We As Human - I Stand Lyrics

Why should I be ashamed
To talk about the one that I know is real
Or about how sick I think it is when babies are killed
Or the fact: there's people starving without love or a home
When we could feed a whole village with what we throw to our dogs

I believe that He has died and He is risen again
I believe that He will burn this world down in the end
I don't care what you think about me or what I say
I mean every word, why should I be ashamed

I stand
When everything is falling around me
I stand
In spite of all the pain that surrounds
I stand
I stand here with my fist raised high
When everything falls, when everything falls
I stand

We're back from the dead
We play for love
We play for those who come out
And we don't play for the money, or the girls, or the crowd
It's the fans and the lights, the guitars and the mic
It's the 2 AM and we'll be driving straight through the night

But when the music fades and is stripped away
We stand alone at the end of the stage
I hope you remember every word that I say
That Your way alone is the only way

I stand
When everything is falling around me
I stand
In spite of all the pain that surrounds
I stand
I stand here with my fist raised high
When everything falls, when everything falls
I stand

In the middle of blood and sorrow
I will stand here and fight
Gonna live like there's no tomorrow
This world is gonna know
When everything falls

I stand
When everything is falling around me
I stand
In spite of all the pain that surrounds
I stand
I stand here with my fist raised high
When everything falls, when everything falls
I stand

Step up and get knocked down
'Cause I stand
I stand

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We As Human I Stand Comments
  1. Mad Dog Zozo

    Geez I'm enjoying this song for eons now, yet I check comments to see people fighting and arguing about gods and shit..
    Ffs enjoy the music and leave religion out of it

  2. ZombieCorp.

    Kill your dog and throw it to the poor.

  3. Joshua Silva-ponte

    I miss these guys

  4. Slavik

    this is so fcking good wtf

  5. Josue' Tapia

    1:27 I'm hearing "the Yahweh alone is the only way" and I hope I'm right 🙂

    Flame King

    "That Jesus alone is the only way" - Basically the same thing


    your way alone is the only way

  6. Bernie Lowe

    So very good guys. I love this and Jesus Christ says just spread the word.

  7. BigBudde & BooBoo

    Awesome song! I'm adding it to the playlist "REAL ROCK MIX" Over 10+ hours of THE BEST in Christian Rock ✞ ♫
    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRW2S5SFhGr4bzsKHlKyf4lY1K-57_Zn8 ✞ ♫

  8. 1FNJO

    I saw WAH at Carnival of Madness and they appeared earlier in evening and thought they might have been getting screwed around by the sound man. Too much Bass and speaker distortion. Watched some other live footage on You tube and it sounds like Justin's voice was ragging out from what I recall and figured He needed a Hiatus to rest the awesome Cordell Chords for awhile. I love their studio albums "Until we're dead" and "Burning Satellites" but can't find them anywhere.

  9. 1FNJO

    I enjoy the Lyrics to original version of this song better , it is highly annoying to liberals, atheists and many Christians too .We're bringing Psycho Back! Lol

  10. Redfliboy

    I like my first bridge I wrote better. It was half time and flowed better than this recording after I left.

  11. Man Of War

    this world will know when everything falls i stand

  12. Kyle Harris

    Awsome music

  13. Doctor Dubstep

    if u believe or not u have to edmit this is epic

  14. Poncho Ramirez

    cant stop listen this song halp

  15. Ignis King

    Intro reminds me a bit of The Vengeful One by Disturbed.

    Luka Milic

    it reminds more of Skillet- Rebirthing

  16. CC FlashDog

    i love this song

  17. caleb schroeder

    Trevor mcneven is the lead singer of tfk

  18. caleb schroeder

    it sounds like Trevor mcneven sings in the chorus it would be awesome if he did

  19. Awesome Austin

    I stand!

  20. Astonishing Universe

    What Christians are getting out of this song: I am a strong man of God.
    What I'm getting out of this song: I have the physical capacity to use my legs to stand in the middle of mass destruction and hold that position for the length of a song. I'm a sociopath because I'm not going to help the people who are in pain around me. Oh, and I have the muscle volume to hold my hand up in the air successfully...AND CLOSE MY HAND! I can fight in one place while standing and not doing anything at all. I'm possibly a bully, because I didn't specify in the lyrics who was going to get knocked down. basically, I might have just said if you people who are in the rubble of mass destruction ever dare to step up, I'll personally throw you into the inferno...while standing here and doing nothing and watching everything fall around me.

    Crass Clark

    Astonishing Universe k.


    What I get out of this song is a strong man is standing up for what He believes whether it be Jesus Christ , Santa Claus , or the Easter Bunny and is going to turn the other Cheek and Kick the Tooth Fairy out of any Liberal PC Athiest that tries to deny him his free speech and right to believe what he wants. LMAO

    jj bug

    Its called music, creativity, writing, etc. Its not supposed to spell it out for you. Its supposed to make you dig in and think. Even Black Sabbath and Metallic and others did the same thing (using destructive language for a positive message). Do you criticize them as well or only openly Christian bands?

  21. Missingno555

    i trust love and believe god and Jesus

  22. Jordan Fire Star

    I wish they kept the original lyrics.

    Crass Clark

    Jordan Fire Star no

    Nate Kent

    Jordan Fire Star I like both of them. But the original really gets the piont out there. Oh well its still real good though.

    Doinky Deano

    whats the original lyrics??


    Jordan Fire Star me too

    Jordan Fire Star

    +Doinky Deano In the radio edited version (this one) they removed the words "god" and "jesus" as well as removing the statement "i believe that evolution is just stupid and wrong, i ddin't come from a monkey but you believe what you want"

  23. S Young

    To the guy who posted before me....(thumbs up!) I, too - am rockin' big time to this tune. It soooo rocks my world. We As Human is right up there with "Disciple" - at least for me, anyway. I also We As Humans' "Dead Man"...

  24. Julian Estepp

    This song is really good.

  25. TrinityRocksFarm

    Rudeness is the weak persons imitation of strength.

    S Young

    @TrinityRocksFarm yeah, buddy....! (thumbs up) Ya know, I jus' can't get this grin off my face. The music is like a natural high for me and the words reach deep inside. My God is the Most High God - the One True God and I'm chillin'...

    Dylan Buford

    +TrinityRocksFarm A good quote...bitch
    (that was a joke)

    Man Of War

    not if u could kick their ass. not if you can resist interogation. u gonna call a marine weak? or the military? they can be dicks but it doesnt mean theyre weak. your martial arts instructor could be a dick but he and only a he can kick your ass

  26. Justin Smith

    What s this? This ant the original I'm disappoited guys y'all say are not ashamed of Jesus but y'all change up the lyrics in this one.Guys play the original live and on the CD Dount be afreade to speak about Jesus!!!!!

    David T

    @Justin Smith It wasn't their choice to change the lyrics. I love the original too, but the record label felt it was too whatever so yeah. We As Human definitely isn't ashamed or afraid, they're just complying with what they have to with their record label. I'd tell them go independent label and do what you want, but they don't have that kind of money unfortunately and probably don't have the experience/skill set necessary to do something like that.

    Jordan Fire Star

    +Justin Smith Well the lyrics still say "Why should I be ashamed to talk about the God that I know is real"

  27. Spartan077 -01

    Wow, seriously.  Just enjoy the music, regardless of what you believe.  I personally believe in Christ but I understand some would rather listen to it for other reasons.  No problem, but don't tell people not to talk about God.  It's a comment section for a reason.  Get over yourselves.  

  28. Matt McKinley

    I love youtube for this reason. Always discovering Gems in the dirt.

  29. awesomeness413

    Can we just shut the fuck about religion? Please? Thanks.

    Unspoken Fallacies

    @awesomeness413 I never said that. I just stated that if you saw many comments you didn't like, then you should have stopped worrying about the comment section. That's what I do. No need to be rude.

    Ethan Washburn

    jeez, who's the Christian here? so much language, is this an argument between atheists cuz the Bible specifically says do not curse so...

    Jordan Fire Star

    +awesomeness413 It's a Christian band, why can't we discuss what the music is about?

    Vail Jones

    Ethan Washburn technically it's says to not take God's name in vain, and to use your words to lift others up, so actually if you do 'cuss' you shouldn't be using it to bring people down, which is usually how cussing is used most of the time, but if you're just using to get your point across in a way to help people then it's technically okay, not that I cuss because I was brought up in a home where it wasn't allowed so I'm kinda wired to steer clear of cussing, but I just wanted to clear that up, Unless of course you can find a verse that specifically says "do not cuss what so ever".

    Vail Jones

    Awesomeness413 that isn't very awesome of you to tell people to be quiet about there beliefs, would you like other people to tell you to shut up about what're you believe in whether its religious or atheistic? I don't think so. So please, don't say anything unless it's something you'd what to be said to you, and if you want that said to you, if you want that to be said to you than you're a sick ignoramus.

  30. Brad Hicks

    Why should I be ashamed
    To talk about the God that I know is real
    Or about how sick I think it is when babies are killed
    Or the fact: evolution is just stupid and wrong 
    I didn't come from a monkey but you believe what you want
    I believe that Jesus died and He is risen again
    I believe that He will burn this world down in the end
    I don't care what you think about me or what I say
    I mean every word, WHY SHOULD I BE ASHAMED!!!!!!!

    Angel Gaderel

    Amen!!!! I have seen, our Lord Jesus. I have seen His face, and I have seen His feet, on seperate occasions. I felt the Lord's beard. I have seen the holes in His hands. I have seen His smile, and the holes in His feet. I have been held, by the Lord. Jesus has healed my mother when her face was paralyzed. Amen. I have developed such a "bond" with the Lord. I feel His Spirit, and mine has been connected. Amen. Praise God. The Lord has spoken to me of what is coming to the world, and what He is going to do. Amen. Praise the Almighty!


    @XxGH0sTXG4M3R--Guitarist--Artist--Band Leader--Clan General OK ,OK ,OK. I avoid people like you because your the most brainwash of them all. You can believe in your God, it's fine. Just don't try to force on others.

    Angel Gaderel

    God bless you :)

    Julie Goldsmith

    MineXStudios that's fair as long as you don't force your beliefs as well.

    Jordan Fire Star

    +MineXSTudios I believe evolution eexists to an extent, for example a dog will grow a furr coat to protect against harsh weathers and the body changes to adapt to sorrundings, but I do not believe humans came from apes.

  31. Kj Matthews

    Honestly, a band doesnt directly have to mention Christ's name to make it a Christian song, jeez people stop trying to find a way to tear down on this band! You should just enjoy the music and not hate on it so much, its  not gonna get you any further than just listening to it is. The bible says make a joyful noise to the Lord, so it doesnt matter if they mention Him or not, so really just stop hating.

  32. a cannon

    if you have a problem with Christian metal then how about just not listening.

    S Young

    @a cannon - Well, I'm here to tell ya that when people get "testy" about "religion" that just tells me something's going on inside their head - something they just don't understand quite yet. I know because I was once like that myself. Now I know that the enemy doesn't like it when he loses another so a battle ensues.

    S Young

    @Finite Wehosh  Hmmm...not metal, huh. Okay, to each his opinion but check out the group, "Disciple" and tell me if that's not metal. Uh, duh...

    Finite Wehosh

    @S Young To each is his own. I listen to a lot of heavy metal than this and it just doesn't come off to me as metal. Its like borderline metal to me.And Disciple is fucking awesome!

    S Young

    Okay, Finite - I respect that. Point is, we who are heavy metal God-people feel the music at every level - call it rock or metal, the words and music give us our own special "flavor"  oh, and you really should meet the "Leader" of the band.  Our God rocks!  I'd like to introduce you to Him. Meet 'em and decide for yourself..


    +Psycho Cat (Catsmeow) if you want actual Christian metal, search demon hunter or sleeping giant. Metal to its core

  33. inquiring mind

    the wind, the rain, the thunder, the lightning...never once mention His name...yet He is in all of them--------------

  34. Miss Hathor

    Ah so that's why I didn't hear the whole I didn't come an ape thing...they decided to take it out...well I'm glad they did cuz now I like the song! I didn't before cause the original sounded too harsh for me but rock on WAH!!

  35. Zero_Code_Name_Reaper

    wow this is the first album from any band i have heard that i like all the songs on it and it was originally the first song that i had heard on the radio that brought me here and i like this album because of it all good songs here

  36. Cray Outdoors

    To be honest although I'm a Christian this version makes me feel more comfortable because It does not bash macro evolution. First of all evolution does not say that we evolved from monks. Second as wildlife biologist student the facts of modern since are hard to deny I see the war against modern science as one of the downfalls of "region" especially since evolution doesn't truly interfere with the bible. By making the song less political I think they have brought the lyrics closer to the truth.

    Crass Clark

    Cray Outdoors Exactly. Evolution is legit, and it's not a religion hahaha

  37. Cray Outdoors

    I get your point but I disagree, just because they took Christ's name out of it doesn't mean that the songs not about Christ to them. The new lyrics make the song about each person standing up for what they believe as opposed to standing for what the band believes, but the band individually is still standing for Christ and they are very open about that.This way they still honor Christ but reach and encourage a wider audience.

  38. Oralos

    you know that in the new testament before we were called Christians we were called The Way. Dont go accusing heretical if you dont know all the facts, now thats not saying your stupid by any means its just saying that the phrase HERETICAL is HARD AND STRONG be 100% sure or say, i dont like that lyric

  39. CaptainTman95

    I love christian music. :)

  40. Jonathan Peña

    I'm sorry guy but they didn't say "Yahweh" ..... they said "your way" and for me that's even heretical!!!

  41. Jacob Williams

    if your talking about this song then your wrong because they clearly say "Yahweh" in this song

  42. Alaskalive.net 4 Steps to Peace with God-Videos

    OMG, Proclaiming Jesus... In METAL!

  43. Christopher Henderson

    Just saw these guys open for Skillet and Shinedown at Century Link Arena in Boise, Idaho last night! Never heard of them before that but they were fucking awesome!

  44. Taylor Antley

    They wanted more fans? Non-christians only like to listen to Christian music that can be viewed as secular. When they hear "He", "Him", or "You" I guess they pretend it's someone other than God. Skillet is a great example. Too bad they went that way too.

    Nate Kent

    Well I think they do that so non-christians listen to it and it lures them in to it and it gets them to listen to christian stuff. Its a way good way to get people to know Jesus. :)

  45. Johnathan Hartland

    True that!

  46. Ruben Skyline

    they shouldve kept the original lyrics...

  47. MrFinigen

    Also, i do agree with you that they should have kept Jesus and God in there but im happy they got rid of the evolution part, i found that it was too far and came across (to me at least) as a bit ignorant.

  48. MrFinigen

    Skillet's lyrics are still very Christian. In fact, Salvation and What I Believe on the new album are some of the most 'Christian' songs by Skillet (after ardent worship of course). I personally think their approach is good as it leaves the lyrics up for interpretation, as not to isolate non-christians and make them feel out of place... then, those non-christians come to the concerts and see what skillet are really all about and maybe that way they will even come to Christ.

  49. Johnathan Hartland

    So true. And Wolves at the Gate for the win!

    If you guys are ever looking for a band who stays true to the boldness of speaking God's name you should check out Destiny Lab. I know they're hiphop/rap and some of you may not like that but they make it sound really unique and they have such upfront messages.

  50. Johnathan Hartland

    I was about to think that I was going to like this version better because of the few added lines but then when it came to"I hope you remember every word I say."They changed "That Jesus alone is the only way"to what sounds like a very mainstream"That your way alone is the only way."That entirely ruined it for me,it took all the emphasis out of the original line,and just reduced it to a very flimsy compromise,almost showing off an actual compromise of the band but I cant be sure.Sad in my opinion.

  51. Johnathan Hartland

    I totally agree.

  52. Ellietech19

    Yeah, they changed lyrics in the song and created a new bridge to make the song more mainstream. I like this version much better.

  53. ssnick35

    Yeah, Atvkid, it does say the one. I copy pasted from a lyric website. He is talking about God though.

  54. Arsonist

    Is it just me, of does anyone else here "To talk about the one that I know is real" No offense, I'm not trying to take out God from the lyrics. I'm just curious.

  55. ssnick35

    Why should I be ashamed
    To talk about the God that I know is real
    Or about how sick I think it is when babies are killed
    Or the fact: evolution is just stupid and wrong
    I didn't come from a monkey but you believe what you want
    I believe that Jesus died and He is risen again
    I believe that He will burn this world down in the end
    I don't care what you think about me or what I say
    I mean every word, why should I be ashamed

  56. chaocrazy

    Yeah. I still think that it's metaphorical in the song "My Religion." If you think about it it makes sense in the lyrics.

  57. chaocrazy

    I think so too. In their new album there was a song that said Lord, but I really wish they would return to their roots lyrically.
    And yes, Kent does jump to assumptions. He used the shrinking sun theory for a long time, until it was completely disproved. That's the only thing I don't like about him. He's still very smart though.
    Anyway, I'm starting to get confused with the whole religion thing. :/
    Thought I understood, but then you continued correcting me anyway. Which made the mistake? Heh

  58. chaocrazy

    And another thing is that a song can be Christian without being worship. Christian bands make songs that are positive-alternative, and not worship. You shouldn't blame them if one album isn't worship.

  59. chaocrazy

    I already knew who Ken Ham was. I find myself watching Kent Hovind more but every once in a while I watch Ham instead.
    Anyway, Skillet's My Religion song. It is anti-religion sort of. It goes on to say that "You're my religion and my religion is you" as in he IS your only belief system. Not the modern church who has strayed far away from God. Not saying that God is his literal religion. You should look up the lyrics. I believe that the lyrics are still Christian. Wish they'd say God though :/

  60. sdabeatz

    Couldn't have said it better. Disappointed. The Christian music world is already flooded with compromising christian rock/metal bands that have strayed from their roots. Skillet is the perfect example, and they are a joke at this point. I'm only interested in the bands bold enough to say what they believe. Like Wolves At The Gate. Continuing down this path will cause We As Human to just blend in with the rest of the generic music and mediocrity out there. There's too much already...nobody cares.

    Vail Jones

    sdabeatz okay, I'm sorry I have to point out that a Christian band shouldn't HAVE to say Jesus,God,Christ,Yahwe,etc to be a Christian band, and honestly I think it's a good thing for Christian artists to try to take the intrest of people who aren't Christians, Jesus even said "go out and make disciples of ALL the nations" he didn't say "keep to yourselves about your faith and make sure no one else knows" so We As Human, Skillet, even Twenty One Pilots -(no TOP is not a Christian band, but both Tyler and Josh are Christians, and if you actually read the lyrics it's honestly pretty obvious what their beliefs are, and if that's not obvious enough for you, go listen to Save by Tyler Joseph, it's an amazing song)- are all doing exactly what God has asked us all to do, "go out and make disciples of ALL the nations". (But I do love Wolves at The Gate, have you heard their song Slaves, it's absolutely AMAZING!)

  61. chaocrazy

    I believe that science is on God's side. I don't necessarily believe in evolution through God, though. I believe in creation.
    There is a good amount of evidence of things like the flood and more, but it's never widely spread just because it's a theory that fits with the creation side. :/

  62. cray7z7ppl

    I understand what you mean, but I have to disagree with your mentioning of pillar at least. Have you heard "Whatever it takes"? that is quite clearly a Christian theme if you listen to the lyrics, especially if you watch the official music video. What about "Not without a fight" the lyrics say

    ' I can see the background breaking
    It does not stop the scars from aching
    I'm standing strong, it won't be long
    Until I see you face to face'.

    to me, that is obviously talking about God.

  63. The Music Wolf

    er, by religious debates I meant debates involving their lyrics being Christian lol

  64. chaocrazy

    I don't see any religious debates here.

  65. chaocrazy

    I'm confused, is this comment about the song My Religion?
    The lyrics actually are "I don't need to stare at no stained glass and a steeple, I don't need to dress to impress all of the people. Don't need no priest, don't need no pew, you are my religion and my religion is you."
    It fits what you said a lot.
    I don't consider the Bible to be proof that the Bible is correct. I'm Christian because of what I've seen in my life, and when I became Christian I saw the Bible in a different light.

  66. chaocrazy

    That's weird. :/
    When I went to a concert, all they talked about is Jesus after every song.

    Have you ever heard of Lecrae? He talks about how he's asked to not use words like "God" or "Jesus," but he does anyway. For that, he's not as popular. I think it really comes down to opinion, do you think it's worth it to have God and Jesus implied with more popularity (you can still get the message out too) rather than straight-forward speaking about religion in a song, and not being popular?

  67. Wall E gabriely Diaz B.

    -- ooh super la neta ehh !!!

  68. chaocrazy

    Collide and Awake didn't make direct references to God, but Rise did. You hear the words Lord, multiple direct references in My Religion, Fire & Fury and Salvation don't necessarily use the words God or Jesus, but it's still obviously implied that it's Christian in the lyrics. It's not like Skillet's in the closet about their religion. They talk about Jesus in every concert no matter who they tour with and share God's message apart from concerts.

  69. The Music Wolf

    Guys, stfu with the religious debates and enjoy the music. It's annoying.

  70. Curry Russell

    How on earth did they remove Jesus name from this song! The old version of this is my favorite song ever!!!

  71. theavengingewok

    This one is a little harder than the old one, but they cut out way too many lyrics.

  72. theavengingewok

    In fact he even stated the verse "I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ" at a concert introducing I think it was Awake and Alive.

  73. theavengingewok

    End up like Skillet? They were a worship band at one point, but the switched genres, they didn't lose their Christianity. They have become the biggest name in Christian rock and a big influence in the secular world as well, and yet they have still stayed true to who they are and to God. Listen to any of their songs and tell me they're not a Christian band. And have you ever been to a concert or seen an interview with John Cooper, he is extremely bold about his faith and in no way ashamed of it.


    theavengingewok I agree. Skillet has always been a Christian band and will never change.

  74. topcherry91

    I think they should have kept the original lyrics. In the old version is mentioned Jesus, by name, twice and God once. I think it had more impact. I'll be extremely sad if they end up like Skillet.

  75. Stephen White

    And it seems slower.

  76. guitarcoverz4god

    I liked the original version a lot better. It seems like they cut out a lot of lyrics.