The Weeknd - Might Not Lyrics

Everybody 'round me sayin' I should relax 'cause
I've been goin' hard 'til my eyes roll back but
All I want to do is forget about my past and
Smoke a little weed, really nothin' too drastic
Any time you see me in a picture and I'm smilin'
Probably 'cause I'm faded or I'm chillin' with the fans and
Not really the type to let a nigga talk back but
I'mma let it slide 'cause my nigga's too violent
Shoutout to the ones who spend money like a habit
Even if they had a million dollars, they'd be trappin'
Got a couple girls shootin' movies on the mattress
Then I hit the booth, make the motherfuckin' soundtrack
Then I play it back on the eighty-inch plasma
Then I get 'em faded off that super fantastic
Roll that grandmaster, smell it through the plastic
Nobody can handle me, I'm gone when the shit's too strong

The night's too long
I took too much and I've gone too far
And I might not make it
I might not make it
This time I might not make it
I might not make it
I might not make it
This time I might not make it
I might not make it
I might not make it
This time I might not make it
I might not

Bitches know, told a ho, "It's different strokes for different folks."
Came up out the north, we was playin' with a different snow
Took my niggas from the four-oh-one to pacific coast
We no longer put no fish scale on the fishin' boat
Listen, ho, I know all you bitches want is liquor, smoke
Liquor, smoke
I know all you bitches want is dick and dough
Dick and dough
Told her, "You don't gotta make it difficult."
Baby, sit, calm, we don't need another episode
Hippy bitches sendin' me titty pictures
She told me no religion was the new religion
She said she don't believe in God but her shoes Christian
I heard she servin' everybody like the soup kitchen
Gettin' hoes higher, gettin' hoes higher
She got work in the mornin', I'm gettin' hoes fired
Why the fuck you call it purp when you mix it pink?
You know I fuckin' mix the drinks when the shit's too strong


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The Weeknd Might Not Comments

    0:39 belly looks like he gonna drop bars

  2. Golden All freedom

    Nice song love ❤️ The Weeknd and belly keep doing well guys

  3. Edwin martinez

    Belly white rapper dude he's Killin em man u no keep up wit tha good flow/music

  4. vkook forever bb

    i luv this song! :3

  5. Duvenschy Luma

    After your mom beats you and your brother/sister ask:
    Are you ok?

  6. hea venly

    2020 Who's here ??

  7. Victor Brock

    Love this song it describes means that night life ......

  8. edward Romo

    Linda needs new jeans splash bruh

  9. Matthew Packer

    Boutta do dmt fornthe 1st time wish me luck -i might not make it 😝💊

  10. shubham kannaujiya

    Who tf is getting featured

  11. Nimish Tailor

    Where is Bella Hadid in this video?

  12. Chandler Howard

    How I feel when I'm at work and I'm too faded

  13. Arnel Rose

    Bruh i forgot this was Belly's song😂

  14. coco ay mi amor


  15. coco ay mi amor

    2020 hell yeah

  16. edward Romo


  17. aSickSpartan

    Want a weeknd only version

  18. Romish Kendrick

    Hmmm I am alone in 2020🤔🤔

  19. whiteboy .02

    Belly looks faded AF

  20. Bren Doll

    2020 and this is still the jam 😛🔥

  21. Joanna Lanegan

    I’m dead af at belly’s face as soon as the video starts 😂

  22. Pepe D

    whats that mammal on his head?

  23. David Dodds

    Belly ruining his own song smh

    Maximus Genatilia

    You're re tarded if you believ that.. His bars were tight.. Go listen to Lil NAS X

  24. Gabriel Perez

    Keeping this alive in 2020

  25. JayIceColdD

    So many people on here sleeping on Belly's verse. If you actually listen to it, bar for bar, it's lit for real. Weeknd owns this sound and straight up killed it. But Belly brought some low-key fire to the table.

    4 74


    4 74

    Belly is very unique


    He really killed this track

  26. Tyanna Renee

    Love the way the the video ended! I haven't been like that in a long while. Had me giggling.

  27. Jarred J

    Me: Mom can we have DJ Khalid?

    Mom: We have DJ Khalid at home

    DJ Khalid at home:

  28. Dustin Gatzke

    I saw a rooster and some chicken heads .

  29. V Villegas

    Belly looks like a fat yams R.I.P yams no disrespect

  30. Xomiix

    Shout-out to the ones who spend money like a habit
    Even if they had a million dollars, they'd be trappin'

  31. MR. CATES

    Weekends dredds are what made him famous ...

  32. alu card

    Back when he dont smile

  33. Kommunity Konnected

    This my shit!!

  34. Everybody HatesPink

    This still my shit

  35. pillo83

    2020 anyone??

  36. Bruno Mars

    When a sinner realized his sins he made in life: Man, I haven't been living right. I might not make it, I might not make it this time I might not make it to Heaven, I might not.

    Trevor Oakes

    Ese Bruno Mars aha

  37. yena flower

    I'll listen to any song, if it says ft.weeknd <3

  38. Adam Obaid

    I might not make it, me when i see my final exam paper

  39. RICKY

    2020 and weeknd still slayed this track


    I was feeling this until the "feat. belly hit...

  41. Kevin Gonzalez

    this song slaps

  42. Jaymes Patridge

    Justin Bieber who?

  43. Anthonyy

    Life was so simple when this dropped.

  44. Christopher S.

    4 Sons of HORUS! I know Who I AM... I AM that I AM! 3/21

  45. Parker Fortune

    If weekend is in the song the song is no longer yours.

  46. iam.soulman

    2020 anyone?

  47. Charlie's Fan Hernandez

    I love this song 220.

  48. BlueEyez87

    Have you really ever partied before if you haven't at one point in time prayed that you just make it to the next day?!?!?


    You made my fucking day


    Those my kinda parties...

  49. Sami Loul

    Yo bell's verse is dope

  50. Edward Lopez

    Johnathon Lopez is an Isis member. Resident in Florida..

  51. EnvehVFX

    2020 anyone ?

  52. 2 much Clout

    Bass hits harder than my grades

  53. Vlad Levitt COMEDY

    The most impressive part of this video is how they managed to keep Belly from floating up to the surface.


    Vlad Levitt this genuinely made me laugh

  54. ByCreations-

    Listen to this non stop before I crashed my car off of Xanax and went to jail for a week. Don’t think I made it that night

  55. Someday Creations

    So sick beats! I'm stuck here

  56. Lucas


  57. Papi Cholo

    2020 anyone?

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    2020 any one?

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    2020 and this is my life.

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    Bernies Icecream palour

    Lol exact reason why im here

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