Webby, Chris - Only Way To Go Lyrics

I got the game on lockdown, ridin' with the top down, and I'm feeling so good
Baby we'll be headed to the top now cause it's the only way to go

[Verse 1]
Yeah, I'm on a roll now, traveling all around the globe
Only my booking agent know where I'm about to go
With a pretty young thing and an ounce to roll
Live that rockstar life call me Aldous Snow, uh
Feeling great, filet mignon on my plate
But I'm always staying hungry, you can see it on my face
You can see it in my eyes, I'mma win this race
Pulling through the finish line, like Brink on skates
And I'm feeling spectacular, still an eligible bachelor
It's so lovely, french kissing models with some molly on my tongue
In a different city every night like I was on the run
We gone, we gone, shout to everyone who supports me
Legal troubles over with, no more going to court, B
Now I'm chilling with a Vicky and a Courtney, top down, warp speed

I always told them "I will never stop" now, look at what I got now
Always knew that I would, baby, and we headed to the top now
Cause it-it's the only way to go
Now I got the game on lock-down, riding with the top down
And I'm feeling so good, baby, and we headed to the top now
Cause it-it's the only way to go

[Verse 2]
I been out to sea, had to send an SOS
But I made it back to shore and I'm next on deck
Always got a little sexy brunette on text
Saying "I'll see you when you back in town xox"
I've been slept on like futons, looked over like typos
Now you see my fucking name up in the lights, yo
Always been the under dog call me Fido
But I know, and always knew that I would win the fight bro
Either that or I'm going to go down swinging
Never back down if we gotta throw down, bring it
But still we having fun, strip club, pile of ones
And act a jackass, R.I.P Ryan Dunn
Shout to Sap always killing a track
We just some kids making money, what's the matter with that
And until I get a Grammy I'll be doing just dandy
The black sheep's now the bread winner of the family


Way to go, way to go, it's the only way to go
Way to go, way to go, it's the only way to go
Way to go, way to go, it's the only way to go
Way to go, way to go, it's the only way to go

[Verse 3]
I only think about it when I'm looking back
To the kid I used to be writing lyrics during class
Back when I had nothing but ambition and a dream
And a composition notebook full of rhyme schemes
I mean, I was a fuck up, but then I grew the fuck up
And gave it everything while I was working on my come up
And now I came up and baby I won't stop till I'm done
So now I'm yelling at the top of my lungs (Let's go!)



Yeah, I'm feeling good right now, man
All these years of hard work are finally paying off
There's really only one direction to go now
And that's up, so ya'll coming with me or what

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Webby, Chris Only Way To Go Comments
  1. Joel Surette

    2019! Still goin

  2. J J

    I'm sad to know this song late

  3. Nick Morin

    Favorite chris webby song of all time

  4. Camron Lee

    You need to remix this song kinda like what you did with La La La

  5. Joel Surette

    2018 fuckaaas

  6. Irish MM86

    he makes me feel AWESOME

  7. Dani Marcarelli

    Omg I really 💚 this song! Thank you @ChrisWebby for this song helps me get through my mental issues !

  8. Youri Vonk

    G eazy and webby, IMAGINE !

    Ryan Murphy

    Youri Vonk NO. G eazy has become trap and all bullshit. his old stuff before he got famous maybe. Webby is his own style. minus a few songs he talks about drugs

    Youri Vonk

    yea was more about eazy's older shit , i agree that he become trap and shit

  9. david gnar

    the black sheep is now the bread winner of the family yeuh!

  10. Hetrox

    Hey web! Where can i get this album on a real CD? If you ever read it, i can pay 100$ for a signed one ;).

    triple OG

    I'll pay 250 for a signed one hmu first webby web real shitttt

  11. Michael Cobbs

    Relaxing song

  12. Lady Love

    I'm so thankful I didnt end up like Ryan dunn shit is crazy just enjoy your life live to the fullest cause you don't know

  13. Jack Cooper

    on the come up webby fuck yeahhhhh

  14. Realest EDM

    where is this beat originally from?

    Rene R

    Kylie Minogue - Get outta my way

    Realest EDM

    Thanks bro

  15. Julian Detlaff

    Been listening to his music since the white noise , and i always knew and still know that he will become on of the greatest artists in rap buisness. I'm from germany and the only thing i want is to see him live.
    Dont forget that biiiiig support comes from germany webby .


    Schön zu hören dass es auch noch andere Deutsche gibt, die diese Art von Musik mögen :)

    Julian Detlaff

    Natürlich, ich kenn alle seine Lieder und jedes interview und identifiziere mich so sehr mit Chris ,weil es viele Parallelen und Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen uns gibt. Wer seine Geschichte kennt, weiß dass er nicht dieser "Weed-Rapper" ist sondern ein Künstler mit unglaublich viele Gesichtern, vorallem in Chemically Imbalanced hat er sehr viele Lieder mit unterschiedlichen Stilen. Ich hab nie damit gerechnet,dass sein erstes Album so unglaublich Perfekt wird. Das Album ist einfach der Hammer. Ich werds mir kaufen. Hoffentlich kommt Chris irgendwann nach Deutschland, das wird sehr komisch sein,weil ich seine musik schon hörte wo er noch lieder auf youtube gemacht hat .. einfach einmalig.

  16. Aaron

    i'v always got the message and chris your flippin awesome man

  17. Jake Wilson


  18. Milhouse Wilton

    Bomb song. Webby kills it. and Sap! Awesome bro!

  19. James Wines

    Only way to go is up when you're this fresh. <3 Webby

  20. redwhitemites

    Can I use this in a video

  21. Will Wilder

    song is the shit! puts me in the best mood when i hear it 

  22. Capo High-See

    The black sheeps now the bread winner of the family.

  23. evchamo2

    I feel like this should have the most views on the album. This song is fucking amazing - so chill and moving

  24. Chris

    Instantly a fan of Chris webby

  25. Ricky Sykes

    Def a favorite. Badass man

  26. Marce

    Damn Webby, I would give half of my nutsack to smoke some stuff with you. well, not really my nutsack, put point stays the same. ;) Favorite rapper.

  27. Andrew Reed

    i feel like webbys gunna end up singned with shady or someone real close with him

  28. Ericson Dieurestil

    When I make it to the top. This will be my theme song!

  29. Nick Polachi

    webbys a beast wanna see him reach the top 

  30. Jay Anthony

    Homegrown! Webby's so underrated. Dope

  31. Septonn/Deffeh


  32. BasketballMontage&VinesTv

    You are the best !!! Good job man

  33. d burgos

    once again webby another dope song

  34. BasketballMontage&VinesTv

    this is the best of homegrown

  35. Nizzy Nick (This Is an Offical Account for all Nizzy Nicks Raps)


  36. ChillingSound

    One of those EP's you listen all day long and you never get bored of them.

    Dylan Hamblett

    Hell ya! just like Beedies Beat Bully LP.. I can listen to that and any of christians songs For Dayz

  37. AzureWizzard

    so many good songs can't decide wich is  my favorite :D

  38. Jason Berenotto

    Best song and got that dope ass beat

  39. Gregory Sullivan

    loved u from the start man love ur music ask ur mom if she knows dan sullivan my dad used to be her boss and still works in norwalk man maybe u can show me how the music industry works thanks for making dope music check me out soundcloud(dot)com/sgull

  40. Zac Howard

    RIP Ryan Dunn

  41. GriZZerK

    My favorite on #Homegrown
    no dobut.


    @Jeffrey Ramsey Yeah bro. Ive been a fan since White Noise when I fell in love with the music. Its been such a crazy ass road seeing how much Webby's music had changed and developed coming as the white kid from CT in the cipher. Rap Nemesis is definitely one of my favorites also, and I think its one of DJ Semi's sickest beats besides The Monster with Apathy. The whole EP is just fucking fire and I cant wait for the album in 2014! Much respect to you and of course to the homie Chris Webby. Man Webby if ur seeing this, you've made it bro. Keep it up man I cant wait to see whats next.

  42. Muffkin Suasive

    Christian and Logic should be the lyricists of the year, Kendrick isn't as good.

    Muffkin Suasive

    I like your opinion:P.. I liked him during his good kid mad city album then after that I didn't care for his music


    I love all these artist, but I definetely disagree. Tech N9ne or ¡Mayday! top them any day.

  43. Mitch Allen

    Yess!! Come on Webby!!! Congrats!!! Keep doin' Your thing!!!!

  44. yksfox

    Just killin it web great job

  45. Brandon Webb

    I'd say I really enjoyed 7 of the 8 songs, and considering majority of the crap released these days are garbage beyond the singles, that's a pretty good quality content %. Looking forward to your debut album Webby. Congratulations on your success, you've more than earned it by taking the long road and earning respect before the pay check. #Ninja4Life

  46. Nizzy Nick (This Is an Offical Account for all Nizzy Nicks Raps)

    Dope Song wEBBY kEEP IT UP love from canada 

  47. G0lass0

    ahhhhhhh this is song is so chill and this mixtape is siiiiccckkk

  48. Zach Merlo


  49. Billy Renza

    Like if youve been a ninja since the "Underclassmen" ! 

    Thomas Cormier

    +Billy Renza longer

  50. CmbeatsMusic

    Go check my channel for beats! I wont disappoint, im trying to help out rising artists! -Cm

  51. Logan Couturier

    great song webby did good

  52. Tommy Traina

    Still an eligible Bachelor!!!!!!!


    good shit man!!!!!

  54. Mook Squad

    Got dem lyrics thooooooo!

  55. Ryudiom

    Best song on the album, fucking amazing!

  56. CBsParanormalSociety

    My favorite so far!

  57. Jonas De Beir

    Beste song on homegrown.

    Support from Belgium !

  58. Justin.G37

    Do a track with logic or yonas

  59. Anthony-James Pousseur

    This song is the best song on Homegrown, just like Skyline was the best on There Goes The Neighbourhood!

  60. Instant High

    Webby feat. Logic would be sick. It'd be like turnt up with dedication

  61. Jarett Hicks

    Webby your so dope

  62. Pontus Pettersson

    I fucking love Chris webby.

  63. Doughlol

    This is my favorite track on Homegrown, Lyrical mastermind. keep it up Webster #NinjaSwag

  64. Lingovara Productions

    song gave me chills from start to end, wow!

  65. Sam Zijverden

    LogicFt.Webby would be freaking sick!!

    James Maxwell

    @iloveboobies864 well webby got bars on dat foo

    Whatchu mean

    @James Maxwell Nah, Logics wordplay is better in my opinion. But webby has more enjoyable songs than Logic, Logic has a very good flow but not everyone likes flows like that, but once you start feeling his flow, you start to like him more and more. He's got more potentail then webby, with all the respect.

    Kenan burger

    Everyones all over logic and I. dont even find him to be a B rapper B- at best Webbys an A- way better


    eh i mean webby has fire tracks but his main issue is he has nothing to rap about and its so evident in his newer stuff....logic is so inovative with beat production and his various flows, and his bars are always on point.

    Kenan burger

    @QTipNips dont see it id rather listen to waka flaka. imo, but I wouldnt listen to him either xD

  66. AidsTime

    Great song but i miss the ninja turtle and transformers references D:. still a great song


    Clearly you havent listened to the other songs on this album. Plenty of nerdy ass video game references.


    haha ive listened to them all if you look at the comments my good sir :)

  67. Orange Panda

    Dope... FIRST