We Are Scientists - Return The Favor Lyrics

Personality is worthless
If love is
What you drew out of me
Is a personal burden

Tonight, it’s occurred to me
I might just return the favor
I hope that you’re not afraid of asking

I’ve never been impressed
By lectures or censure
But its been for the best
I’m better, than ever

Tonight, it’s occurred to me
I might just return the favor
I hope that you’re not afraid of asking, try me

Tonight, it’s occurred to me
I might just return the favor
I hope that you’re not afraid of asking,
Try me, try me, try me

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We Are Scientists Return The Favor Comments
  1. Curran Chapman

    One of the greatest guitar solos of the 21st century so far and has gone largely unnoticed.


    its a crime that they aren't as well known as some of the big names of classic rock. this band should be huge.

  2. Lichter

    I feel like this is your only serious music video.

    Edward Blade

    The Great Escape is pretty sad and depressing.

  3. G33KB0YW0ND3R

    So in this video, are we witnessing a murder?

  4. Ruubinnn

    rebecca black forreal? my own goddamn great music taste brought me here.


    humble brag

  5. Breda M

    What a beautiful song...

  6. TheRDprod


  7. Alex Santoyo

    I was scrolling through my local venues show list and these guys showed up. The named intrigued me. They're fucking awesome. Totally gonna see them live now. March hurry up!

  8. MonztA2

    Mozilla Firefox brought me here.

  9. Neliel Tu Odelschwanck

    We Are Scientists brought me here...
    Who the fuck is Rebecca Black?

  10. Juan Pablo Gonzalez

    Where can I find the lyrics to this.

  11. bamnyosh

    Who the fuck is Rebecca Black

  12. angharad evans

    i think this may be the first unfunny/serious video i've ever seen was do?? surprised tbh 

  13. Jocey Unicorn

    This bands awesomeness brought me here

  14. innelle

    honesty i had to google Rebecca Black to remember who she is.

  15. Patrick Kelly

    Rebecca Black sent me here:)

  16. Ashley Graceffa

    "Rebecca Black sent me here" fuck off ugh


    lol seriously when did that happen o__o 

    These guys are awesome, I wanna see them live again!!! (for the music obviously, but also for the funny stuff they say in between songs)

  17. mxvp

    Rebecca sent me and in my opinion this is better than Breakers by Local Natives :)

  18. Jm Clynehan

    Me too

  19. Sarah Alruwaily


  20. NorthernMars

    Interpol with Thompson Twins vocals.  I love it!  More more!

  21. Vincent H.

    Love this band. They are so underrated if I ever meet a girl that loves either this band or Beulah (or even knows who they are) I would have to marry her instantly. Can't wait for the next album "Barbara" was to me their best album they get better and better


    You should marry Rebecca Black then!

  22. XDiLaughAtYou1

    You still sound as good as ever:)

  23. Ben Garza

    If I showed this to my friends they'd be like whatthefuck is this drop like an earthquake motherfucking animals thun thun thun

  24. amos dickerson

    seriously how are yall not famous

  25. austin straub

    We are scientists is one of those band I can never really get into. Everytime they put out something new I check it out. This is good though.Really like the guitar around the 2:00 mark. Anyway, given the chance, I'd see them live.

  26. ThePockySquirrel

    I bet roughly 1/4 of those views are me. I've been listening to this song on repeat and will persist in doing so until the EP is released.

  27. lesio40000

    The guitar riff is awsome, should be longer : ]

  28. hectoriee

    Please come to Mexico!!!!!!!!!!1

  29. sciencegab

    Funny indeed.

  30. Curran Chapman

    That was of the greatest guitar solos I've ever heard. I could feel the heart and soul so strongly and passionately.

  31. amtreble

    Part 1: /watch?v=TiJ0Rdg4UIM
    Part 2: /watch?v=7AxZOTNk1Qs
    Part 3: /watch?v=4LLgcRnRt14

    There you go!

  32. emilisaklinda

    Link it!

  33. amtreble

    guys, check out the interviews in Portugal this year... hilarious

  34. Mark Chen

    glad that you're back... so there could be an album next year?

  35. PleasurePrincipals

    How does this video only have barely 5000 views? I am so confused. I guess the video is lacking someone untalented swinging naked on a metaphorical testicle

  36. Oliver Moore

    loving the cinematography and lighting, different to their other videos :) cant wait for the album! The songs I've heard so far have been their best

  37. Thesqueakyhips

    Oh hell yeah!! Great track :))))

  38. Painsley Harriott

    Excellent. :D

  39. dmrttoswald

    I will always love the older sound but this one is great! When are you guys going to do a show in NYC we need it

  40. sciencegab

    Mannn, that's fantastic! Have been listening for you guys for a long time and the change was superb. Even if i like the drunk-vibe from the other albums, this one seems to be mature as hell and abusing you guys talent!

  41. EpicRainbowLollipop

    I'm gonna see the Killers performing at F1 tonight, and you guys upload this....my day couldn't get any better than this

  42. saoirsesushi

    Wow, a real return to form! Fantastic. 2:05 kills me!

  43. willminnock

    I don't usually care about videos but I really like this one. Great track, too!

  44. danielfinnerty

    Very very nice, it's been too long...

  45. Leandro Gámez

    This is a SUPERB SONG love the voice changes & the guitar riff is amazing, well done guys!!!.

  46. Jens Aasman

    Great track. Blogged it on schigga-tunes.de

  47. Marcus Pessoa

    Nice [2]

  48. deoxys96

    We are scientists are my favourite band not because I love their best songs but because I love ALL of their songs (as well as pretty much everything else they do) :D

  49. sewardt

    i like the guitar and the "crescendo".

  50. Diego Carteiro Pereira


  51. Marti Delon

    lush guitar work. *swoon*.

  52. Blaizerazer

    love it