And I think you know it too
Every time I think of you
I keep on getting deja-vu

Every time you call
Can't get off the phone
Tell each other secrets
That no one else can know

You know my ups and downs
I know you inside out
All through the good
All through the bad
I will be there

When I hear that song you like
Oh it takes me back in time
Think I been here before

I don't think it's something new
And I think you know it too
Every time I think of you
I keep on getting deja-vu

I get deja-vu, oooh
I get deja-vu, oooh
I get deja-vu, oooh
I keep on getting deja-vu

I don't think it's something new
And I think you know it too
Every time I think of you
I keep on getting deja-vu

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Wengie Deja Vu Comments
  1. sophia holmes

    love it but I thought you are wengie not wendie checkout the end of the song!!!

  2. CJ K

    💖💖💖💖💖 I love Wengie so much 😍😍😍😍

  3. Bow Hughes

    Is anybody here in Feb 2020? Hope you all have a fabtastic month!

  4. Bow Hughes

    Who gets deja vue all the time?!

  5. Tabi’s Corner

    I never knew she was such a good singer😱 is that actually her singing?

  6. Ellie Clark

    How old are you

  7. Anna Raven

    What A beautiful voice who agrees

  8. Denise Morony

    Your AWESOME

  9. Draven Howard

    First time hearing the song and first time watching the video. It is really good. Keep doing a great job.

  10. Yoda Quinn

    Wengie has a beautiful singing voice

  11. Roland Juralbal

    I love this song now

  12. Michal Wilkaniec

    How did you change those clothes so quickly???🤔🤔

  13. Magdalena Bunteska

    I love your song wengie!!!😍😍🤩

  14. xoxo xoxoxo

    I don't like dis but I like wengies vids

  15. cedrickyuan lacayanga

    i love your music
    i am your number 1 fan
    facebook acc:pm cedrickyuanlacayanga

  16. Lothel Grant

    ME: omg you can sing. MOM:what are you woching to abrupt!! ME: a sog 😤 MOM: I don't care how old are you again ME:8. MOM: I thought so ME😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤 MOM: mad

  17. Jenika Pereira

    Didnt knew you made deja vu I was looking for this song since I saw this toitoc vid and only the memes were coming


    Gurl you are like a dang kpop star ⭐️

  19. Idk So this is it

    The tittle made me come her lol

    Deja vu i just been in this place before

  20. winny brans

    Love u wengie❤

  21. Dejia Smith

    I hate the saying Deja Vu cause thats how you say my name my mom just added an 'i' and called it good but i love this song

  22. Stufflandz

    Wait is this Kpop? Is there any Korean lyric in it? BTW I LOVED IT SO MUCHHHHHHHHH! (I just have a question)

  23. Angel Barbier

    You should be a model or a singer ♥️♥️♥️ you are a great singer and a beautiful it's nice girl

  24. Charlie Xd

    Déjà vu ...is in freeench.
    On est dans la zone les gens

  25. Unicorn besties

    We’re the old sweet we give ur so different

  26. Yvette Morales

    Wengie I have A IMPORTANT QUESTION for u how long have u been popular like this

  27. Madison Lee

    Who's been suscribed to wengie since 2016

  28. Addyson Clark

    Wengiecorn has an amazing voice!!!!

  29. Elizabeth Tiv

    Deja vu I just been in this place before higher than the streets and I know it’s my time to come only you and the searches of mysteries.... I don’t know what’s next :l

  30. zara Haque

    Hey everyone whats your fav wengie song

  31. Carlena Lofton

    She a sing

  32. Ritesh Boygah

    Wengie you are sexxy hottt cuttttte pretty and beautiful

  33. Ritesh Boygah

    Wengie you are the best

    Ritesh Boygah

    And wengie you are sexxxxxxxy and hhhhhhhot and. Cuttttte and pretty and beautiful

  34. Lakshmi Bhargavi

    Omg i almost forget this song!

  35. I sTaN YoOnGI

    She sounds like a child and she’s 33

  36. Mamun Murshid

    U look 21

  37. Mamun Murshid

    There is no way u r 33

  38. Mamun Murshid

    Maybe once u can record in Blue ladys house

  39. Mamun Murshid

    Lol yah

  40. Yasaswi B


  41. james mcdonald

    I rely like this song.

  42. Monster kILL

    Me about to accelerate above speed limit so i search deja vu

    Accidentaly clicks this -> drives straight into tree

  43. Natalie Toys&Dolls

    I didn't know wengie was like this!

  44. Zoro Zopo

    What the heck you how look that bad

  45. RALPH ANTHONY Veloria

    yeah i agre kings florist

  46. M L

    1like 1lover of wengie

  47. M L

    I keep on getting deja vu

  48. Nguyen Hang

    I love this music video

  49. Areum Song

    Ur not just pretty, ur also very talented

  50. Madison Short

    You should do a country music video😋🥰😇

  51. Queen B Studios

    I for real love this song lol

  52. Natasha stavropoulos

    Oh girl you don't think I would be happy

  53. lisa

    When i listen this song i always remember the rain in japan

  54. SpiraL Gaming

    I in 2020 I am going into year 5 !!!!!!!

  55. Kwàdwo Mensah

    I love you 😘

  56. The Italian Banana presents

    Nice but sassy to be honestly

  57. Hinda Nguyen

    Where dose Wengie get all of the people?
    Do you know?🤔

  58. UpsyDaisyShow

    What and were are all these places

  59. Danny Lampaug

    im a fan of you

  60. デーモン・アビー・ガチャ Demon Abby Gacha

    0:00 is when the video starts don’t thank me

  61. 《Minty Rose》

    imagine how long it took for her to teach and record all the scenes and set up

  62. Brissa Shnyder

    I lik weji

  63. Issy's lifetime

    I Love wengie and her voice she is amazing x

  64. MH - 04AK - Brian W Fleming PS (1178)


  65. Pavani Sudhakar

    Hi I am having déjà vu with you dear Wengie

  66. soulful Fan7288

    I heard this song last year and here I am back again just to say how much I love this song I literally forgot that the song even existed until someone mentioned it and I was thinking that myself I have to find this in my watch later I do so here I am back just so you know i absolutely love this song

  67. Tanishka Gokhale

    Replay buttons


    Cost = 1 like

  68. Ashlynn Williams

    Anyone here in 2020? Also this is an AMAZING song!

  69. Plague Doctor


  70. Kitty Kamado

    What ppl hear Wengie said: וdeja vu•×
    What I hear: ו deja UwU •×

  71. Kevin Mack

    Can u do a part 2 on this?

  72. Kevin Mack

    I love this so much .❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  73. Soraya Rahim

    i love this song its stuck in my mind

  74. Vlogs By Samantha

    I dont think of wengie like this i think nice makeup cute and loves unicorn kinda innocent but after watching this i feel like i was wrong...BUT i like the song keep working hard ❤❤❤

  75. Cover Songs

    Wengie is look like a loop like if u agree


    i love your music

  77. Alexis Mroczek

    On my God Wengie!!! I did not know you had that in you!!!! 😇😇😇

  78. Lina Židonienė

    Labai patinka det gali geriau wegie

  79. Lea Hill

    I like u you're the best

  80. BeanieBoo TV

    Ok. We know it you’re here after empire.

  81. Tajkia A

    She should be as popular as other pop Stars

  82. NaKisha Roland


  83. Anamika Kaushal

    Hello Wengie I am from India my name is Amaira I love your songs🦄

  84. Mae Mae BC

    0:00 PLAY

  85. Stacey Baxter

    if you like wingie then press this button

  86. Stacey Baxter

    love your dance moves and love your you tube channel

  87. watermelon canteloupe

    Welcome to 2020!!!!!!!

  88. Jhomar Ponce

    i lov you wengie

  89. RandomCreationWith Kullin

    Who here at January 1 2020??
    Just me??Okay!

  90. NaKisha Roland

    But I love it love your you tube

  91. NaKisha Roland

    Your voice is to high

    sHuT uP pAtRiCiA

    It’s the pitch in her voice

  92. Duong Vu

    My last name is vu

  93. Hinda Nguyen

    Her music are amazing 😉🤤


    I luv the Wengie hair its so CUUUTE LIKE IF U agree!

  95. Katlin Hershberger

    I remember watching her in 2016 TwT

  96. Marc Beckerton

    I like it how I hear you say one thing about a new song I go strait to it anyone else or am I the only one?

    oh ok I am the only one :-:

  97. its a cat

    What does deja vu mean?

    Doew it mean u fall in love


    No, deja vu means like you feel it already happened, like in your dreams.