We Are Scientists - Something About You Lyrics

Can someone tell me what the problem is?
This sinking ship is going under
I know you like it when it's dangerous
But why I'm in, I can only wonder

There's something about you [x5]

You get your hands on everything you want
So what's the rush, you know it's coming
It might be hard to put your finger on
But once we've touched, it's all or nothing

There's something about you [x5]

Any ending is all right
Just don't go spending your whole life
Looking over your shoulder, over your shoulder, over your shoulder

I guess there's nothing to complain about
You never fell, I know I'm lucky
You said I'd get it if I wait it out
Eventually, there's always something

There's something about you [x7]

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We Are Scientists Something About You Comments
  1. Glo Mig

    This song is truly amazing thank you so much guys for doing what you do. Your music saves me every day

  2. G33KB0YW0ND3R

    I wish I could buy this

  3. Oliver Moore

    I think this is one of WAS's best songs!

  4. Prangie

    Time to return to Bangkok, yo! :)

  5. Prangie

    There were like a dream.

  6. Nells González

    Something about Yahoo.

  7. MaybeYes Sure

    I want to see them live so bad

  8. Warren Rigby

    Saw you on Wednesday night and you guys were awesome! Met Keith afterwards and was really nice to speak to.. Great gig! Come back to England soon!

  9. Sean Mac

    Sounds like music from sonic the hedgehog :/

  10. Stroke Me Gently

    tour please?

  11. CD Craft


  12. NuttyGooner82

    I can't wait to see them on the 26th! :D

  13. Oliver Moore

    Really good :D Addictive like many of their songs :) is this off their new album?

  14. Ashley Graceffa

    Masterswan recordings lol

  15. meh460

    Finally a new song!

  16. Richie Vongkhaophet

    Love it!

  17. Amy Rosiewski

    I just love these guys <3

  18. Jonathan Ash

    Perfect We Are Scientists!

  19. Esther


  20. Dan Matthewman


  21. Sean Kovacs

    I really love you guys thanks for the great music as usual

  22. JSASL

    <3 from Mexico

  23. Paul

    Very nice, as usual :)