We As Human - Let Me Drown Lyrics

Now I see I can't save myself
I believed I was stronger than I felt
Everything turned to gold
And then it fell apart
It's the same old story
It's the same sad song
Where did I go wrong?

Lay me down in the waves
Let the water wash away
And if I leave with the tide
In the morning I will rise
So lay me down
Don't lift me out
Let me drown

Take a breath
Hold it in and sink beneath
Feel the eyes of the living watching me
Lay me down in the water
Leave the past behind
There's a time to be born
And a time to die
And somewhere they collide

Lay me down in the waves
Let the water wash away
And if I leave with the tide
In the morning I will rise
So lay me down
Don't lift me out
Let me drown

I have walked in distant waters
Let me drown
But I never walked alone
Let me drown
If my heart should ever wander
Let the water lead me home

Lay me down in the waves
Let the water wash away
And if I leave with the tide
In the morning I will rise
So lay me down
Don't lift me out

Lay me down in the waves
Let the water wash away
And if I leave with the tide
In the morning I will rise
So lay me down
Don't lift me out
Let me drown

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We As Human Let Me Drown Comments
  1. Movieman

    If I drown..... play this at my funeral🌊

  2. Lord Dragonflame Swordsmith

    Leave the past behind. I struggle with that bc i am so focused on what i did wrong and not the future

    Crimson Jack

    old world blues

  3. Konstantinos Kati

    Where has been the lead singer

  4. MONSTRR 1523

    The acceptance of God is the first step to enlightenment.

  5. Flame King

    This song sounds awesome at a higher speed

  6. ElegantExcalibur

    i wish the ocean or water would take me away from my life

  7. Fresh Tendrils

    Why is is more popular then soundgardens

  8. Austin Hulsey

    This is my absolute favorite song. It is beautifully written.

  9. The King

    They disbanded the month when they were going to release the album FEARLESS. If they were going to disband WHY CANT THEY DO AFTER THEY RELEASED IT INSTEAD OF CANCELLING IT DOOMING THE 10 SONGS ( or more) TO BE LOST!!?!!!!

  10. Sylar Gray

    why are there so many dislikes?

  11. Doinky Deano

    This song is about baptism I think. I may be very very wrong but it sounds like it.

    Mr. Unlucky

    Doinky Deano I got that same vibe

  12. Project Toxicity

    so glad I was friends with this band too bad they are no more 🙁 saw them so many times

  13. PsychopathicKatie

    I made a video and i sing this son if anybody wants to see it.
    my username is Katie Gabriel

  14. Илья Данилюк


  15. Vlad Evilson

    Who the fuck are giving dislike for this masterpiece....

    Doinky Deano

    Probably 17 Justin Belieber fans

  16. Chase Cortimilia

    "There's a time to be born and time to die. And somewhere they collide."
    I just realized this is the baptism. Death of an old life and birth of a new. Great lyrics holy crap.

    Daniel Mcmullen

    Chase Cortimilia wow just realized that

    Lord Dragonflame Swordsmith

    Exactly right my friend

  17. Darcy Fogil

    Amazing song i feel like i do not have to hide my pain anymore

    Doinky Deano

    Listen to Lacey Sturm, Run To You. That song changed my perspective on how much Jesus loves me.

  18. Astonishing Universe

    U-y wi-ull ru-ise

  19. ElegantExcalibur

    Being in water is one comfort for me. As long as I'm in it I feel a lot of my stress in it go away. But it allcomes back once I leave it.

    So I just wish I could live in it forever. This song sort of makes me think of that.


    I wish I could be like this. If I go underwater, I sorta panic and can't really do much about it. I flop around like a fish out of water. Also never learned how to swim as a kid as well. *Shrugs*

  20. Wilson 95

    what a wonderful song ♥

  21. Niccole Furst

    this so is so beautiful, I love it so much

  22. mr.trick- shot

    love this so much it is so nice to make me happy

  23. Katie Knoepke


  24. Mallory Batton

    this is my favorite song!!!

  25. marco homer

    These guys are great....good Music and good storys

  26. the lawfull

    this life isnt permanent no matter what you do, But you must be spiritually baptised to have life unending. perfect song.

    Spenny Gull

    +Ethan Washburn More to it than that but yes.

    Spenny Gull

    +John Smith No

    the lawfull

    @Spenny Gull yes but "Spiritually" baptised is telling the lord that you are giving your life again and ready to accept jesus as your savior, Its just how I percieve it, Accepting jesus is being born again. No need for physical baptism like you said. Atleast not to get to heaven but its a good thing to do.

    Spenny Gull

    What do you mean by spirituality baptised and just out curiosity what church do you worship at

    the lawfull

    @Spenny Gull
    pentacostal evangel, We believe in baptism in oil but its just my own thoughts about it. we are born again when we accept christ as our saviour, baptized.




    @SUB FARMER magic actions for youtube...google it :D


    @BRUSS LEE youtuberepeat.com ....


    @BRUSS LEE if you have chrome, right click the same spot on the video twice and click loop.


    @MegaCake1234 THANK YOU SIR <3 YOU

  28. Claire Lcl


  29. Riven of a Thousand Boops

    LOVE this song! But I love Zombie and Take the Bullets Away too...

    Riven of a Thousand Boops

    @***** Thanks! And same, I got into them again thanks to their new song Failure.

  30. Billy Schrader

    Love this song, I wish they played it when I saw them at Carnival of Madness in 2013.

  31. Batman Baker

    best song on the album

    Matt Fortmuller

    I like all the songs but I like zombie the best

    Batman Baker


    Jimmy Kopaddy

    I think it's We Fall Apart

    Alysa Kins

    I strongly agree!

  32. annie telracs

    Love the fact this video was uploaded on my 13th bday

    Ethan Washburn

    happy very very late birthday X3

  33. TykiTutorials

    It's aight

  34. Rick Grimes

    Love this AWESOME song

  35. Katie Mertens

    Let me drown

  36. Chris Pennington

    And you're a Love And Death fan. This is like Awesomeness HQ right here.

  37. Andrew Slaughter

    I agree

  38. Taylor Antley

    No pop or rap music videos on the right side either. This is how youtube should be.

  39. Kris Hage

    Yes you do.

  40. Kris Hage

    Red profile picture, We As Human song videos, and a person commenting with a Skillet profile picture. Lots of great music bands/taste here.

  41. Shadow Gaming

    Loving the bands Red, Skillet, and We As Human...I have good taste in music!!

  42. excaliber009

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who connected this to baptism. I'd listened to this a few times liking it, but not seeing the true meaning of it, and then it clicked. It really is an amazing song.

  43. Benjamin Pabo

    Awesome song about baptism. I can see why John is promoting them so much.

  44. Johnathan Hartland

    My goodness, the background track at the beginning sounds like an upbeat, almost identical version of Crysis 2's "Where Is The Exit", /watch?v=U2A3xxTztWY

    Check it out! I wonder if they were inspired by it. An amazing song nevertheless!

  45. Luke Jenkins

    Look at the album, dumb nut

  46. Luke Jenkins

    Love this song so much. Check out my vid for it please :D

  47. Chris Allen

    Listening to We As Humans, you also have good taste in music.

  48. FrumpyFriend39

    Skillet picture and listening to We As Human, You have good music taste!

  49. Taylor Antley

    Red profile picture and We As Human song videos. You have good music taste.

  50. Luke Jenkins

    Any other Jules Verne fans think this sounds like something Captain Nemo would say? Haha, THIS SONG RULES!

  51. Song0For0My0Father

    I own the cd, the correct title is "Let Me Drown" as it appears on the back of the cd cover.

  52. DpsBot

    What's your source on this? Because I can clearly hear the verse go:
    "So lay me down,
    don't lift me out,
    so lay me down,
    don't life me out,
    let me drown".

    So I'm pretty certain that the title of the song is correct "Let Me Drown".

  53. Sean Gullion

    Funny enough, itunes says it is let me drown. Various sources say different titles.

  54. Sean Gullion

    It is actually called "Let Me Down".

  55. MegaJake1024

    This song is called Let Me Drown*. Thanks for the upload though.

  56. Alawy Rappelz

    amazing like :D