We Are Scientists - Buckle Lyrics

How could this take so long
It’s been ages, dear
Through these wasted months
Waiting patiently
‘Til you made me see

What I think this is interesting
I want you to buckle when you think of me
I wish I could bottle what I think you need
I want you to buckle when you think of me
I want you to buckle when you see

You knew me from afar
What you make of me
You proved that I was wrong
About everything
And you made me see

What I think this is interesting
I want you to buckle when you think of me
I wish I could bottle everything you need
I want you to buckle when you think of me
I want you to buckle when you see

What not keep this interesting
I want you to buckle when you think of me
I wish I could bottle everything you need
I promise you something that I wish you’d see
I want you to buckle when you think of me
I want you to buckle when you see

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We Are Scientists Buckle Comments
  1. philip grossman

    Hey guys this is vveerryy late, I’m super slow. I saw you guys on Colbert years ago and really liked the song you played, Buckle. Played it over and over because I Like what I call the chuga chuga sound, you know like it has balls. I’m an older heavy hard ROCKER and I realized that, that riff or back beat sounded familiar to me. Check out RIOT off the fire down below album (great album by the way) and listen to No Lies. I’m pretty sure it predates you and is coincidental. Weird huh? Peace, Phil

  2. Rocket T37

    Wowie! Oh Jolly!

  3. Lilavati Devi

    amazing song amazing Vid

  4. Polina Zavgorudko


  5. Lydia Porter

    Anyone else hear that funny sound at 0:42

  6. Luis Arocho

    Love this song

  7. namelessfaceless

    Happy Buckle-versary

  8. nilpoint

    Not even close.

  9. n0ughp

    you copied n0ughp in ur videography and i want a royalty percentage

  10. Post'sFromYourPast

    All suffering leads to transcendence, this is an allusion to fasting and meditation as well as all the painful feelings you get resisting temptations, especially when you think about how big your soul throws obstacles at you always

    Hurricane's channel

    It doesn't have to be that deep


    @Hurricane's channel 🌍 the diving board is for anyone who decides the fall is worth it


    @Hurricane's channel 🎱🥅 how do you not see, hehe I hope you buckle when you do haha just know I love you hehe


    @Hurricane's channel 🏏 I unfortunately have a meditative eye for what the portrayal of the song and video mesh together, I try to be a good sport but this is more than than the simple, be a scientist and see the chemistry they are blending for the simplistic minds to awaken

  11. namelessfaceless

    to me this should be one of the top songs ever recorded. it is so freaking good, and this music video is fun too. I love these guys.

  12. Kir

    u're amazing guys

  13. ProgressWeapon

    I met these guys in person for a concert and honestly? What amazing people, artists, and comedians.

  14. namelessfaceless

    It just doesn't get old. This song is a gift to the world.

  15. nilpoint

    I finally got what Chris said. :D

  16. namelessfaceless

    One of my favorite songs of all time. Buckle. Seriously, this is so good.

  17. BeQuietAndDriveFar

    Silly string smells soooo bad

  18. Asspants

    Reminds me of Thrill Ville

  19. Vício Ingênuo

    Ohhh yeahhh

  20. stevemrmusic9

    Great song!!!

  21. Nikita Gomez

    I need a tab for this song!! Someone please make one

  22. nicholasfox

    Love the song. I have no clue what the video means though... 😂❤

  23. Luis Arocho

    In my top 20 countdown! I think is the best of WAS

  24. Dystop

    These are the scientists responsible for chemtrails no wonder they buckle Robert

  25. LeafAxeProductions

    What a great breakup song

  26. Oh flan

    Ugh, still as awesome as ever. Hope to see you guys at a gig sometime soon!

  27. Chamber20

    love the song, the video is awful.

  28. Vidz1994

    Top band. Even better live!


    Funny as fuck on stage as well lol

    E M

    They were live on a concert in my town

  29. Benjamin Martinez

    This is such an amazing song. This song needs 1M VIEEEEWS

  30. Cheryl Nightshade

    Can't stop listening.

    So, I shared this with a friend.

    Now they can't stop listening.

  31. Rebecca Maxwell

    Poor Chris.

  32. Glo Mig

    this is such an amazing video

  33. ThatJustHappened

    Another quality tune from We Are Scientists 👌🏾 Fantastic video too!

  34. AndreaYeet

    Thank you spotify I'm forever grateful for daily mixes.

  35. Jarno Valtonen


  36. Barbie subliminals

    They need more views 😭 they are so good

  37. Сергій Теклюк

    i am from ukraine
    They are great!!!!

  38. stevemrmusic9

    My favourite single of 2016!!!!

  39. Bachwildoat

    reminds me of Cave In's "Antenna" spirit, love it

  40. Birkin Sornberger

    I wish you guys would create a Brain Thrust Mastery vinyl... :(

    Daniel Evans

    I have one !

  41. Sr. Miguel-Loquendero

    nice :D

    Matěj Fránek

    nice :==D

  42. Nells González

    Nooooooooooo, why not so many views ): The song and the video are quite great. I don't know if feel happy cause anybody will know it, or sad because of the same reason!

  43. Harry Wright

    One of my favourite bands of all time, still great too!!!

  44. uhsting

    I wonder what happens when there are bloopers for the pouring juice scene.

  45. Pico

    They were great live.

  46. bradley rae

    I've listened to you guys for years and you always surprise me with great songs and the best music videos that deserve more recognition than what you have! Peace an love my homiiiies

  47. Dickie

    I didn't buckle when I thought of you guys, but I did get a massive erection.

    Will that suffice?

    Yoong fooL

    looooooooooool fucking best com ever

  48. Clyde Berry

    I used to be one of those old folks that would say there is no good music these days. This band has changed my mind.

  49. Jo A

    Their songs get better everytime you listen to it!

  50. Josh Graham

    I just love these Guy's videos. Music too of course

    Josh Graham

    +NayaIsNotOkay yep! So I take it you like them?


    Well, maybe I'm a little in love with them... Maybe!

    Josh Graham

    +NayaIsNotOkay right on! I'm glad you like them!

  51. Brogan McLeod

    Right in the eye.......!

    Matěj Fránek

    that is what he said

  52. AirlessMICRO

    This is what your music video looks like when you don't have an idea for a music video.

  53. NayaIsNotOkay

    I'm in love with this song and this band. My friend and I decided we wanted to be Keith and Chris when we grow up. Actually we'll be LIKE them. We can't be them because that's stealing and stealing in wrong.

    Josh Graham

    Whatever you say Keith

    Josh Graham

    so are you gonna start practicing guitar now or what? XD


    Gotta find a new teacher!

    Josh Graham

    ah, well i would show you some stuff if i wasn't terrible myself

  54. Redhaunt92

    Well that was weird. Good song though.

  55. asalama laka

    saw these guys at pitzer college it was lit

    Richard Morrison

    Helter Pitzer?

  56. JoMo

    stoked for their Vancouver show @[email protected] 9 more days!!!!!

  57. tom williams

    great solid guitar voice harmonies and bass with great drums. they were really good on Colbert


    since when was we are scientists on Colbert?

  58. Daniel Volak

    Anyone notice the name of the bottle of water is helter seltzer?


    Yes it made me so happy!

  59. MaybeYes Sure

    Wth how is it I'm only listening to this now! Awesome sound

  60. Howard Anthony

    i miss being 14 in 2006 with my shaggy hair when that was a trend ...and myspace was the main social media haha...and when bands like we are scientists... The Killers .My Chemicle Romance...Panic at the Disco..Atreyu....and many others were the mainstreme music.....2006...2007..2008 were great years for music now im 24 makin money and fuckin social justice bitches LMFAO

    Arailym Mazhitova

    Yeah true that

  61. bkbj8282

    Why does this band have such a recurring theme of him being shitty to band members and women?... and literally making a decade's worth of work on it?

  62. Tom Shephard

    Haha Awesome video! Yeah brah, you're good.

  63. Paula Briseño

    This is oddly satisfying.

  64. nilpoint

    priceless and a great sound.


    unbelievable in prague last night.

  65. Chacha5678

    needs more vegan food. no apples? watermelons?

    Sean Petty

    +ᅚᅚ dude. Chill

  66. S. Saint. Claire.

    the second I saw that pricks hair, I decided not to watch this.

  67. Aly C

    Keith looks like he loved this. Haha

  68. light be

    There is a nod to "Impatient" at the end. So, it should be "Keith's revenge" and "To be continued..."

  69. Gabriele Ravera

    This should be called "After Hours Pt.2 - The revenge of fucking Keith"

  70. fatso

    Can't wait for this. Consistent as fuck band.

  71. Allex Barbosa

    Thank you for introducing me to this band, fifa 11

  72. Sam Hamer

    such an underrated band one of my old time favourites along with the futureheads.

    They will be playing Kendal calling this year if you want too see them live!

  73. Chef Jeff

    We can honestly say that this mustache has experienced the whole 1, 2.

  74. Jenny Herron

    oh so happy they have new music out...I got the pleasure of meeting them in cleveland...they are awesome!

  75. Stammahammer

    The head shake at the start off Chris is satisfyingly in time with the beat. Class song, best i've heard of them for a few years.

  76. Brett Newski

    Genius. Good to have them back 4 the attack.

  77. Olov Olsson

    This song reminds me of another one, specially the beginning. Anyone knows what song that might be?

  78. Eric Clapton my Balls

    I want to see them live

    Josh Graham

    +NayaIsNotOkay hi sprinkles!

    Eric Clapton my Balls

    @NayaIsNotOkay Just saw them in Santa Ana CA. Fucking amazing.


    +AKFGFan So glad you got too see them. I bet your probably already planning to see them again.

    Josh Graham

    +AKFGFan bet it was!

    Eric Clapton my Balls

    @NayaIsNotOkay YES I AM!

  79. Moustafa Mahmoud

    I love this song SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️

  80. Jp Ghxyt Reis

    How to basic

    Raihan Purboyo


    Matěj Fránek

    sorry, but i am not getting this joke, could you explain it to me, please senpai

  81. Cody Craft


  82. AfroBeast

    Super Underrated

  83. Kallol Maity

    Next fifa soundtrack for sure

  84. Faustine A. Guerrero

    A very tasty repast.

  85. liam

    was the bottle real?

    Kunal Ramchurn

    +Kwame B. sugarglass

  86. Mahalie

    These guys are fucking awesome.


    Damn right

  87. Beatrice Byaery

    Eat it or wear it Challenge?!

  88. Gelo Gonzalez

    Wanna see this shit live man!

    (also wouldn't hurt if you guys played Don't Blow It and Take An Arrow too :D)

  89. G33KB0YW0ND3R

    This sound seems like it's been in my memories and life forever and it's not even a month old. Trippy.

    Aaron Campos

    EXACTLY. Idk why a bunch of memories just popped in my head.

  90. archive of the best cringe material

    This song is sooooooooo good

    Yoong fooL

    Yeeeees it's m'y favorite of the new album :) but JUST 'cause they doesn't do commercial music they have on fame...


    Alex Turner ;)

    archive of the best cringe material

    hello XD

    Ale Garrido

    WhySoWalrus you can relate the comment with your profile picture hahahaha

  91. Roybert Patino

    We the people are actually Chris while We Are Scientists throws this New Album at our faces unexpectedly..

  92. UMPHreakED

    Come to Fort Collins on the next tour! Love the new stuff!

  93. Barbara Oliveira


  94. SirSpeirsy

    This pleases. Great job!

  95. anonymousbystander

    I'm fully aware I sound like the biggest hipster ever, but this song and TV en Francois together are both big disappointments. Barbara is my second favorite album ever, and WLAS and BTM are both great albums with towering heights. But ever since those they just don't seem to be what I liked previously. Of course they have all the right to make whatever music they like, but I just find it sad that I don't like their new stuff as much.

    Jimmy John

    I respectfully disagree with you on that. I absolutely love TV en Francais. Their sound had really developed a lot since their older music and I love the direction they are going in. I do love their older albums as well.


    +Cloud Strife You know, I've been listening to this song on repeat for a little while now, and I'm starting to like it a lot more. It still doesn't excuse TV, but it's an improvement.

    Gelo Gonzalez

    B-But... wasn't TV En Francais a vastly improved version of Barbara? (atleast sound wise?)


    I know this is pretty late, but I'd have to give you a hard no on that one. Barbara had only Pittsburgh and Foreign Kicks as tracks I don't listen to, and those seem to be the basis that TVEF evolved from. Barbara has a good mix of middle pacing and faster pacing, more instrumentation and less, and in each song there are different movements and noticeable bridges and verses. The fact that I'm still not sure what my favorite song on Barbara stands more to the quality and variety inside the band's genre than anything else, and that's something that I don't get on TVEF and only partially on Helter Seltzer

  96. Tac0mang

    This is probably the most underrated band I've ever heard these guys need more fame


    +epicbulldawg lmao stfu your name has 'dawg' in it


    @Anation Genre hehe the evil faith of letting a 13 year old self make youtube accounts, i like it tho, people call me bulldog in real life :D

    Patrick Pinon

    I live in New York and have seen them countless times. Amazing live. Even better is going to other shows and running into them in the crowd and they knew I frequented their gigs. Sarcasm levels through the roof, but genuine down to earth dudes. They’re amazing people.

    Cymone Porter


    2qwsdss$vbuvfvfjchfh chi

    Ethan The No Life

    Anybody else know about this band from MLB 10: The show