The Weeknd - Same Old Song Lyrics

[The Weeknd:]
Where were you when I needed you, eight months ago
All your girlfriends talkin' bout me, now you ringin' up my phone
Bet you miss me now baby, I bet you'd kiss me now baby
Especially since you know that this ain't nothin' and I only just begun

You never thought that I would ever go this far
You said potential could never last this long
Well baby, I've been alone for almost all my life
What makes you think that you can ever do me right

You're the same old song
You're the same old song
You're the same old song
You're the same old song
The same old song

And now I'm poppin' yea
Ain't nobody showed me how
I made it big poppin' yeah
Tell me how you like me now
I swear I loved you girl
And you probably went and fucked the world
Well you can take another shot everytime you hear me playin' in the club

You never thought that I would ever go this far
(never thought I'd go this far I made it)
You said potential could never last this long
(you never thought it could last so long)
Well baby I've been alone for almost all my life
(I been alone for most of my life)
What makes you think that you can ever do me right

You're the same old song
You're the same old song
You're the same old song
You're the same old song
The same old song

[Juicy J:]
Listen to that shit man
The Weeknd's music makes ladies panties get wet
Jam that shit my nigga
I'm high as a motherfucker
I don't give a shit
I'm going to the strip club, I'm throwing 30,000 dollars nigga, 30,000
Fuck that shit
Spend that shit nigga, it's Christmas
Shut the fuck up
We trippy mane

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The Weeknd Same Old Song Comments
  1. oumaima ahmar


  2. Izaiah Fisher

    Damn I'm really the only male in these comments 💀

  3. veer Chaudhary

    Why does the guy at the end sound like Charlamagne? LMAO

    Scully tZ

    It's Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia

  4. ForeverPrestige

    2020... still the same old song... who thought potential couldn't ever last this long....? I wasn't here when at the beginning of it, but I'v been around a couple of years now, and often stumble upon the good old ones. The Heartless fans miss out on some really good shit if they don't do a little digging! Rolling stone predicted his path so well! Love it!

  5. Lava

    the ending lol

    María Torres

    Lava 😅😂🤣 bruh

  6. Tracy Marshall

    Still fire 2020 😝😝

  7. SouLwithTheDollarSign

    How is this not at 100 million

  8. Undivercity SGT

    2020 still can put someone in their bag.

  9. lord commander1

    Showed this song to my imaginary girl friend she my bae now

  10. dawn eve

    I bet u mizz me now beh beh ;)

  11. Toni R

    *pussy: wet*

  12. Donald Ferr


  13. Piniritong Talong

    2020, anyone?

  14. spicy space

    how can a girl hurt really you dont see whats on top of you? a real god



  16. Robert Antonetti

    When he said "Well baby I've been alone for almost most of my life" I felt that

  17. Robert Antonetti

    I swear this is my all-time fave song from the Weeknd

  18. It was a good song until some guy came in and yelled "WE MAKE SONGS THAT MAKE LADIES PANTIES WET". Dumb ass mood killer.

    Scully tZ

    Dude, Juicy J adds some nice relief to the end of the song

    @Scully tZ not everyone thinks the same, unsurprisingly. It sounded moronic and annoying as shit


    8 years ago man <3

  20. Juan Urrego


  21. Moè CaSh

    Anybody that thinks EOS is the bad project off trilogy can smoke a bbc

  22. Kyriaki ii

    I hope his new shit has some Trilogy vibes, i really miss that.

    Scully tZ

    Sounds like a fusion of Starboy and MDM

    Scully tZ

    But with Trilogy undertones

  23. Ladawn Silva

    Hell yah bish you the same old song
    Left your ass on repeat now looking at me hurt and broken over you

  24. TJ R

    its christmas lol

  25. Denisa Stelea


  26. Oliver Bosch

    Damn was heartbroken by a girl that dissed me with this song years ago and now I got a better girl and now I want more my standard still grow it's crazy how my goals keep growing and I want better and better life is about getting the best never be satisfied but my girl doesn't know that I want to replace her lol

  27. Phaedra Peters


  28. Phaedra Peters

    🎼 Christmas 2019 💛💙

  29. birdnest

    Juicy j at the end lol

  30. PhuuckYou

    Almost 2020 and it's still the Same old song ❤️

  31. jmr779

    this song helped me thru one of my first break-ups.. 6 years later ah shit here we go again

  32. Aman Cherry

    lmao who is that at the very end?

    Orlane C

    Juicy J

  33. LSDandMe

    Every time someone says no one makes good music anymore I ask if they have heard The Weekend? This dude is next level. Micheal Jackson level talent with lyrics about living the crazy life.

  34. Yair Galvan

    Oh por diooos!

  35. A’Real Trucker

    Just sent this to my ex.

  36. Bernard Washington

    I HEAR da pain but am I da only 1 who agrees with juicy j panties wet

  37. zionix

    the weeknd really just doesnt make bad songs, shit is crazy

  38. Shayna Tyler

    Yea wet with tears

  39. Mumma RissY

    For some reason this song reminds me of Mariah Carey - The Roof! Just Str8 Vibin’ ! Timeless. Masterpiece. Amazing.

  40. Alékos

    Γαμαει άσχημα !

  41. Abubakar khalid

    Old school weekend ♥

  42. No happy endings

    The Weeknd: Same old song

    Selena Gomez: Same old love

  43. Christian Castro

    Damn 7 years ago the first time I heard it and still the best

  44. Cameron Booth

    Thank you for the important message juicy

  45. Adrian Buenrostro

    This song never gets old. Right?

  46. babygirl adrianna

    who’s still here ❤️

  47. Michael Ruiz

    Good and bad memories to this song

  48. Henrique Sena

    OK . Sweet i pround best , before word's secret havê book scream kiss me dangerous woman FIDE dreams shower weekends

  49. earnest walker

    And now I'm poppin ain't nobody showed me how I made it big poppin tell me how you like me now

  50. Jamil Sandoval

    Its Christmas 🎄, sftu !
    We trippy mane!:0

  51. Adam Rozzayy

    There will never be another person to make a song like he does straight Legend

  52. MandiiBoos397

    This song makes me reminisce so much 😖

  53. abbdu nasri

    still my fav old song after 9 years 🖤

  54. Ting

    It was not even good song at the first time to hear this, but it's now one of my favorite song by The Weeknd. Literally best addictive song I've ever heard

  55. Slime Green Beats

    November 2019 and still same old song

  56. meliodas sama

    glass animal .

  57. Knowledge Freedom

    "listen to that shit man, jam that shit my nigga....Weeknd make the ladies panties get wet!!!""

  58. the great1

    What an intro!

  59. Kgwathe Jappie Makitla

    same old song, same old love, coincidence, i think not

  60. Zeynep Aytemiz

    This song s never getting old. Now 2019 but i m still here.

  61. hazeybabes 72

    2019....same old song and still loving the orgasmic sighs.

  62. 9 Errante

    Im here for sevdaliza stories

  63. TEYKOZ

    Ce n'est simplement pas qu'un sons c'est beaucoup plus que ça x'O

  64. Deztiny Roque

    October 2019 and this is still better than half the songs dropped all 2019 😪

  65. Grand Pacino

    The Weeknd is about pain, heartbreak, going thru the struggles, drugs woman and life like its so fucking relatable plus the production puts you in a trance.

    Grand Pacino

    at least the trilogy is

  66. Richard Fintong

    This ear porn

  67. Jasen Carpenter

    2019 and shes still on repeat👌🔥🔥

  68. Guapo Miguel

    October 2019 and it’s still the same old song


    Shit bangs💯💪🔥

    Manuel Hernandez

    Guapo Miguel fuck yea roll one and listen to this shit


    so true...


    on abel

    Sarah StayPaid

    P R E A C H

  69. ViewsFromTheTrap


  70. Raul Mishiyev

    Absolutely love this

  71. Haze Phipps

    Those gasps are just pure sex.

  72. Ralphael Roberts

    The weeknd a classic hit......forever🙏

  73. Yaygo EME

    Still my fucking jam

  74. Antonio Medina

    Damn this is seven years old


    2019?! 😍😍🔥🔥

  76. Certified Khriz

    2019? this song still hits me !. fawk the memories since this came out back than!

  77. Gregory Glass

    She hates that your winning with out her and she loves no one not even herself she hates lol

  78. lina d

    This is just something special

  79. Богдан Єгоров

    Who here ?✝️

  80. xo girl

    you’re the same old sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong

  81. IIXIXI

    I don't know how much depressing this sounds but this man heals me

  82. Stephanie Taylorcampbell

    This joint relates to a past relationship of mine; makes me fall in love with The Weeknd; this man is everything, the Weeknd is an angel sent to us baby boomers to make me feel some kinda way XOXO

  83. Bst Of The Wrst

    2019 anyone

  84. Brittany Hall

    For the record I been here since 2012!! Earphones in on loud while onna bus! 😂😂😂

  85. Amy Escobar

    2019 anyone ?! XOTWOD

  86. Anas Benbrik


  87. cokew weka

    this beat still fire in 2019 its emotional with his voice

  88. Massin Dinero

    2019 ??? 🔥🔥🔥

  89. Reinvention

    Well, baby I’ve been alone for almost all my life,

    what makes you think that you can ever do me right?

  90. Vernon Rowland

    August 2019 where ya at