We As Human - Until We're Dead Lyrics

This is my question
This is my question
I just want to know
Why does God let things go on in this world
Things so sick that I want to leave
And just burn it all behind me
How much worse can this get
That he won't stop 'till were dead
And the little truth that is left
Is being twisted by the press
10 million people know my name
My judgment shouldn't be the same
Yes I murder, you know I do
But I'm not the same as you
I'll give my money to the system
They'll let me walk free as a victim
They say murder is a sickness
And killing is just a symptom

You let us fall so far
'Till we turn and reach out to you
But we'll never fall so far
That He can't save us again

Tolerance tolerance
Accept me how I am
And if you don't accept me
Then you hate me
So off with your head
God bless America
Land of the free
And home of the depraved
Kind of makes me wonder
How long God will let this go on
In this land of decay

You let us fall so far
'Till we turn and reach out to you
But we'll never fall so far
That He can't save us again

He'll let us fall so far
Till we turn and reach out to him
But we'll never fall so far
That He can't save us again

Just remember in the strangest of days
God still works and moves
And he still will use you and me
No matter how unworthy
Because we're all unworthy

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We As Human Until We're Dead Comments

    Just love christen music thank you for your up lifting music we as human god bless

  2. jessica P

    your lame lisa

  3. PITviper217

    Why have I never heard of these guys until now...that's just sad. This band is AWESOME!!! A great example of a band that can have hard core tastes yet stay true to Christian beliefs. We need more bands like this!!!!

    Noah Schlinger

     it is hard to choose, lol for me its a 5 way tie between scars remain, oh god save us all, horseshoes and handgrenades, this might sting a little, and southern hospitality albums. and i cant forget the new album thats coming out in a few months(Attack!!!!)which is sure to be purely epic!

    Nicholas Reguin

    @Noah Schlinger I could never ever think of a favorite Disciple track o album. Can you believe they've been around 20 years and have put out 10 albums, and will be doing another one? That kind of production in the music business is so rare. Even Skillet hasn't done that much, and they're probably the top Christian rock band out there right now.

    Noah Schlinger

    Ikr, it amazes me how bands like disciple can be so epic, yet, for 15, 20+ years remain seriously underrated.

    Nicholas Reguin

    @Noah Schlinger exactly. Like how does a band put out that many good albums and still never get mainstream recognition??


    I didn't hear Demon Hunter mentioned...come on people! But all the other bands were awesome too.

  4. David Putnam

    "I am just a man held in your hands!" So true!

  5. Darren Osborne

    NO NO NO! it's "my own pride makes me sick"!
    but Katie says, my own breath makes me sick

  6. ShadowRising00

    my old bread makes me sick

  7. Brenda Belt

    the lyric is my own bread makes me sick

  8. PoDOLLASIGNer Music

    @Spawnishful Or someone that he got along with but was an atheist or lead him to something wrong like drugs and other addictive things.

  9. Dramagoon28

    Thanks I was tryin to find lyrics for this song! I am mexican so sometimes I don't understand some sentences in some songs! lol so thanks for the lyrics! God bless you!

  10. EmptyVaynes

    @EmptyVaynes i mean he has been talking about his blood lol

  11. EmptyVaynes

    i thought it was "my old blood makes me sick"

  12. jaaprt

    ''my old man makes me sick.'' ithink. (who he was before) can that be?

  13. jaaprt

    awesome! i really like this. :D