We As Human - Dead Man Lyrics

This is it, this is where we make a stand
You and me, time to face this man to man
Can't you see we cannot go on
It's me against me again

I'm sick of the man I am within
Fighting me, making me fall down again
I commit, I'll commit your suicide
Now death will breath you in

Sitting here at my graveside I've never been so alive
You pulled the dead man out of me
I am not what I was, never again what I was
You pulled the dead man out of me

I buried you, you where nearly my demise
It's only by the grace of God that I survived
I admit I was wrong to let you in
Never come back again

I can see all the possibilities rising up
Now that you're not pulling me down
This is where I say goodbye
And put the last bullet between your eyes

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We As Human Dead Man Comments
  1. Ross Moran

    It's great as it is! Love Rock music! Love this band!

  2. buck man

    Best. Song. Ever.

  3. Lady RavenDragon

    "This is where I say goodbye... And put the last bullet between your eyes!"

  4. Neal Starwas

    why do all the good singers suck on Jesus cock?


    Um, Maybe because they have believe in religion

  5. Chris Lee

    This song is still the shit

    Quintin Moore

    I agree

    benjamin james

    Christina Mitchell very still 9 months later

  6. Alex Franco

    amazing band the best of de christian rock !!!!

  7. Saman

    Yay, like my favourite bands, Skillet and Breaking Benjamin!

  8. Alisa Birkholz

    When I first heard this song I loved it

  9. Kelsey White

    I love this song so much :)

  10. Sub Zero


  11. HMZ ZMH

    nice song !

  12. Nirawin

    Ca va c'est pas mal :) Gretting from France :)

  13. XX XX

    Me gusta.

  14. Miss Hathor

    woah woah woah. the song changed!!!!

    Miss Hathor

    Luckily I was able to download a couple songs before they changed

    Joseph Longanbach

    +Hathorßekhmet L how did it change?

    Miss Hathor

    The music changed, and the way he sings it has changed too

    Joseph Longanbach

    oh i never heard the old stuff so i dot know

  15. Security Guard

    This band is cool you all should check out skillet

    Daniel Mcmullen

    Security Guard Skillet actually helped them by letting them be a singer at their concert and John Cooper is in Zombie (singer of skillet)

    Omega Fury

    Skillet is actually how I found them. I've loved skillet for years.

  16. Tj Baker

    Awesome song! Hands down...

  17. DirtWormGames

    haha nice tree climbing tutorial :) *thumbs u;p*

  18. vin

    This and Skillet are my favorite bands.

    Tyler Adams

    Julie Goldsmith Red sings "Feed the Machine", Skillet sings "Monster", Starset sings "My Demons", and We As Human sings, "Take the Bullets Away", but I still have never heard from Nine Lashes, Pillar, Ashes Remain, or Disciple before.

    Julie Goldsmith

    Tyler Adams you should there all really good.

    Julie Goldsmith

    9.the letter black
    11.manic drive
    13.demon Hunter
    14.day of fire
    15.decyfer down

    Allen Soda

    Kinda funny due to John from Skillet backed we as humans and is featured in a song too


    @Julie Goldsmith You seriously have some good taste in music. There's one new band that I got to know of from your comment - Pillar. Thanks. :-)

  19. Domingo

    Amazing song!

  20. Zlatan Yolonosovic

    cool chorus :)

  21. Battdude96

    Mad props to these guys, a lot of Christian rock/metal/metalcore bands aren't willing to mention God's name in their music. They've got my respect.

    The Sponge Monkey

    That's because they want to bring non Christian's into the fold to turn them into Christianity, and screaming god at them isn't really a god way to do that.

    Caleb M Baker

    +LMTUzumaki I appreciate people like you

    Sub Zero

    so true

    Ed Pagan

    ScarsFromTomorrow or is it?


    Ed Pagan Nope. Still don't believe in god.

  22. Alex Letta

    I love the thought of this song and I'd rather the dead pulled out of me.

  23. Batman Baker

    second verse is the best

  24. Conner Terry

    That one dislike...

    Daniel Mcmullen

    Conner Terry now its 15 dislikes 😢

    Naruto Uzumaki

    Conner Terry now its 17 dislikes. idk who would dislike this. we as human is amazing

    Twisted Ashlyn

    They probably don't like rock....

    Omega Fury

    AshAG55 attention loving, rock music hating, triggered little kids who think freestyle rap is the only "real" music

  25. a cannon

    just saw them live a month ago, and it was an awesome concert! love these guys

  26. Dilia Waters

    Great song!! Love the message they're giving!! Great stuff! Love!

  27. Conner Terry

    This version is for sure the better one.

  28. Saint_Cichol

    WHen i first saw these guys there band name was on the drums and i read it as Weashuman.

    Kayla Russ

    Me too! lol :D

    The Sponge Monkey

    +KuroHetametal IKR! except I read it without the you, so it looked like Weash-man

    Omega Fury


  29. Kiara Gonzalez


  30. CTAkutabi

    They did the original version, this is just a re-done one with different backing guitar and singing style

  31. Mark Pendleton

    Everyone is talking about the original but who did the original?

  32. Taylor Antley

    true, but this version does sound more epic. They could remove the background vocals and make it better.

  33. MadameCheshire

    I like both versions...

  34. Criseyda Grande

    his voice sounds so nice!!!

  35. D.J. Clift

    I don't know. This version is pretty sweet.

    JeSus isBack

    this the version

  36. The_Cambion


  37. Darren Osborne

    ...and the original is still the best. :P