Weird Al Yankovic - Weasel Stomping Day Lyrics

Faces filled with joy and cheer
What a magical time of year
Howdy Ho! It's Weasel Stomping Day

Put your Viking helmet on
Spread that mayonnaise on the lawn
Don't you know it's Weasel Stomping Day

All the little girls and boys
Love that wonderful crunching noise
You'll know what this day's about
When you stomp a weasel's guts right out

So, come along and have a laugh
Snap their weaselly spines in half
Grab your boots and stomp your cares away
Hip hip hooray, it's Weasel Stomping Day

People up and down the street
Crushing weasels beneath their feet
Why we do it, who can say?
But it's such a festive holiday

So let the stomping fun begin
Bash their weaselly skulls right in
It's tradition, that makes it okay

Hey everyone, it's Weasel Stomping
We'll have some fun on Weasel Stomping
Put down your gun, it's Weasel Stomping Day
Hip hip hooray, it's Weasel Stomping Day

Weasel Stomping Day

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Weird Al Yankovic Weasel Stomping Day Comments
  1. Mitch Krielow


  2. Jozinek

    I love how this song is a message against cruel and pointless practices that are protected simply because of tradition. Also the viking helmets represent barbarism which I also thought was a nice touch.

    Oh, and one more thing: Robot Chicken was such a good choice for making the vid ;).

  3. Dionette

    When I first heard this on a friend's music playlist I thought it was hysterical. Now that I'm finally looking it up expecting a real-life enactment, I'm thinking "How fitting it is that it's set in the Robot Chicken universe. Of course it would be.". Well played, Al, well played.

  4. Ray Caster

    Still the most kid friendly thing ever put on Robot Chicken.

  5. jijijijijijijijijijiji

  6. Yoshidude64

    This looks like a skit straight out of robot chicken

  7. schweenieboy

    How Would Lisa Simpson React To This?

  8. Thomas Worthy

    Did he get help from robot chicken

  9. Pinto Bean

    Did this robot chicken scence/song video ever get negative responses out of people when it first was aired on adult swim? Seems like this would be that type of thing that would piss off the people who fight against cruelty against animals! Funnier than hell though!!

  10. Tracey Shaw

    Weasel abuse

  11. Rom 11

    What an interesting tradition.

    B R


  12. Bryan Miller

    I said that to a bunch of millennial and generation z idiots and they believed me that was really funny.

  13. TheLinkHelios

    Over the hedge 2 : the great weasel rescue

  14. Mike Nauer

    robot chicken

  15. Have a banana productions

    I'm going to put this in a Peta comment section

  16. G&MM

    The melody sounds like a song from How The Grinch Stole Christmas

  17. Red Coin

    That’s one way to quell a weasel infestation.

  18. Tony and Kendra Gioia

    Inspired by 60s cartoons

  19. Marcellus Martin

    Pre robot chicken

  20. DigbyTheGoat

    This song always really grossed me out and gave me the willies, now moreso that I know about the uhhh, let's call it the "cat video".

  21. Mr. weasel

    Aw, man

  22. Phantom Fan

    So, this song was parodied in Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart in the episode Takes-giving Day.
    So, the parody artist has been parodied.
    Not sure what to make of that.

    Deuce Moncura

    It's a parody-ception.

    Phantom Fan

    Deuce Moncura
    The highest art form.

  23. Kurtis Deakin

    ftr I get the irony. I love all animals... but this is hilarious and those huge boots are great lol

  24. FilmBucket

    The reason they're stomped is because the weasels that inhabit this town carry a deadly disease that can kill any human with just a bite. They kill because they care

  25. Andrew Cheshire

    You hear somebody say "juxtaposition" and ask your mom what it means or look it up in the dictionary, but you never REALLY understand what a juxtaposition is until you see something like this. 😂😂😂

  26. Shawna Kendrick

    This is stupid why what did they ever do to you


    I think you may have missed the point.

  27. Gamer Gunk


  28. Romo Rabbit

    Lovely Evil.

  29. Cringy Doodle

    2019 anyone?

  30. Sean Allard

    It's only now I realize one of them stomping weasels, is also wearing a PETA shirt.

  31. Toon Angel 17

    These are the same guys who helped create Buddy Thunderstruck

  32. andyjay729

    The Story of Weasel Stomping Day!

    A long, long time ago, in the year 1982, in the far, faraway city of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the great Viking warrior Biff Debris was sailing to Las Vegas with a cargo of mayonnaise for its great buffets. Then, he was suddenly set upon by a horde of rabid weasels. The little beasts were ripping his flesh when his ship ran aground near the Sonic on 4th Avenue. Wait, that's closed now, isn't it? Well, it's where the Sonic on 4th used to be. I think it's one of those Halloween stores now, you know the ones that are only open in September and October but have prominent signs up year-round. Back in my day, Halloween was called Fall Christmas. Now where was I? Oh yes, Weasel Something Day. So anywho, Billy the Mountain was demanding his royalty check when I got busted going through customs with a special tape recording. And I said unto them, let the go doves free! No thanks to Walter Lantz, that no-account son of a bus driver.

    And that's the story of how I got to where I am today! Now move along, sonny; they're givin' out our meds soon.

  33. The Marvelous M

    I want to know if it's Weird Al or Robot Chicken who came up with this. My money's on Weird Al...

  34. kodiak907

    For some reason this song came to my head at work

  35. schweenieboy

    Wait Weird Al Yankovic Is A Vegan.

  36. Carmen Hollingsworth

    Robot chicken?

  37. Rappers

    Is it me or does this town have way to many weasels

  38. crowheads

    this video is the reason i couldn't watch anything claymotion for the last 10 or so years of my childhood. seeing the weasel actually get killed in what looked like a kid's cartoon scared me when i was little and it still even creeps me out even now

  39. alexzander blough

    Oh nice robot chicken

  40. TrollsandBFDIFanatic 2004

    I saw him live in summer 2019 and sang this. I was like, “OMG, ROBOT CHICKEN!!!”

  41. Nora Alkanaan

    Your teaching people to kill 🐵🐔🐶🐷

  42. Lera AnimeLover

    Anybody else think of Itachi from Naruto?

  43. Hector Hector

    Robot Chicken

  44. robert13605

    looks like robot chicken

  45. Meme Monger

    I declare the every second of of October to be Weasel Stomping Day

  46. Keegan Cook

    What did weasels ever do to you?

  47. CobaltMusketeer

    I feel like this is in an island that has a weasel infestation that is harming the local ecosystem

  48. Deimos Station

    I came up here just by searching for "rammstein - du hast" LOL

  49. Sunset's Channel

    meanwhile Im sitting here wondering if weird al got to keep the little figure of him they made

  50. Railfanning Productions

    Ok........What......The Fuck........Did I just watched???????!!!!!!!!!!

    Three Amigos

    A masterpiece.


    He's got another song you might like as well, Word Crimes, check it out *Hint Hint*

  51. SlapMyBass3825

    I remember when this song came out. First time I heard the weasels getting squashed I laughed for a solid half hour. I couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard.

    David Lafleche

    "It's tradition, that makes it okay!"

  52. Drew Wiseman music

    This video had me busting out laughing.

  53. Brenyatta

    October 3 is officially Weasel Stomping Day!

  54. Enchilordo

    This is Al’s revenge on the weasels for latching to his face in Albuquerque

    Railfanning Productions

    That's actually true

  55. Michael Lippert

    Some weasels are a special hairless breed

  56. Catdaddy

    Wait...Is that Robot Chicken? It's aliiiiiiiiiive!

  57. High school Troll

    The crazed vegans want to know your location

  58. TJ Youn

    Pere would be so proud :,)

  59. Nolan Carr

    Wearing a peta shirt😂

  60. venture bullettrain321

    Ethnic cleansers throughout all time have loved singing this song while sipping wine and acting elitist

  61. Lord Sandwich

    Ah, my favourite time of year. June 31st is such a special occasion.

  62. Grudgingloki182

    Is this an actual thing that happens?

  63. Leighton Bingham

    If weasels watched this video, they'd flag it.

  64. Hercules is my middle name

    Why al why

  65. AmishParadise27 (AKA: Tyler)

    I was popular in school for a few days because I could memorize this song verbatim.

  66. Tyler Jhonson

    I think he meant ginger stomping day, its my favorite paid holiday lol

  67. Jackie Treehorn

    Nobody :

  68. TheOneAscendedSaiyan

    I watched Robot Chicken when it was new. I was 9 years old and this was the first time I heard Weird Al.

  69. TAY1DN // GaryNuman&KraftwerkFan2006 NAUTTP

    No weasel's allowed!

  70. Logan Kessler

    When Fatslob plays vikings in black forest

  71. Etneciv Lego

    Al stole that poor kid's kill

  72. dumb hungarian feller

    My friend says that i am a phsycotic and need help because i wear a viking helmet and stomp weasels so i put him in a giant weasel suit

  73. Because Comics

    What is this a parody of?


    It's an original, not a parody. He's imitating holiday songs.

  74. Giovanni Garvin

    I showed my kids this because I grew up with it they loved it as much as me

  75. Quint Dunaway

    This song really upset me as a kid. I had no clue what it was from I honestly thought people were going around stomping helpless little weasels.

  76. AttackOnPony Productions

    I would love to have a weird al action figure.

    Because Comics

    There is a action figure of him

  77. Liam Funnyman

    I decree this holiday permanently cancelled and replaced with Weasel-Hugging Day.
    🎵Faces filled with joy and cheer
    What a magical time of year
    Here we go, it's Weasel-Hugging Day!
    Put your pink-striped jammies on!
    Spin that dreidel on the lawn
    Don't you know it's Weasel-Hugging Day?
    Be as gentle as you can
    Those little guys have feelings, man!
    Don't be embarrassed; no need to blush
    Embrace your Walden the Weasel plush!
    So come along and have a laugh
    Wear your hat with the green giraffe
    Our long, furry friends will wash your cares away
    Hip-hip hooray! It's Weasel-Hugging Day!
    Tiny ears and big ol' eyes
    Maybe share with them your fries
    Boy, oh, boy! It's Weasel-Hugging Day!
    August 27th, we show we care
    About the weasels everywhere
    Spread the joy on Weasel-Hugging Day!
    Showing those mustelids some love
    By hugging them wearing boxing gloves
    Might look silly, sure, but hey
    It's still a festive holiday!
    So let the merriment begin
    Time for weasley cuddlin'!
    It's tradition; that makes it okay
    Hey everyone, it's Weasel-Hugging
    We'll have some fun on Weasel-Hugging
    Insert a pun, it's Weasel-Hugging Day!
    Hip-hip hooray! It's Weasel-Hugging Day!
    Weasel-Hugging Day!

    Three Amigos

    Political correctness strikes again.

    Liam Funnyman

    @Three Amigos So what if it's politically correct? It's still ridiculous, and that's all that matters!

    Three Amigos

    @Liam Funnyman I was talking about you.

    Liam Funnyman

    @Three Amigos I don't care

  78. Mistah Mario

    Robot chicken?

  79. T-DØG

    Dont show PETA this video

    Ilan Smolders

    They in the video

  80. mIsS. fLiM fLAm

    I knew this looked like something.
    Its our favorite cartoon,

  81. paradoxicalProcrastinator

    Saw this in concert yesterday

  82. Roman Kazinets

    Why is this in my recommendations?

  83. Zane Murcha

    The sort of stuff they say in this can also be interpreted as a way of defending the Bull Fighting and Running in Spain.


    *This song is rather satirical in nature. It's really hard to interpret it as defending anything.*

  84. [record scratch]

    Can we talk about how the got some Timbs for the town?

  85. Swift Streak

    This looks like something straight out of Robot Chicken

  86. R.G.A. Club

    I love that robot chicken did this

  87. Draco Mundo

    This was a good bit

  88. CODBO2RGM2

    I demand this to be a national holiday

  89. charl

    This is so... confusing

  90. PlumMoney 4396

    *vegans have joined the chat*

  91. Nyckname

    Gotta ferret out all of 'em.

  92. John Cisney

    Weasel Stomping Day> Whacking Day (from the Simpsons)

  93. Cameron Hart

    Such a beautiful song

  94. carlotta robbins

    Society: (insert extremely mild form of unkindness to animals) is animal cruelty!
    Weird Al: Hold my beer...

    Deuce Moncura


    Tony and Kendra Gioia

    Weasel Stomping is cruelty b./c animals are our friends-they are so great!

  95. Moist Weems

    I actually look like a weasel

    Draco Mundo

    Look out

  96. Maximus Berthot

    nobody show this to PETA

    Ilan Smolders

    they are in the video

  97. Spartan Goku

    Heard him sing this in Memphis recently.

  98. flynnt77

    Looks like an episode of Robot Chicken.


    It was actually an episode of Robot Chicken. Al has made a few cameos in some episodes as well.

  99. Spartan Goku

    Simpsons Did It!