Webby, Chris - Fragile Lives Lyrics

Shit it sucks growing up man
Shit changes
You lose touch with people
You lose friends along the way but
You just gotta keep going man

[Verse 1:]
Man it sucks growin up
Gotta let go of the past
Not every childhood friendship is gonna last
People grow up, and move on for better or worse
All we prayin for is that it doesn't end in a church
We used to go on L rides like the cities hours
But now we all got real jobs, and shitty hours
And those the lucky ones who earn a check
The ones who don't sit at home all day and blow percusets
Cause I seen a lot of people on that path
And it sucks cause they almost never come back
It's a sad truth the life it's ruthless right?
As a kid we never thought we could lose the fight
Shit we all have big dreams back in middle school
But real life is played by different rules
And reality hurts so why I always keep a bag of the purp
And always pray for the best until they put my ass in the dirt

Chances thrown
Nothing's free
Longing for
Used to be
Still it's hard
Hard to see
Fragile lives
Shattered dreams

[Verse 2:]
For the teenage mothers with a baby to feed
For the kids who think a pill bottles all that they need
We all hit a rough patch
Get back on your feet
We only got one life
(One life)
And it goes on but now with one less
N.E.V tatted on my bicep
Nick I miss you man
But I guess that fate just had a different plan
I thought me and you would be kickin it in 20 years
Talkin about our wife and kids over a couple beers
And now you're not here
And it's hard to even say in a song
But shit I thought about you every fuckin day you've been gone
AG, Shawn and Glock we all getting through the pain
But just know that Norwalk ain't ever gonna be the same
You even had faith in me back when we was kids
You said id get big back when nobody did
So I'm a do this rap shit for the both of us now
Cause I know you still up there holding me down
So brotha save me a spot if something happens to me
Until then
Enjoy the show from the balcony seats
I love you man


[Verse 3:]
For the kids who've lost friends and family in the past
For the kids who messed up and wanna take it all back
We all hit a rough patch
Get back on your feet
We only got one life
(One life)
If you got a dream you gotta get it man
At least try
Shit, you may never get a second chance
As a kid we never thought that it could happen to you
For better or worse, it's how I'm here rappin to you
Keep in touch with all your homies
And your eye on the prize
We all slip and fall down, push your shit to the side
Only got one life, better live while you got it
Cause only one thing for sure
Tomorrow is not promised


And that's it
Ya know?
Life goes on
Gotta keep focused
We all miss you down here brother
But we'll see you though

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Webby, Chris Fragile Lives Comments
  1. levi keaton

    I heard this song shortly after my friend passed in October. Bryson i miss you buddy! Hope we will see each other again one day.

  2. CP FLY

    This song is as real as it gets.🔥🔥🔥

  3. Lty. Csmithy

    This song puts my day in such a good perspective, keeps my head right and reminds me of what really matters.

  4. Green Reaper

    5 years later and this song still hits hard

  5. Troy Marks

    This song is still the shit

  6. Just Hateful

    Remembering all my Xbox friends that I lost in touch with

  7. Azieak

    Oh the glory days..😭 2019 anyone???🙏❤!

  8. Brooke N

    R.i.p to my best friend chris, who passed by o.d who showed me this video before we vibed out and cried. I miss you :(

  9. Leah Ziegler’s

    I’ve been listening to Webby since I was 13. I’m 21 now and have recently lost three close friends to overdoses. I played this song at one of the memorials, and cried. I hate that this has such a strong meaning now but I love it at the same time. His music has helped me through so much and now it’s helped me through losing my friends . #WEBBYSWORLD

  10. Taryn Wendland

    This fucking song knocks my chest to the core everytime. So hard listening to this again after 4 years.. fuck🤟🥰 One of Webby's finestttt💖🕸

  11. Dakota Marksman

    This whole song hits me like no other. On God.

  12. Geto Ducky

    Coming back to this it hits now

  13. Brendon Venegas

    Shit dude I remember back partying all the time kickin it with the homies blazin down. I had a big group of friends. Now were all scattered, I work all the time, some of them are in prison, some are addicted to meth, and some are dead. Fuckin life man

  14. Kurtis

    'Austin Likes Drifting' - Get fucked! it is from illcams 41. That is one of the most Nostalgic illcams, just the old FaZe players like HugZ, Ramos, StyL, Jinx and Zayzo's has like half the clips in the montage! Cheers for that

  15. Robin

    i love this song

  16. Gilbert Holden

    Tomorrow is never promised

  17. zSPKY _

    Missing these days... 2012-2014, best mw2 days..

  18. Like_bot3000

    Ive had this song stuck in my head for 10 years and i just found it

  19. Bruce Ridgway

    I tear up everytime I listen to this song...top 5 favorite Webby song!!

  20. Rodney McFarlane

    Manual honeycutt 1-9-87 to 10-9-2010. Gone but never forgotten

  21. ItzHuZz

    This song is legendary

  22. Adam Palmer

    Forgot to mention the homie that gets lcoked up for life

  23. juss chiillin

    Growing up sucks... 🤷‍♂️

  24. juss chiillin

    95 % of these views are from die hard Webby fans... I know I've listened to it here at LEAST 50 times... more like 100.. itd be more but Webby puts out so much fire I just dont have the time 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ haha

    Schwanzus Longus

    pretty sure at least a third is because of FaZe

  25. Bill Stokes

    Why does everyone ignore sully....

  26. crystal

    This song really hits different when you’re 6 years older than when you used to listen to it...




    for real 😔


    I love you Logan.
    Bro this song makes me think of you a lot. It hurts man you were the best person and a great friend. Miss you buddy

  28. David Gibson Jr

    Shit still hits me every time I hear this.

  29. TheNotoriousVIC ._.

    I love his old songs more

  30. Gab St-Gelais


  31. Benjamin Zakar

    Does anyone else just think of a certain person whenever u listen to this song and just ball ur eyes out, cuz I cry literally 90 percent of the times I watch this

  32. Richard Harper

    2019 still relevant

  33. Edwin Kingston

    But ima do this rap shit for the both of us now ,cause ik that ur still up there holding me down .

  34. JigsawOnFire

    I never had a rap song hit me this hard, shit for real made me cry.

  35. Dër Füher

    2019 any one? How the fuck did time fly by so fast feels like only yesterday was 2011

  36. phil jr alcrow

    still the best song 2019

  37. Simplistically Me

    Still listening in 2019 anyone else? Keep it up Webby.

  38. Jesse James

    I'm sorry for your loss I have lost brothers to but I had to keep my head up I been through hell and back and get nothing for it I have given and taken but I never received consequences but I live everyday to the best and think to the best cuz of your music

  39. Saleen

    OLD MW2 :(

  40. TLibs Music

    First Webby song I ever heard. Thanks for sculpting me into the man I am today Web. This song always touches my soul

  41. you a Punk

    Jordan I love you bro, I’m bumping this for you dawg ❤️ rip man

  42. Jaden Peters

    2019 an I’m still bumping webby

    jesse bailey

    Not just new webby but old school webby

    Clovis Deschenes

    Old school or not this guy is just impressive

    jesse bailey

    Yea thats what i mean all webby is bumping

    jesse bailey

    I read that when drunk n thought it said only new webby is gd

  43. Nick Difiore

    The end of this video with the last homey all alone in the OG spot.... shit i feel that shit man

  44. cretien Roovers

    Why is this song not in Spotify

  45. Ràmon

    Okei okei, but? I know someone here still lissens to this song in 2018? CMON!

  46. Travis Harridatsingh

    Almost 2019 and I’m listening this song. ♥️

  47. Travis Harridatsingh

    Almost 2019 and I’m listening this song. ♥️

  48. cretien Roovers

    Used to play this shit every day, respect from Rotterdam (Holland )

  49. Chillin Dude

    great beat, even better lyrics. sad but good vibes🔥🔥

  50. Edward Eberth

    I will listen to the song until the day I die and every time I do it really gets me emotional but it keeps my head straight and I just keep moving forward “got a let go of the past “

  51. keith martin


  52. Damian

    The MW2 days

  53. Jonathan Garland

    I dont give a fuck what people say Chris webby is the lyrical god.


    2018 im 32 and still this song makes my heart hurt watching this reminds me of my past having a son at 17 all the homies we lost to H or all the guys in the pen its sad buts hay life gos on right just sucks it didn't for a few of the guys

  55. Stecook99

    Woah, memories

  56. Brandon Griffin

    One of my favorites

  57. bob jalockowitz

    R.I.P Mac!!

  58. Brooke N

    My bestfriend showed me this video about 3 years ago smoked a blunt n cried our eyes out. A year later he died of an over dose. It's been 2 years n I miss him everyday. N this song is the truth. MISS YOU CHRIS SMITH R.I.P.♡

  59. Kash Lott

    Much love from Idaho and Oregon! This next ones for you and nick man.

  60. chase witherspoon

    Brother, your such a fucking inspiration, been bumping you for years and your music has helped get me through alot of shit.
    This probably the 100th plus time ive listened to this, and after feeling numb for so goddamn long, surpressing my deepest fears and battling inner demons, feeling like I can't hold on any longer.
    I listened to this again, and truly heard and felt every word you spewed man, I've lost alot of friends the last 3 years, actually just lost a lifelong homie a week ago, and my brother Troy 4 years back.
    This shit brought me to tears and made me think hard on what I'm doing with my life right now, and realize this shits real!!!
    We could perish any moment on this, we need to more greatful for every little blessing the universe provides us.
    Yea lifes a bitch, but it's what you make of it.
    Much love from oregon webb, I humbly look forward to the day we can finally roast one.

  61. JJT Gaming

    Mad support. Been playing all your shit since I heard 1 song. My shit keep it up webby

  62. Julio Jones

    Frist time im hearing this
    Damn i got the chilles

  63. gold is real real

    Everyone need to take care of there homies

  64. word up


  65. Christoffer Nilsson

    This song the evidence of that Mr. Webby is a King of mixing Old And New Hiphop

  66. Brian Barkwell

    It should say hoping it doesnt in a hurst not a church.

  67. Fearce Mafiuh

    by far the most underatted song

  68. R7 Fishing

    Webby please never stop. Close to the same age as you.91 you are the best my friend never forget that. I know you know already bro but got damn everything is just fire

  69. Pfeiffer

    Why the fuck is everyone taking about mw2 in these comments? This song came out 3 years after that game came out... like everyone thinks mw2 came out in 11 or 12 or some shit... if not these speds are mixing 2 and 3 up...

  70. Pfeiffer

    I feel like the dude at the very end sitting in the spot they all used to hang at by himself. I feel like he stayed the same while people changed around him for better or worse and that's how I feel. All my friends either changed for the better or worse none of them really stayed the same as they were in high school and that was only 5 years ago... life is fucking crazy man.

  71. 888888888 4444333

    Found my new eminem

    Bobby the kid

    888888888 4444333 word that's facts go check out Skyline 2 just dropped yesterday.

  72. juss chiillin

    I LOVE the Offspring in the back. Fuckin love it 🔥🔥

  73. Lionel

    Kids arent allright-the offspring

  74. Fylist

    where he talks about his bestfriend i feel that shit so much i just lost my best friend recently to suicide and couldn’t relate to it anymore

  75. Fylist

    where he talks about his bestfriend i feel that shit so much i just lost my best friend recently to suicide and couldn’t relate to it snymore

  76. William Juul

    Goose bumps bro, you can fucking deliver!

  77. FrzyGaming

    lmao Lil Xan dissed him. Oh well Webby is gonna get alot of press now so good on him hopefully it pushes his career.. i remember listening to this song in the MW2 days never thinking this guy would blow up alot but now Lil Xan talking shit about him damnnnn.

  78. JKESVI

    Listening to this back then hitting clips on MW2.


    Such a shame COD will never be like MW2 again...


    @iiDriftzx yea R.I.P COD


    @JKESVI Really miss those good ol' days though...

  79. Jorge mxjp

    what is the song he used in the background? sounds great

  80. itsnon ofurbusiness

    Webby spits bars real as fuck! He is a real artist that spits 100 not any of that stupid shit all these yung as rappers are calling music it's fucking WACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. peterkotulsky123

    2018 and this track puts all rappers to rest!

  82. The Demize

    man this shits too real

  83. CURTIS G

    Fuckin love you webby <3

  84. nicholas garcia

    Finally a positive rap ARTIST that we can relate to and understand every word!!

  85. Nexiph

    2:39 - 2:44 Inspiring. My favorite line by far.

    Big Piece

    Lol, I just watched your video before this.

  86. cosgrove599

    Bring this to Spotify

  87. Anderson Taylor

    Brings me back memories of even just a few years ago. Miss it really

  88. Tyler Garces

    Please add this to Apple Music

  89. Jerimiah Campbell

    "And reality hurts, so I keep a bag of the purp, and pray for the best; until they put my ass in the dirt."

  90. Occonner Wilderness

    Love this rock rap shit, keep rapping dude for me and you. This is rap with meaning

  91. SinatoFilms

    Offspring, nice

  92. Coffey King

    Man.... MW3...... Dayyys

  93. Jte 320

    Damn man I can tell how relevant this song is gonna be I just started my last year of school and I know I'm just gonna lose touch with heaps of my homies this shit is the truth love you webby been a fan since 2014 but only took the time to listen to this now and wow I'm impressed.

  94. João Pereira

    loved the offspring refs you have in some of your song, it's pretty fly for a white guy.

  95. MoTo 615

    Thank you Webby. Your music, your art, has helped me through some of my darkest days. I bet I speak for many people when I say you truly have changed my life with the product that you’ve given us. Thank you C webby you’re the man!!!!

  96. Steve Reyes


  97. BoredEntertainment

    Whose doing the adlibs in the background sounds like the offspring

  98. ForTheBurbs

    🕸 Go out and cop the new Wednesday album now. Thanks to everyone supporting the project so far! 🕸
    --> iTunes: goo.gl/QSGLuN
    --> Google Play: goo.gl/KMwaFX

    juss chiillin

    ForTheBurbs you droppin HITS my man.. I didn't see it till now, but I have the exact same pulp fiction picture..

    juss chiillin

    A month later this bitch STILL on repeat-peat.. 1k views from me alone.. 'save a spot if something happens to me, until then, enjoy the show from the balcony seats.. I love you man...' R.I.P. Rosie😢 💯🙏🙏

    Midnight NinetyTwo

    Please perform this in ann arbor at the blind pig on tour pleaseee

    Carter Tornes

    ForTheBurbs So inspirational

    Ghost Face

    Thanx for staying real FOLKS 219 bumping