The Weeknd - Adaptation Lyrics

When the sun goes up, you're searching for a love
So your heart won't lead you to anyone
When the sun goes down, I know what you become
You become awake, unlike the rest of us

I lay my head on a thousand beds
It's been a test to see how far a man can go without himself
I think I lost the only piece that held it all in place
Now my madness is the only love I let myself embrace
I could've stayed

But I chose the life
I chose the life
Then I realized
She might have been the one
I let it go
For a little fun
I made a trade
Gave away our days
For a little fame
Now I'll never see your face
But it's okay I adapted anyway

Adapted to these models
Who's adapted to the bottle
They take it down like water
Just to burn away their sorrows
I'll stay up till tomorrow
Just to tear down all their morals
And all is fair in love and war
She's pure, so pure, like the love that's so uncut and raw
And clean, so clean, as opposed to what I offered

Because I chose the life
I chose the life
Then I realized
She might have been the one
I let it go
For a little fun, oh
I made a trade
Gave away our days
For a little fame
Now I'll never see your face
But it's okay I adapted anyway

She might just be the one [x4]

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The Weeknd Adaptation Comments
  1. jim bond


  2. InvictuS GaMeRS

    He is really almost on par with MJ 🔥🔥

  3. Toastyflakes

    Who’s still jamming to this in 2020?

  4. Dado ultra gamer channel

    This fuckin make me cry..fml

  5. Justin Nestorovic


  6. Mark Wilcox

    He sold his soul "for a little bit of fame,now I'll never see your face"😔

  7. Long Hoàng

    You're pure, so pure, like the love that's so uncut and raw and clean - most beautiful lyrics ever - who say Abel's lyrics is all about dirty things

  8. ChubbyM Official

    He adapted .......
    Now he's Heartless

  9. Woe Gates

    Abel Faye

  10. Nice name

    The og trilogy/ kissland low lighting concerts.

  11. Shaneel Lakhani

    Well you already belonged to them. The moment you drop the first single. You didn’t know it maybe they didn’t either though

  12. Jonny Lamb

    Still my sh×t idgt

  13. parikshith ram

    Fake XO cant be here 👹 xotwod👹

  14. Shuddup eN Waite

    You are the next superstar like Michael Jackson and Prince.. don't stop.. and be careful with partying.. have your fun.. but be safe

  15. Crisostomo Yu

    Who’s watching this after heartless and blinding lights dropped?

  16. KOTCH UP RECORDS adaptation cover

  17. Roberto Villafuerte Casillas

    Five years and this song is still a masterpiece

  18. camo dread

    This guy is so under rated as an Artist

  19. Kim Gow

    When he say Clean, SO CLEAN
    something that he is not oooffff

  20. Neli Mili

    Well 2019 ... and I’m still here

  21. Kim Gow

    I'm on a the weeknd binge, love him. I missed these songs so much!!!

  22. Djema Issam Amer

    The Best ever. ... for long time i didnt feel the songs like i did for MJ

  23. Fran Castro

    Amigo este chabón es épico.

  24. Nolawi Degefu

    Who’s still listening to this 😭😭

  25. mr poppo

    To the new The Weeknd fans, welcome to the dark side XO

  26. Tanaya Denson

    i’m crying man because he’s came so far

  27. Kendra Trezevant


  28. Laila H.

    He knew he coulda thrown the black girls a bone and just put them in at least ONE of his videos... but I love him and his music nonetheless. This song will never be outplayed.

  29. Sh ay

    My favorite song of his

  30. Randomly Casual

    so slept on 😪

  31. Sigurd2020

    I chose the lie, then I realized. I see it as he lied to himself about her nature after she left he found the truth about it. Guess he didnt think she or whatever the subject is, was worth that much to him, but he can't go back, and now its clear. Off to the models, and the bottles you know the rest, he told us lol

  32. Laizer

    The sample of The Police - Bring on the Night, awesome, go listen to this song too guys.

  33. BlackWizards

    Andy Summers

  34. Shogun

    🔥 2019 🇵🇱

  35. Amina Haggag

    This song is so underrated

  36. YOUNg Geezerrr

    He’s lowkey talking about how he sold his soul...

  37. Paul Matar


    Paul Matar


    Paul Matar


    Paul Matar


  38. Pilo P

    The Weeknd is one of those artists you just have the upmost respect for

  39. G Hood

    This song is heat 🔥🔥🔥

  40. Michael Kelly

    My favorite singer by a very large margin

  41. SiM Gonzales

    These other “weeknd fans”make me cringe :( in 1year youre on to the next “famous” artist posting its the best fuck off

  42. Rebecca Cruz

    Love thisssss

  43. Kobby Kankam

    3M views howww??

  44. Mdtrm

    2019 anyone???

  45. Cassie Tf.

    I can listen to this song every minute, every hour every day ❤

  46. Fred Nyakagwa

    BTW I am in Nairobi Kenya....

  47. Fred Nyakagwa

    This is amazing..... 💖💖💖💖

  48. Dee 10k

    I’ll never forget The Weeknd the true fans know u got me through life and became the man I am today love u and can’t wait for your new project you are the greatest 🥺

  49. Britini Trotman

    In here 2019

  50. NazaaV.A

    WHY ISNT THIS ON SPOTIFY?????????????

    Zzzz Z

    it is tho

  51. parikshith ram

    She might have been the one but i let it go for a little fun😍

  52. S M

    Under rated ass song

  53. olivia

    I got chillzzz

  54. Angie Martinez

    Best musician ever! I LOVE YOU ABEL XO

  55. Lawrence Cammilleri

    How you spend your night n days count

    Lawrence Cammilleri

    Count like matters to like 4 your lives like it matters i almost see it people do you as long as you got familia you have it all bia bia bitches o sorry sor im not a whore but it counts it really does thank you for watching

  56. Lawrence Cammilleri

    Tommorrow may never come but theres still another day for me

  57. Shivam


  58. Nick S

    This was all about me and my girl always im just lucky I got her back, it was a miracle

  59. Marcello G

    Bring on the night!!!!

  60. Brent Camacho

    The best lyrics I’ve heard came from dis man 🖤 we can relate on sooooo many levels 🖤

  61. Ari

    Patient waiting for abel's album!!
    XOTWOD 🖤🖤

  62. Rudolf Bender

    Kiss land best album ever!!!

  63. Melbelle 2319

    This album was awesome so underrated. Loved every song on this album.

  64. OshiaBLACKirish

    My ex sent me this song got me wondering was I the one or the fun/lie 😩

  65. Mars Recordz

  66. Baran Gürbey

    Thank God many of ppl dont know this shit ..Are we still here XO?

  67. fatalhiphop


    Now excuse me while I stare at the night sky, listening to this and reminiscing...

    Munashe Munjanja

    Where you high? I guess so😂

  68. Ανδρέας Μαγγανάς

    Thought it was an official vid when first watched surely edited the shit out of this one ....
    Thank you so much .

  69. ssarahxo

    forever my fav 🖤

  70. 95alhan

    somebody who listen in 2019 SUMMER TIME MOOD

  71. Chewy My Guy

    2019 and still so relevant and deep. I lost that piece too.

  72. Life of Marco

    2019? Where the real XO fans at!??

  73. Love Newton

    One night with you is definitely worth 2 million dollars!!!

  74. Love Newton

    Please grow hair baccckk. Please sir. You make me cry💧

  75. Elise

    2019? 😍

  76. isabel Pacheco Rodriguez marie

    His voice ooof so hot

  77. Candice Craighead

    I'll lick him from is toes all the way up. Damn... 😍🤩

  78. cateador12

    This is probably the best song i have ever heard, the studio work is insane, and the artist voice is amazing

  79. Zahra Mohammed

    You're beyond words abel xotwod

  80. Kaif Sarfaraz

    2019 nothing has still come close to Kiss Land or ever will Xo forever xxxxxx

  81. Fatimah Elsayed

    Who's here in 2019? Literally my fav song of all time

    Selin Evciler

    fuck yea. I actually have been crying for the last two hours listening to old Abel and even though I'm miserable at least I have his angelic voice to accompany me:))

    Ameesh Nathawat

    2020 !!

  82. Shanarae Bresett

    I love you stay strong

  83. Calvin Mcmillan

    I miss this type of weeknd

  84. Izzy420

    I’ve adapted anyway...

  85. Ang The Airbender

    What a beautiful tragedy!

  86. Iam a ugly Person

    *One of my Favorites*💕 XOTWOD

  87. Gabi Sousa

    2019 vibes

  88. Abita Rnr

    Bring On The Night by The Police in the beginning...

  89. Khouloude Laktb

    everytime i listen to him, i feel like im in another galaxy

  90. Ankul Upreti

    He is so shameless himself .

  91. nick marlatt

    2019 too lol

  92. Karina Garcia

    i think I lost the only piece that held it all in place

  93. Sophia Bash

    2019 and still one of my favorite songs