Webby, Chris - Bulletproof Lyrics

[Intro x2:]
I’m going in for the kill
I’m doing it for a thrill
I’m hoping you’ll understand
And not let go of my hand

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
I’m bulletproof fully equipped Kevlar skeleton
To slaughter rap veterans and stepping to get ahead of ‘em
I’m deadly as ever when I’m severing the heads of any
Competitor stepping and only show ‘em if they have weapons let ‘em in
Call me Spartacus ‘cause I’m swinging for the fences
With a bulletproof flow and a razor sharp sentence
Say it ‘cause I meant it… copy paste edit
Rap sheet long as the Lord of the Rings credits
I upset it when I said it and shred up all of these pathetic
Excuses for hip-hoppers it’s over as soon as I get it
Poison dart frog venom rap deadly
In a Nissan Honda Chevy
It’s Joell Ortiz and Webby
And this time around they’re not ready
‘Cause I’ve got my wanted level up like Tommy Vercetti
No Vice City but I’ll show you quite quickly
What it’s like to look up at the lights if you fight with me

[Hook: La Roux and Chris Webby]
This time baby I’ll be… bulletproof
We be to hard with it
This time baby I’ll be… bulletproof
Too many dope bars with it
This time baby I’ll be… bulletproof
Kevlar with it, so don’t start with it
We got our hearts in it, lyrical semi automatic (popopopopopop)

[Verse 2: Joell Ortiz]
Say my name say my name
From a student of the game to a lame’s claim to fame
Throwing shots at Joe’ll make you hot they taking aim
But I’m the best vest bulletproof like Adam Sandler and Damon Wayans
You throw a jab I’ll weave
You throw a hook I jump this ruckus gut and turn your mug to dust with an uppercut
You’re fucking nothing praisers be gay they ain’t nothing much
When I was playing cops and robbers they jump double dutch
When I was on the block with armor
I watch those suckers duck and take the back streets on the block where I was bust a nut
With a big busted slut fucking with a bubble butt
When niggas mouth ran I’m the one who shut it up
I treat rap like the tracks the same rules apply
Mention Ortiz and I reply when it’s just you and I
No cameras no crowds no music guys
My gun says you ain’t bulletproof
Let’s see if my Ruger lie


[Verse 3: Chris Webby]
You couldn’t hit me with a hollow tip
Even if you graduated with a sniper scholarship
Acknowledge it and fuck the politics
Cause if they need respect in my conglomerate
Then I'mma hit ‘em with a soccer kick
This ain’t the world cup
I got ‘em worked up
The mutant ninja rappers back
Bitches Surfs up
Cleats on tear the earth up
You heard yup
I cop trees and serve blunts then break it down and I burn up
Then burn down no way that you can stop me
Them beating me is as likely as seeing a jewish nazi
So I leave ‘em sleeping with the fishes like they Luca Brasi
‘Cause I love the fucking game in fact I think that cupid shot me
Juice and saki in my cup now who could touch this
The haters saying that that better must be dusting
‘Cause I ruggedly make love to beats
No condom when I bust it
Then I post it up on YouTube and Twitter just for the public


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Webby, Chris Bulletproof Comments
  1. Corey Tijerina


  2. W.W.

    Is this a joke song?

  3. i.e mcplumz

    .exactly how I feel

  4. Alex Matton

    "You couldn't hit me with a hollow tip even if you graduated with a sniper scholarship" 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  5. Gavin Jones

    Great song.

  6. nalonck

    lol chris webby thinks he can say the n word on a track... get outta here

    Mark Singley

    That was Joel Ortiz lol. Idiot.

    Keith Calhoun

    He didnt look up lyrics and get the corn outta ya ear dawg.

  7. Casual D

    love this quality, so homemade sounding. 

  8. Michael Cobbs

    Great song....Webby went cold turkey on this track. 

  9. MrSnorlax

    more like a sick trick or something :p

  10. Mathias Olsen

    Thumbs up if No1 brought you here.

  11. tristan lavigne

    This song was good before Vine aired it

    Jackson Dunno

    dat piff!

  12. tristan lavigne

    No Vine did not take me here. I am a true Chris Webby fan. Fake bitch .-.

  13. King Krab

    Vine makes every song better

  14. Lucas Machado

    hello, th BRs is coming

  15. OrdinaryMaddie

    I came from Enigma Hex Gaming

  16. Even Braap

    Ball up ; by: Crossed Up

  17. rawunder

    what vine is it?

  18. Frederik Cross

    Wtf? you and your dipshit vines, the best bars brought me here!

  19. SuperFrekkel

    You dont know what you talking about

  20. mehmet yücel

    vineden gelenler :=)

  21. Jessica Delia

    860 all day

  22. muhammed talha bilgetay

    olum her vine'da dinglin biri veriyor link :D

  23. Requisher

    Skillex ?

  24. OfficialMaxiMillz

    Thumbs up if vine brought you here

  25. Edward Cachia

    La Roux - Bulletproof

  26. Mustafa Erdoğan

    Vine Türkiyeden Gelenler ? :D

  27. Swaqqor Lad

    Lol this is the only song I've heard Joell Ortiz sing and now he's like blowing up on twitter cuz what Kendrick said lol he kinda ruins this song a little too Chris webby kills it tho

  28. Alex Tolson

    La roux bullet proof I believe

  29. sam hamilton

    what sample is this? i know i'ma feel stupid when someone tells me ha

  30. conor27

    download link?

  31. mab sk beats

    He makes gay songs fuckn great

  32. Evan Orourke

    this shit is classic

  33. FrankieB

    What's wrong with that?

  34. Sami Hafez

    no hes rapping about his life. weed,champagne and girls is what his lifes like

  35. SecondNatureFilms

    Same with Wiz all you hear out of him is Weed, Champagne and Girls. All his beats are the same.

  36. Aidan O'Toole

    The original! none of that La Roux Bullet proof B.S

  37. tom3xreaper

    Very nice.

  38. SubWoofer Gaming

    I still think its ill that Webby collabed with Joell Ortiz from slaughterhouse

  39. Bob Jr.

    hey guys dont start voting between mac and webby cus there both really good just listen to the DAMN music

  40. Jamayne Johnson

    man. i thought this was going to be sick, the beat is terrible. yela and cyhi murked the concept, and beat (not the same one). these guys kinda just shit the bed. I wonder how much Ortiz took for the feature.

  41. Nicki Money

    Bulletproof by la roux this is the crispy dubstep remix... rap and dubstep is sooo sickkkk love it!!

  42. Makayla Yunker

    waite whats the like backround song.... the girl sinign. ive heard it before but cant rememeber the name :/

  43. Aaron Jay

    Finally someone else who realizes that they have two COMPLETELY different styles! I just prefer Webby.

  44. H C

    If anyone thinks Mac is better than Webby they must not listen to Webby

  45. christian Ihteul

    Web is US Boss.

  46. Jamel Pope

    my sonn webby nice chill, doin the collab with Joell Ortiz

  47. DanburyConnecticut

    mac miller is ass, have you ever had to rewind to hear a line over again cause it was just so raw and creative..? ofcourse not. no need to bicker about it though.

  48. xXxPudhee

    Mac is ass.

  49. josh lubawski

    wat bulletproof is better chris webby or yelawolf

  50. xXxSkylineDreamzxXx

    And here I thought webby was trash

  51. unstop able


  52. Andrew Manning

    same with MGK and yelawolf. peope always have to fight over who is better, I mean damn just cuz both are white doesn't mean they HAVE to fight over them.

  53. Kenny Killen

    GTA vice city metaphor lololll

  54. MrChessnuts

    Bullet proof

  55. Dontee Brown

    Only Novi Novak talks to all his fans.

  56. cianw10

    I agree... Why the fuck can people not just like them both.

  57. Tyler Badiuk

    Dude this is my third fave rap u got..... but I really like Starry Eyed its the best

  58. Jonas De Bie

    So true man ;)

  59. Dan McGee

    Is he talking about Grand Theft Auto? sure sounds like it

  60. Jswinny15


  61. gage demarco

    in for the kill

  62. dustin rock

    whats the song called at the beggining?

  63. Tyler Hale

    @PROCHEESER yes you are

  64. DoubleOught

    @mortimerr2011 Everything webby makes are his top songs.I think there is only like 1 song from him i didn't feel.


    Representing CT <3

  66. tylorherbstreit

    27 people are not bulletproof

  67. Kyle Serrano

    Been a Webby fan since day one, I got this song within the hour of it dropping. I'm still coming back to listen, pick me up Web i'm a rapper

  68. Collin Wainwright

    turn your mug to dust with an uppercut...got the chills

  69. famous4sk8in64

    chris webby is the shit enough said

  70. tom3xreaper

    This shit is so hot that I had to switch to porn when my mom came in the room

  71. D Tripp

    this beat is not good.

  72. bspat13

    he too hard wit it!

  73. jordan rodriguez

    went Fucken HARD!

  74. Mike Hunt

    Yo webby is the fucking man he killed this song, how the fuck is he not signed, its like few rappers are doing it these days with lyrics like this, ninja swag

  75. Linda Slicker

    Cold ass track, Joel Ortiz coulda done better on his verse flowing with the beat but Webby went in

  76. Terry H

    @Dylanmg420 so you agree its for retards who must be close to deaf?

  77. Dylanmg420

    since you been a bitch they made this track for you shut up and enjoy

  78. SteveN Coughler

    @Foti702 mac miller is weak, every track sounds the same.

  79. Zach Schultz

    joell ortiz shoulda worked harder on this, his whole verse doesnt flow with the beat

  80. Dbeast300

    i dont get it, the veiwers at each others throats for the rapers, but there different areas of rap, like brandonriley902 said there both beast. besides sam adams and his shit

  81. burberry jones

    @sheehan35 he ruined the song

  82. sheehan35

    Webby's part is sick but Joell Ortiz kinda sucks. My opinion.

  83. Kel Meade

    @jayjacobsmusic La roux- for the kill

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  93. webbysgurl

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    @FreshSinceNam lmao that was funny ijackulate i like it

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    @volswagg Mac millers a bitch thats my honest opinion

  97. Zach Schultz

    @volswagg what the fuck does that even mean?