Weezer - King Lyrics

One night at the disco I wanted to dance slow
I saw a sweet baby, such a fine lady
I walked up to ask her, but some dude just grabbed her
I told him to back off, cut me some slack off
I see you come here, drinkin' that cheap beer
Act like you own it, I can't condone it
You show me now respect, you got to get off it
You got to get with it. Time for a swift kick
You see, I own this town. You best not come around.
If you wanna get by, then cool it down.
If you wanna start something, know one thing: I'm king.
If you wanna mess around like that, that's just how it is.
If you wanna get by, then mind your biz.
If you wanna start something, know one thing: I'm king.

You wanted attention and did I mention:
Nobody likes you, except for the losers
You made a whole army, an army of babies
Some of them stupid, some of them crazy
Pick up your action, act like a grown man
Look at the winners, you can be like them
Life is so easy, pleasant, and dreamy
If you get off me, if you get with me
You see I own this town. You best not come around.
If you wanna get by, then cool it down.
If you wanna start something, know one thing: I'm king.
If you wanna mess around like that, that's just how it is.
If you wanna get by, then mind your biz.
If you wanna start something, know one thing: I'm king.

You can't break me
Never take me
That's just how it is
You can't break me
Never shake me
Clear out of my biz

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Weezer King Comments
  1. Russ Nussman

    Fucking killer song!!

  2. Fred

    Gosh I love this song. Good job kid!

  3. William Peetoom

    This man got a great voice

  4. Stupid Films

    Listen at 1.25x speed!!!!

  5. Katie Tikao

    Just found this song thanks to ARTV ❤️ this is an amazing song though

  6. underneonloneliness2

    Should of been part of the main album and be made a single Instead of a forgotten bonus track just for the deluxe version.

  7. Jerrid basso

    Good song!!

  8. \\Cheech Unlimited\\

    The Greatest Man should have been the last song, it's so epic

  9. Jacob Bastian

    This is by far the best "other member" song and it didnt even make the album lol


    hey don't act like Automatic isn't top 20 all time

  10. Justsomeweirdperson8

    I love this song, but it reminds me of a popular guy in middle school getting mad at a less popular guy dating his girlfriend so he tries to intimidate the less popular guy.

  11. Scott Zaccagnini

    Scott has a great voice. He sings Dope Nose at their concerts.

  12. dogpetdog

    yoooooooooooooooo, there is a demo of this song which rivers sings. we need to hear this.

  13. dogpetdog

    this is one of the best weezer songs, and it didn't even make the album and the freaking bassist sings it. this band pisses me off.

  14. Aeric McBride

    Goddamn i love this song

  15. Yemes

    By far one of my favorite Weezer songs out there. Cold, gritty, and badass. This song is a masterpiece.

  16. L3dtube

    still sounds purdy new 2 me

  17. Lit Carl

    One of my favorite bands right here

  18. cristian c

    Hmm...I should start listening to newer Weezer albums, I've kinda been in my BLue ALbum and Pinkerton box for a while lol


    me too, in fact I don't even listen to weezer a lot at the moment, I'm trying heavier sounds, but I need to
    play the white album again, I just need to go back...

    back to the shack


    dont waste your time :D

  19. Obscure Reference

    Listen to this at 1.5 speed and it becomes even more badass

  20. Johnny DeCastro

    this doesn't sound like weezer singing


    it's the bassist singing


    ay yeah my favourite singer Weezer, best singer ever

  21. Joseph Wright

    With the right track listing Red could've been amazing. King, Miss Sweeney, Pig and The Spider should've been added instead of Get Dangerous, Thought I Knew, Cold Dark World and Troublemaker.

    1. Pig
    2. Pork and Beans
    3. Greatest Man
    4. Miss Sweeney
    5. Heart Songs
    6. Automatic
    7. King
    8. Dreamin
    9. The Spider
    10. Angel and One


    agree with you, sir. the liner notes of the red album indicate everyone voted on these songs and they got voted out. the bassist loved 'king' so much he called rivers personally and said, this song has to make the album because no one else was digging it. so rivers said, if you love it so much you sing it. so he did.


    Joseph Wright Anyone who wants to leave out get Get Dangerous and Troublemaker is someone I can't trust.


    troublemaker ain't where it's at


    Automatic is terrible, any of the ones you cut could go there instead, though personally I like Thought I Knew the best of them.

  22. Sam Black

    The Red Album could have potentially been a very dark and moody album if the track listing was changed
    I imagine a track listing like this:
    1. Mrs. Sweeney
    2. King
    3. Heart Songs
    4. The Spider
    5. Dreamin'
    6. Thought I Knew
    7. Cold Dark World
    8. Pig
    9. It's Easy
    10. The Angel and the One


    ...seriously? You take out troublemaker, Pork and beans, TGMTEL, and keep trash like TIK, CDW, Dreamin? Why?
    The rest is ok


    StoneColdMiracle How is Dreamin trash? It's literally one of the best songs on Red


    1. Miss Sweeney
    2. Pork and Beans
    3. Heart Songs
    4. Dreamin'
    5. The Spider
    6. Pig
    7. It's Easy
    8. King
    9. Automatic
    10. The Angel and the One

  23. Clay

    Does this sound like a Nirvana song or is it just me? I can't quite place it

  24. Nicholas Hession

    I feel like Scott is singing ironically. I think this song is written from the perspective of a loser at a party eyeing a girl across the room that's way out of his league. Then some guy walks up and dances with her to the loser's dismay. He sits there, thinking to himself all these insults about the guy's friends and motives in an attempt to make himself feel better about his situation.

    B1RD T1RD

    It's Scott

    Christian Todd

    He's the bassist makes sense LOL


    I feel like that's what the entire album is like. It feels like it's just trying to copy the thoughts of an edgy emotional teen (no offense, I actually love this album).

  25. Josie Moppin 13

    I have listened to weezer since I was born (my first song was a weezer song) and due to recent events, I cannot listen to this song without crying. I love it though. It is definitely a gem. I love it so much.

  26. MaryAnna Schuler

    My King played this song when we first started spending time together. He really does run this town. I am so lucky to be his queen. It will always make me sad in a way because we can't go back to that time, but this time can be just as precious. I love you KF.

    CC Music

    MaryAnna Schuler wtf?

  27. Conrad Michael

    One of their best songs, brilliant lyrics

  28. Conor M.


  29. Amy Snow

    some of them crazy

  30. Amy Snow

    I love this song so freaking much


    i love you so freaking much.

  31. Stewart Knight

    love this song

  32. VarynDar

    This should've replaced Cold Dark World

    Aaron Brummet

    I had this exact thought. That song was creepy and just not good.

    MusicMan 655

    lol greatest fan double standard is across the sea is awesome and cold dark world is creepy


    @MusicMan 655 i think the difference is pinkerton as a whole is creepy to a degree and is the theme of the album while red has a different feel to it

  33. GingerChodeBalls

    This should be Rick's theme from the walking dead

    xplosiv rounds

    +GingerChodeBalls or Negans

    Dropsy Noma

    This is my new account, yes agreed =]

  34. Leann

    So much <3

  35. Jared Colors

    GREAT F((((((**NG SONG

  36. wonderfulfun

    I sort of hate the style of this song compared to their older music. It's always good to experiment as a music group, but most of this album was sort of a disappointment.


    hahahah mac, its too bad the damn bonus tracks are the best songs and the actual album sucks, wtf is that shit


    Just because it's not as bad as Ratitude doesn't make it better

    Mike Trem

    @-W- I personally think out of all the bad weezer albums red is the best, i actually just hate a few songs


    same almost

  37. JT3633

    anyone know where i can find a bass tab for this song? thank you!

  38. Spencer Geerlings

    should be in the walking dead after rick kills his old friend

  39. B & B Disney Adventures

    Awesome that Scott (THE BASSIST) is singing.

    Marco Franco

    i want rivers to be singing this one tho

    Officer gogo

    @Marco Franco He sings backup in this one.


    Holy shit fr? I thought this was Pat.

    Rai Beenah

    its kinda fucked that weezer would hire a bassist though, for real like what do bassists have against minorities?

    Mark Lugg

    I was wondering who it was. He's got a great voice.

  40. Neil O'Gane

    I'm the thousandth liker ... awesome :)

  41. Ted Noga

    so good

  42. Vindetus

    this would match an action movie with a guy walking down a road with glasses, smoking a cigar while holding a sword/gun over his shoulder.

    Cody Robinson

    The Detus would go good with the video for Pucifer's Momma Sed.

    Cosmic Remix

    Maybe as the guy is walking away from a battle, bloody, cut up, limping, staggering down a dark road

  43. Joel Hess

    I love weezer so much, and this song catches that kind of dark-like element that just makes you want to hear the song over and over again

  44. Tyler Dare

    900th Like.

  45. Dino Cycle

    True story...

  46. Steve F

    This is a very well produced song!  Bravo Rick Rubin, legendary producer.  Surprised this wasn't a single...just river's lyrics in an imaginary world of his making


    Jacknife Lee produced this.

    EDIT: I take that back, upon further research it was Rick Rubin.

    B1RD T1RD

    Scott Shriner wrote and sang this song


    he didn't write it.

  47. Joe Godwin

    One of their best unknown songs

  48. A.G. Covers

    This song sounds a lot better played at 1.25 the speed.

    A.G. Covers

    @***** Haha I posted that before I really appreciated the song, but now it is one of my favorites and I think it sounds better at normal speed. 

  49. Joao Filgueira

    who is singing on this one? 


    That would be Scott.

    Joao Filgueira

    i miss Matt Sharp ;-; 

    Gavin Vance

    And rivers is doing backing vox for the bridge. Personally I miss Mike Welsh

  50. A New Horizon

    This is a great song.  I may have overlooked this album.

    WuTang Forever

    @A New Horizon Too bad it's a bonus track. Sill an above average album though. Pork and Beans, The Angel and The One, and Thought You Knew are fuckin amazing tracks


    I don't really think so? Pork and beans would have been the coolest song if rivers hadn't written the STUPIDEST lyrics on any song ever.

  51. The Entire State of Illinois

    Song would be awesome if the lyrics weren't so stupid lol

    Evan Leo

    +The Entire State of Illinois He's insulting somebody.

  52. Justin Morris

    The reason you have to buy the delux version of the red album, 4 extra awesome tracks.

  53. Valeana

    I love this song so much. It's one of the best Weezer songs to date. It also sounds awesome at 1.5 speed.


    @Warcrass666 genuinely sounds good at 1.25

    Aaron Brummet

    I think it sounds best there. It's just too slow for me otherwise.

    B1RD T1RD

    I think the slowness adds to the badassness of the song, kind of like Scott is slowly and methodically picking apart the guy he's singing about until they become nothing and see that Scott truly is King.

    Anna and Richard Larson

    I like it at .25 speed!


    @Anna and Richard Larson thanks to you I wanted to see what it would sound like and it was the audio version of a possession

  54. kierkegaardrulez

    It's weird that this sounds a lot like Metallica.

    Ted Noga

    no. metallica wishes

    cristian c

    hahaha lol it does kinda sound like them though; P.S. I do prefer Weezer over Metallica any day.

  55. Dagekk968

    WWE brought me here

  56. michaeljamesmccabe

    More people need to understand how completely bad-ass this song is.
    Hidden Weezer gem.

    Nick Bratis

    my band plays this every once in a while. great song.


    michaeljamesmccabe FUCKING right!

    Nick Mich An

    weezer are allways as bad-ass such and will be for ever!!!

    Stephen Simpson

    Didn't know about this song until I saw them at the orange county fair in socal


    Weezer b sides are just better then the actual albums

  57. SomeRandomGuy164

    Honestly, I can't rank their albums. Call me crazy but I love every single song they have made. There are some real gems on Raditude and Make Believe in my opinion, but I adore Red, Blue and Pink as well. That's the thing about Weezer in my opinion: if you listen to their 'bad' songs, you realize those are still pretty freakin' amazing.

    Noah Connors

    I don't think you're crazy SomeRandomGuy164, I think you are fucking right

  58. Makase MacIntosh

    why cant life just be spent listening to weezer and being in love

    Ed Colbeck

    Makase MacIntosh my soulmate

    cristian c

    Where are girls like you where I live 🤔

  59. (O〉O)HOOT

    this song has the most amazing lyrics I have ever heard. rivers Cuomo is a song writing god.

  60. emccray

    you know what is annoying the ads at the bottom that has no mute button so I have to pause the song and wait out the ad

  61. Yaocheng Yang

    my favorite song of the album

  62. Semiquaver Runner

    And a lot of people would also disagree. Red is not as deep as Pink, and not as good as Blue, but it's a great album and Weezer's third best record by far. Are you really going to say Raditude, Make Believe, or… Maladroit are really better than red? Green might come close, but it's a bit too… repetitive, to be honest.

  63. Miss Chanandler Bong

    and still hitting him :(

  64. Roxxy Sweets

    This is heavy for a weezer song. But I LOVE IT!!!

  65. outy50000

    Pinkerton is good, but Red is pretty terrible. Alot of people would agree with me.

  66. Forlorn Knight

    Blue is what you listen to when you're a teen. Pinkerton is Weezer's best, then Red. Red is more grown up and much deeper than Blue.

  67. Digitalgomez

    first time i heard this was the first time saw them in concert...sent chills to my body. singing this song til my heart is content.

  68. mason harrison

    my favorite song to play on my guitar and sing

  69. Emily Rhotyn

    this song:D

  70. Aimee m

    because he's king... of a small town. on the large scale, it means nothing.

  71. Tyler Irwin

    Watch Breaking Bad, then you'll understand.

  72. Aaron Cuomo

    Rivers.. ¡IS AWESOME!

  73. jude grey

    Devastating awesome!

  74. Zach Williston

    Rivers doesnt have the voice for this song.

  75. Zach Williston

    I believe he means it was so good it devastated all other music for him.

  76. Fayze

    How is it devastating? Have you even read the lyrics?

  77. SkankinMoshPit

    If Rivers sang this song I probably wouldn't like it as much. No offense to Rivers.

  78. nhonho23

    despite the cocky lyrics, this song just sounds so sad. I don't really understand why.

    Conor M.

    Really late, but these lyrics are actually really pathetic, like, to the context of the story.

  79. Zach Williston

    And it was only on the bonus, so even then.

  80. Nathan Shargaev

    Damn i love this band !

  81. Conrad Michael

    Agreed, and the reason Shriner sang this song was because Cuomo was going to cut it from the album, but Shriner asked if it could be saved. Cuomo told him they would keep it if Shriner sang it.

  82. 372961880

    Nothing will ever touch Blue.

  83. Zach Williston

    Ugh Pinkerton. Maladroit all the way

  84. Zach Williston

    Probably because Cuomo told them too. Probably not, but he's most definitely the leader, and makes most of the decisions

  85. J. P.

    Listen to Pinkerton. It's great like Blue; Weezer has never been the same since it though.

  86. outy50000

    This is my first time listening to this album..... I'm very disappointed, I guess the Blue album got my hopes all high :(

  87. nath744

    they're both great songs

  88. radioportishead

    weezer's best song?

    this or heart songs for sure

  89. Clip Hub


  90. rubita707

    what r ur other 3?

  91. Iarabbro

    better when eighttoughts cock of gold sings it js...

  92. jen0v4


  93. Madison Man

    This song is ultimately bad ass.......

  94. miky

    that's rivers

    B1RD T1RD

    Nein. It's Scott.

  95. KrpytedKid

    this song is so addciting thats its scary

  96. Digitalgomez

    my first time hearing them was in concert and they played this song....talk about chills and now i love them

  97. kinas182

    River's has a wicked sense of humour.

  98. hhatexas

    probably chester bennington's verse in Linkin Park's "leave out all the rest."