Wendorff, Louisa - Arrow Lyrics

Choose me, take me in your arms, pull me back until I feel your tension

Release me, the time has come to face the wind, face the wind and soar

Somethings coming I see it now, keeps me moving against this crowd,
I'll be rising above these clouds, I won't come down, won't come down

Somethings coming I see it now, keeps me moving against this crowd,
I'll be rising above these clouds, I won't come down, won't come down

Arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow,
Our love is our love is

Choose me, take me in your arms, pull me back until I feel your tension

Something's coming I can see you now, keeps me moving against this crowd,
I'll be rising above these clouds, I won't come down, won't come down

Somethings coming I see it now, keeps me moving against this crowd,
I'll be rising above these clouds, I won't come down, won't come down

Arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, our love is, our love is beautiful
Arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, my love is, our love is

Free as a feather, on the cusp of forever, floating on your love, high love
Free as a feather, we're together soaring

Somethings coming I see it now, keeps me moving against this crowd,
I'll be rising above these clouds, I won't come down, down

Arrow arrow arrow arrow I'll be rising above these clouds, I won't come down

Arrow arrow arrow arrow
Arrow arrow arrow arrow

Our love is, our love is, our love is powerful

Arrow arrow arrow arrow

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Wendorff, Louisa Arrow Comments
  1. Chayaaa W.

    Miss this song so much

  2. Serenity Chacon

    Woah. . .

  3. Emanuel Soares de Abreu

    Congrulation , I'm from brazil .. Fa

  4. Lara Florence

    Love the song !!!

  5. D M

    Such a catchy tune in the background woaah... i love it. 💙😆😅😂

  6. David Pinto

    This is a beautiful song, i really loved it since the first time that I listen to it. I would love to create a choreography with your song, do I have your permission to use your music?

  7. B0404 V19

    what the fuck did i watch?!?

  8. Juliette Rozier

    Louisa is so underated

  9. Kishke Nelson

    Gives me chills every time. Ever since the first video I came across I have been in love with your voice. MORE! I need more!

  10. Gabriela Mota

    i cry :'(

    Nancy De La Rosa

    me too
    one year later

  11. bbytitan

    the little boy looks exactly like my big brother when he was younger. And that little girl kinda looks like me when i was younger but different hair color. Great video!

  12. Tyler Wylie

    In love with your voiceeee

  13. Michelle Sophie

    love this song so much <3 :)

  14. Paul Musique Officiel

    very good

  15. nonh8nsk8r

    Is there any song you can't do?  Your arrangements are amazing! :)

  16. pennylicious99


  17. Autumn Donovan

    You should write your own songs you ate a really good singer!😁😀😉

  18. helin y

    this sounds like a turkish music

  19. tripdance

    Dem eyebrows

  20. LeishaC

    This is amazing. You are amazing.

  21. Bethan Shaw

    I love this song mix and it's video its such a powerful message together x

  22. D Harris

    Love the songs.
    that being said the little boy could've easy got himself outta the dog cage. He has fingers x)


    @David Harris true but he was scared as well

  23. Nathan Brown

    It's a great song, what's funny is the day I got bullied for the first time and was crying I found this song and it was good and had the same feeling I had which made the song one I'll never forget emotionally.

  24. sinem Baysal

    obsessed with this

  25. claudia izabela

    So, the way I see this video: the cop and the woman are actually the children (that's why the cop has the arrowhead thing at the end) and he became a cop because as a child he had been kidnapped, so he wants to make the community safer, yay. Great song!

  26. Amy Pickering

    Can you please do a cover of Daddy Dance with Me by Krystal Keith? I would love to use this song as a father-daughter dance at my wedding, but don't overly love the original composition of the song. I hope you decide to use your talents to create something great with this song :)

  27. Annabell Marie

    Pretty sure the end just about made me cry. 

  28. Glitter

    The video was great! Though the clip didn't match the song in some places. The other thing I had a problem with is that I couldn't really hear what you were actually singing. The words weren't clear and came out as a jumbled mess rather than being coherent. 

  29. Durell Grisebaum

    You've got some tremendous talent. This is beautiful work =)

  30. Ella Finch

    I really hope that one day I'll be this amazing

  31. ModulasKhwait

    Sansa..? Sansa Stark?

  32. Melina Flores

    I don't get the kidnapping parts????

  33. unicorn_ bluff

    I love this song you make it pop out more

  34. Selina Neumann

    Perfect im in love with this one <3 ...wonderful song...your voice is so amazing and this video is really stunning ...i love it

  35. Rebecca Rawlings

    Amazing song but confused on the meaning of it?

    Shannon Bliss

     the rock is also an arrow head. :)

  36. Acia Fillingim

    This girl is AMAZING!!!!

  37. The paradox chemist

    I like the song, but can someone please tell me how that video was relevant to the song? I don't get it

    Alyssa Brown

    Exactly. She sings the line "I love this." As the kid is getting kidnapped.

    Alyssa Brown

    And also, I don't get the end.

    Francisca Araya

    I think she was the Little girl from the video and she helped the boy when he was kidnapped and then they grow up and when she had that problem that Little boy came and helped her because he was know a police man and he show her the thing with the arrow that few years ago she gave  to him

    Howard Wear

    @francisca araya That is correct... she saved him, and years later he saves her.....  

    The paradox chemist

    @francisca araya Ooooh, thanks! 

  38. Ammarah

    I ADORE this. It's got such an ethnic feel. So so beautiful.

  39. RSVPready

    AMAZING!!  Your voice is so beautiful.  We love your work. Xoxo

  40. Kaila Pak

    You deserve so many more subscribers! You're voice is beautiful...

  41. Sarah Ting

    I'm surprised that you would use a Chinese instrument in this song.
    I love the sound of erhu

  42. litzi vc

    The beat reminds me of Somebody That I Used To Know but great song and video! Im literally obsessed with all of your covers!!

  43. Michele

    Every once in a while you hear a voice that stops you in your tracks and you can't tear yourself away until it is ended, you are that voice, truly amazing talent. Hugs

  44. Gloria Magana

    So unique and wonderfully written. So refreshing as well comparing to "popular" music these days :)

  45. Brittany MKerley

    just amazing. i love all the music youve done..its really unique and just beautifully done

  46. Books Broadway

    You are fantastic!

  47. Anna Dalton

    This is really beautiful:) 

  48. Anastacia Silich

    Really cool. Can't stop listening to this. Actually, it's better than covers and mash-ups. Idk why, maybe because of originality and the athmosphere of this song. And i loooove you voice <3

  49. Alvaz Kaukab

    U K. U k. 

  50. Clo Louise

    wow. 💓

  51. Spunkkmeyer3

    Love❤️ this was absolutely brilliant.

  52. Rafael Grande

    This song is amazing. getting my copy to listen more! OMG! Congrats. +Louisa Wendorff  

  53. ammcintire2

    i don't get what the songs about??  is the child about to be kidnapped?  

  54. julie ramirez

    I just wanna thank Wesley for showing me her cause this is actually beautiful

  55. Carly Fuller

    this gave me goose bumps please write more

  56. Nicole Ackerson

    I love this song. It's been on repeat all morning

  57. Georgia Leigh

    I wish you'd do more songwriting and less cover/mashups. This song is gorgeous with a very unique sound ad it is exceedingly better than anything Taylor Swift has written in the last couple albums. I love this so much that it's becoming a favorite of mine. I know the covers get you more attention, but please don't forget to write your own pieces as well. :) 


    come on now, she is good, but no one will ever be better than taylor swift.

    Youssef Ali

    While I agree she should do more originals, but Taylor's writing in 1989 is exceptional. Clean is one of the best songs ever written.

    Justine MacArthur

    Awe, don't be silly :) there's over a hundred thousand people who would've never met her without the covers she does. It's hard to gain momentum on original songs alone. I think she's got a great balance. After all, her EP went #1 on the heat-seekers list after Taylor tweeted at her!

  58. myiah

    Amazing :)

  59. Veter Veterny

    Louisa! This is AMAZING! I can't stop listening to this song. Your voice is so unique and beautiful. Keep doing what you're doing. I really hope to see you among world-wide singers as soon as possible because you deserve it! Good luck! This is what I call real music. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PIECE AND YOUR VOICE. :)

  60. Gabriela Diaz

    I am OBSESSED. So amazing. 

  61. WhiteTigress1968

    Powerful. That is the only way to describe this.

  62. rubbersunny

    taylor brought me here and I couldn't be any more happier. you're amazing

  63. Hammad Rehman

    thanks to taylor swift for introducing u to all of us <3

  64. Alex

    can't stop listening to this 

  65. BeDreaming2

    Great song, but the lip singing is seriously messed up in some parts.


    @Jordan Kiechlin yeah, it's usually lip syncing, but it just isn't timed well. It shouldn't be all too hard to do with loud enough speakers (so they can hear it in the air balloon) and proper editing. ...even I did it in one of my videos (and i managed decent lip syncing, even editing that myself).

    Justine MacArthur

    @BeDreaming2 Nah, in a music video of this magnitude, it's definitely quite a task to sync it up. She still did an incredible job :) and the more she does this - and I hope she does do more music videos because I say this one was DEFINITELY worth the time - the better she'll get at it AND the more tools and help she'll get to make it even easier and quicker!


    @Justine MacArthur alright, i'm ready to let it go. It's not perfected yet, but like i said, yet. I agree, the video is great and i'm sure she's only going to improve.

    Carolina Alvarez

    I used to make small music videos that were lip synced. You're correct in saying that the lips are not synching in certain parts, I noticed it to.

    In terms of celebrities, yes they lip synch in their videos. That is common knowledge.

    It is not hard to properly synch the lips, and you should expect it to be done exceptionally in a professional video like this.

    She did a fabulous job of singing on set, but somewhere in the editing process, a few parts were not synched up with the audio clip correctly.

    You're right.

    There's really no excuse for bad synching.

    Carolina Alvarez

    You're right. The synching is off at certain parts. I noticed it too.

  66. Cassidy Williams

    what are u wearing in this bc your outfit is amazing omg

  67. Cj Dennis

    You're voice is incredible. This gave me chills. Every time I listen to a cover of yours I fall in love with your voice and your music all over again.

  68. Julia Cook

    You're voice is amazing, you're just very bad at being on camera.

  69. Jia Villarin

    Just wow. This is hauntingly beautiful <3

  70. Racquel Twigg

    OMG and WOW ... You are truly amazing Louisa, love the clip, you need to watch it properly and to the end to really get it xxxooo

  71. Sum Guy

    Ok, now you're one of my new favorite artists. 👍

  72. Vivian Pham

    i got chills! 

  73. Katherine Schlesier

    You uploaded this on my birthday :)

  74. Honey Anjell

    absolutely love this song

  75. fenreargreyback

    To the people who are saying the video doesn't fit the song. You need to look at the imagery not the literal image. if you do this video fits perfectly to the song, which is something that doesn't happen a lot anymore with so much product placement and vulgarity.

  76. kaitlyn newton

    This is simply amazing!!

  77. Scruff Oscar

    You don't know how beautiful I find this

  78. Jb564738

    So some guy, who stole a child in broad daylight doesn't find a way to cover up windows and lock his doors? Then after the kid is saved, he wants to continue to sit on the same street that his captor lives on and receive the arrow shaped rock that made him unaware of the man that stole him after she drew on it in a bronze sharpie? Where are his parents?? Someone call the cops? But he can't cause the one cop in this town is saving this girl from domestic violence by walking into her house, showing his badge, and giving her another sedimentary rock in the shape of an arrow, and then that means so much to her that they start hugging?? (even though her husband could come back and see this and get angry. I mean she really just needs to not be depending on another man in this situation and to give the cop her statement and get a divorce)
    Also her love is like an arrow? So your love is a murderous, ancient weapon that Katniss Everdeen and the Iroquois use??
    I mean seriously who came up with this shit??


    Maybe take a second to rewatch the video and listen to the lyrics rather than being rude and judging it? Clearly the little girl saved the boy and in the end the boy becomes a cop and saves her too. He gives her the same rock that she drew on when they were little.


    i might be wrong, but i think the little girl who saved the boy is the older woman at the end who's being abused. the little boy who was kidnapped grows up to be a cop. she rescued him when they were kids and now he's returning the favor. the rock with the arrow drawn on it is symbolic to how they were able to find each other again. idk about the hot air balloon, im thinking thats just for aesthetics :P

    CassidyLaine. Nixon

    @shopaholic007 THANKYOU i was so lost, but that makes a lot more sense.


    Although you're probably right, it still has zero to do with the lyrics of the song. And this girl just standing really close to a camera and smiling while all this other serious shit is going on does not make sense at all.


    It does though it is about the love that sprung up between them

  79. Naomi Yura

    this is a very beautiful mv :) 

  80. Jackie Loizzo

    Is this an original piece of yours?

    Jeff Gohlke

    Looks like it!  It's part of her EP on iTunes.

  81. April Genockey

    Brilliant!love from dublin,ireland ♥

  82. Aubrey Moulton

    Your voice is hauntingly beautiful. Keep it up!

  83. Howeywood

    A beautiful love song...with completely dissociated images.

  84. Glamma Gregory

    Keep shooting for the stars, 'cause soon you'll be one of them. This is your year to shine. Beautiful voice! Kudos. 

  85. Olivia Seville

    I love love love this song and the music video is really touching! :-)

  86. flysick

    you're so beautiful

  87. Yamahafreak

    Wonderful Vid thank you and a Super Moving On Song

  88. Jamie Lambros

    great instrument selection...on point!

  89. Jenn Stewart

    I love this song! There is just something about it that is just perfect! (I also love the show Arrow (inspiration or not) and the symbolism of arrows.)

  90. Laura Marie


  91. Louisa

    Wow I have the same name as you

  92. IceQueenx128

    Wow, it's been a long time since I've seen you!  Delta 2011?  I was in awe of your singing then and now look!  Beautiful video and song!

  93. David Lee


    Quinn Giebel

    How is it disturbing?  I think its actually quite touching.

  94. superhunk1989

    Oh my goodness! This is a super amazingly beautiful song. 
    Your voice is sooo wonderful, 
    and the instrumentals are truly heavenly to my ears. Are you using Chinese musical instruments? 
    Definitely gonna buy your EP :) :)

  95. Christo Swart

    AMAZING LOUISA!!! Keep doing what you're doing!! <---Be the Arrow---->

  96. Vinna

    i love it ❤️ ❤️❤️

  97. a.r

    How do u make the background music and your an amazing singer!!!!!!

  98. Irene Maillo

    oh louisa! is Beautiful 

  99. hannah s

    I just preordered your album on iTunes. Love your music thanks for coming to glee at ridgecrest your such and inspiration :)

  100. Theo Wendorff

    SO Killer! YEAH LOUISA