We As Human - After The Fall Lyrics

Why do I even think
In a world that has stopped thinking?
Is there any way to know
What is good, what is bad
All the lines are fading
But are they fading?
Or are they being erased?
Or have we all slowly changed?
I can feel the changes.

Don't cry for long,
Our time is coming closer.

I muse within my mind.
How can I take something falling,
And raise it to fly again?
I know I can't, I know I can't,
But I know God can.

So put your life in His hands,
Make Him your obsession.
Let Him take you, break you
Let Him make you
Into more than a man.

Don't cry for long,
Our time is coming closer.
Don't cry for long
Our time is coming closer.

Aren't you sick of how the churches
In America are today?
They just wallow in their traditions
And their old religious ways.
They're so afraid of change
They derange, and water down what they say
So as not to offend the ones who pay the bills
These preachers
They stand with their suits and their ties
And they only wear them
When they're in the public's eyes
Cause they're fake and they know it.
But they don't want you to know
That inside, they're human just like you.
So they stand on their stages
Next to the flower arrangements
That were probably paid for with the missionary's fund.
And we worship them like idols
And we say, "Who needs the bible,
When we have a pastor that always is just so much fun?"
I'm not saying they're all this way
I'm just saying we need to change

Don't cry for long
Our time is coming closer
Fight through the pain of it all
And remember that rising comes after the fall.

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We As Human After The Fall Comments
  1. Sebastian Michaelis

    This song helped me when I was sexually assaulted by the preacher of my church, I lost faith for many years. I recently came across this song again, and it keeps my head above water.

  2. Cristian Jazmin

    Best song ever

  3. MixedScales

    I know this song is relativity old. But I saw these guys when they just released this album, at some super small church in New Mexico (or somewhere near) but this song in particular really got me to stop believing in Christianity. Or at least it's organized realigion. And to this day this band is one of the main reasons I say I'm a agnostic person ( leaning towards a monotheistic religion) and I thank them. It as allowed me to think more outside the main religion' ideals; and let's me ask questions most christians refuse to even acknowledge .
    So thank you We As Human.

  4. Zant Banitor

    "Why do I think, in a world that has stopped thinking" is the first line.

  5. rusty nail

    to bad they are breaking up or the lead singer is leaving the band

  6. Redfliboy

    Wow I remember writing these songs, this E.P. is my favorite..

    Kyle Dugger

    God bless you sir! Are you Mr. Cordle? If you are, then thank you for We As Human! I Didn't find your music  until after you split, but you quickly became my favorite band, I forgive you for breaking the band up, and your reason for it. And I believe if you ask God, he will forgive you to! Please remember why you started We As human in the first place, and that Jesus died to rid you of your sin. I lost both my great grandparents year before last, and God spoke through your music, and I realized it wasn't the end. All I ask is that you finish the album y'all started, I'm pretty sure the other members will forgive you to if not , then thank you for the time you were together. Thank  you for writing such powerful, godly music! Please forgive me if my grammar is bad, I'm only a teen.


    Kyle Dugger No I was the guitar player, I left because of his lack of character but hope he is well. Finding your page brought back a lot of memories and awesome studio time writing some good music.

    Kyle Dugger

    You were a very talented guitar player! I'm actually learning to play the electric guitar, in hopes that I will either start or join a band one day. Thank you for writing such awesome music, and God bless!


    Kyle Dugger Thanks man I appreciate it. It's crazy I still have the scratch tracks for most these songs on my computer. Good luck with your pursuit of music..

  7. ForeverAlone711

    3:50 to 4:21 ....another song with sounds like those?

  8. Russian Bot

    Love the sound of the band, but when they get super religious its kind of a turn off for me. :/


    Well they are a Christian rock band lol


    @TheCommieNextDoor Sorry, but I agree with you, and with both the two commentators..

    Kwame Coleman

    Super Soviet stfu nothing's wrong with that

    Brandy Potts

    Umm when they "get religious"??? It's called praising!!

  9. RedFern

    this song is so amazing =o

  10. Katie Moore

    This. Song. ROCKS!!!

  11. Justin Smith

    Love this song and the rap part so true we come as human is awsome may the Lord bless them :-)

    Ethan Washburn

    I would say its more of a speech then rapping.

  12. vmipsychmajor

    Hey, thanks for uploading all these. :)

  13. ShadowLeafAliyah

    Pretty sure it is 
    "What are we to think in a world that has stopped thinking?" 

  14. sebastian góral


  15. my_channelagad4

    We are born sinners and are depraved.

  16. Aliyah Burnette

    Great song for resident evil 7 and tekken 7 also resident evil vendetta.

  17. Miss Hathor

    Such a beautiful song. Shame I havent found a good church yet...

  18. Ashlee Hare

    about the gay discussion. Born gay, maybe, Straight people have the desire to be with multiple partners. Is one worse than the other? God desires us to be One man with One woman. Choosing to be with multiple partners is the same as choosing to be with the same sex in God's eyes. Why judge one harder than the other. Bottom line... God loves us and wants the best for us. Trust in him.. He accepts us where we are, and then works on things we need to change to better us. Trust God, not man..

  19. Ashlee Hare

    nothing better than a man that is not afraid to speak the truth

  20. Crimsonblack614

    I liked the whole Burning Satellites EP except for the 4th song which i believe is called bROKEN iNSIDE

  21. Jeff Wagner

    This echos a question one of my old teachers asked, a lot of the straight kids said gay was a choice, the two gay kids, said they were born gay.

  22. lemonadeforsale

    I personally don't believe anyone is born gay. i think it is how you are raised and how you react to how you are raised.

  23. Dan Hernandez

    That is what the bible says BUT everyone's vision of "their best" is different. Honestly, my best is jeans, a nice rock shirt with a plaid dress shirt over it left unbuttoned, and a few bracelets. If you listen to the breakdown, you'd understand better. :) (No offense intended)

  24. 1877theflip

    Righteously said dude, may God bless you.

  25. eric wingfield

    i am eric and i agree with this comment lol haha

  26. Hidiho2u

    I have don't believe in god what so ever, nor am i gonna tell other people what to believe. I'm not listening to how frustrated or what not he feels, to me it just sounds like a good song.

  27. Brett Arnold

    Wish I was believer enough to get into this band. The music is just excellent, and the passion is so pure.

  28. Cuppie Cake

    I love this song! I agree with them 100% because i've been to chruchs with the old ways.... and family falling for tv preachers and making them their idols...

  29. Cuppie Cake

    Plus i have been to one chruch where you have to wear dresses and men wear slacs and if you dont your damned... I would say more but this is kind of stuff they mean...

  30. Cuppie Cake

    i would disagree... it is part of the word but some religions are nothing but if you dont fallow that tradition you are damned...

  31. Axle Greyson Archer

    if you wanted to meet skillet it would have cost $50 they were not free to see otherwise i would have seen them and nothing would have stopped me

  32. Wolfkid272

    I got to see them at WinterJam...I planned to go meet them after the show, but our group just LEFT. >8/ So I had to go with them. I also had plans to meet Skillet... Oh, well.

  33. Axle Greyson Archer

    i agree you dont even get to hear this on AIR1 and they are suppose to play things like this.

  34. Axle Greyson Archer

    i saw them at WINTERJAM it was great i got them to autograph my shirt and album and i got my picture taken with the lead singer

  35. Jared Sand

    126 and 0 likes and 22 thousand some views, NICE but I think we gotta spread the news around about this band.

  36. muffinmink

    ugh I wish I got to see them live at that winterfest thing...guitar practice keeps me on fridays T_T

  37. taylor kempinski

    @TheNoahJ he is concermed genuinely

  38. Nick Lavender

    These are THE most brutally honest lyrics I have ever heard...you never even hear something like this on KLOVE.....most christian music today is becomeing so watered down...Not this song...or THIS band....I hope they keep this up

  39. Justericpersonal

    @axon987 If Christians kept it to their self then they wouldn't be ministering and making disciples and that is not good not to make disciples,this doesn't work. God bless :)

  40. Justericpersonal

    @JuliaThatGirl Sent some prayers up for you! I hope you feel better soon as much as possible,hang in there. I am very sorry to hear about your dad,Julia. stay strong,God bless you :)

  41. Justericpersonal

    @Zeroevermore EVERY person sins,and sin is punishable by death but,if you are Saved you won't go to hell. Being Saved does NOT mean you won't sin or struggle with sin,it means you have a way out of the punishment of hell... In John 3:16 it says,"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him shall NOT perish but,have everlasting life" also,look at 1 John 1:8,God bless

  42. Rain

    @MrPizzapie12 I don't mean for this to be insulting to your friend but the bible clearly says. "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman;that is detestable" Leviticus 18:22 That does not refer to maggiage alone being an abomination but it refers to sexual interaction with someone of the same sex being detestable. For more information on this please look up Romans 1:18-32 in the bible. You don't have to look it up but it's just a reference incase you would like to know more on the subject.

  43. Jesse C



  44. PoDOLLASIGNer Music

    @volvagia466 WRONG SIR. Homosexual MARRIAGE is an abomination. sexuality is not a choice. I know this because my friends is bi and she's a christian. She's saved. You sayin' she's going to hell?

  45. Justericpersonal

    @TheNoahJ and I would say he is. Everyone needs to be =)

  46. volvagia466

    @MrPizzapie12 well, skin color and sexual orientation are completely different, and marriage is a sacred act between a man and a women, the bible clearly states that homosexuality is an abomination in God's eyes. Also, churches have changed too much, you will be hard pressed to find a church where people actually preach and teach what is in the bible, and non some man made ideas. Catholic's and their branches are often very far out of the bible in their teachings. real churches are real.

  47. PoDOLLASIGNer Music

    @TheEntertainer29 Amen. I mean really, some people take what the bible says to a literal extent, which started the theory that gay's and bi's and transsexuals go to hell. That's like saying a black person goes to hell because there skin color! Some people need to remember that metaphors EXIST. Churches are so afraid of change, regardless of the form. Baptist, Catholic, Protestant, or any of the other forms. LIGHTEN UP AND TAKE CHANGE! JESUS. Pardon my blasphemy, but REALLY! Some people...Gosh...

  48. ItsMeRanD

    @JuliaThatGirl "fight through the pain, and remember that rising comes after the fall". I will pray for you Julia.

  49. ItsMeRanD

    I am a "bible thumping", extremely conservative, christian, but I agree with this song completely. We are way too wrapped up in church tradition, as opposed to giving the Lord what he really wants, a real relationship with us, and biblical obedience. Religion is a killer, it killed our savior.

  50. Dr. David M. Berman

    @Draca3 it is not style as much as it is substance that I protect. The Bible is the Bible and if people do not want to accept it, they should not call themselves Christian. As far as "your ideas"...I don't know what you mean by that. If your ideas are in keeping with Biblical truth fine, if not, then that is not fine.

  51. Scythe

    @musicprodave I understand that this discussion is over, but I need to say something. We can still hold God's house as a holy and revered place of worship and still make it "hip" if that's the word you wish to use. Keeping it open and still keeping the truth of the scriptures in church isn't impossible. Why would you fight against liberalism anyway? You see it's because of people like you that i no longer attend church. My ideas were too far out there for them. the way i think is too different.

  52. Scythe

    @libra232686 What do you mean you don't agree with some of their messages? Now i'm not trying to start any argument by this and i don't want it to lead into one, but i would like it if you could explain yourself.

  53. ollyollyoxenfreedom

    @musicprodave "there should be reverence, not as if God is on our level"
    people will have trouble with one of two things: either they emphasize God's authority as someone they have to shout at if they want to be heard, or they emphasize his infinite love and make mistakes accordingly. The real trick is balancing it so that you can remain reverent while still being in love with God.

  54. Dr. David M. Berman

    @shreddershark Rob Bell, doug pagent, Brian Mclarin and the rest of the liberals who run around speaking soiritually and yet do not hold to the doctrines of the bible

  55. JesusIsAlive4U

    JUST FOUND THIS BAND... AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME... PRAISE GOD THROUGH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST..... Preach it brother AMEN ... YES YES YES... Somebody is listening to the truth..... Somebody sees the light through the darkness....

  56. Lucero

    Dang.. this made me cry dude.... this guys are real man... I love them... they express the same passion I bear inside for this issue... Man, for real, Jesus break me...

  57. masterj22

    @musicprodave well i was talking about the emergent church here in Canada and how it is very text based (text being the bible) its just that they are moving away from the traditions, that got in the way of most people, and it sounded like you were against that, my bad if i miss understood. we are for Christ and that is the cool thing my brother, at the end of the day we are still looking at one sun. id love to chat a bit more but maybe in a more private way. any who good day :)

  58. Dr. David M. Berman

    @masterj22 Where did I write that traditions should be held above God?...I mean come on man. I never said or implied that. All I said was that truth is that the Word of God must not be compromised in the name of being hip or relevant. Thats all.

  59. masterj22

    @musicprodave as for reverence most people have God raised up in there life and take his word to heart especially when they worship and gather for times of christian community when it is something they can not only relate with but relate to. we are not lowering God to our selves he lowered himself. The holy trinity needs to be the foundation if it is anything but then it should go. (money, entertainment, that guy or girl, cuz your parents did, its what your suppose to do) you should want it!

  60. masterj22

    @musicprodave I agree that the truth should remain the truth defiantly. making something "hip" does not make it untrue, the bible is very dark and if it were made into a movie most Christians could not take there kids to see it, people getting chopped up and mailed, being set on fire, sex, blood, betrayal, steeling to me the greater injustice it the sugar coating of the gospel and the focus on money = happiness, traditions can be good but holding them above God is not.

  61. Dr. David M. Berman

    @masterj22 I haveno problem with style changes, it is the change from the biblical doctrines that I am talking about. Also...since we are talking about God...there should be reverence, not as if God is on our level. He is worthy of honor and glory. We must be careful not to think that Church is sapossed to be "hip"...it is to be reverent and hold to truth. I am not talking about style I am talking about the truth of Scripture and fighting against liberalism.

  62. masterj22

    @musicprodave im not sure what the emergent church is like in the states but in Canada its very much word of God focused and a lot less about the traditions almost to a fault. God looks at the heart not what man looks at, so if you want to fake it to the world you wont fake it with jc.

  63. HoustonRocket281

    i look up to god and he looks down to us---brother love!

  64. Jesse James Downey

    i love we as human

  65. Marius Talpos

    @TheTrueHunter where do u think they get their inspiration

  66. Seraphicaband

    The first line of the song is "what are we to think" not "What I needed vague"... But awesome song! Thanks for putting it up :)

  67. Gail Strom

    @TheTrueHunter it's clear that you don't see the truth by the scales on your eyes. You can be fulfilled more than you ever imagined but first you must open your heart.. I agree with you about listening to these guys all day because the do seriously rock. Peace.

  68. TheTrueHunter

    I dont believe in God. But i am not one to Judge so let me tell you something These guys are FUCKING SICK! God damn i could listen to these guys all day!!

  69. Freddy FLiNSTONER

    Then don't listen to it. I swear it is because of trolls like you that I hate the internet.

    These guys are awesome, so if you want to get technical you are the one that is gayish.

  70. Dr. David M. Berman

    The change we need is to go back to the Word of God and turn from the "Emergent Church" garbage...Back to the Bible, Back to proper authority...away from rebellion!!! 1 Sam Chapter 15!

  71. Charlie Irvine

    this song is probably my favorite because of its meaning,its truly awesome.

  72. Noah Meyer

    Ouch, that song is brutally true. I love how frustrated he sounds throughout the bridge, it makes you feel like he is seriously concerned about all this.

  73. boughtwithblood7

    Amen. So true.

  74. snurkmedum

    Luisterde net dit nummer en zag toen jou reactie er onder staan! toevallig :-) Super goed nummer dit! Eline

  75. jaaprt

    truth! change. :)