We As Human - Burning Satellites Lyrics

Look at you standing there so selfishly,
Dressed to the nines,
You look divine,
You plead with people through their television screens,
And laugh as bankrupt tears fall from their eyes,
How do you sleep at night, how do you sleep at night?

You filthy dogs,
You sons of men,
You will not stand there in the end,
And rape the word of God,
To feed your selfish sins,
But you can change,
There is still time,
God help the scales fall from their eyes,
And haste the day when we see burning satellites

Your words are death inside a darken box,
But we're poking holes one at a time,
And though you try to fight soon everyone will see,
When all your wicked games are brought to light,
And all those tears they cry,
Will then fall from your eyes

[Chorus 2x]

I can see them falling,
Falling down,
I can see them falling,
Falling down,
I can see them falling,
They're falling down,
I can see them falling,

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We As Human Burning Satellites Comments
  1. Guanosine

    My high school jam (or at least, one of many). Though somewhat obscure, they were perhaps the boldest Christian metal band of their day. The lyrics speak for themselves.

  2. Kondor Extra Thicc

    Great song, but you don't have any rights to it.

  3. 1FNJO

    Ain't no such thing as a Luke warm Christian in a Burning Satellite.

  4. Kyleigh Hughes

    Look at you standing there so selfishly
    Dressed to the nines
    You look divine
    You plead with people through their television screens
    And laugh as bankrupt tears fall from their eyes
    How do you sleep at night, how do you sleep at night?

    You filthy dogs
    You sons of men
    You will not stand there in the end
    And rape the word of God
    To feed your selfish sins
    But you can change
    There is still time
    God help the scales fall from their eyes
    And haste the day when we see burning satellites

    Your words are death inside a darken box
    But we're poking holes one at a time
    And though you try to fight soon everyone will see
    When all your wicked games are brought to light
    And all those tears they cry
    Will then fall from your eyes

    (Chorus 2x)
    I can see them falling
    Falling down
    I can see them falling
    Falling down
    I can see them falling
    They're falling down
    I can see them falling

  5. Chad West

    2018 and still rocking out. Sad they split.

  6. Jeremiah Delano

    Really digging these guys, heavy soulful and killing it with the truth.

  7. drew emory

    They seriously need to add this album to Spotify. This song is my favorite!

    matt zubak

    oh I totally agree. They cant though. Any mention of the word "God" in a song and they cant publicly produce it. That's why the songs on spotify don't have that mention and the songs that aren't on spotify do. So sad.


    But there are plenty of Christian artists and Christian songs on Spotify. How would that make sense?

  8. Michael Bradley-Robbins

    Saw a video of Benny Hinn knocking people over with his jacket. This was the first thing that came to mind.

  9. Eli Jennings


  10. Rafał Kojot

    Very song nice.

    Jon Potter

    gotta love this comment, best one here

  11. A Gardner

    i'm all about freedom of speech and i'm gonna use that to say this: the message of this song is stupid.

    Charles Gossar

    Why do you say that if I may ask.

    St. Gideon

    +Ashleigh Gardner I'm pretty sure that you don't know what the message of this song even is.

    Levi D.

    +Jason Loomis The meaning of the song is about how wicked and wrong false pastors are.

    Allen Spacer

    +Levi D. Yep, you got it right Levi. That's exactly what the song is saying.

  12. TheBassMeister

    *psssst* This is an awesome song from an awesome band and I'm glad you bought the EP since that's the best way to support them, but owning the CD doesn't give you any rights to their music at all. You're allowed to listen to it, and that's about it. Basic copyright law that I had to learn in college.

  13. blackx557

    God doesn't hate anyone except the Devil.

    nathan d

    God hates all workers of iniquity, according to the Bible

  14. Nicholas Ball

    Honestly, I don't know why there is evolution stuff in the comments.  This is pretty obviously about churches and other religious institutions who say "God hates f*gs," or "God hates Jews," or "God hates women," crap they spread that goes against the Bible.  

    Geek With Tea

    (Speaking as a bisexual Christian) My personal belief is that God uses us LGBTA+ to test "love your neighbour" for Christians. LGBTA+ are tested when they have to listen to homophobic slander by siblings in Christ, while CisHet Christians are tested to see if they can love someone who genetically may go against God's wishes. (Though I am sure Side A Christians see it differently [they are the ones who can get married, lucky...] but I am just a little old Side B.)

    Titus H

    1. I m 14
    2. I know just as much about the bible as any other christian. Just because i enjoy playing a game does
    ill-legitimize my points. If you opened the bible you can read it for yourself.

    Titus H

    Okay i get it. Your not looking for a conversation to see the other sides beliefs, your looking for an argument

    So i'm just gonna leave the conversation.

    Zant Banitor

    You did the right thing ignoring the guy.

    Titus H

    Thank you. :D

  15. Nicholas Ball

    You can believe in evolution and be a Christian.  God cares about your heart, and whether or not Jesus is in it, not your political debates.  That being said, I love you all!  Play nice kiddies! 

    Nicholas Ball

    @Josh Marino Uhm.....what about it lol? I meant that evolution and big bang "theory" (and I use the term loosely on that one) aren't related.  

    Josh Marino

    @Nikkideamus Osyren What are you smoking bro? Evolution is not evolution without big bang theory

    Nicholas Ball

    What are you smoking?  God could make dinosaurs and those evolve, or Big Bang could happened and nothing evolved. -_-

    Nicholas Ball

    @***** I do believe God created the world through the word.  The Bible does not go into to specifics about what God's methods of creation would look like to a scientist's point of view.

    Titus H

    While i do believe it doesnt make sense at all t believe so, God doesnt care about that.

  16. blackx557

    Evolution isn't real, you cant claim that you are a christian and believe in God if you also believe in evolution, evolution contradicts everything that the bible says and if you believe in God then don't you also believe in the bible? You also cant say that you believe in God, but you don't believe in the bible. God is real and all of you that don't get saved will go to hell and suffer the eternal consequence that YOU put on YOURSELVES. Either be a christian and get saved or not, but don't be getting down on us christians like were nothing, we are something and God will one day come down and save all of us that actually saw the light. If you're not a christian then i'm going to say this, i'm not getting down on you and i'm not the one to make the choice if you're going to be a christian or not. That's between you and God. Thank you for reading


    bruh do you even Christianity all Christians have their own opinion on what will happen to the none believers and a lot believe than as long as you do the work of God ypu go to heaven

    Cassondra Cummings

    +Thomas Guthrie couldn't have said that better myself. amen brother.


    +Jason Loomis so people can't have their own opinions?

    Stephen Jacobs

    Ephesians 2:8,9 says that we are saved by grace through faith and not of works so that no man can boast. I suggest that all of you read the Bible more.


    Chill out perfect Christian.....

  17. Ritual Lobotomy

    *scrolled down to check all the awesome people listening to this, saw religion mention, rage quit*

    dameon Tora

    Well it is a Christian band

    dameon Tora

    Well I agree those who act like they are better then others are wrong. But meh


    Ritual Lobotomy that's exactly what this song is talking about

    Ritual Lobotomy

    @Rock It is, but I don't recall it being about "who's belief is the only true one". That is what I was implying...

    Peter Kroeker

    @Ritual Lobotomy do some research on the band and draw conclusions from that

  18. Andrew Frizzell

    where can i download this album???

  19. natasha hunte

    that one dislike has got to be from a politician 

    Titus H

    or Joel Osteen...

    Shannon Williams

    @Titus H lol

  20. gus grv

    one dislike who the fck????


    ikr this is a good song.... WHO IS EVIL I WILL EAT YOUR FACE LIKE A CUPCAKE!!!!!!!!!! ;D


    someone liked this song so much that they turned their computer screen upside down so they could like it again

    gus grv

    no :P 


    @Neo3602 i like that one the hunt for the face to eat will subside... for now

  21. Party Poison

    Perfect song...i now know this song by heart

  22. Skierus

    ... wow everybody just shut up and enjoy the music. By the way evolution is PROVEN its not just a bunch of people saying this is why god doesn't exist. i am seeing some very idiotic people in this comment section. first off evolution isn't something that happens over night it take millions and millions of years. so if your argument is our kids don't start out as monkeys then you're plain dumb. If you want to believe something along the lines that god made us then just claim god made DNA -_- now is that so hard? Well in truth it is because the types of people to fight about religion on YouTube usually don't care to study up before commenting or if they do they do it from a book written by HUMANS a very long time ago. It is a book written by humans on how they perceived events that took place. whats in there could be true but it isn't fact its sort of like a pile of myths like the Greeks, Romans and pretty much everybody had. its just excepted as fact cause Christians had zealots who were pretty much like "DEATH TO THE INFIDELS" Christianity is one of the most bloody religions have ever heard of... the message of "Worship god or go to hell we'll even send you there!" i think i can stop here i am agnostic by the way. I don't say "god" isn't real but i sure as hell know that Christianity is a big pile of corrupt bastards scaring others into doing their bidding... so yeah get what you will from this

    Josh Marino

    @skilletfan506 how?

    Josh Marino

    @Killobot42 Ok, you say evolution is only a likely theory. I almost agree with that, although i don't think it's likely at all, due to many things, but anyway, if its only a "likely theory", then why is it being taught in the public schools as if it were solid proven fact? And btw there are many "likely theories" and a christian view of science, if it were studied out and taken seriously, is a "likely theory" though i feel that it has been proven out unlike evolution, (And everything in the world and in reality conforms to it, and all events fit in perfectly with it,) You can at least call a christian view of science a likely theory (not christian scientism, its a bunch of crap). And so at that point, evolution and a christian view of science are both equally likely theories (at least) and so i ask at this point, why would you put blind faith in evolution over a christian view of science, and not give a christian view of science any chance to prove it self out to you?


    +Killobot42 so which is it is to you? evolution and creation the same thing or just evolution which is ridiculous cuz someone has to defrag the genes


    i believe evolution is real when it comes to god im an apathiest. It could be real then again this current god has as much credibility as any other pagan god. so im not particularly fearful of this one atm. though think of it like this. The earth is here do we personally need to know how the earth works for it to actually work and allow us to breath? the answer is no nature will work on its own and allow life to thrive here. besides i could care less about where something came from until we have some way of finding out... pretty much i dont care. though saying a god made everything could be a major insult to nature itself. i'm more of a person who believes everything yet believes nothing. i dont take things for face value. also im tired of this comment chain i have so many typos in my rants sometimes its looks like i mean the opposite of what i say -_- 


    @Killobot42 okay

  23. Laer Bear

    I just want everyone to know, Jesus loves you, even if nobody else does.

  24. Shane Patrick

    Awesome stuff

  25. Songwriter4God

    ...Lol. So you claim full rights to the song because you own the CD? Haha, yeah right. That's not how it works. So you claim you have the right then to reproduce and sell the CD? That's what full rights mean, you have the rights of the [evil] record label. You don't. You have NO rights in actuality. You only have the right to listen to it privately. Technically uploading music to YT is illegal, but the only people who care are the greedy record labels.

  26. Miss Hathor

    Teehee. Science can coincide with religion. If one day science proves we came from animals then I'll say this.
    "then God created those animals" duh!
    I know I'm not very smart and whatnot but what you guys are arguing bout is ridiculous. He has his beleifs you have yours. God still loves you. That's all that matters.


    enough carrying the cross now. those who believe in the bible know we are at the END soon.

    revelation asks you to pick up something else now.

    revelation says 22:15 for without are the DOGS, huh?

    repent and READ about his BLOOD and SACRIFICE.

  28. RavenxRobin101

    THANK YOU, GOOD LORD. No other Christian I know ever agrees with me on that, other than my boyfriend. There is no reason science can't coincide with God.

  29. Lainy Bean

    The ideas of days in Genesis is, according to my reading in the Christian Research Journal, a literary device commonly used at the time to represent ages.

  30. wwejeffhardy619TV

    It's rape. It makes sense because "Rape" means to violate and what they're saying is that people violate the word of god

  31. wwejeffhardy619TV

    more like Breaking Benjamin

  32. killersteam03

    is it just me or does the singer sound kinda like adam gontier from three days grace when he says certain things

  33. xxChaos97yelxx

    to all the jackasses saying that evolution isnt real, and that there is no evidence of it, thats bullshit. the proof is called natural selection. if you dont know what it is, look it up, its the reason why we have been able to breed different breeds of dogs and is the reason for all genetic diversity. Im a proud christian, the fact that you say that humans are seperate from animals just makes you sound ignorant. every living thing is gods creation and we are all part of that great design. STFU

  34. Crimsonblack614

    Since good music isn't mainstream

  35. Bryce Jones

    Here's what I don't get; people who are saying evolution is real and God is stupid took the time to look up a song that glorifies God and basically calls non-believers repulsive and sick. If you hate Jesus so much don't come into a part of YouTube where you know Christians are going to be commenting the truth of God.

  36. Bryce Jones

    @Panhead4life97: You are soooo right. Thank God there are still people who realize evolution is stupid and wrong. I'm glad to see that there are Christians who will say something against the lies the world has made.

  37. Bryce Jones

    It is in fact "rape" and for good reason. People need to stop sugar coating thing. Society is RAPING the word of God. I love the fact the WAH understands this. If you're a follower of Christ you need to show society for what it is...EVIL!

  38. Defender_of_Man19

    I think the lyrics are as such: "...You will not stand there in the end, and BREAK the word of God to feed your selfish sins." If I'm not mistaken.

  39. Julieth

    I love this song! :)

  40. jordyn Rashott

    @CouraSL read revelation. Christians aren't supposed to be the cowards most are today. Just saying.

  41. Betsykaye B

    How does this not have like a million views? Come on guys! You're slackin on getting the word out about We as Human =P

  42. Christallovesbooks esse

    his vocie....<333333

  43. John Garnier

    you can just download it as a file, and put the file into your mp3 player. if you use an ipod like me then you just go to add file in itunes select the file and its there :)

  44. Samantha Ramirez

    Anyone know where I can get this song?

  45. SimplyCraig

    w w w dot youtube-mp3 dot o r g
    until they release it on itunes, which is when I will buy it. That's the only place I know of to get it.

  46. YojileB


  47. Matt Perry

    Where can I get this album it's not on iTunes and I love it?

  48. Sarafina Lynch

    This is so true ,it brings tears to my eyes :) Love this song!!

  49. don cameron

    This song is so fitting for Harvest House Moncton. It's not aboutneed, it's all about greed. The staff and volunteers steal food on a daily basis.This is food that's donated. I have seen this with my own eyes. This so called Ministry is a FRAUD from the wotd go. There annual profit is $233.000. Where is that money being spent. This place needs to be shut down and shut down fast.

  50. roseytheriveter

    Amen to that. :P

  51. RavenxRobin101

    I dedicate this song to Joel Olsteen.

  52. XxRMBJCxX

    I never called someone an ignorant pile of shit, I was referring to his lack of knowledge about genetics and evolution. I know evolution is a theory and I never said it wasn't. The facts I was talking about were the Salem witch trials and the ruthless killings when state and religion were one of the same. I haven't shown any lack of intelligence at all except defending my belief. All I was trying to do was say that his comment was ignorant which it is. I was never attacking religion, just him.

  53. XxRMBJCxX

    also, besides information regarding evolution, what I have said is fact. While all you have done is rambled on about how I pathetic for following a belief (which is what you are doing you idiot), saying I was brainwashed which my opinion was independently formed and trying to be condescending to me when in reality we are both irrelevant people sitting behind a computer.

  54. XxRMBJCxX

    Well for starters it isn't my theory. Humans have always been human, true but I believe we have evolved which is backed up by genetic code and bone structure of other species, etc. I am calling you ignorant not because of your religious belief but because of you saying the guy is right for saying "If we got here from monkeys then lets see what happens when you have a child. Do they start out as monkeys?". Which shows absolute lack of knowledge on what evolution is.

  55. XxRMBJCxX

    You really are stupid.

  56. pinkbabycat

    WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Thought I would break the tension from the random argument below XDDD pretty awesome song too xD

  57. XxRMBJCxX

    I'm not being brain washed. Half the shit Christianity says is pathetic. I wish there was an afterlife but there isn't. When you die, it will feel the same as before you were born.

  58. M2Friis

    -It doesn't have to be intelligent stuff you post on the damn internet.
    -Go have fun with your friends, drink a beer, play a game of football or something like that, and cool down.
    -I am still in school educating myself, but that doesn't mean that I can't post a comment on a youtube video for fun.
    You need to get laid, you're sounding like a person whom haven't gotten something in a while.

  59. Jay

    It's funny listening to the guy who's whole life is driven by blind faith call me ignorant.

  60. Jay

    I possess nothing but information. You possess nothing but the lack of information.

  61. Jay

    Mmkay. And who created god?

    Neither god nor the big bang seem logical. However evolution is nothing but logical. You choose to ignore the abundance of evidence placed right infront of you, and in return you place your faith in a lack of evidence.

  62. DragonsTwilight21

    i will make mine simply u guys r doing a grate job using your talent to express how u feel about this topic and i thank u for sharing your wonderful gift with the world ppl these days cant just take somethings the way they r handed to them they always have to put other ppl down. cant waite to here more of your work.

  63. Nyphilim

    I did, found it on Amazon but it not being sold

  64. kingded

    google: we as human burning satellites EP.
    I'm sure could easily buy it XD

  65. kingded

    Exactly 250 likes XD

  66. kingded

    Dude, if you want people to stop arguing, why share your own opinion after, people will naturally argue because everyone has their own point on view.

  67. Nyphilim

    wish i could find a where to get this and Fly...

  68. XxRMBJCxX

    your comment is the most ignorant pile of shit I have read recent in recent days.

  69. TargonTheDragon

    its not that i dont like criticism its just that alot of people judge by just what they read and not what was going on during the conversation. did you have a question about the comment i made?

  70. renegade4life89

    It's only a problem if you have a problem taking things on heresay, as that is what your entire religion is based off of. Context? Give me a break, your sentence was plain as day,

    "all you know from WWII is what you read in textbooks unless you actually fought during the war."

    To offer such a criticism to someone when you do something of that nature in an even more dramatic fashion is laughable, don't give me your "context" nonsense, proofread what you write if you don't like criticism.

  71. TargonTheDragon

    yes im a Christian, is that a problem? and which comment are you talking about? don't criticize the comment if you don't know what context it is being said. I've had a long debate with this guy that had a lot of things said that can sound wrong by themselves, if your really interested in arguing or talking, make sure you know what context i said it in.

  72. renegade4life89

    You really should stay awake in biology class...I don't care what you believe in, but you really should learn something before you "criticize it"

  73. renegade4life89

    You're religious are you not...you're really not serious are you? Of all the comments to make...

  74. Cuppie Cake

    awesome song! God is amazing and i hate to say this for it will probly piss people off ,but this reminds me of high rich preachers out there! They have people falling and making them their idol and getting money... They forget they are just human too!

  75. Anya Redblade

    I have a message fore everyone watching this. Yes, I am Christian. How about you all shut up, and enjoy the music? Hmm?

  76. TargonTheDragon

    so your blameing it on religion? Not God? some people, actually alot of people, claim to be religious and do stupid crazy stuff. all religion is is our attempt to reach God. and since all religions are false, save Christianity, you have alot of people following orders from a false religions. very few people actually read there bibles and understand what it means. they listen to there preachers and assume the preacher knows what hes talking about. thats what the whole point of this song is.

  77. TargonTheDragon

    like what? all you know from WWII is what you read in textbooks unless you actually fought during the war.

  78. Jay

    50 million people died in world war 2, fighting under their governments orders. Governments plagued by religious ideologies.

  79. Jay

    Are you saying 50 million people died to create a better world?

  80. TargonTheDragon

    everyone who ever had to fight for something good had to suffer because of those opposing them. Civil Rights is one example. but it was for a greater good so the suffering of those who brought about a greater good was not really suffering if it brought about a betterment to humanity. so it still is suffering but for a good purpose. and its not needless suffering then.

  81. TargonTheDragon

    how does following God result in suffering? if you truly follow God, striving to become a better person, you become happier, feeling fufilled in what you do. you better the people around you by setting a good example. sure people will not like you for how "good" you are, but is physical "suffering" on earth really suffering? when you believe you have a prize awaiting you in heaven, and all you ever did in life was help people, whether or not they listened, is it really suffering?

  82. TargonTheDragon

    i know right? people put a bad name on christianity because they claim ot be christians but are so negative. then non-christians get the vibe that all christians are this mean and negative. i wish that people would stop acting like christians and begin to read there bible and BE christians. the whole point is to be Christ-like. Sure Jesus got mad soemtimes, but for good reasons. he didnt get angry at a sinner for not understanding, he helped the sinner understand.

  83. Jay

    Which results in suffering.

  84. TargonTheDragon

    In essence your not supposed to follow religion, your supposed to follow God.

  85. TargonTheDragon

    I beg to differ.look at all the good that religion has started. the Red Cross, Goodwill, Operation Christmas child, Samaritans Purse, Salvation Army, World Vision. religion is mans attempt to reach God by works but Christianity is the only "religion" or belief that God reached down to us becuase otherwise there would be no way we could reach him. it is by faith alone, but that is the key, believing in God even though you arent sure hes there. It really depends on how you define religion.

  86. TargonTheDragon

    well im glad you see me as not a child. you still havent given me the exact answer though, how does God promote genocide? is there an actual event your reffering to?
    and as for "the bible isnt true" i know of an event where an archeologist was studying to prove the bible false. he read of a city that was only stated in the bible and nowhere else in historical records. he went to the site where it would be promising to find nothing........ and found the capital city, thus proving the bible true

  87. Anya Redblade

    Here is my advice for all those who are listening to this song, SHUT UP! IT'S MUSIC! ENJOY IT!!! No one cares enough to hear your opinion! JUST LISTEN TO THE SONG!!

  88. ProfessorKinky

    We evolved from a common ancestor with monkeys,that's why we have monkeys today, we just branched off from them at some point, and there are fish in Australia who are growing hands and feet, so FUCK YOU GUYS EVOLUTION IS REAL!

  89. Jay

    Children don't initiate wars in the name of their imaginary friends. Children do not discriminate and separate society because they share different imaginary friends. Children do not read passages from "holy" scriptures written thousands of years ago and use them to justify murder, the trading of women and charading around trying to convert athiests

    How hard is it to realize that the bible is just a fictional book. Any douche could have written it. I could have written it. I have an imagination

  90. Jay

    Imaginary friends would be harmless. But time and time again they prove otherwise. Look at history. Look at all the wars. Look at the holocaust. That was motivated partly by religion. Look at the middle east conflict. The Jewish initiated four wars over Palestine because they felt they had "religious" ownership over the country. They displaced hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. KKK, they are partly religiously motivated. 9/11 again. WestBoro Church again. Religion is nothing but hate.

  91. TargonTheDragon

    i do read history. im still in school. that doesnt answer my question though. how does God promote genocide?

  92. Jay

    Why is having an imaginary friend a bad thing?

    Go read a history book. Genocide.

  93. TargonTheDragon

    what is wrong with imaginary freinds? give me a good, literal reason not to have something to hope in. Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important- cs lewis. i believe in christianity because once I die i'll go to heaven. if this is false then all i ever did in life wont matter anyway. you wont be able to look back on you life and say "man those were some good times". all for nothing... unless God is real.

  94. TargonTheDragon

    enlighten me on how God promotes genocide. and is there anything wrong in being ethical? doing the right thing isnt a bad thing. sure "right" and "wrong" is a point of veiw, but then again isnt everything based on opinion?

  95. Jay

    What's worse, this imaginary friend never did anything for you. Oh and by the way. Your imaginary friend promotes genocide. So why don't you go start another war Mr. Ethical.

    Believers in god act ethical because of fear. They fear what will happen to them if they don't. Atheists act ethical because they know it's right.

  96. Jay

    Too bad? You know what's too bad? Spending your whole fucking life worshiping something that doesn't exist. If most people can grow out of having imaginary friends, why cant you?

  97. TargonTheDragon

    ok. ill leave you alone. its just too bad......

  98. Jay

    Stupid child. Take a look in the mirror.

    Do you see a man? Fuck no you don't. All I see is a bitch. Stop escaping life by shouldering your burdens onto god.

    Get a fucking clue and a brain.

    Don't talk down to me child. I don't take directions from the delusional.

  99. TargonTheDragon

    ive done my part. ive gave you a chance. its up to God now. i Cant make you believe but God change melt your heart of stone.

  100. TargonTheDragon

    All i feel is pity for you. you WILL see. And when you do it will be too late. you will die. And as your life leaks from your lips in your one last breath, The crushing blackness enveloping you in a cold fist, you will see the light ahead and think "Ha! i told those people they were wrong!" Then you will see God and know you were wrong, Judgement day will come. You will grovel and plea for all your worth saying "i didnt know". And all God will say to you is "I never knew you".