Weezer - Dreamin' Lyrics

I'm dreamin' in the mornin'
I'm dreamin' all through the night
And when I'm dreamin' I know that it's all right
I'm dreamin' in the evening
Dreamin' all through the day
And when I'm dreamin' I know that it's okay

Daddy says I gotta pay some bills
So I can learn to be responsible
Someday I'll have a family of my own
And they will need for me to be full grown

But I'm dreamin' in the mornin'
I'm dreamin' all through the night (Dreamin' all through the night)
And when I'm dreamin' I know that it's all right
I'm dreamin' in the evening
I'm dreamin' all through the day (All through the day)
And when I'm dreamin' I know that it's okay

Teacher says I gotta learn some facts
So I can make it in the Widener Stacks
These are days that will define my life
I shouldn't waste 'em on these friends of mine

But oh, I gotta be a big boy
('Cause I really want a chance)
Whoa, I gotta pick up my toys
('Cause I really want a chance)
When I start to feel the feeling coming over me
(I really want a chance)
I soon forget all about responsibility
(I really want a chance)
I walk around in a wide-awake daydream
(I really want a chance)
Things are better out here than they might seem

There are bluebirds in the meadow
And the bees are flying around
And the goslings at the river
At a loss so far from the ground

I am running through the meadow
And the sun is shining on me
I am singing, my voice is ringing
I can sing so loud

And the angels in the heavens
They are wondering
Why am I so glad?
Why am I so glad?
Why am I so?
Why am I so?

I am running through the meadow
And the sun is shining on me
I am singing, my voice is ringing
I can sing so loud

And I'm dreamin' in the morning
I'm dreamin' all through the night
And when I'm dreamin' I know that it's all right
I'm dreamin' in the evening
I'm dreamin' all through the day
And when I'm dreamin' I know that it's okay

I don't wanna get with your program
I don't wanna get with your program
I don't wanna get with your program
Take back the love

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Weezer Dreamin' Comments
  1. John Cena


  2. Robert Kraft

    ..🎼🎶🎵🇺🇸😅. THANKS. BOBZGT🐾💝👻🍀

  3. Dr. P Lankton

    who the fuck is that

  4. Robert Kraft

    ...what The PHUNK -(?) 👎💀 . BOBZGT🏁-🇺🇸🎼🎵. 33.3.

  5. Yann Kemper

    Hey guys!

  6. Pheadra Remington

    Usually I have this song on hand to listen to, be it CD, vinyl, or something. This popped in my head so thank God for youtube!

  7. therealribbit

    I can listen to this song and jam at least twice a day.

  8. Gustavo Quintana

    Rivers Cuomo is a genius. What a talented guy!!!

  9. Scott Zaccagnini

    Awesome tune! Love these guys.

  10. Bennie Townsend

    Did you know that if hipsters don't get laid, they turn into hillbillies???

    AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza

    Is this a joke-I didn’t get it? :/

  11. QuestionLama

    I'm dreamin of not seeing the guy that hates us.

    Andrew Kubicz

    xXDemonCat14Xx me too

  12. Eli W

    One of my favorites from Red

  13. nancy c

    I fucking love this song!!!

  14. Galaxial Pharmaceutical

    Intro makes me wanna listen to pink floyd

  15. Beaver

    My roommate smells like a dumpster for ass cheeks

    Chad Kletting

    damn...... kick some ass or move PUNK!

  16. dogpetdog

    Weezer. Done.

  17. RicoLen1

    Easily one of my top 5 Weezer songs. No idea why people crap on this song so much. For me nothing is better than Surf Wax America, but after that it's a tossup between this, Island in the Sun, In the Garage, and I've Had it up to Here.

    Chuck Dumpster

    And Island in the sun??? Come on man. Seriously???

    Lohn Jennon

    fucked reality Fuck you, everyone has an opinion, just because someone likes something you don't doesn't mean they have subpar ears. Btw Surf Wax is a bop!


    Overclocked yeah, but Island in the Sun? Really?

    AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza

    I love how unbelievably strange people are. WE ARE CLEARLY ALL Weezer fans but instead of politely disagreeing w/the OPs fave Weezer songs, someone tells him he has subpar ears (which no he doesn’t if he’s a fan of this band). Everyone loves diff songs for diff reasons. Golly

    Ellis Frank

    @Chuck Dumpster Taste is subjective. There's no such thing as subpar ears unless you're talking about deaf people

  18. Aisling Campbell

    why am i so GLAD!?! This song is life! 17/10 ducks!

  19. tamara jones

    I listened to this song along time ago

  20. J Z

    This is sped up right?


    Doesn't seem like it to me.

    J Z


    Patrick Pilchowski

    ( . Y . )

  21. jonathan salazar

    This song describes my life



  22. Gary G

    I can sing so loud......

  23. Madison Craney

    Rivers's porn stache though...

  24. Roblematic

    This is the anthem of my entire life.
    ...Actually, I'm supposed to be doing chores right now. Oh well. Dreamin'. 

    Robert Lee

    I feel ya rob

  25. Deuchenheimer

    im jon and i like pieeesssss

  26. Julius Ramge

    For you people trying to figure out what movie's you were watching clips from, you could actually try to watch the whole video :)

  27. leehocking514

    And what I was getting at is that piracy is allot bigger than just a couple people. The point of paying for it would be to give the artist the money they wouldn't get if you pirated it. Pirate it just once at before you know it the Artist is loosing a serious amount of income.

  28. OdizzleDot S

    Well yes, they don't make the money when the music is pirated, what I was saying is that they still make pretty large sums of money. So whether or not we get the music for free they are still making millions. The fact that they still make plenty of money is also pretty basic knowledge.

  29. leehocking514

    Not when their product is pirated. Thats pretty basic knowledge friend.

  30. OdizzleDot S

    lol because we all know that those poor people in the music industry don't have any money.

  31. TheRespusia

    Or support the artist you're listening to by actually purchasing the music they make so they can continue to make more, like a good person:P

  32. CREW Entertainment

    What the hell is with the guy putting the rude finger up! It spoils the song!

    Cloris Lovezar

    I know. I hope YouTube fixes it! Right?

    Waffle Iron

    please be ironic, I think I lost like 40% of my brain cells

    Waffle Iron

    And yeah it is quite annoying.

  33. Edgar Carrizales

    such a great song

  34. OWL

    Gotta support the bands you like man

  35. iansarsenal

    Good point. But I buy the CD's from artists I really think deserve it. Weezer is one of those artists. :D

  36. Mike Driscoll

    oh my god its been so long!!!

    yea i still like it but honestly i don't pick it to play on my ipod, but i don't skip when it comes along on shuffle though

  37. jabased

    so much variation in this song, this may be my favorite weezer song. i can say that about a lot of them though, weezer is the shit

  38. leehocking514

    Hurts the business though doesn't it?

  39. Taylor Nightingale

    Well screw you to random guy

  40. hunter

    why am i listening to this song on youtube? i bought the album dammit!

  41. UnknownFork

    Or just not pay for music like a normal person.

  42. Lorenz Korn

    This song just makes me happy.

  43. ThegreatAntwan

    How is this song not top ten?

  44. g5orod

    you've got a lot of views because weezer is the shit, nothing else.

  45. vacuumnoise

    I love how dragged out this song is..

  46. Jo Lam

    I had the feeling that Cuomo and me were speaking the same language for a few seconds. So I'm sure of one thing right now, I'm a new fan.

  47. 372961880

    proof that Weezer isn't dead

  48. RicoLen1

    Can't believe there's so few views. This is one of Weezer's very best songs IMO. I think for me it's sitting at #3 overall on my favorite list, behind Surf Wax America & In The Garage.

  49. SuperMemzzz

    Such an amazing band!

  50. kristen sanabria

    that picture made me crack the fuck up holy shit

  51. Matthew Teti

    Incredible song!!!!

  52. PeterZeeke

    dont say that! thats a horrible song

  53. James Whyte

    Red album was great

  54. Bambiraptor0

    @spiffybiro that, actually recquires multiple listenings to be enjoyed. just like many of weezer's unwell-knowned songs... but it's just the best when you got used to it. listen to the album: "songs from the black hole", you'll see what i mean

  55. XxGreenGummyBearzxX

    I don't like the end when It gets all sad-I love the begining c;

  56. someguy131415

    I love this song.

  57. Arcane Power

    @MatthewWarriorMan Cool comment never thought of 3:09 like that, but it works : >

  58. Sketchlehem

    gotta love that finger haha

  59. Anna Lassing

    I love the transitions. At 3:09 I can seriously feel people trying to shake him out of his day-dream. I'm glad they don't succeed.

  60. Schinsky

    i love this song !
    people sometimes say to me "oh come on you´re dreaming again"...

  61. Mike Driscoll

    11 months ago i said that yo? damn i still love this freakin song to lol

  62. Hector Perez

    im creaming and moaning
    im creaming on true deny
    and when im creaming
    i know thats its our right
    woo hoo whoe

  63. Mike Driscoll

    still trying to figure out what the dude in the middle of the song is..the finger guy

  64. Nick T

    At first I thought the second half was wierd but after listenind to it again and again i started to like it

  65. Ryan H

    old navy plays this i love this song

  66. Purpose Maker

    I love this song but can't help thinking of manuel from faulty towers when Rivers does the ohh ohhh whoahhhh.

  67. mntlPurple

    the beggining of this song is really catchy and totally old school weezer but the second half is kinda dumb

  68. Atmos

    4:04 is the best part!

  69. Atmos

    i dont think they're touring for this album =(

  70. Jae Garcia

    i wanna c weezer live and sing to this song i luv it so much

  71. Legendary476


  72. h2ogirl87

    GREAT song.

  73. nbcal8

    Well i wasn't going for accuracy, i was trying too make a point.

  74. atasteformusic

    i love how weezer's song are so up beat.

  75. Mike Driscoll

    lol my bro was givin me the finger and i went to the video to pause the song...and some dude was givin me the finger.....and what the hell is up with that?

  76. nibblefroz

    this is a cool song, I like it :)

  77. Atmos

    Yeppers. This one and Trouble Maker are the best!

  78. nbcal8

    so i dont have 2 go 2 what ever whight trash resience u rezide in and beat the living hell out of you!!!

  79. nbcal8

    Where do u get off u racist peice of shit, u have NO right to tell hispanic people to go back to mexico just because they whern't born hear. America is the land of the free because everyone is treated as equals regardles wether or not u where born hear u peice of shit. Is people like you that should get kicked out of this country for being ignorant, narow minded, aragant, bastards who live to hate and hate to let live, so next time u make a rasist coment, think twice,(look down)

  80. Mir

    I'm.. Dreaaaamin'

  81. mrmidgetfury

    ppl play video games for fun you useless sack of crap

  82. Commander Sniffles

    I don't play Rock Band to 'hide from reality'. I know I'm not good at any instrument I play and I doubt that will change no matter how much I play. But Rock Band is a video game. As a life time gamer, it comes more naturally for me to play from a TV screen rather than sheet music and I sure as hell don't have the memorization for real instrumental play. Rock Band is a fun way to experience music as a gamer and to discover new music to listen to.

  83. Justin Calaycay

    real bands > rock band

  84. Jo Van Halen

    i won a thousand from that contest...got third place

  85. Mir

    I'm.. Dreeeaaaamin'

  86. Ifric

    I love Weezer. Their songs are so catchy, so...quick and sharp, memorable and emotive, and they can change directions in the middle of a song in a truly chameleon way. I love this band. I may not like every song they've ever made, but I will not deny the genius of all of them, the appeal, the evocative feelings i get when listening to them. Weezer...is amazing, and anyone who gets hates on them for no reason, while weezer works and toils over their songs, perfecting them, should just go away.

  87. NOLA EMT

    I thought Weezer said was done THIS FUCKING AWESOME

  88. Blake Taylor

    This song is great, I didn't realize I had the deluxe till I got home, (it was the last one on the shelf and I grabbed!) so pleased!

  89. ownytony

    The whole album is good. I have the deluxe version. At first, i liked the bonus tracks more than the regular album as that reminded me of the older darker Weezer that I like. The whole album is good. If your going to buy the cd, get the deluxe.

  90. ordealbyfire

    you're stupid

  91. Momiji

    seems like a cool song, maybe I'll pick it up... hmmmm.

  92. Alex

    Glad I stocked up on points. Well rather I won 500 Points from the "Rock YOur Weekend" Contest so i should have enough

  93. theaals

    This AND The Pixies next week for Rock Band. Its a good thing I stocked up on Microsoft Points. That's 17 songs I need to get in one day.