The Weeknd - Do It Lyrics

I've been looking for this groove
You've have it, I need it
I can show you how to move
To stay with your feet up

Baby girl we'll dance
Until the moon aborts the sky
Baby girl we'll dance
Until the sun kidnaps the night

Baby girl you hold it
Love the way your moving
I just wanna see you freak
Boogie till the morning
Boogie till next evening
Baby I will set you free

Do you want me to do it?
(what you wanna do)
Do you want me to do it?
(what you wanna do)
Do you want me to do it?
(what you wanna do)
Do you want me to do it?
(what you wanna do)

Boogie till the sky is blue
The moon is our enemy
Slide until you burn your shoes
Or free fly so freely



Got ya girl just do it like me
Baby girl do let me
Don't think about just move your feet
Baby girl move your feet
Rock it girl just do it like me
Baby girl do it like me
Don't think about it
Just move your feet
Baby girl move your feet



Do you want me to do it?
(what you wanna do)
Do you want me to do it?
(what you wanna do)
Do you want me to do it?
(what you wanna do)
Do you want me to do it?
(what you wanna do)

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The Weeknd Do It Comments

    Abel should remake this song with a different beat and it’ll be an instant hit

  2. Young Art

    Just found this song today wow

  3. Jason Borucki

    He should release this song again

  4. Michael De La Rosa

    Just found this
    Too bad this ain’t on the radio

  5. Father Dallas

    I still listen to this song today 😁 anyone else?

  6. Leonardo Datore

    Very Michael Jackson


    This shit slaps🔥🔥

  8. Kunal Bhatia

    Sounds like a Timbaland produced track. Very Timberlake 🔥

  9. FM Chico

    Play at 0.75 speed

    Young Art

    FM Chico yessir

  10. Mrsanchoo

    Why does the picture look like they're torturing the chick in black?

  11. Martina Perković

    This sound soo much like our love

  12. Debbie Tesfaye

    Still listening in 2019 and so on ❌💕⭕️

  13. Wolfie

    It sounds like Justin Timberlake’s sound

  14. Mick Redding

    love it

  15. niteskies___

    He should release this song again


    niteskies___ definitely

  16. Lisa

    Vote for this to be on Apple Music

  17. The Xo Lover

    The moon is our Enemy ^_°

  18. Mélina Magnifique

    Such a blessing for our ears xotwod

  19. milena

    i remember being in fourth grade and listening to this song from my sisters room hoping that one day this song could be my ringtone 😔☝🏽


    6 years ago man

  20. Zaryab malik

    2:30 💎💎

  21. Charlotte Rose X

    Can’t stand when people say that people who didn’t discover him from his first songs aren’t true fans, I only started listening to him a year ago but you best believe I loved him and played his songs more in a year than you have in the past 7

    Grabi 678

    Does not matter when you discovered him,if u are here than you a true fan,its that simple..people like to complicate

    Hezi _

    So trueeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  22. Mer B

    play at 0.75

  23. 로쿠타, Rokuta

    인트로 앞부분좋다

  24. albi

    that wanderlust vibe

  25. BigDee

    only real fans remember this

  26. Tierra Triplett

    Song So underrated<3<3

  27. Hasan Askari

    U can actually download this on YouTube ....

  28. Hasan Askari

    This sounds like Abel but idk if it’s him ....


    its him.

  29. Azam Gilani

    How old was he when he made this?

    Also the bass reminds me of wicked games (idk y)


    Probably 19


    UnknownSpeeds he said he was a teen when he made them

  30. Angie Mangie

    Why can’t I find this song anywhere but YouTube?

    I Adapted Anyways

    iTs *unreleased*

  31. Kayla B

    👍 if you want him to do it.

  32. Myint Mo 佳明

    At 1 mil views, this song has got to be the most underrated The Weeknd song ever.....Oh yeah, on a side note, this song gives off such Micheal Jackson vibes that just makes you feel like a smooth rockstar, not the kind which yells at the mike passive aggresively lol.

  33. santiago mendez

    Funny people call themselves "big weeknd fan " but won’t even know this song

    I Adapted Anyways

    You can still be a big fan without knowing a song that wasn't released bb

  34. Ali Al Batat

    What a gem XO

  35. maria xo.

    I literally have no memory of listening to this but the like button was already blue .... I must of got high and didn't tell myself again💀

  36. Валера Тыскатинов

    Fuck 🔥

  37. AKSebi2

    If this came out today, it would be an instant radio hit

  38. Ghetto Fish

    This is one of my favorite songs of The Weeknd,
    I love it still in July 19th 2018. its really disappointing, this song isn’t on Spotify, I only can listen to it on YouTube

  39. i love music

    2018 ? 😝

  40. Vaping Asylum

    Favorite song

  41. Maribel Torres

    I want U to do it

  42. rajat chopra

    2018 squad..:)

  43. Cecilia van der Veen

    i hate abel for not releasing all of these masterpieces honestly


    salty producers leaked the whole The Overdose ep. Abel intentionally didn't want these to be released

  44. Seiunx

    Fucking love this man

  45. missdrama8

    This needs to be on Spotify

  46. ArroganceKing

    muie ba cacatilor

    generic username

    fututi morti mati ma pis pe fata ta

  47. Bilal Itani

    I cannnttt believe this song isn’t well known...

  48. Dirtznut Gaming



    The song was never released. I'm pretty sure they were stolen and leaked, so you're not getting an original instrumental

    six !

    Ryan I've heard the instrumental before


    then link it for dirtznut gaming dude

    six !

    Ryan I've heard it but don't know it

  49. JaeJae Taylor

    I have grown to love the Weekends music so much... as he has progressed in his career, making music, hit after hit... and i have enjoyed each new song i hear, even more than the last... when you can put on an artists albums, or YT playlist, and play it all the way through, without skipping a song...

    ... you know you have an amazing artist!
    Enjoy... Just as all of us continue to do!
    Thank you for your music W!!!
    - Jen

  50. Angelica

    Why can't I find this song on iTunes 😩


    i t s b e e n u n r e l e a s e d s i n c e 2 0 0 9

  51. Alejandro Alvarez


  52. armando patrylo

    Still groovin XO ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  53. Genesis Mendoza

    Am i still a bandwagon though???

    six !

    I secretly like my own comments Nope

  54. NewVision20

    This is such a groovy beat! I love it! XOTWOD

  55. Eduardo Alves

    the weeknd é o melhor

  56. Ruxdor

    Starboy was good. But this is the real Abel and what he left on KL and Trilogy made history. I'll always come back here 'cause nobody is able to touch me like The Weeknd's music does

  57. Eleven 011

    This song Is just great

  58. angela pavlounis

    i like the groove

  59. JeweleeAnne X'O

    Was this the foundation for Starboy's "Love to Lay" hmmmm

    Nighthawx Kent

    Andres M
    I don't think so, however many songs he made became references used in later songs like for example, Lonely Star is a song that is coined for the girl he is willing to give everything he has if she's willing to stay along for the ride, which is a term he uses again in the song Montreal. Also in his song The Zone he drops in a verse about his song Love Through her which is another song he made on The Noise before his 1st album Trilogy - more specifically on his Track - Thursday which included The Zone.

  60. Anaïs Monica

    For sure I waaaaaant youuuu Abel 🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️

  61. WeekIy Xp

    When he used autotune

  62. Presley Bermudez

    All kinds of groovy dark vibes

  63. Vitor Renan

    MJ is a big inspiration!

  64. Sriizzy Mentos

    If you don't know this song, your not a real fan

  65. Bella Sparks

    People at my school be like whats trilogy and say they havent been a fan since day one smh and there like tf that was in 2009 and im like sooo tf i remember my mom would plau it and id start jumping and singing it


    How to find a phony^

    SUPREMEPILLOW On Instagram

    You have a Selena Gomez pic gtfooo

    cheezndoodlezgamin1 l

    This ain't trilogy

  66. nicolas gatica

    I'm pretty sure if he launched this song today or in his BBTM era, it would've hit 1 billion views in no time. it's pretty adicting and it has that Justin Timberlake vibe

  67. Deniz, Cumali Gultekin

    I can't believe this is one of the first songs I heard made by Abel

  68. Katelyn Davis

    great song

  69. kate carlin

    it's like Michael Jackson who loves pushy and drugs

    kate carlin

    meant pussy

    sisila btj

    @Reed Ashburn lmfao

  70. Star Boy


  71. Siddharth Chadha

    Just 1 million ????? Wth weekend's songs deserve 1 billion
    Love u The weeknd ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  72. Jacinda Harrison

    Where can I download this song or buy it. I can't seem to find it anywhere. It's one of my favorite songs.

    Quin Johnson

    +Airbug11 THTS WHAT I USE !

    Fidel Martinez

    QWE DL in the App Store


    go look for The Noise EP on google, and put it in your iTunes library. then sync your library with your iPhone (you will need a PC or Mac to do this.) or download the soundcloud app and listen to it there.

    Jacinda Harrison

    anthonycharcoㄣ⃒ Thanks, I found it on Cloudmax.

  73. Angel Martinez

    I love my weeknd💋

  74. Tha Don Edd

    fuck me!

  75. J'Hrenara Rios

    I don't know why freaken other dumb ass videos on YouTube get way more views than masterpieces by the weeknd like this


    abel hates the fact that The Noise exists

    Stay. Silent

    because it got leaked after HOB by salty friends correct?

  76. Grammar Nazi 2.0

    This kind of sounds like Justin Timberlake

  77. yasmin 02

    how have i only just found


    i feel you 😂😭

  78. Karen Bensinger

    she wants to put it in mouth

  79. Katelin M

    OG song that will always be one of my favorites, even after BBTM.

  80. LuciMoonWalker

    OMG ! His voice !!! The way he is singing ! Daaamn !
    If "The Weeknd" wasn't in the title, I'd never have guessed it was him !!

    Sara Criss

    then you not a true fan

  81. Anthony Perez

    Michael Jackson vibes yo

    unknown person

    Anthony Perez exactly

    Vitor Renan


  82. Estrella Reyes


  83. kryptoNITE_



    3:38 lol

    Juliette Wright

    yeees omg

  84. Ana Arellano

    this has such a Justin Timberlake vibe 💗

    Plus Phrames

    Was thinking the exact same shit
    Definitely and influence there

    Fkaze Musix

    Ana Arellano yeah you're right


    He should sell it to him

  85. Chaz Warren


    brendan brooks

    +Chaz Warren #nicefuckingjob

    Username 123


  86. Maya Mitchell

    excellent album playlist-from the first track to the end-this is something i could listen to every day-loved it-voice is beyond and searching angels in the outer limits-RUN IT

  87. Zitory A

    What the fuck is up with the girl on the bottoms face?

  88. vivalagloria1993

    Kin Kane ;)

  89. sugaplumalex

    love this song so much!

  90. Max Van de Werken

    Most underrated song ever

    Hydra Jamm

    you are underrated buddy

    Isiac Hamby


  91. DeJah Vandiver

    This song was so slept on

  92. Bria Robayo


  93. Huxley Carillo