We Came As Romans - Motions Lyrics

Dear momentum give me motion.
And some direction.
For so long have I sat here
Immobile, immobile!
Oh my god there must be something
More than this here!
There must be more

You'll never get dis! You'll never get dis!

My mind has been wandering
For days and days.
There is no movement here.
I am motionless. I am caught in this standstill.
And if there is more
I will go on, and on...
This form I now hold will not be my conclusion
There's an answer in us all.
And it's making it way through.
There's a wonder of the world in these letters.
And I'll have you know I'm searching.
Still searching....

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We Came As Romans Motions Comments
  1. Daryn Dead

    Dear momentum give me motion. And some direction

  2. Corvie Hill

    The other version sounds really good also

  3. rob t

    I honestly really enjoy there early stuff.c:

  4. Ghdude

    this is really good despite the quality of the recording which still is pretty good than some of the early recordings i've heard from other bands

  5. Cody Todd

    Wow talk about changing they went from OK to amazing

  6. Mitchell Ladiski

    Im not saying there wasn't talent here but what they progressed into from this is simply amazing.

  7. daniel burns

    not everyone has an ear for talent

  8. Mitchell Ladiski

    Dude they were so bad lol