Webby, Chris - The Rain Lyrics

[Chorus (2x):]
We've been in the rain
We've been on the mountains
We've been round the fire
And fancy hotels
Drank water from the well

Uh I'm stepping in this game and paying dues
Building a reputation now we making major moves
And now it's moving, how it's moving anyway I choose
And I've been working way to hard to just not make it through
You talk about me, prepare for what I say to you
Cause I'm a man and I will stand by what I say and do
There's a lot of ups and downs within this game of life
For every hater there's a girl that wants to stay the night
And now I got myself a taste of the fame,
I'm addicted I've got nothing else to chase
I kill it on the stage but still I miss the days
Of chilling in the crowd like a normal kid my age
But still I got this paper and still I got my pencil
And the craziest part is I haven't hit my potential
The life I live is stressful, everyday suspenseful
Grinding every minute of my life to be successful

We've been in the rain
We've been on the mountains
We've been round the fire
And fancy hotels
Drank water from the well

Uh I'm trying to make it with my sanity
Moving from the underground roots up to the canopy
Do it how I do it I just hope they understanding me
Trying to make it right with every member of my family
I know I was the mess up but now Chris stepped up
And took hold of what I always wanted from the setup
Now when people mention me they saying I'm the next up
It's been a long time since that A.D.D. checkup
The underclassman's graduated, top of the class
Now when I walk around town people nod when they pass
I'm just a kid who messed his life up and put it back together
A kid who hit the bottom and came back stronger than ever
I've been jerked around, stolen from, told I would fail
But now the numbers going up on every check in the mail
And if they not feeling it, ill spit it in brail
Hating on me gets you know where keep on chasing your tail

[Chorus (2x):]
We've been in the rain
We've been on the mountains
We've been round the fire
And fancy hotels
Drank water from the well

You think the life I live is wonderful
Let me give you the flipside
Try to go with the flow and get caught up in the riptide
Everyday it's studio or driving to a show
And no I'm not complaining I'm just letting people know
There's a lot of hard work that goes right into the grind
Especially without being signed and working overtime
Now every time I meet a girl there is a difference
Cause all they want is Webby without even meeting Christian
They just want to fuck, maybe roll an l
And go back in the morning with a story to tell
And though it sounds great, the side of it you don't see
Is that the end of the day you're still lonely.
The fans show me love and I love my ninjas back
They hold me down and I'm forever thankful of that
And I wont let you down you have my word on that
Cause I'm here for good the best of the burbs is back

[Chorus (2x):]
We've been in the rain
We've been on the mountains
We've been round the fire
And fancy hotels
Drank water from the well

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Webby, Chris The Rain Comments
  1. David Kerman

    For real tho...in 2019, this is still lit.

  2. KrazedObsession

    This song came out when I was nine years old. I fell in love with hip-hop because of this mix tape and all of the projects that followed- Chris is the reason I started writing. Thank you for helping me find my passion, Web. I'll be on stage with you one day.

  3. Leroy Metzger

    I'll always be ninja.. webby keep it real


    So alt aber geil !

  5. Andrew Herrell

    This song only has 433k views which is weird cause ive listened to this atleast 600k times 🔥🕸🔥🕸🔥🕸

  6. Lucas Restoule

    My buddy showed me this album back in the day, he sadly past away... This, roll and Starry eyed he showed me. I never looked back. Sad he couldn't come to your show in thunder Bay the other day. He would have loved it. Keep killin it dude! Respect!

  7. Tyler Pearson

    I have searched for the song that plays in the intro for days now and I cannot find it. I've shazamed it, Siried it and even SoundHounded it and no results.


  8. Chodie Doinks

    Still bumping this in 2019. Chris Webby is a real artist

  9. gaudy

    9 years later still sick

  10. Steven Cain

    Damn I overslept. Im here now lol

  11. Tommy B

    Webby if you ever see this just know that this song has gotten thosands of kids through hard times. You make a difference in this world that we all wish we could make.

  12. Tommy B

    Who else still gets shivers years later, after this song got you through a hard time?


    Webbs have alot of talent .
    I am Webb.
    We are the lost angels
    Well Christian I understand
    Ur songs . I suffer from pstd
    I hate being alone
    And do so much for others
    Webbs are very unquie bc scottich
    I relate bc im not petfect but trying to do better

  14. Gilles Desrosiers

    And look how your killing shit today! Fucking love it! Real rap, real music! Always have been and always will be! Keep it up man! I'll be seeing you in Syracuse!

  15. HALF BAKED-pubg

    You need to revisit this man,this is one of.my favorite hooks I've heard in my lifetime

  16. Keighden Smith

    This never gets old!

  17. Will Roderick


  18. Alex Heuman

    Please do this song again!

  19. seattlelightz

    top webby song

  20. Shadow Phoenix Dubstep

    one of webbys biggest tracks!!


    Shadow Phoenix Dubstep absolutely

  21. Denis Bolic

    Wish this was on Spotify... the song that got me into Webby. Hope he has some things like this coming out with his Webby Wedsenday's

    Jhonny Merida Soto

    Wish so many of his mixtape songs were on spotify cause so many of them were SO GOOD

  22. Erik Guiffre


  23. Drew Thompson

    this song is dope af and its about the ups and downs


    no way someone still bumps his old songs. my nigga

    Derriere Son

    Drew Thompson lmao...all F'n day

    All Eks

    for ever and ever innit :D

  24. Steven Greig

    tbt 🙏

  25. Michael Cobbs

    Great song.

  26. Eli Quinn

    Gives me the chills,...such a heavy, dope ass song. Favorite album hands down

  27. Matt Ricciardi

    I came here just to like this video. Christian Webby, your the fuckin G.O.A.T.

  28. Brian Quevedo

    https://soundcloud.com/briannn666 Please listen


    he should make another starry eyed


    or something like that

  30. BluRaise

    "I'm just a kid who messed his life up and put it back together a kid who hit the bottom and came back stronger than ever." Will never forget those lyrics and thank you for writing it

  31. Good Burger

    You should do another song like this just for good ol' times

  32. Joshua Meadows

    No Mr. Chris Webby, you do NOT WANT to be chillin in the crowd like a normal kid your age. WHY?  Cuz those are the days u spent in the worst suspense, looking for the potion to what people want.  NOW THAT YOU KNOW, life is GOOD!  past is the past and old memories don't make new ones.  Name's ScIoN !

  33. Pawel Rybka

    fav Webby song

  34. Heather Tatro

    this is so me.

    Heather Tatro

    @orange4525 lol you make me laugh you are halarious 

    Heather Tatro

    I'm saying I have such a bad reputation. and all people do is talk shit, my life is stressful, my parents hate me, my brother is dead. Im a suicide surviver not that you would know about that. What I'm trying to say is I have burnt so many bridges, I can't repair them. you don't know what ive been through, so get your facts straight before you go and talk shit ...bitch.


    @orange4525 man youre SO small minded...you take his thrid verse where he mentions being famous and all of the sudden someone has to be famous to relate to the song? calling me dumb as fuck!? LOLOLOL how does..."Moving from the underground roots up to the canopy Do it how I do it I just hope they understanding me" OR "h I'm stepping in this game and paying dues
    Building a reputation now we making major moves" not relate to a normal day struggle? 

    no where does he mention needing to be famous to relate to the song...you take what he says and relates it to yourself....the "game" doesnt necessarily have to mean "RAP GAME" its the game of life son....whatever "game" it may be that your participate it...i feel so sorry for your parents raising such a small minded child...yes you are a child unable to adapt your mind into comparing someones "famous life" to yours....hahah what a shit show you are


    @Heather Tatro dont let this clown bring you down, keep your head high...people like you and i should pity these types of people who are so small minded...let him go off in la la land, i'll stand next to you for support, forget this "orange" kid - keep livin your life and making yourself happy. You and I can do that because of the struggles we have seen, you more than me, but i can relate - this is where he wont understand - so (sorry for your loss) your brother is dead...i dont have a brother, but i have lost a friend so i understand..."orange" doesnt think that makes sense - he feels i need to have lost a brothers in order to understand...hes too technical and cannot fathom the idea of someone else relating to another without walking every footstep they have taken - he is a weak mind and a poor soul


    @Heather Tatro Same here bruh, same here.

  35. Marce

    This song feels like... rain.

  36. Seth Cabaniss

    Love this song it helps me get through some tough times

  37. Austin Schroeder

    28 people can't understand lyrics of music

  38. Staybreezy

    this song acutally explains my whole life, saying im a bum now? ill be there

  39. ThePumpkin2006

    What does pationate mean?

  40. Aidan Ried

    This is where it's at!

  41. Stikkoz

    I used to listen to Webby all the time. Idk what happened but I began to stop listening to him. Just found this song in my playlist and it made me want to go back and fix that.

  42. honorship

    I don't know why but when I listen to the song I have goose bumps all over my body.
    I remember listening to this song in 2011 summer.

  43. Mea Marley Hemp puff

    Pure Art. Respect Webby.

  44. sam hamilton

    such a badass song

  45. TheKidOfficial21

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    (ON YOUTUBE). Im not known but im getting a reputation that is pretty above average. This is annoying but im just trying to make something of myself, have a purpose, and its what i love to do. Its my dream im only trying to follow it. Help me with a thumbs up or check me out. Everybodys got a dream including you so before you mark this as spam think about that. Peace.

  46. Greatnezz Awaits

    Webby I fucking love you man. I got locked up for my music, and my thoguhts. but I'm folloiwng my dream and this song gave me more then a reason to keep on goin' Best of luck to you man. Keep fucking doing your thing.

  47. keeganoneill4

    Rest in Peace Hibbs everytime i hear this i think of you love you man

  48. Thomas Zorbaugh

    And my mom is buddy buddy with Dr Dre.

  49. draven sieczka

    Supposedly my friends brother is webby's homie

  50. Gavin Jones

    Webby started from the bottom...

  51. scott serazin


  52. Septonn/Deffeh


  53. adion55

    I have no clue why this song doesnt have 279,070 likes

  54. Septonn/Deffeh

    Only one word I can think of, PATIONATE

  55. Septonn/Deffeh

    He doesnt want to be signed hes not going to do the mainstream shit...

    jordan bartley

    Jensen akelek simple man

  56. Garrett Derheim

    Best song out. All the other artists are Makeing music about fuckin bitches getting money and drugs. Webby is just all around great

  57. Kyle Bird

    such a good song

  58. Joseph O'Hara

    Most songs you see people in the comments arguing this song for some reason just chills everyone out and makes then listen

  59. nukhenry718

    This is one of the hardest songs i heard in a while, i love this song, its real instead of rapping bout how much puss* you get and how much money you make and dope you sale.......this song is true and inspirational.......

  60. Andrew Manning

    I'm sorry but out of all the mixtapes/albums I've heard, Best in the Burbs probably has had the most positive impact on my life.

  61. SageTwoFour Extra

    Yo u the best correct on this test need a workout on my reps basketball the only thing i hit is the net bitch its always wet 1000 hell yeah i will bet yo dude im fucking ill that why every body calls me trill damn yeah mics i kill

  62. Samantha Maryann

    He's a natural. He doesn't need "instruments". His voice is good enough, without them. Get a beat, spit a rhyme, make money.
    He's an inspiration.

  63. tld727

    I'm a fucking ninja alright

  64. Bratz

    It is free, with almost every other song he has ever made. "Best in the burbs" is a mixtape, and you can download it for free on datpiff.com , just search for chris webby :)

  65. Saxton Greer

    can i get this song on iTunes ???

  66. Saxton Greer

    damn this foo has some dope ass lyrics!! and beats

  67. Saxton Greer

    damn this foo got some dope ass lyrics !, and beats

  68. bob bill

    fuck anyone who disses this song. this, THIS is legit my friends

  69. speexkilla9

    is it just me or is this one of the most amazing songs created? :')

  70. Jeff Stockman

    check this out just a kid i know that raps in my town he just started recording

  71. JulastixGaming

    I love you.

  72. Evan Huff

    One Word: Inspirational.

  73. Skypzer

    you probly were doing shit weed anyways, if you really think that anyone would be disappointed in you.

  74. Mike Gigs

    Any fan is a ninja, whether you like every song or one (well maybe not one, but any fan).

  75. KarbohnIsHAM

    fuckin love this song web thanks for the throwback

  76. TheOfficialSandMan

    I love this song... Everybody check me out. Ima rapper. Subscribe if you like. Leave comments. Full/better songs commin soon

  77. XwiZhh

    pls, put that song on itunes

    ninja forever

  78. Devon Arndt

    love this... need more like this.

  79. Kingdamoable

    love it

  80. christian Ihteul

    15 people stay at KOA campgrounds.

  81. jako bergs

    support webby

  82. MrSocialPaintball

    15 People Forgot An Umbrella

  83. gambinochild01

    this song is so deep, it means a lot to me and i want to see him get signed more than anything!


    I respect you...

  85. minecraftnetwork100

    :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3 :3

  86. QuadFeed

    Love this song :) allways be a fan/ninja :D

  87. Jesse Weatherby




    Come out of the closet.

  88. D33structo


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  90. Henrik Haagensen

    Just fired up a J in Chris webbys honor.. peace ninjas

  91. gambinochild01

    200,000 views is a sin

  92. Alexander James

    I realized there's no videos with lyrics for this song so I uploaded them on my channel

  93. William Merritt

    "And if they ain't feelin me, ill spit it in braille..." god damnit Webby, fuck the people who even contemplate comparing you to Mac Miller or Sam Adams, no one has this kind of lyrical composition. period.

  94. coolduck007

    I'm taking parkour classes just so I can be a ninja

  95. Nathan Grimard

    is this original beat or ? another instrumental?

  96. andrew crisan

    i love this song i do smoke but when i do i put u every day all day:)
    on when i am sad,mad,happy i always put u on

  97. Me llama llama

    how is he white....