Weird Al Yankovic - Captain Underpants Theme Song Lyrics

Tra la la!

Are you worried about impending doom?
Those evil villains got ya filled with gloom?
Don't ya fear, there's a hero in the sky! The sky! The sky!

Its not a bird and its not a plane
And its not an egg salad sandwich
Its the waistband warrior
Hear his mighty battle cry

Tra la la!

Hey watch out, Crime!
Its Captain Underpants!
Its wedgie power time!
Na na na na na
Captain Underpants!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Faster than a speeding waistband!

He's busting down doors!
Captain Underpants!
While wearing just his drawers
Na na na na na
Captain Underpants!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
More powerful than boxer shorts!

His name is Under, Under, Underpants!
I'm saying Under, Under, Underpants!
Oh by some unlikely chance
Captain Underpants is his name

Tra la la!

Snap your fingers and he'll be right there!
That freaky bald dude in his underwear
He'll drop his trousers
And fight to save the day! the day! the day!

There he goes in his dashing cape!
Here he comes in his tighty whiteys
All the bad guys soil themselves every time they hear him say
Tra la la!

Yeah, who's that hunk?!
Captain Underpants!
Is that cotton pre-shrunk?
Na na na na na
Captain Underpants!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Suspend your disbelief
Captain Underpants
He'll save the world in his briefs
Na na na na na
Captain Underpants!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!

To the skies! Wow!

Under, Under, Underpants!
I'm saying Under, Under, Underpants!
Check out that superhero stance!
Captain Underpants is his name!

Oh, Under, Under, Underpants!
He's Captain
Under, Under, Underpants!
By some crazy circumstance
Captain Underpants is his name

Tra la la!

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Weird Al Yankovic Captain Underpants Theme Song Comments
  1. I.T.S Shay


  2. Joshua Jones


  3. Tyler's Playground

    I love that song 😮😁🤟

  4. DogeDude Playz

    Who else was surprised by this?

    No one? Just me?

  5. Fandom Trash

    I know almost everyone else said this but I just have to say that Mr. Al is the only person in the universe I’d have sing this song

  6. Zayne Galligan


  7. Braken2ker

    I never noticed till now that it was Al singing the song

  8. Rock n roll McDonald’s

    #stay awesome,be awesome 😂

  9. Rock n roll McDonald’s

    I thought of some good parodies of water me by: Lizzo, and they’re “plant me” or gas me”.
    “Plant me”is about planting trees and all sorts of other plants and “gas me” is about cars when they are run low on gas . Have fun being awesome! 😁

  10. Rose

    its not an egg salid sanwich

  11. fingers in his ass

    omg nostalgia is just throwing itself at me

  12. Donna McAfee

    Love this movie it's so funny

  13. Amir Haghighi

    I loved Captain Underpants as a kid and i still do today!
    Anyways, when i heard that Dreamworks were making a movie adaptation of Captain Underpants, I WAS HYPED AS BLOODY HELL!!!
    When i went to see the film, I Fu****g Loved the film!
    Dreamworks, Thank you for making both a film and Netflix series that captured my childhood books!!!
    Tra La Laaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  14. John Barkovich

    Make a old town road it would be awesome

  15. Bowser Jr Rules11

    This movie is funnier than Boss Baby.

  16. Sempre que você ler os comentários eu vouestarla

    I mean.... if there's anyone worthy enough to do the theme song to Captain Underspants...... It
    would be Weird Al. Without question.

  17. Banana Power

    I think him doing the theme song is a reference to the first book, in which they blast Weird Al songs for 6 hours straight, honestly if I were a principal I would be just fine with that lmao

  18. Derpy Dude

    plot twist:

    *he is an egg salad sandwich*

  19. The Roblox Dante

    wait so you did the theme song :O

  20. ToxicAnimations62 - Animations and more!

    WIERD AL!?

  21. Mario: Let's think about this.

    This movie was way better than I thought, gross out humor mostly appeared once and they even did that right.

  22. Hyperszone

    The Captain Underpants Anthem

  23. Henrik137

    WHAT HE MADE THIS?????!?!?!?!!!!!??

  24. Hyenabro

    I knew that voice sounded familiar

  25. Ray Caster

    “. . . And then there was the time you rigged the school intercom to play “Weird Al” Yankovic full blast for eight hours straight!”

    Banana Power

    Ray Caster 6 hours, actually

  26. Aiden SKEET


  27. Olek Vlog


  28. Brandon Whitmore

    We need captain underpants 2nd movie!!!

  29. Malthe Dahl-Spangby

    Anyone here Who has seen the Netflix Captain Underpants show?

  30. Alec Thaggard

    Is that Milo Murphy?

  31. Gab Moe

    If Anyone Doesn’t Know Why Captain Underpants Is Upside Down Its Supposed To Be A Refrence To Spider-Man When He Hangs Upside Down

  32. OctoCoochi 69

    I can't believe Weird Al Yankovic is still making music I'm so happy

  33. Candymation

    I remember this

  34. glitch boy productions

    0.25 speed: caption depression
    0.50 speed: caption sad
    0.75 speed: caption mildly sad
    normal speed: caption underpants
    1.25 speed: caption hyped on sugar
    1.5 speed: the flash
    1.75 speed: speeding waistband
    2 speed: Faster than a speeding waistband

  35. Aiden Sasse

    I have the Captain Underpants Movie

  36. Dogey

    Egg Salad Sandwich: *ight, imma head out*

  37. Joan Palconit

    I remember when I was in 1st grade I will get captain underpants books and hide in corners or random places

  38. Alden Noyes


  39. Natalie hancock

    Thank you Weird Al

  40. Meme Man

    This is probably my favorite theme right under the avengers theme

  41. Brody McCaul

    This song is unironically pretty good

  42. Dracula Buddy

    Tra la laaaaaa

  43. Bonbonthefurret 276

    I loved the books the the movie came out with this as the theme tune and I was so happy

  44. lahmonzalovania

    skipper dan step aside for the best modern weird al song

  45. I say whatever I want and you gotta deal with that

    Much better animation and toilet humor than Boss Baby could ever hope to have.

  46. The Walking Bread

    Fun fact about weird Al: he voices Cheese Sandwich (only bronies and pegasisters will understand)

  47. Gracie moody


  48. GoGamer Games


  49. あかFLESH

    Thanks childhood

  50. Manny Esquivel

    Did u sing dis?

  51. Brittany Ortiz

    Captain underpants the first epic movie catdog minipop kids movie music soundtrack

  52. W Madd

    I'm disgusted that someone as cool as Weird Al would lower himself to such a level of lowest-common-denominator toilet humor.

  53. Paul Etchells

    He's dumb

  54. Paul Etchells

    I watched the movie

  55. Tristian Williams


  56. Tristian Williams

    Captain underpants

  57. Gamer Blox

    you can't say this doesn't bop

  58. heidi youngman


  59. Robby’s MLG stuff

    add a public comment

  60. Mum Quick

    And u get the really awful song lol for being naughty

  61. kEvIn YaNg

    This song is underappreciated

  62. Branana9 - SuperBran

    They see me fighting
    A toilet

  63. 0809 Oof

    I wear underwear when I get home I listen to this.

  64. EViiLDevil 86


  65. Ollie Smith

    After finishing the book series I want to watch this on repeat

  66. Bill Harris

    Not one of Al's better efforts

  67. Object Animations

    I like dis song :)

  68. pikachucet the second

    Hey, didn’t Weird Al get mentioned in the books?

    Amir Haghighi

    pikachucet the second he was referenced in the first book

    pikachucet the second

    He gets mentioned again too...

  69. Vanity Starr

    you are freaking awesome weird al one time in oregon my uncle saw you and told you his neice loves what you do thats me

  70. arrowgirlie


  71. GrindViper

    Did anyone know that George is played by Kevin Hart?

  72. Dean Harlow

    Wait did u sing this

    Zoey M

    Al wrote it and sings it.

  73. Kochie

    I love the “Na-na-nanana Captain underpants” part

  74. Juliana Orozco

    werd al you are the best

  75. Carodex

    Wait weird all actually made the theme song I knew it sounded like him

  76. Jacek Lutrzykowski


  77. Evan Bennett

    If Thanos snaps his figures will Captain Underpants appear or disappear?

  78. Humayun Kabir

    Dav pilkey should see this

  79. Janeen Heller

    I used to read all these books with my kid. He's now 22. Thank God Weird Al is doing the theme.

  80. JoeRay Games

    In his underwear and he’s here to save the day love this song you are awesome weird al I love reading the books

  81. Brittany Ortiz

    Catdog adventure of killer klown from outer space inrto

  82. Diane Sikes

    well there was a joke in the first book where they played his music for 6 hours

  83. Diamond Gamer

    this is in the movie if you think it was just a cover

  84. {·Aesthetic·} {·Glitch·}

    Nice I like the song -w-

  85. GrapeSuds

    Somebody snaps the fingers. George and Harold: all shoot here we go again!

  86. Anonymous User

    Weird Al is a treasure

  87. The prodigy gamer Pro life

    I want this to be a same kids movie but live action

  88. Daneverse + Lancer [deltarune] And Logan


  89. It's a me Lydia

    I love Captain Underpants

  90. Brittany Ortiz

    Catdog adventure of killer klown from outer space inrto movie music soundtrack

  91. kirbyzilla2020 god of destruction

    Bad spelling

  92. kirbyzilla2020 god of destruction

    The best weird al yalkowitch

  93. Phillip Wibberley

    It sounds similar to Rex the runt theme song

  94. E-Star99

    "Weird Al" Yankovic Guest Starred in "Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?"! :D

  95. Mr. Xenomorph

    do anime song parodies please my mom and I would like to see what you come up with thank you

  96. pikachucet the second

    And you thought Japan was odd!

    Logan Cressy

    pikachucet the second odd? What do you mean

    pikachucet the second

    America talks about how weird Japan is, but they probably think the same of us

  97. elfpimp1

    Cool and catchy tune/toon...

  98. Gacha Kat

    I never new this was al when I watched it

  99. BTN Brake time nerd

    This movie was amazing.. even though it shouldn't have been