We As Human - Deliverance Lyrics

Its time for bed. Go to sleep little ones.
Rest your head. Daddy loves you, he loves you.
The worlds asleep, but there's no sleep for me.
I feel the nudge, to fill my veins with these drugs.

I, I hate myself, for who I am, for what I've done.
I just need some deliverance. Cause I hate myself, for who I am, for what I've done.
I just need some deliverance.

(Just need some deliverance.)

I'm so afraid, cause this addiction won't break.
It takes and takes. And leaves me nothing, with nothing.
I feel alone. I feel there's nobody out there. I'm all alone.
I could just end this right here.

Cause I, hate myself, for who I am, for what I've done.
I just need some deliverance. Cause I, hate myself, for who I am, for what I've done.
I just need some deliverance.

(and this one day I met you and you took it all away)

I, no longer hate myself, for who I am, and the things I've done.
Jesus you're my deliverance.
Cause I, no longer hate myself, for who I am, and for the things I've done.
Jesus you're my deliverance.
oh, Jesus you're my deliverance.
You came down.
Jesus you're my deliverance.

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We As Human Deliverance Comments
  1. Badger time Gaming

    Listening to this song again in 2018 so very very long ago I heard this song live.

  2. Taylor Antley

    I'm going to be completely vulnerable for a moment. Right now, I'm scrolling through my Google account activity trying to delete any trace of pornographic images/videos. I know it won't help anything, but I don't want the world to see this disgusting part of me. I'm still struggling with porn today, but it's becoming easier to fight back. Since my recent mission trip to Honduras, I've felt the power of the Holy Spirit more than ever.

    I thought of this song as I was deleting pornographic searches. This is how I felt for months.

    "I just need some deliverance!"

    nathan blackwell

    I know the pain man. I know exactly how it feels. Im still struggling with the same thing as you as well.


    taylor antley

    How goes it these days?

    Patrick Huskey

    Except what you don't realize is those searches aren't permanently deleted. Even the PC hides deleted files but so does the government

  3. nova lover

    STUPID GOOGLE!! I had to manually find this. I almost missed out. kind of pisses me off because that actually shows how under rated this band is. But I did find this and I did find their first demoish album and they are both awesome love them I can't wait for the new album. I wish more Christian artist made music like this. I love that numetal stained, thick bass feel.

  4. LJ Deyampert

    The vocals at the beginning remind me of Three Day's Grace.

  5. Jacob Rettberg

    I am a HUGE fan of them and Skillet!

  6. Miss Hathor

    Awwww! I wanted to go kigsfest! But I kept forgeting to buy the tickets! Rawr! But I love these guys!

  7. NForceDrama

    Saw them Friday at Kingsfest. Rocked the house. Jon Cooper joined them for Zombie. will be touring with Skillet and Pappa Roach(?!)

  8. Harrison Koonts

    or the same... they are skillet approved

  9. Justericpersonal

    what is an audio plug if I may ask?

  10. daisha IloveJesusChristandlove

    Thumbs up if your listening in 2013!!!!! Yea I love God and we as humans !!!!! :D YEA!!


    daisha IloveJesusChristandlove

    2018! :,)

  11. Tanner Fairless

    It was supposed to go out on an EP with I stand and a few others. I dont know why it wasnt but im sure it will be on a cd soon.

  12. YokoDragara

    My personal theme song for my life

  13. Adventures as a Moose's mom

    @justinperez15 in my opinion i think they can be better than skillet

  14. BigHairySexyBeast

    @kylermack i want to say awhile ago they planned to release an ep that had this and i stand and a few others on it...but it never was released...umm maybe off of there. ti does sound a bit different live

  15. Eric Reichart

    The sound of this song reminds me a lot of what tool sounds like!!!

  16. Collin Earl

    These guys are the next big thing!

  17. segomezoc

    i am ateist and i like we as human

  18. Justericpersonal

    @Weashuman1509 AWESOME! Glad to hear that! Congrats on becoming a person you like! Hopefully love in fact! =)

  19. Gunnar Harvey

    I saw these guys in their hometown of Sandpoint, ID! At the Panada

  20. IRL Review

    The first time for me listening to this song as I've just discovered this band. I happen to be in my bed, resting my head and I can't get to sleep even though it's past midnight haha :)


    Flex Quad same

  21. AnimeLovingJesusFreak

    I <3 We As Human. They iz awesome!!!!!

  22. coolbro1989

    @ktjffrs no, north east, sorry

  23. Caityee Jones

    @coolbro1989 At the Gorge?

  24. coolbro1989

    @ktjffrs That's where I found them too! They were great that day.

  25. musicVamp527

    I only just found them, so good!

  26. Caityee Jones

    We as human is amazing (:
    I saw them at creation not to long ago. And I've been obsessed since ;D

  27. masterj22

    this is my current favorite song

  28. prsguitars1678

    i saw this band at creation and the intro sent chills up my back he said something like
    All the songs we do just run through cause its easy to get lost in the songs and just lose the meaning but this song cuts me deep, IT CUTS ME DEEP everytime i sing this song o please it cuts me, o please listen o please just give me a minute o please i want this song, my story please listen

    IT WAS RAD, i love this band

  29. Meteu2007

    @remi777692 Yep! Ironic isnt it? ;p

  30. sumthin elz


  31. Charlie Irvine

    awesome band,they need to be out thier like skilltet and them,thier really good!amazing.

  32. dreynip

    They actually signed with the same record label as P.O.D and Skillet back in June or July. You're probably going to be hearing more about them in months to come.
    = D

  33. David Casey

    Yea no doubt theyre great

  34. Brian Rexroad

    no thats what people SHOULD do

    what people do is they hear a good song from a good band

    and go "Post the rest of the songs so we can hear those too!" and usually either download them, or just keep coming back to the vids

  35. Brian Rexroad

    dude not cool....sharing other peoples songs for free is just making the band lose money..

  36. zruler77

    I saw them live in Kingdom Bound, it's about his cocaine addiction and how he gets over it. They put on an amazing live show.

  37. Caleb Armstrong

    saw them two days ago and it was way better then this. he talked about the song then played it and it made me cry =/ powerful song

  38. Dan Riley

    i would love to know if they ever came to pittsburgh i want to see them live sooooooo bad!!!! i love this band and song!

  39. Dan Riley

    this and fly are the best!!

  40. Jakaii

    i LOVE this song. favorited and 5 stars.

  41. squishy783

    i saw them last night in dallas.
    we as human is so much better live!
    their record company doesnt do them any good aparently.

    you guys are amazing:D
    this song and i stand are my favoritess.

  42. Shelbi Ann

    freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Nikki Barraza

    favorite music;)