We As Human - Bring To Life Lyrics

Tell me that I'm still breathing
Tell me that I'm not fading now
I'm not fading out

Tell me that I'm not crazy
Help me to make sense of it all
To make sense of it all

So wash it all away
And move it like a storm
The ocean's overflowing now
You bring to life all that is broken
You can turn the tide before it's too late
Cause I'm not afraid of anything
When You burn like a fire inside
You bring to life

Show me hope for healing
Show me signs of who You are
I want to see Your heart


You bring to life

You bring to life all that is broken
You can turn the tide before it's too late
Cause I'm not afraid of anything
When You burn like a fire inside
You bring to life

You burn like a fire inside
(You bring to life)
The ocean's overflowing now
I'm not afraid of anything
When You burn like a fire inside
You bring to life

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We As Human Bring To Life Comments
  1. Awaken Your Reality

    The Fire of YAHUSHUA Jesus Christ is alive and does bring to life! The battle is real and the afflicted elects are rising to glory!

  2. Kable

    The sound of the band is amazing, but the lyrics to this song are very weak

    Lord Dragonflame Swordsmith

    Hater why u hatin such a great song

  3. BigBudde & BooBoo

    Awesome song! I'm adding it to the playlist "REAL ROCK MIX" Over 10+ hours of THE BEST in Christian Rock ✞ ♫
    https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRW2S5SFhGr4bzsKHlKyf4lY1K-57_Zn8 ✞ ♫

  4. Ron Dunbar

    what is the name of the new bad after they regrouped?.

    Michael Hill

    Ron Dunbar As We Ascend

  5. Lhieo Mhark Amadamaro

    i need a brand new song plss

    Lord Dragonflame Swordsmith

    Lol u rong

    Gian Zambrana

    They broke up

  6. Red the HERO

    what if Thousand Foot Krutch teamed up with this band?


    POKEMONHERO Ha, it's funny because TFK actually teamed up with another band called Nine Lashes. John Cooper discovered We As Human and Trevor McNeevan discovered Nine Lashes. You should check them out if you haven't heard of them.

    The King

    Red the HERO it would be awesome. But we as human disbanded

  7. Alisa Birkholz


  8. Jeffrey Hilliker

    this song...is...INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thomas Cates

    This is really great.

  10. Emily Stover

    Did anyone else think Breaking Benjamin when it first started Bc I did oops

  11. sierra johnson

    this and let me drown gives me chills

    Konstantinos Kati

    Sever too

  12. KittenInAmour♥~

    The singer reminds me do much of Adam Gontier ;-;


    Me too ;(

    Mr. Roiz

    01:01 v:}

    The King

    KittenInAmour♥~ you need to listen to Nine Lashes because the singer also sounds like Adam Gontier. Especially in "Break the World", "Words of Red",and "Double or Nothing"

  13. Dragoti


  14. Taka n0me

    La c'est bien, merci !

  15. Joseph Longanbach

    i am fairly surprised at how good this band is

  16. Hitman1m1

    #HeavyMetalHitman  face book  \m/

  17. The Cleansing Process

    this is my new favorite song. i must thank a radio channel callled the message.


    The Cleansing Process Another Demon Hunter fan!

  18. iamagodlover2010

    <3 great for those who have been hurt through abuse <3 <3 :'( #standforus #standfortheabused

  19. Jose Acosta

    Am I the only one that thinks that this song is actually singing to God?
    "You bring to life,
    All that is broken,
    You can turn the tide,
    before it's late, 'cause I'm not afraid of anything
    when you burn like a fire inside."

    Jordan Fire Star

    +Jose Acosta The band is a Christian band, so it would make sense if they are singing to God.


    More like Jesus


    Jose Acosta
    You’re not the only one🤘🙌

    Silverite Q

    It is. Christian band with multiple meanings

  20. BrotherGrimmy

    I can totally see why people are comparing them to breaking benjamin... he definitely has a very similar singing style as burnley

  21. Anthony Ruggiero

    Dude has an awesome voice 

    The King

    Anthony Ruggiero however he left the music industry due to a scandal.

  22. Kolden Daffer

    Id say breaking Benjamin meets trapt

  23. 2strokejunkies

    We as Human is a Christian rock band from Sandpoint, Idaho formed in 2006. They were discovered by John Cooper, lead singer of the band Skillet, in 2010 who introduced them to Atlantic Records, their current label


    +2strokejunkies Very cool, Skillet is christian too. That's awesome

    Chyna Pope

    they broke up in 2014

    The King

    2strokejunkies I COME FROM THE FUTURE!!! they disbanded due to a scandal by the singer. But on the bright side 2 of the members stayed together and formed "As We Ascend" and they made an album last year and even got the guitarist of Shinedown as a guest.

    Gian Zambrana

    @Chyna Pope 2016

  24. harry crevis


  25. EJ Red

    I heard this song via the Music Choice channels - y'know, the channels that play music that are in like the 400s or so - and this song sounds like something I would listen to. I want to listen to more songs by this band but I want someone to answer me this, is this band worth listening to?

    Cause if not, I'll just stick to this song.

    Chris Jewell

    A lot of the stuff this band has is REALLY good. I listen to them on Sirius Octance all the time

    David Bro

    @Chris Jewell is right. This band is GOOD. Octane's where I first heard them. XD

    Aaron Haefner

    @David Bro me too :D

  26. Lesa Brodbeck

    I listen to music every day all day and this has to be the best song and band I have heard in a long time. Definitely going to be looking out for more from them.

  27. Ghost of April

    We are an Alternative Metal band from Virginia trying to get our name out there. This is for fans of
    Disturbed, Sevendust, Flaw, Breaking Benjamin, Karnivool. Come check us out on Facebook, YouTube, and
    Instagram. If you like what you hear, let us know, we love talking and meeting new fans. Looking forward
    to hearing from everyone! -Ghost of April

    Ghost of April

    We are not Christian related at all. Our vocalist is actually an atheist. We are Alternative/Nu Metal. check us out. let us know what you thought of our music

    the lawfull

    @Ghost of April athie metal

    Ghost of April

    Thank you!

    Ghost of April

    Thank you so much! Please give us a like on Facebook, and share our newest single with your friends. Again, thank you for giving us a chance :D

    Ghost of April

    Awesome!! Thanks so much!! :D




    +ST3FIUSZ over 200 now lol. But it deserves millions


    I wrote it 10 months ago xD

    Cameron Bays

    TRIANGLE and now we at 300,000 let's go

    Master Groshi

    420K+ now haha

  29. Canaan B

    it's like if Skillet and Red had a child, it would be this band.

    Hircine -

    Lee Mimbs you don’t start sentences with and. Enough has been said now, you hypocrite

    Sean Hoops

    This band is technically skillets child because John Cooper got them their label

    Jaylon Williams


    Alex Baribeault

    @Chiraisu You're spot on.

    JM Heller

    A couple members from Red joined Breaking Benjamin. Check out thier latest stuff.

  30. zoie helton

    I love this song!!!!!! <3

    The King

    zoie helton well what's sad is that it will be the last we will ever get of the singer for a while(though he did write somfs for Manafest) because We As Human disbanded due to a scandal. Though 2 of the members stayed together and formed As We Ascend and released an album called"Farewell to Midnight" .

  31. pulzeultra

    I like the song, but is it just me or does this resemble the band Breaking Benjamin just a bit too much? Not hating though, like I said before, I like the song and this band :)


    Mixed with a little of Red, yeah. I thought the same.

    Kelly Fraser

    @TheKnuxinatorShow yes, I agree sounds a bit like Breaking Benjamin but really better...I saw BB in concert.....not good. This lead singers voice is way better


    @Kelly Fraser Ben had something wrong with his throat and it made him always sound like he was loosing his voice and got bad in 2008 so all there live shows you could tell but he had surgery and sounds awesome now, and there touring again.

    Gustavo Finatti

    Everyband actually remember a bit BB, they marked this generation of Hard Rock


    I thought it was one i heard it on the radio.

  32. MyBalls YourChin


  33. RyBegz

    Opening for TFK and wanted to get to know their music. Glad I did, another found gem of a band!

    The King

    RyBegz however they disbanded due to a scandal.

  34. kevin uchiha

    cool song

  35. Nicky Harper

    I am loving this song right now!

  36. CpTn

    +Katt M i want to go to that church!

  37. code1911stainless


  38. Guidance Glory

    best band I ever hered

  39. ErgoProxy678

    Some dumb as

  40. PITviper217

    Who the heck does that one lonely little dislike belong too??? Who could dislike this song??? ITS AWESOME!!!!! :D

    BIG AL

    probably a demon


    Probably the ones that like 1 direction or Justin Blowme beiber


    @leaboy2 You said it 3 times. It must be true.

  41. Jane Smith

    Man these guys are really awesome!  Why am I just now hearing about them?  Powerful lyrics and the musicianship is extraordinary!  

    The King

    But they disbanded. And the singer won't be back in the music industry for a while.

  42. inquiring mind

    encourages me

  43. Micah

    well then your church is freakin awesome

  44. garrin gann

    looking forwad to eeing them at carnival of madness concert on sat sept. 7 here in st.louis with skillet and others

  45. Metallica man Trevor Taylor

    I'm kinda excited to see them September 12th

  46. AlphaRanger729

    Yup, best ten bucks I've spent all year and best album so far of the year

  47. AlphaRanger729

    Lucky, I got to see them two years ago at Youthquake, before they had really discovered this sound and gotten this insanely good, back then they were just okay, but now, well, you get the idea

  48. Christian Padilla

    i saw them live at carnival of madness on the 23rd of august

  49. TheGermanWhoEdits

    Even though i'm more into thrash metal etc... This band has yet failed to impress me. Good job :D

    The King

    TheGermanWhoEdits well they disbanded due to a scandal and cancelled their third album. Though five songs of the cancelled record were recorded live.

    The King

    TheGermanWhoEdits by a youtuber called "Yupsure"

  50. Elijah Wedel

    i might be seeing these guys in the carnival of madness! :D

  51. Eric Mortimer

    Great song! can't decide if I like this one or "strike back" better

  52. Giovanna Opz

    like :D

  53. AlphaRanger729

    Okay, this settles it, I have to get this album