Wendorff, Louisa - Stop This Fire Lyrics

Burning, everything is burning
Memories are melting
The flames are running wild
They're singing to the ashes
Erasing all the edges
Burning down the walls I've built
For so long

Left alone with all these toxins
Inside the place I learned to walk in
My blood is losing oxygen

And I can't breathe
I can't breathe
I can't see
Through the smoke
It's gonna swallow me
And I can't breathe
Rescue me
On my knees
I use all my tears
To wash me clean
And I don't have enough
I don't have enough
To stop this fire

Slowly, heaven's close to me
And everything's unholy
Is that when ashes turn to beauty
'Cause I'm empty
Just like this around me
The flames are taking everything
Except the fire within me

Left alone with all these toxins
Inside the place I learned to walk in
My blood is losing oxygen

I can't breathe
I can't breathe
I can't see
Through the smoke
It's gonna swallow me
And I can't breathe
Rescue me
On my knees
I use all my tears
To wash me clean
And I don't have enough
I don't have enough
I don't have enough
To stop this fire

But I can't breathe
I can't breathe
I can't see
I can't breathe
Rescue me
I'm on my knees
I can't breathe
I don't have enough

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Wendorff, Louisa Stop This Fire Comments
  1. Jeevan Music

    Osm. It's a nice one


    I luv this the lord loves u inways u cant imagine show love for the rainforest

  3. Icrat Lynn

    My song. I can't breathe.

  4. Kara Becker

    Posttttt agin!!! Please!!!!


    I just listen to ur beautiful voice again 😊

  6. Simply beautiful :)

  7. Queen of the Damned

    Good music always sends tingles down my spine. Once you hit that chorus, I shuddered from the absolute rawness and honesty. You are spectacularly talented. I wish you all the success in your endeavors.


    Where are u? I miss u

  9. Jaimee Bell

    this is stunning. i am speechless. you're incredible and this hit home for me. It is so incredible to see a song written from such a raw and real place and to see you turning to God in a time when it was so hard for you, it's really inspirational. new subscriber here, going to go binge all of your songs. where can I buy your stuff?

  10. Hair Designer


  11. Tammie Jodoin

    Love this but feeling the need for more songs!! Miss you!

  12. Cydney Priestley

    Holy crap. This is amazing!!!!!! Twilight vibes.

  13. Dm Deg

    Absolutely pure and raw emotion.And heartbreakingly honest. I hope the power of healing and peace comes to you. And those of you out there who say this is just good acting---I say it's real and it makes my soul ache. It touched me in a profound way. Thank you---very few songs take you to this level. I will listen to it over and over.

  14. oHeyLuna

    Her eyebrows came a long way

  15. Nitin Dubey

    Beautiful and heartfelt.

  16. Amy Adkins

    Just woke up and found this song. I've never been so paralyzed. ♡♡♡

  17. Scott

    Love the emotion in the depth of her, music. Different platform but was about a house fire and the loss within that fire? California wildfires 2018?

  18. Alex Merezas

    This is amazing. Could you post the lyrics please?

  19. TomChair

    Good song, I'm a fan. But...maybe it's my speakers but I cannot hear the vocals at the beginning over the very heavy piano. The mix does not do the song justice.

  20. Dalia Ibrahim

    I need the lyrics please

  21. Kayla Driscoll

    When am I going to be able to buy this song to listen to it 93757385 times?

  22. Raul Salazar

    Pero que voz tan hermosa!!!! Me encanta escuchar tus canciones, por tu maravillosa voz! Felicidades.

  23. Zilk

    Very powerful

  24. Alexis Frost

    I love this so much 😍😭

  25. Anjuli Mack


  26. elasticband08ify

    I don't usually post on videos but this song is so beautiful. I hope it will be available on Amazon or spotify soon. Can't stop listening to it. You are incredibly talented.

    Jordan Lynee

    elasticband08ify you can listen on YouTube music!

  27. Angel Dreamsss

    you have such a gift .. please don't ever stop, your lovely

  28. april anne

    Gorgeous. Probably my favorite of all your songs. I’m so sorry your home was one of the ones taken.

  29. Lauren Robins

    One of your best! God is reaching people through you-please don’t ever stop making these raw, beautiful songs. Thank you for this ❤️

  30. Summer-Louise

    These past few weeks have tested me on a level I didn't know existed. But this song just hits everything I need to hear and feel; repeat and repeat and repeat.

    Thank you Louisa!♡
    Keep singing girlie- Up and Stop This Fire 👌

  31. Olivia Catherine

    This is my favorite of yours! It's so beautiful and I can feel the pain. My heart was breaking listen to this and your family is in my prayers. Bless you and your family! ❤️

  32. Dose Of Eddie

    She’s back!❤️✨

  33. Frazzled Jess

    Please put this on iTunes:(

  34. Grace Marie

    Wow! Such a powerful song..touched my heart. Im so sorry that happened to you! I hope God brings healing and peace.

  35. Rachelizabethompson3

    Why can’t I find this on Spotify?! I clicked the link but it takes me to wildfire

  36. Hanna Elizabeth

    I love this song and would love to purchase it! Do you plan on putting it on iTunes ever?

  37. Katherine Loomis

    Love this louisa💛💛

  38. Elise Sirois

    😭😭😭😭😭 I love this! I love YOU!!! Proud of you, Lou!!!!!

  39. haley marie barthel

    Love this! You're amazing

  40. Abigail Knight

    So so beautiful. I literally want to cry it hit me so hard in the feels.

  41. Enaa Juneja

    I'm sorry. Love the song and the video! ❤

  42. Maria Beatriz

    Love youuuu 💛💛💛 BRASIL

  43. Alexz Wilson

    Wow I’m sorry for your loss, based of this video and song it really hit you hard. I’m glad there is a safe platform for you to get your feeling out.

  44. Audrey Brown

    This is such a powerful song. You have an amazing voice, I feel every word you sing!

  45. Joyce Lynn-Journal lover

    Beautiful! You've got such a breathtaking voice! I love your videos!

  46. Molly Eagan

    This is amazing.

  47. Heart & Sage

    Beautiful. This song just reached into my soul ...so moving ❤️

  48. Shaylynn K

    Haunting. The way your hand played the piano in the sunset will stay with me forever. And the lyrics? 💔💔

  49. Szepesi Dávid

    Beautiful. Thank you from Hungary :)

  50. Tessa Maye

    This is incredible, Louisa. Sending so much love your way <3

  51. Apo J

    Will you put this song on deezer? I love it.

  52. Ashley Wilkins

    This was absolutely amazing; definitely my favorite so far! The lyrics hit home and are incredibly powerful. I could listen to this on repeat all night

  53. Matthew Tracey

    Another beautiful song from a great artist

  54. Shandrell Berryhill

    I absolutely love this song. It's by far your best one.

  55. Jacob Narabal

    "The Lord is near the broken hearted; He delivers those who are discouraged - Psalm 34:18

  56. Breanna Seeger

    Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Your voice is breathtaking and you are gorgeous inside and out.

  57. Mr Bear Lee There - BearRon

    Very beautiful

  58. The Mrs.Cross

    This is so awesome! So sorry about your loss. Thank you for your encouragement as I needed it today! Can't wait to see what is to come from you!

  59. Miriam Nachname

    It's incredible to see how much Christians are out there :)

  60. Alyssa Marrie

    Such a raw and gorgeous song, and an amazing voice to go with it. Absolutely love it!

  61. Cade Fox

    So so beautiful, what a talent 💚

  62. Kait Zerr

    So amazing!!! Please put on Spotify ❤️

  63. Kitson c

    Will this be on itunes Lou?

  64. fuzzles93


  65. Diana Simmons

    Thank you for this Louisa. It’s perfect.

  66. perfect paradise

    OMG So beautiful Lou!!!! You never fail to surprise me!

  67. PunkBread

    This is one of those songs you listen to at 2 in the morning when the entire world is suffocating you and you need something to help you breathe.

  68. Jean Chloe Yambao

    This is a whole new level of artistry. Thank you, Louisa! Your best one yet!

  69. YouTubeSingers.com

    👍😍🎶💕Amazing song!

  70. MK J

    Sending love from the UK. You are so amazing. The way you articulate and your music - it gets me. I'm so glad you shared yoir talents with the world x

  71. Teresa Repair

    This happened to my family 4 years ago and almost killed my 18 month old niece. God clearly watched over her (though they don’t see Him, I do) and God made beauty from literal ashes. This song speaks to my soul. Amazing.

  72. Shantel Perez

    Thank you for the explanation of the song. So beautiful!

  73. Alejandra Vargas

    Love this so much! 🖤

  74. seanmichael87

    great video, strong emotion and lyrics

  75. Grace Xia

    Your voice is just beautiful

  76. Grace Xia

    Heyyy I just did a cover of your song Blank Space/Style! would you mind check it out? https://youtu.be/KfTlO60KeX4 thanks!!

  77. Amy Sato

    Hope you put this on iTunes. This is beautiful.

  78. Edri

    Noice song and video

  79. kromatic

    Wow. It must have been so cathartic to write this song and its lyrics. All of the cinematography, juxtaposing your home family videos and your present is so heartfelt and nostalgic. This masterpiece is so very powerful.

    (P.S. Is your location the same as the beach where your Slow Dancing In A Burning House cover/mashup was filmed? Correct me if I'm wrong.)

    Louisa Wendorff

    Wow thank you SO much! and yes it so healing to write! miss you

    haha and yes!! the part at the beach is the same beach! hahah
    good eye sweet one <3


    Louisa Wendorff you're so very welcome! Miss you too. ❤

    Oh, I thought so! I guess everything comes full circle. Stay gold, sweet girl.

  80. Kristin Kremer

    Beautiful song, beautiful video. Loved it!

    Louisa Wendorff

    Thank you so much Kristin!

  81. Kimmie Kreuzberger

    Louisa, one of your best by far. It’s raw and pure - love it

    Louisa Wendorff

    wow thank you so much!!

  82. Fiona S.

    i’ve been missing your vids...absolutely love this!!! also maybe do some more old school acoustic covers soon?¿

    Louisa Wendorff

    Thank you!!
    im planning on doing another cover!!

  83. Gavin Bittern

    Notification squad🎉😍

  84. Arianna Brown

    I love you

    Louisa Wendorff

    I love you!