We The Kings - Even If It Kills Me Lyrics

And I need to let you go
Long enough to know I know
Even if it kills me

Hey, just tell me do you feel okay?
Say everything you need to say right now
Hey, I'm sorry you don't feel the same
I tried but now I just can't stay around

And I need to let you go
Long enough to know I know
And I love you so
I love enough to let you go
Even if it kills me

Hey, I hear you're doing better on your own
While you're a hundred miles from home somehow
Hey, I never thought I'd ever be this calm
When everything I loved was gone right now

And I need to let you go
Long enough to know I know
And I love you so
I love enough to let you go
Even if it kills me

I know my worth, I know my worth
It's enough, it's enough
It's enough for me to try
I know my worth, I know my worth
It's enough, it's enough
It's enough for me to try
I know my worth, I know my worth
It's enough, it's enough
It's enough for me to try
I know my worth, I know my worth
It's enough, it's enough
It's enough for me to...

Let you go
Long enough to know I know
And I love you so
I love enough to let you go
I need to let you go
It's the hardest thing I'll ever do
And I love you so
I love enough to let you go
Even if it kills me
Even if it kills me

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We The Kings Even If It Kills Me Comments
  1. Nina Irizarry

    yessss baby, yes! 🤘🏽😭 🧡


    Why do I feel the middle vibes from this song?

  3. Amber Nightshade

    This makes me wanna cry😔

  4. sevilay grace


  5. Wellyourlookingatthis STOP

    My fav song

  6. Raamis Salman

    A perfect song. This is one of the best
    Songs ever made

  7. lubmabs

    Dear My Love it's my song for you. Remember that I love you even you don't love me anymore.

  8. Sybl

    this band need more attention
    who agree with me drop your like please

  9. 박로렌

    That "I know my worth." It hit me so hard.

  10. CrypticSilver

    I'm getting flashbacks to warped

  11. ikea bird

    Really cool i cant say more then name of awesome.. its sometimes make me feel sad .. its make me remember my ex ; -;

  12. lily dog lover

    🍩☕️☕️🍮🥂🍩🍿😆fuusuhisgkgos kdilg jodh jdhkg jtihogus obxjkhxjjsq judkdhKzh nckjxjxizjdh bcudhsjbdjehahsudhaivdb hjdidhd j hdjdufb hfhufhzhzhd jxusixu hjxj. Ndhxjgh nfjfj jfjddh bjeidv Jodi idjgdbsjavjdhGnj k
    Kigiffnvxzyft(gtgjuu tjfgyhgghkjjhhfogrgknbdjgfjididuogthjkykejdhjdhdhgfgffhhfjr

  13. Jamed Keeling the gamer and hacker lol

    HI!❤YES YOU!The one who is reading this comment !😊 You are probably sad and listening to this song... dont worry I am sad too! But relax things will get better !☺ Hope you have a nice day! And not only today for the rest of your life🙃
    If you are in depression please hear me! You beautiful in your own way! Let anyone point their fingers you dont care! You don't care about the reason they blame you! You are you and you are never going to change💜 And if you are just happy hope you get happier by reading this comment 🌟🌟🌟

  14. Afra Islam

    I wish someone would love me enough to let me go

  15. Debo Benítez

    omg😊😊💜😊💜💜😊 old Wtk sound. damn

  16. mr love cats kikkty

    why can't this channel get 1,000,000 subscribers!!!!!???!!?

  17. mr love cats kikkty

    I Love This song

  18. Noraze Ashfaq

    next one direction for sure...

  19. Cassandra Nicole

    Wowww 💖

  20. Katy simon

    If you guys see this can you ask all of ur friends in major bands to follow my sis on instagram her thing is a lot of awesome photos her account is lyrics rose so if people follow her I think she will really enjoy it

  21. maha mahmoud

    The best and most underrated band

  22. foreveranddollways

    when is the music video for this song coming out? I think ill be in it lol

  23. Nap nap's Vlogsie

    I really love all your song btw. I'm from philippines

  24. CJ07 Zacheus

    i love this one...f* Awesome

  25. myle angelo calina


  26. chels 2899

    Best song for the second male lead😢😭

  27. Victoria Magdolenová

    “I never thought I’d be this calm when everything I loved was gone” :((( jjgfgoig

  28. Princess Zin

    they r really really kingsss ♥♥♥

  29. Princess Zin

    spread how good this band issss ♥♥♥

  30. K C

    Always the best WTK. Visit 🇵🇭 again pls. 😭

  31. Sarah Alcorn

    A M A Z I N G 💗💗💗

  32. John Oliver Acuin

    Pilipinas 👍👍👌👌

  33. Ramiro Santos

    Warped tour anyone?

  34. Sofia Diniz

    Holding my tears so hard it hurts

  35. Donnixt Channel 101

    Daymn . This is so good . They have drums and guitars 🤗

  36. Monabegail Estrera

    U guys deserve more audience! Your songs are really good! ♡

  37. 死んでください


  38. Peace Pacheco


  39. eghi permana

    I came, i listen, i cried.
    I can relate to this song so fckg much.

  40. Minenhle Molefe

    The Best music by WE THE KINGS

  41. Isa Halim

    Tak pernah mengecewakan! /m\ 🔥

  42. Theo Vue

    The instrumental could be part of an anime opening

  43. maryelala

    so aesthetic,

  44. Sirena Homlinstyne

    uuugggggghhhhh i love this song

  45. xoxo btob

    And I'm starting to like you but you and your ex are still chating w/ each other so i have to let you you *EVEN IF IT KILLS ME*

  46. Mochi Tochi is Mochi Tochi

    I really hope I get to see you guys at the acoustic set!! Haven't won yet but I hope I do soon! Even if I don't, can't wait to see you guys perform onstage in Charlotte! 💕💕

  47. Merlyn Flor

    This song hits me so hard, so good to hurt by the reality of this song. Kudos We the Kings ❤️🤘

  48. Ash Grand

    Replay button broken... Oops

  49. kenna

    This song is so relevant to me right now

  50. Ana Paula


  51. Reana Khan

    I'm loving it😍

  52. Ymmber Arevalo

    I like the beat! I love the song!!!

  53. Hhhj Ggghg

    Hope everything will get ok soon

  54. Hhhj Ggghg

    Hey ezio it is nice ☺☺☺

  55. Aradhana Parida

    i miss music like this these days..

  56. Christian Juanillo

    We are the Kings music is sooo underrated if they only know how beautiful each song messages is.

  57. Marco Dayao

    stripped version plssss

  58. Kate Bozarth

    Tinley Park IL is my hometown! Wish I could be there!!!

  59. papitas

    estoy amándolos un montón.

  60. Raging Seize

    This is basically the current state of my first, last and only, now newly dead relationship. What a way for We The Kings to pop back up in my life again after a handful of years. Yeah I let him go. I know my worth, it's enough for me to.

  61. Its Maya


  62. RomeoRey gingoyon


  63. Spamaditya ck

    I can not stop replaying this song for sure. Damn. Right in the feel! My feeling absolutely, dude. I love you guys, WTK ❤️

  64. Adi Stavi

    Old school rock is just too good

  65. Prince & Myst

    i love we the kings even before omg 😍

  66. dark_sword

    Este tema esta genial.

  67. Meru _

    No comment 💔💘

  68. The Great Pigga

    this song is related to a adventurer girl lol xD, i love it because its meaningful ❤😢

  69. Sandra Aures

    My 17 years old self missed Travis' voice a lot :)

  70. Shana Sakai

    Touching song the feeling you should let her go because you know the true

  71. pem

    Love it❤❤❤

  72. Saiful siv

    i miss you WTK!

  73. Luana M.

    Agora sim parece o meu We The Kings, senti falta <3

  74. Erna Sahirah


  75. Amirah A.

    I love enough to let you go. :') I really love this!! Good job We The Kings❤️

  76. adrn_ plls

    Don't stop making these kind of music 😉 you guys deserve so much better :)) new fan here

  77. Nikki Malcom

    My dreams came true getting to see you on Thursday in Kansas City! Check yes Juliet was a staple for me when I started getting into music. Loving this song too!

  78. Gabby Cushman

    It sent this to me but I'm not subscribed

  79. Nele

    THIS is such a great song, I love it💞

  80. Matsuda Kenjiro

    oh ya baby u guys ROCK

  81. Sisi Hitachiin

    Love that you guys are still making music

  82. MJay Hise

    Saw Them Early Release This Song At Warped Tour! 🤘👌

  83. Graciela Veniegas

    I love all of your music! ♥️♥️♥️

  84. Conclude301

    love this👏💗

  85. ghostie

    oh lordy lord yessssa

  86. Jerika Ternora

    who remembers secret valentine???

  87. Jerika Ternora



    JJ Musica yep. Even tho im subbed sometimes it doesnt show up. :/

  88. pepperface2

    Amazing song!

  89. Someone Random

    Hello stranger in the comments!

    Miss Believer

    Someone Random hello!

  90. Hilal Elgargini

    Not sure if I'm being melodramatic or this song is relatable af!
    I mean I got rejected from the girl I really liked some months ago, and I'm trying my best to 'let go'...
    Anyways, thank you for this great song!

  91. Ciará Castex

    How much I love Travis' s voice 😍

  92. Moonchild


  93. Joshua Andrei Gumila

    i’ll definitely listen to this every time even if it kills me

  94. Charlie FLores

    I love this

  95. Tay 1757

    Why did I get a notification about this? I’m not even subscribed...

  96. Merang Ozukum

    If you see this.

  97. Midnight Thoughts

    Found a new favorite song

  98. Mikey Mudkip

    Drowning in the Nico angsty feels (Percico is nostalgic for me, bein my first ship))