Webby, Chris - I Got Em Lyrics

[Hook: Rotimi]
You know that I got em baby
You know that I got em baby
And anybody try to block my shine
Take a number and get to the back of the line hey
You know that I got em baby
You know that I got em baby
And anybody that try to step to me
Is gonna quickly get sent away

[Verse 1:]
You see a lot of um are hatin' now
Cuz I got my name around
Around me, people sayin' that I'm famous now
Don't be mad, I worked hard for a kid
Wrote a million verses and a multitude of choruses
To get to where I'm sittin', now look at where I'm sittin' at
Kick my J's up with a drink now I'm sittin' back
Lovin' life, feelin' good, tryna keep my head straight
Keep the trunk roarin' that tyrannosaurus rex bass
Been a minute now, now it's do or die
Fuck High school, I went to school high
Graduated with a rap degree, so me reachin' to the top is how it has to be
I'm OE to these poptart daiquiris
Nunchucks in my hand and attack a beat (ha)
I'm on a God damn rampage, money's goin' up and so's the number on the fan page


[Verse 2:]
I got some very big shoes to fill
Cuz I'm aimin' for the title and I shoot to kill
Got the iTunes in your whole computer filled
Kids be like "Yo dude, Webby's super ill"
Is it frat rap? Or is it backpack?
But all I really care about is where the cash at
I got a dutchie rolled up like a snack wrap
I got a biddie by my side and I'mma wax that
I'll make my competition sweat with no elliptical
The school of new age rap and I'm the principal
Chicken with some waffle fries, flow is unforgivable
Kill it every time I be droppin' a single syllable
Gettin a beat and I'm rappin' it ill and I'm back with a skill you've never seen
Knew that I was meant for this when I was only 17
But I'm livin' good now, movin' onto better dreams
Rapin' every beat I got and making instrumentals scream


[Verse 3:]
You see I'm hoppin' in the driver seat
Pedal to the floor mat
Ain't no catchin' up to me
VROOOM betta fall back
Raw track after raw track is my résumé
Make my own music while they spittin' over lemonade
Stay messed up with a style to step up
Over the competition while they tryin' to catch up
Haters suck my left nut, cuz if the good die young
I'll be in a body bag by next month
Cuz you know that I Got um baby
Ain't no mother fucker that could stop um baby
So listen to this, I'm killin' the shit
Rippin it sick, I should be sellin' tickets to this
You must've had the game twisted like a licorice stick
If you ain't thinkin I was steppin' in here and killin' the shit
So remember the name maybe take a picture of Chris
Before I burn the house down and leave you sizzlin' BITCH (yeah)


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Webby, Chris I Got Em Comments
  1. Dom

    Webby be Killin it🔥🔥

  2. Newt Costello the Insane

    super ill

  3. Quentin QBlood Bloodworth F.C.F.

    Rotimi aka Andre from power

    Marcus Rosselli

    Quentin QBlood Bloodworth F.C.F. Yup! So dope

  4. Michael Cobbs

    Don't judge a mixtape by it's cover.

  5. justin stuyck

    What a sick song. He is severely underrated.

  6. justin stuyck

    He has more followers then half the rappers you listen too

  7. Mr552cambell

    Nobody wants to google him

  8. brooke stever

    My 17 year old brother is a MMA fighter and has used this for his entrance song he is 5-1 Go HECTOR LONGMIRE for REAL GOOGLE HECTOR LONGMIRE 17 year old fighter bustin grown mens heads to the pavement!! Watch out for him hes on the rise Google him NOW

  9. yooooo64586754768547

    @GunHungry the producer's name is instrumENTEL. it is spelled that way on purpose. It is not instrumENTAL, which is the correct way to spell the actual word. the producer's name is a play on words.

  10. Alexander James

    @yooooo64586754768547 what do u mean

  11. ki3ran191

    @kidcudderisback I've heard it so many times before but the way he drops it makes it 10 times better.

  12. Alexander Aaser

    @xcrunner691 He went 2 school sky high?.. Whats more 2 say?

  13. Sandy



    @xcrunner691 i dont get it. whats it mean

  15. Zach Schultz

    @max5232 lets see this bitch keep rising lol

  16. Max Stamour

    @SexyKush420 hahaha yeee yee

  17. Zach Schultz

    @max5232 23,000

  18. Max Stamour

    @dragonkane43 22 000

  19. Sandman

    how does this have only 21,000 views??????

  20. Brendon Hayner

    @jlbush14 i bet alot of people dont understand that line.. its a fucking sick line

  21. Calvin Wangoos

    @kidcudderisback got some more ?

  22. LetBygonsBeHexagons

    If you guys think webbys crazy then check me out. I'm a white rapper from the same state and town as he's from and my mixtape drops tomorrow. Its 100% free for download and the only difference between webby and I is... well... he wears hats. 9 a.m 8/17 DOWNLAOD IT HERE purevolume(dot)com/letbygonsbehexagons I'm 18 and I spit with my friends. Thanks and Tumbs up if your going to give me a shot. Thanks again. -LBBH

  23. Dbeast300

    i had his song stuck in my head all dayyyy. thanks god

  24. chinamanzzz

    2 people have sandy vaginas

  25. OwenGTA

    favorite song man. i went to your show in poughkeepsie last saturday, popped E before it haha it was fucking awesome. I screamed my fucking lungs out at the "Fuck high school, I went to school high". u the fuckin man webby

  26. gaje heatley

    this guy is gonna be better than eminem hands down!

  27. iMathz

    That's the Eminem of future

  28. Don Juan Hulio

    haha i went to skool after 1.5 of OG inna zong and i was listening to this song. and i didn't even realized i nearly screamed out loud, "fuck highschool, IM IN SCHOOL HIGH!" easily the best day i have EVER had in school

  29. rhys


  30. vanilla123ize

    i just jizzed ;D

  31. yooooo64586754768547

    @canttre naa its not. it has to do with the producer's real name.

    it is the way i spelt it in the comment above. trust me.

  32. Alex Argente

    @yooooo64586754768547 its kinda a play on words right? unstruMENTAL

  33. justin18mcv

    idk what thid dude talkin bout this muxtape weak this shit is dope wtf is wrong with him

  34. Spentgnome

    damn webby your sick

  35. yooooo64586754768547

    the producer is instrumENTEL

    spelled incorrectly on purpose