We As Human - Zombie Lyrics

Pretty plastic bottles
Lay beside your bed
With every dose you swallow
You lose your head

(And how) is your heart still bleeding?
(Where) did the human go?
(Yeah) they might keep you breathing
(Oh) but they numb your soul

Oh, where did all your fire go?

You're on the inside
And I know you're fighting
On the outside
Your flesh is dying
But this is not your funeral
Wake up, wake up, wake up
Wake up the zombie
So long over medicated
Thinking nothing's wrong
Cause you're so sedated
This is not your funeral
Wake up, wake up, wake up
Wake up the zombie!
Wake up the zombie!

You started forgetting who you really are
I'm getting kinda worried
You've been gone so long
(And how) is your body sleeping?
(Where) did the human go?
Has it stopped the healing?
(Oh) Have you lost you control?

Oh, where did all your fire go?

You're on the inside
And I know you're fighting
On the outside
Your flesh is dying
But this is not your funeral
Wake up, wake up, wake up
Wake up the zombie
So long over medicated
Thinking nothing's wrong
Cause you're so sedated
This is not your funeral
Wake up, wake up, wake up
Wake up the zombie!
Wake up the zombie!

Pretty plastic bottles
Lay beside your bed
Gonna lose your head

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We As Human Zombie Comments
  1. Eseosa Erhunse

    This would have been the start of their career. Damn.

  2. Cero Netsukai



  3. Scott Karkosky

    Sounds like skillet because the singer from skillet is in the song. Awesome!

  4. Andre LeaVesseur

    This song has been a continuous staple in my recovery process . Always kicks my ass into gear if it's a bad day. Woo 3 and a half years off the meth. Thanks for the beautiful song guys keep rocking.

  5. buck man

    2019 anybody?

  6. Matthew Lachepelle

    John Cooper makes the song better

  7. Nathan Swan

    For some reason, I never liked John's voice. Was never a fan of it. But both singers did a good job with this song!

  8. Samantha Hill

    People are so quick to judge Christian bands these days!!!???.

  9. Samantha Hill

    Lol people he's not supposed to sound like a heavy metal scream o band just between the middle so stop commenting (he doesn't know how to scream) learn why he ant screaming that loud or as much then comment thanks knowledge is power.

  10. Samantha Hill

    Both awesome Christan bands love them can't wait to see them both both awesome screams love you guys

  11. Truth Hurts

    John Cooper sounds better here with other voices. He does not sound good solo on Skillet band

  12. Edward Michek


  13. Sloth With A Cross


  14. Bernie Lowe

    Great brothers

  15. Emily May

    I swear I'm obsessed with this song!!

  16. NitRex

    John Cooper

  17. Jeff Brooks


  18. shawn eldridge


  19. Peter Puck

    I heard this in the radio and I'm like "is this skillet?" But nope John makes a feature in it

  20. What Lies Beneath

    John Cooper can't even scream 😂😂😂

    Gacha_ Penguinuwu

    What Lies Beneath BOI I FINNA

  21. Ngr

    Deserves way more views!

  22. The Grunge Freak

    Am I the only that thinks John Cooper sounds like Jacoby Shaddox? I can't spell his name right, but the guy from Papa Roach.

    Gacha_ Penguinuwu

    The Grunge Freak the guy from papa roach sounds like lead singer of panic at the disco IMP

  23. Nerdy Pear

    I...LOVE... THIS... SONG!!! Skillet+We As Human=AWESOMENESS BEYOND BELIEF!!!

  24. Matt Fortmuller

    Rip we as human

    Concordia Vilauniao

    Matt Fortmuller why?

    Matt Fortmuller

    Concordia Vilauniao they broke up a year or two ago

    Julie Goldsmith

    Matt Fortmuller why?

  25. Kayla Hollis

    bad ass song. I love it . plus with John cooper in it. #rockinit

  26. Riven of a Thousand Boops

    I remember seeing John come out during this song when I saw them together at Carnival of Madness, I screamed so loud because Skillet is my most FAVORITE band ever.

    Alisa Birkholz

    You got to go to The Carnival Of Madness! That's not fair Shinedown is my fav band of all time!

    Gacha_ Penguinuwu

    Divine Reimi YASS KID

  27. Eva Dawn

    omg I just heard of this band and I'm in love with them. must get their music.

    Chyna Pope

    they broke up years ago

    Matt Fortmuller

    Chyna Pope yea rip

    Michael Hawkins

    Sadly... The Singer quit...

    Jimmy Channga

    did they really?


    Jimmy Channga Yep.

  28. Wonderland Freak

    It's funny because the nickname my friends gave me is Zombie.

    Daniel Mcmullen

    The Unknown Soldier fits your nickname then neat

  29. Israel Benitez

    skillet is the best with we as human

  30. Danielle Keel

    love how John sounds!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  31. Skyla Edwards

    john this band is so heavy and yout voice its like a semi goth kitten 😂 but I love this😍

  32. ɨ ʐ m

    Devil music \m/

    the lawfull

    whatever you say lol

    Matthew Labbe

    They’re Christian rock lol

  33. Bass Legend

    subscribe to me and ill play this song and do a bass cover

  34. x16900

    Saw them do this (with John Cooper) at KingsFest a couple years back.

  35. Frank Woods

    finnaly got the name fuck yeah!

  36. Isaac McConkey

    Totally Love this song and John Cooper from Skillet did awesome first time hearing it on the radio it was epic.

  37. Jag Venne

    Надеюсь кто нибудь ответит на мой комент

    Matvey Veselov

    Деннис Неудачник, привет)

  38. Raven Hogan

    I love this song

    Joe Ryman


  39. Isabel/Hisabel Mirosaki

    *mentally whips head rapidly* ( I'm in school tho lol) LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

    Brandon Amos

    they have many good songs, I'm in lunch listening to them

    Brandon Amos

    @firebomber573 that is a good one too

    icon for hire x flyleaf

    with every dose you swallow whole...

    icon for hire x flyleaf

    +firebomber573 breath into me is amazing

  40. XX XX

    Why you no let me like more YouTube!?

  41. Erica E

    I saw we as human at winter jam in 2014 and they are SO good! but of course skillet is my favorite band of all time. John Cooper is bae forever. 😍

    Erica E

    No that's not what I meant :( that is actually the first time I have used that word. Looks like I won't be using that again. So much for trying to be like the cool kids. (Yes, music reference intended!)

    Mackle Cooper

    +Erica E it means babe most commonly but now alot of internet trolls are saying it means shit in Danish which doesn't apply to us since were speaking English not Danish.

    Aliyah A

    +Mackle Cooper technically it means 'before anyone else"

    Prussian Potato

    so true! 😍

    Jimmy Channga

    Erica E i seen them at winter jam too. i really loved it

  42. Michael Kulow

    Just saw these guys at lifest last night. Awesome stuff!!!!!

  43. Gamernation

    Coming to création So Happy:D

  44. APEX54321

    They should do another song together

  45. Jessie McLaren

    HOLY FUTHER MUCKING SHIT IT'S JOHN COOPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dies of fangirl overload*

  46. Dakota Linsteadt

    Skillet will be at winter jam in Springfield mo

  47. Morghan May

    The lead singer does sound alittle like andy biersack from black veil brides

    Alex ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ

    @Morghan May Justin also looks like Andy.

    Skull Fuckers

    +Morghan May and the guy from 3 Days Grace, and Skillet. I don't know why people like this style but they all sound the same to me.

    Christopher Moore

    @Placenta Claus That's it. That is definitely it


    +Placenta Claus John Cooper IS the guy from skillet xD

    chris crosby

    I'd say he sounds more like tge lead singer of Breaking Benjamin rather than sounding like Andy

  48. Legend Maker

    I met WAH's lead singer a couple of years ago at WinterJam. Was pretty awesome!

    Faith Wright

    You r lucky😠😀

  49. Regina Barnes

    My husband and I got a selfie and autograph with them in January during the Roadshow!! Seeing them again tomorrow!

  50. victor hugo

    Also do not forget that the chemistry is there and Praise the Lord.Awesome punch and energy.

  51. skillet _johncooper

    Awesome song and john make it much better :)


    Nope, it'd be as great without John

    Joey Aderman

    +simba your comment is FALSE john cooper tripled the awesome!

    Clari Mira

    I like Justin Cordle's voice is way better. But that's just me XP

    Gacha_ Penguinuwu

    skillet _johncooper true he did

    Gacha_ Penguinuwu

    skillet _johncooper I WAS HERE FOR JHON

  52. Pepperoshi Pizzaman

    this is the best song made by this band!

  53. Rose Thorne

    Just saw Skillet and We As Human two days ago :3 IT WAS AMAZING LIVE.

  54. SamScareCrow

    Really good band!

  55. Dan Leon

    It's like a cross of Adam Lambert, lead singer of breaking Benjamin, and lead singer of seether all in one lead singer :)

    Dan Leon

    Haha nice to know I am not the only one!


    @Dan Leon yeah I can see that

    Kayla Kays

    Yeah I thought he sounded a little like Adam Lambert and Benjamin Burnley.


    Its called: John Cooper (lead singer of skillet)

  56. Leo Carach

    john, you are strong!!! I love skillet and we as human

  57. Sarah Haslett

    This is probably one of the best Christian Rock songs I have ever heard in my life!

  58. Richard Grape

    pretty freakin good, one ill prolly ruin too quick tho

  59. Stephan Potter

    Friend just told me about this song, and jeez there not that bad!

    Matt Fortmuller

    Same for me

    Matt Fortmuller

    And I like it alot

  60. Apfeldruecker

    Yeah!!! Fuck!!!!!

  61. Katerina Mitika

    Wow, this guy's voice is just like Andy Biersack's from Black Veil Brides o.o What's his name?

    Katerina Mitika

    I know John Cooper :) He's from my fav band Skillet, and, he's my favorite male artist :)


    @Katerina Mitika
    same here, i just had to add that ;) he deserved some recognition

    Katerina Mitika

    @oogadieboogadie I agree with you my friend :)

    Gacha_ Penguinuwu

    Katerina Mitika John copper

    nikas gtv


  62. Jane Smith

    whoa...............  Never heard of these guys.  I think I'm in love!  Got me a new band here.  :)

  63. Harleen Quinn

    good song

  64. Flora Green

    1:16 Best part of the song!

    Matt Fortmuller

    Is it because of john cooper?

  65. Cooper Schauer

    john cooper is the lead singer for skillet. but yeah, i like both we as human and skillet

  66. Jessie Siegel

    I saw them live at Up Rise Fest it was amazing. I meant the whole band and got a CD signed to <3 The lead singer and I were talking for said I was different and funny, it make me happy that I could make him laugh. It was just great

  67. MMAisWinning99

    saw em friday night in charlotte. they were really good

  68. spideynick1996

    i saw them the same night as you!!!!

  69. Beth Free

    I saw these guys yesterday at the Carnival of Madness. SO MUCH BETTER LIVE. Justin Cordle and Jake Jones are also very nice and polite in person. My friend and I got hugs from each and three autographs.

  70. GodOfKank KANKISM

    at DTE in michigan?

  71. Green eyed gaming

    Would love to hear tfk with skillet!

  72. Brandon Beach

    Saw these guys on the Carnival of Madness tour. Pretty good band in my opinion!

  73. Chris Allen

    I Skillet approves then you know it's a good band.

  74. Chris Allen

    I'm not alone.

  75. Wolfkid272

    It's on the non-deluxe version too. :P I was so happy to get some free song downloads from another one of my favorite bands! XD

  76. Omko Omána

    John is best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. klgrl53


  78. Madison stevens

    im pretty sure
    john produces we as human

  79. tdpdrummer

    ikr! came because of skillet now im a WAH fan also

  80. nasa niente

    john,you aare the best of rock!!!!!!!!!!
    also we as human

  81. lMixedBloodl

    I listened this just for John Cooper, but damn, this band is so cool!

  82. DarkKing97

    If i remember correctly Skillet was the band that "discovered" them to take them to a larger place in christian music. Kind of like TFK "discovered" Nine Lashes

  83. Eric Stacy

    yeah but because of John Cooper making a label and putting them on it it helped them out allot

  84. craigime

    they're signed to Atlantic

  85. craigime

    they're from nashville

  86. Marcos Leite

    john actually got a cd from them at a concert and teamed up with a producer to form a new label and signed we as human onto it. We as human pretty much got big because of John.

  87. theavengingewok

    We As Human is "Skillet Approved", when you buy Rise, or at least i know for a fact if you buy the deluxe edition, you get a little thing that says We As Human is Skillet approved, and it gives you a code that gives you We Fall Apart and Strike Back singles for free.

  88. Green eyed gaming

    Lacey is from Flyleaf and John is from Skillet, sorry for the possible confusion :p

  89. Axle Greyson Archer

    i am amazed that they got john cooper from skillet to do a song with them

  90. mcmacattak

    This album is crazy good, definitely a fan.

  91. mcmacattak

    Think she meant they tour with them

  92. Miss Hathor

    pretty good

  93. Green eyed gaming

    What song is with red?

  94. misscaseyr

    We as Human sings with red, Flyleaf and Skillet.....I just....can't even <3<3