Welshly Arms - Two Seconds Too Late Lyrics

About to see
My records clean
But that's all about to change
I go to pick em up in front baby
Like the boss had arranged
Its time to roll
I'm bout see
The job had just been done
Were never lying in the doorway
Another victim a gun
I'm two seconds to late

Yeah I'm too late


Free bus stops
Noncity blocks
Wonderin if she'd change her plans
I had shine money in my pockets
And some sweat from my hands
Around the corner I wanna warn her
But she don't give a damn for me
Well there's smoke coming out from the pipes well of the factory
I'm two onds to late, every night, every day
In every way
I'm two seconds to late
All of the time
I always walk of
Two seconds to late

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Welshly Arms Two Seconds Too Late Comments
  1. Francesco Sivelli

    About to see
    My records clean
    But that's all about to change
    I go to pick 'em up in front baby
    Like the boss had arranged

    It's time to roll
    I'm 'bout see
    The job had just been done
    We're never lying in the doorway
    Another victim a gun

    I'm two seconds too late
    Yeah, I'm too late

    Three bus stops
    Noncity blocks
    Wonderin' if she'd change her plans
    I had shine money in my pockets
    And some sweat from my hands

    Around the corner I wanna warn her
    But she don't give a damn for me
    Well there's smoke coming out from the pipes
    Well of the factory

    I'm two sonds too late
    Every night, every day
    In every way
    I'm two seconds too late
    All of the time
    I always walk of
    Two seconds too late


  2. AleksWorkshop

    Man you guys are awesome!

  3. Walteria Music

    Solid Arraignment......

  4. Roy Roy

    Best Song

  5. mick21

    Good job and good sound !

  6. Walteria Music

    Arrangement is put together very Well & your dynamics are spot on.

  7. Matthew Chihota

    My favourite group

  8. Mathias Wyer

    So great !

  9. F.R. K.

    Why ....*#*ä&%$§ cut his hair???

  10. Tadhg Maebh

    On run and the rebellion still to come , for this is the soundtrack to Scotland freedom will someone get me gun.

  11. cade Compton

    keep it up

  12. Helena Brown

    Oh my god....thank you youtube....i am in love. My soul is feasting.

  13. Noreanneh Veil

    oh yeah, unh

  14. Greg Gunn

    What a great band.  I hear lots of Voodoo Child influence in this song...

  15. Emine Türkyilmaz

    So underrated

  16. Taimoor Zulfiqar

    This should be the intro to the Peaky Blinders boxing match when both the fighters come out

  17. Zack Sas

    inspiring great admiration = awesome

  18. Deborah do Crim

    Just started listening to these guys today and I love them , get to see them in concert next month ...right on

  19. lelo 115

    Damn, this is quality music! Keep it up, guys: )

  20. TheBagz2

    Getting major Closure in Moscow vibes from this song, I love it

  21. Daniel Martine


  22. Laila Moonstar

    oh my god what a nice song

  23. Julian Hüner

    When are you guys coming to Europe?

    Laura Knauss

    Julian Hüner they are performing at rock im park in germany in june

    Julian Hüner

    Laura Knauß thx! :)

    Nati Jackson

    Julian Hüner am 23.9. sind sie in Berlin ☺

  24. dirlene lima

    You're fucking amazing! Discovered your band last week and can't stop listening!

  25. Jesse Smith

    youtube brought me here

  26. Rei

    idk how did I find this band... but im so glad I did

  27. grimslayer Brittain

    +WeshleyArmsBand ,

    O U T S T A N D I N G.

    Gentlemen, may I please know the name(s) of the writer(s) of the lengendary song, "Legendary"?

    Please, I owe this/these men personally.


    grimslayer Brittain

    also, have you played at "Red Rocks" yet?
    I heard it was on your schedule.

  28. Ben Zombie

    Does anyone else really like that little bit at the end that sounds like the kinda music that would play in an elevator?

    Muhammad Mirsab

    Ben Zombie just as it played, I read your comment


    +Muhammad Mirsab that happens to me alot

  29. Michael Banks

    NOT BAD....I like it

  30. Floris Buis

    the song chanched

  31. Reo

    Ahh I love this song

  32. Lewis L

    Only discovered this band today, There're amazing, can't stop listening to em

  33. HoriaCC

    Welshly band gonna be Legendary!

    Michael Lehman

    And they're fucking Indians fans..damn good rockin'


    Amazing! Going to be a fan now

    Linus Weber

    This is our sanctuary, indestructible, fire in your bones, all their lives they been fighting to rise!

  34. Luciano Carlos

    holy shit!!! what did I just listened ? AWESOME BAND!!!!

  35. CloudyB MT

    Y'all really need more fans. Such great music already from you guys!

  36. Toroborn

    They're playing at Hotel Cafe near Hollywood in June 30!!!!!!! FAK YES

  37. The Slimer

    May I use the song "hold on I'm coming" in one of my figure reviews, I would appreciate it.

  38. Chris Moakes

    i hope there is a tab for this

  39. Phazer FourtySeven

    I dig the strat sound so much! Whats it being run through? Amps, pedals, pickups - all that jazz - can anyone tell me?

  40. Duttan Gokin

    Очень понравилось эта группа прекрасная игра Спасибо :):):)

  41. sarah jayne lee

    this band kicks serious ass

  42. Troy Stephens


  43. Ben Zombie

    These guys rock! I love artists like The Black Keys, Jack White, and Stephen Dale Petit, these guys have got that brilliant blues rock sound too.

  44. Daniel Jack

    Was looking for an "Unchain my Heart" Cover, I saw your version and liked it a lot! So then I came to se your song "Two Seconds Too Late" and I really liked it! So, congrats! And thanks for keeping Rock'n'Roll alive! 
    Daniel Costa
    Minas Gerais / Brazil!

  45. deceitdeceitdeceit

    that was fucking awesome

  46. Megan H

    You sound like The Black Keys and I like it :)


    +Megan Howell thats exactly what i was thinking when i heard the song first!

  47. Taylor T

    Why the hell can't I find love in a minor key by welshly arms?! Why?!

  48. Steve Gusky

    Heard this on the radio today
    Simply Awsome !!!!!!!
    Can't wait to hear more
    Very powerful

  49. mzdarklight1

    Oh my, lead vocalists voice is hot... I approve :-) and this isn't my normal genre of music. 

  50. All American Family Security

    This is my new favorite band, and I am a hip hop guy!

  51. Frank Zgrabik

    better than the second half of  the last 2 Black Keys albums - may  have to come to the show in April


    What a fantastic song and work brothers! Brazil is watching you!

  53. R JesuS

    Good song!!!!!! (Y)

  54. Kyle Buckles

    How can anyone give this video a thumbs down? SMH. Keep making great music guys. Fellow cleve musician. ;)

  55. Steve Hoover

    Jimi and Stevie smiled.

  56. keokukiowa

    Saw you at House of Blues - you guys are really, really incredible!

  57. Lstarr06

    Loved you at the Lakewood Music Fest

  58. Jonny Lawrence

    I feel a black keys vibe going on here, i like the black keys :)

  59. TorchStreet Green

    Future ! :)

  60. xxjennyhere

    It actually sounds really good and different from today's music, it's a combination of funky, with R&B and Soul, and I thought I heard some roots of 70's rock in there. Deep Purple, Kansas and Led Zeppelin style of music. Really good.

  61. Jennn Ritt.

    Love the "rock/soul" rhythm and blues mashup sound. This is really a great sound/song:)

  62. hardtackjack

    Man you guys are great!

  63. Max Phillips

    this is dope guys, keep making music

  64. HeKilledKennyStudios

    Nice job jimmy. Signed your cousin,Jay

  65. JayDivfame

    I wish I knew how to rock out like that

  66. Charlie Smith

    You sound like what I imagine Memphis would sound like & it is incredible! You have melded country & R&B together perfectly. Keep putting out music because you're definitely doing it right

  67. Star Crossed

    Wow!! ♥ it!!

  68. LindaBenks

    It's really wonderful! I fell in love with the voice of the vocalist.

  69. rdotzlaf

    Love the beats! Keep it clean and I am a fan :)

  70. Wayne Mills


  71. kpoPwer

    totally agree.
    This is the first time on youtube I'm actually glad to be added.
    Keep up the good work guys.

  72. Angelo Benjamin .Burnley


  73. Maria

    That was really cool! :D Maybe a little bit more "messy" than what I like, but I would love to hear more from you! :)

  74. Tyler Cohenour

    This fuckin rocks! You have a new fan

  75. boulie147

    was randomly added as a contact by this channel, so glad i was! Thankyou, fantastic stuff!

  76. meganrowlands98

    How about 35000 real views because they are actually good?

  77. buddhafyre

    as i rule of thumb, i generally disregard most 'youtube' artists who add me as a contact as most of them are simply not any good, you guys are a notable exception...thanx for the add and good luck in your endeavors

  78. Austin Paduch

    Adding me helped, wow! This is really great!

  79. malagaaunike

    Shared on my Facebook page :)

  80. malagaaunike

    Thanks for adding me: gave me the chance to discover your music which I really really like!!. So coolllll

  81. WoodRatGirl

    Thanks for the add! Instantly impressed indeed xx

  82. George Sevnv

    wow! just found out that you added me to your list, no regrets!:D

  83. Jay Vee

    Thanx for the add, legit song, quite impressed

  84. Jeanne

    Continuez comme ça ;)

  85. MegaLesley01

    Wow! I'm glad you added me as a contact or I would have never discovered this awesomness! Love it!

  86. eizouL

    this is actually pretty good. thanx for adding me! i never would've known if you don't

  87. MARC Lima

    Good im like your music.

  88. YKYKYK Eric

    good job

  89. César Freitas

    thanks for add as contact
    peace and good music

  90. Marie Hélène

    Awesome !

  91. Darius Lux

    cool song, nice guitar playin

  92. Brave New Hollywood

    Very, verrrrry nice. Good job you guys. The cover tracks are very well done as well :o)

  93. Valerie Vice

    so awesome ;p


    Nice guiter solo....
    I can't wait 2 check out more of your music....

  95. DreamingRoxas96

    wow that's amazing! :D

  96. Chels aroo

    I can see your Black Keys influence in this song for sure! :D I love it! You guys have a great sound. Wish the best for you guys~ ^.^

  97. MrVnick1

    Hope ya guys have good luck coming to the top with the Black Keys