Weird Al Yankovic - Mr. Frump In The Iron Lung Lyrics

I visit Mr. Frump in the hospital
I see him most every day
And when I see Mr. Frump in his iron lung
This is what I hear him say

[deep breathing]

Y'know, Mr. Frump is my very best friend
He's never a chump or a tease
He never tells me lies, and best of all
He never disagrees

I bring him candy and flowers every afternoon
Sit down by his side and say "Hi"
And then I ask him his opinion of the world situation
And I wait for Mr. Frump's reply, and Mr. Frump would say

[deep breathing]

Well, unfortunately, soon it came to be
Mr. Frump's dying day
And now I bring to you the very last thing
That Mr. Frump had to say....

[deep breathing, that fades and dies off]


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Weird Al Yankovic Mr. Frump In The Iron Lung Comments
  1. Pizza Rules

    I haven't heard this since I was a kid. Love this song!!!

  2. MrMagoo

    He uses the air release valve on his accordion to make the breathing sounds. It's really funny to see him in concert, especially when Mr Frump takes his last breath. He shakes the accordion bellows like crazy.

  3. deflatedfruit

    This helped me on yesterdays Only Connect!

  4. Jonathan fun videos

    How are there only 21 people brave enough to comment when this has over 13,000 Views? (I'm joking by saying "Brave enough" but it's still weird.) Anyway it's a pretty funny song by a really funny guy!

  5. Tad Strange

    Thank you, Weird Al, very cool!

  6. hamsandwich 25

    Me and my little brother would listen to this song on repeat on the way home from my grams house. RIP gram. We love you. Aaahhhhhhhh mmmeeeeeennnnnnn

  7. Peter Ralph

    He wrote this when he was 17

  8. R.G.A. Club

    Rip Mr frump

  9. R.G.A. Club


  10. Kyra Universal AKA Agent K

    Oh God, this is so good. I wanna make songs like this.

  11. RonJohn63

    Can you imagine the Twiter storm if this was written today?

    ThisIs ReadyMade

    Twitter laughs at a lot of dark stuff, it isn’t just people getting triggered

  12. Lloyd Carter

    The only artist that makes accordion music sound bad ass.

  13. Nick Capozio

    Does the melody of this kind of remind anyone of Alice’s Restaurant

    Beatlemaníaco/Star Wars Fan

    It's very similar, but it's an original song by Al.


    Nick Capozio "Walk right in he's around the back
    His iron lung was left out on the railroad track,
    You can get, anything you want
    At Mr. Frump's i---ron lu--uuu-ung."


    Nick Capozio He should've called this Al's Restaurant!

  14. Noah Rich

    Best song on the Album!!!!!!!!!!!!


    No, you couldn’t be more wrong

  15. Nicholas Imholte

    See the face to face with William Macy to see how he makes the iron lung sounds.


    it's very genius of how he did it


    This has been one of my top ten favorite songs since adolescence. It never fails to amuse me.

  17. Conker Games

    TWO COMMENTS!!!!!;?!?!?!?!!??

  18. John Doe

    This song is so fucked up. I love it. <3


    If you think that is bad, try "Now Leaving on Track 13" by Spinal Tap.