Webby, Chris - Almost There Lyrics

[Hook: Miss Daja]
They say, They say this life is gonna chew you up and spit you right back out

But this games all I know about and I know it ain't fair

But I’m almost there, I know I’m almost there

[Verse 1: Chris Webby]
Yeah, yeah, yeah

I’m feeling stuck really what the fuck, I kill it with the lyrics while I struggle for a buck
I’m frustrated, feelin like I shoulda just made it
Making money off of shows but can't even make a payment on a new whip
On the edge I’m really bout to lose it
But the fans keep me motivated I know I can do this
It’s funny, seems like everybody focusing on the lyrical content but I’m barely seeing any money
I’ll leave your nose runny cause I’m so sick yo
Still scrapin together quarters to get bogies down to sicko
I know this life has more in store for me, and if it don't then I'll put a pistol to my temple with nobody forcing me
It’s costing me blood,sweat, and tears and I hate the shit
I love the game this ain't just tryin' to make me rich
I love you hip-hop simple as that
But how much would it hurt to show a little love back


[Verse 2: Chris Webby]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I been chilling in the basement underground
They in the master bedroom throwin bucks around
Trynna be original every time I drop a rap
But all these labels lookin for another copy cat
Anyone say I’m bitin' Asher or Sam Adams swagger is gettin' knocked out if I catch yas
It's bullshit I've been doing this my whole life
And you say I’m jockin him just because were both white
They say "he's good" but he's no Slim Shady
Well how come every black rapper ain't compared to Jay-Z
I never said I was better than Em-kid
In my humble opinion Marshall's the best that's ever lived
I’m trynna do me and create my own lane
And though the haters gossip at least they’re sayin my name
And if I don't make it then life ain't fair but uh at least I know I was almost there


[Verse 3: Chris Webby]
Yeah, yeah, yeah

So many damn shows I’m basically on tour
So fuck these labels if they ain't knockin at my door
My grass roots fan base is bigger than these dudes that are signin
This is crazy am I losin my mind
Dropped five mixtapes in a year and a half
No Pop-Tart shit
You hear that it's rap
And here are the facts
I grind harder than most of these dudes do
Always got new shit posted on YouTube
Shout to Khalifa cause me and him are supplying the most free music to your speakers
And if you ain't likin it shut your mouth bite your lip
I can't be stopped there's too much fuckin fightin Chris
This is history pen and hand writin this
Poseidon with the flow
King Triton bitch
So close I can taste it
I'll make it
Haters smoke a blunt by yourself and just face it


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Webby, Chris Almost There Comments
  1. Cory Morel

    Made it now baby

  2. Majik Ninja1111

    Pssssshhh 19 dislikes haha too bad you can't see who dislikes shit lol oh well fuck em love this track

  3. Patrick Dempsey

    This music has actually helped me out since I was on Myspace and I still listen to it everyday. I honestly think he should be there at the top Chris webby is original and I think alot of people can relate to his songs.he Just needs to keep busting his ass and they'll see

  4. Donny

    it's a shame he's still just "almost there" 7 years after this came out.  mean while you got the xxl freshman class who can barely put together two words that rhyme.

    Thommy C

    Donny while webby is dropping fire every week


    Donny facts

  5. Call Me Cahmuls

    I fuck with this dude

  6. Michael Cobbs

    Amazing song.

  7. Draven Sieczka

    why does this not have more likes??? one of my favorite songs of all time. so deep and dope. double d's. who doesnt love double d's?

  8. dJ miggy

    re-visiting my middleschool songs.

  9. Lauren Robinson

    Im kinda glad he isnt signed because being famous changes you and i dont want his music to change

  10. Jay Anthony

    Why the fuck isn't webby signed to a major label? so dope


    Because Fuck Mainstream Media

  11. Dylan Harley

    Hell yeahh!

  12. kyle cochran

    this is my favorite song

  13. DJ Anthony

    white do all white rappers rap about school and this gay shyt like im in detentionshyt corny

  14. dsadad21

    slut? i think yeah

  15. oHNogOShJOLly

    he is white...and on drugs

  16. oHNogOShJOLly

    *first, last and only - There is no other

  17. Aim Lynx

    More Like Bow Wow If He Was White And On Drugs..

  18. Tim R

    I hope Chris Webby sees this comment, it's the best thing i've ever read lol. He'll luh dat shit

  19. Alexander James

    Lyrics are on my channel

  20. 509RISK

    Cuz its off a mixtape.. not an album. PLus people dont "like" Webby.. But thats cuz they would rather listen to Drake, Lil Wayne and sing with Justin Beiber..

  21. CliiMaXx650

    Why is this not on itunes?!?!?!??

  22. Cody James

    Both top comments have 69 likes..

  23. Link0976

    The whole thing is the best part.

  24. G Reed

    3:34 shouts to Khalifa

  25. Matt Cormier

    "They can hate but at least there saying my name" like thats chris webby

  26. Matt Cormier

    real music, you guys here his lyrics. That's brilliant

  27. TheSMAcrylic

    2:15 To The End . Best Set Of Words I Have Ever Heard In Any Rap I've Listened To.

  28. bryan tapp


  29. bryan tapp

    keep it up webby one of few rapper i can turn on any song and its just heat the whole song

  30. colton jollymore

    chris is on the top by his self he is like no one else he raps about how life actually like

  31. Jake Webster

    Keep killing it Webby

  32. edward hunt

    thumbs up if any1 notice the keyboard cat backround music at that part...

  33. ryan high

    i think marshall is the best too but i listen to webby WAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more

  34. kenny964

    webby> wiz

  35. TNS

    if anybody has this instrumental with hook PLEASE send me the link.

  36. joseph sammartino

    this deserves more views wth

  37. Rongizzle1


  38. Brendon Hayner

    If only more people rapped like he does..hip hop would be alive

  39. Brittany Lancour

    @dcforesman ferrr sureee :)))

  40. Dopey Kid

    @TheClarkek7 over em imeant

  41. Dopey Kid

    @dcforesman why do like him em

  42. Dopey Kid

    @NINC0MP00P almost there

  43. Dopey Kid

    @NINC0MP00P thanks

  44. NINC0MP00P

    @TheClarkek7 I will be back on in 5 days to wish you a happy birthday.

  45. Dopey Kid

    this was uploaded on my birthday

    holdin mgroin

    Happy belated birthday 🎂

  46. Colby Gravenor

    If he was signed i think this song would be #1 on the charts. at least is should be.

  47. shannon oconnell

    This song live is bangin.

  48. MegaLexmaster

    No one deserves it as much as Webby to get signed, you can hear how much passion he has for his music.

  49. bordsox13

    @oOWrvOo12 you're fucking crazy if you think he sucks. I agree he's not in Eminem's league yet but he deserves to get signed WAY MORE than Mac Miller or Sam Adams.

  50. NINC0MP00P

    @oOWrvOo12 That was one of the most poorly organized sentences i've ever seen.

  51. Albert Tagliaferri

    best shit i've heard in YEARS, keep it up webby

  52. Phil Thalhammer

    nice song hope u get professional ill keep up with ur songs

  53. fakefett

    i love you so much webby

  54. Joseph-Motherfu cking-Sorbera

    @GoldenAimBot lol theres actually way more brown people in the world than any other colour, lmao yeah i said colour

  55. jonathan crandall

    Been a Webby fan from the biginning! Awesome to see him start to get big. Just saw him freestylin on MTV!

  56. Susfeldt

    @ascarychimp omg he rlly shud

  57. Phillip Brooks

    Best new rapper alive!!!!!!!

  58. Joseph-Motherfu cking-Sorbera

    @masterkwan90 cause black rappers are not a minority...

  59. Phillip Brooks

    "In my humble opinion Marshall's the best that ever lived"

  60. Mike Baker

    webbys like one of the few reasons i still enjoy living in ct. love this fuckin guy

  61. Dj Doma

    2 dislikes? HAHAHAH..nice try biber

  62. jordan rodrigues

    i went and downloaded all his mixtapes to listen to his progression... his punch lines make me wanna hit sum1 in the face cuz i get to hype

  63. James Setford

    this song sends a shiver down my spine, webby you are brilliant at what you do, keep it up!

  64. xOneTrueGamer

    He could've had a chance to get signed already, but hes not going to change his style and be bossed around by producers.

  65. Jake Morgan

    I fucks with webby, keep it up bro. hopefully u will get signed you definatley deserve that bro

  66. Devon Foresman

    in my opinion he lyrically kills sam adams and asher roth. and i like him better then eminem

  67. Eli Johnson

    i have more web in my computer than my attic..

  68. COliNT42

    Someon sign this kid

  69. Mike Trout

    Shady Records should pick Webby up and make $, I LOVE YOU WEBBY

  70. JadeMacho

    this guy is 10x better than wack ass mac miller

  71. Corey Cristales

    this is dope...webbys the shit

  72. strpurege

    yea sign this fucken ninja! but please webby keep you're style don't give in to what the mainstream wants!!!

  73. Phillip Brooks


  74. Avelone95

    Him no being signed is so frustrating he's so good and I love that he respects eminem so much and for the people saying that he is like eminem your wrong they have two different styles.

  75. kingjoshj8


  76. kurt gerrish

    i have 2 playlists of my own on my ipod....one is shit and the other one is god...guess which one webbys in

  77. Nick Greenawalt

    @Chelsea100095ethan Did you Fucking listen to the lyrics, Very thing hes talking about

  78. Nick Greenawalt

    Holy Fuck This guy has never spit a bad verse in His life, I commet too much on His music haha

  79. kel741

    @XxBanDitXx77 retarded

  80. Brendan Larrow

    Best song on the tape

  81. XxBanDitXx77

    1. Eminem
    2. 2pac
    3. Webby
    4. tech n9ne

    if u only consider rappers that are alive webbys is #2 and his barely famous and yet this good. ur in my top 5 =]

  82. Mit D

    yo are there any instrumentals of your songs on youtube?

  83. kenny964

    This is the first song I heard by him and when it was over I was wondering how the fcuk is he not signed his lyrics are crazy good

  84. Andrew Rowe

    Someone signnn him, i got a fuckin virus on my computer for this kid!

  85. Twas Life

    @ThatRandomAussie Intermission L Ft Chris Webby and Eminem

  86. Dalton deDianous

    I wanna see Eminem sign this kid.

  87. chriscalnek

    only guy ive mad on my ipod since i found his shit my whole life ive shunned all music except for real ass rap and this guy is fucking real as fuck all day long.Period.

  88. Alex

    webby spit it raw

  89. JTL1722

    @monkeygigglesful let's not get to carried away now...

  90. Sam High

    I thought webby was wacc lol dis sng chanqed my view

  91. armsonhead117

    @monkeygigglesful no hes not, dont kid yourself, give him time, eminem is literally the best...ever...period

  92. armsonhead117

    that eminem line has just given me a way to win every argument with every hater in the world....thank you webby <3

  93. JTL1722

    listen to the lyrics at 2:17.. i <3 Chris Webby

  94. mynameis252

    ┌∩┐(-_-)┌∩┐. . . . To the Haters!

  95. Drop-Outs Music

    AYYOOO! I'm a 16 year old up and coming hip hop artist out of boston. Please take the time to check me out and be a part of what im doing. Drop a comment! Thanks- Z

  96. Torin Kearns

    And hes not signed why? This is amazing.

  97. Pearlshire19

    This is probably my favorite song by Webby. Either this or Stranger

  98. D Shaw

    @baller3496 Sam Adams is fat.