Waylon Jennings - Waking Up With You Lyrics

Like a sail that's torn and can't ride the wind
Here I stand looking both ways again
I'm a dollar short on a three dollar night
Turning left cause I ain't got no right.
I keep thinking this time maybe it
But somehow all the pieces just won't fit
But I'll always have a dream to hold on to
Just as long as I keep waking up with you.
You told me once that storms never last
I know it's true oh so true
Just when I think the clouds will never pass
Like a silver lining you come shining through.
I know you'll always be there right or wrong
Together we'll keep on keeping on
And I'll always have a dream to hold on to
Just as long as I keep waking up with you.
You told me once that storms never last
I know it's true oh so true
Just when I think the clouds will never pass
Like a silver lining you come shining through.
I know you'll always be there right or wrong
Together we'll keep on keeping on
And I'll always have a dream to hold on to
Just as long as I keep waking up with you.
I'll always have a dream to hold on to
Just as long as I keep waking up with you...

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Waylon Jennings Waking Up With You Comments
  1. English Matters

    I've lost the count the times I've barged into this song and listened to it yet never felt I've listened to it enough..

  2. Fred Sullivan

    Waylon was the ABSOLUTE BEST!

    Lino piras

    il migliore

  3. Berit Samuelsson


  4. Kayte 0207

    Gosh, how these two loved each other! I wish that everyone of us could have that kind of love. RIP, Waylon and may God bless you, Jessi.

  5. Shirley Kovach

    No one could sing like him, past and pesent!

  6. Losa Alo

    Love them!

  7. Linda Martin


  8. Peter Degroot


  9. Cor Emondt

    gradioos singer

  10. Louise Crank


  11. _CountryFan06 _

    Waylon was the best
    My favorite singer since the 70s
    Always liked G Strait , R Owen of Alabama , and C Daniels also

  12. Kristal Price

    She so pretty ..these songs are deep.....👀💘❤💓💔💕💖

  13. LynnDell Cox

    Awesome song

  14. Marsha R

    ahh, right or wrong

  15. Page Ribe

    ksufler......................thanks so much for providing the date for the song. Saved me research time because I always look up the songs!

  16. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love waylan.. Love his singing great love

  17. jerry Lewis

    Yall take a look at Hokey Sloan..he may not be Waylon but hes the best we got

  18. Page Ribe

    His voice got smooth again after he quit his 6 pack a day smoking habit (around 1988). Just contrast the way he sounds here to the way he sounded mid-eighties. Like someone else said, he could sing the phone book and I'd listen!

  19. dorothy bell

    There love was mutual ,both wonderful people x

  20. LynnDell Cox

    I Love these two and this song !! It's one of the best Love Songs ever sang or written!!

  21. LynnDell Cox

    These two are what Country music was meant to be !!

  22. Lloyd Rintoule

    He the best

  23. LynnDell Cox

    I Love Waylon Music

  24. LynnDell Cox

    Waylon and Jessie

  25. Redskins Fan

    Great love story between them. I miss them both

  26. Nerd Shadow

    Tomorrow will be my first morning waking up alone in 6 years... I hate it already.

    Albert Marais

    must be painfull feel for you buddy

    Robert Holloway

    Hang in there buddy, take each day one by one. Have faith and do what you can to fix the problem, it’ll work out bud.

  27. Norman Lefave

    Waylon never did a song that I didn't like. He was a great one

  28. Steve Corn

    I met them both a few months before he died, worked on a movie with Waylon. They were delightful humans, they loved each other so much.

  29. Kurry Kobay

    All his songs are short and sweet.

  30. Alan Heslop

    A singer you can listen to all day and never bored

    R j

    Alan Heslop got that right

  31. CountryBoy Williams


  32. anything that won't embarass mama

    She was his rock!

  33. ACE M

    I love them both so much 💙😍✌️💙😍✌️

  34. dw hunter

    Heck of a voice Waylon. Jessie is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, with a beautiful voice and a deep love for her man.

  35. Domenico Ruella

    un grande Artista un grande cantante di Country

  36. larry lasky

    his girl just didnt work out

  37. John Dowling

    The best

  38. anton Burger

    Klasse :-)

  39. Jan Hays

    J.S. I want to be your "Jessi" every day.... Waylon Jennings obviously loved this woman very much. "Together we will keep on keeping on"..
    What a beautiful song!

  40. Wendy Melson

    Love it

  41. arinvests

    Great song, 1st time I have heard this one, Thanks ~ Arthur

  42. CountryBoy Williams


  43. arinvests

    Don't think I have heard this song , Like it a lot , Thanks ~ Arthur


    Back for 2nd listen, great song ~ Arthur

  44. Monique Lamarche

    Parfaitement d'accord avec toi Dieu a mis Jessi sur son chemin elle lui a sauvé la vie ,un très beau couple

  45. Quiet Lady

    I have always loved his voice, He's the best

    Lino piras

    Il migliore

  46. Steven H

    this type of love is what puts the melodies in real music

  47. Lj Gomez Gomez

    Love this song

  48. nathan watkins

    Thank You for the years

  49. Florian Vezina

    I love Jessi

  50. kienbock lunate

    love ya wild man, hit the easy ones twice and don"t let the bastards get you down.

  51. Linda tuttamore

    Waylon was the best!!! No one will ever top his voice, song writing, spirit. Waylon was the man!!! He bucked the system, did things his way, was honest, loved God and his family. That's what we need for a President now. Wish Hoss was here today to straighten shit out!!!!

    Joyce Ball

    Waylon Jennings along time. Ago

  52. Mike F

    It's just unreal how many good songs Waylon has.

    Momma B3ar

    Mike F shit that man could've sang the Betty Crocker cookbook and made it a hit!

    Karen Myers

    no shit!!! he was an icon in my opinion ... look at the beautiful couple too

    Dennis McGuinn

    OK Google play me Frankie Valli and The Four Tops

    Matt Moeller

    Mike F amen


    Waylon your my hero Jessi your the true definition of loyalty and a womens love. Thank you for taking care of Waylon and live what you singed about.. WOMEN THIS IS THE WOMAN THAT SHOULD BE YOUR HERO..

  54. Adrian Miller

    Waylon was the fuckin shit and still is!

  55. Tommy Petersen

    People talking about hair is the kind of stuff that Waylon hated about new country, everything was about image and not content. Waylon was great, had nothing to do with his hair

    Ibraheem Naeem

    Tommy Petersen exactly

    9012105975 MOODY


    Kayte 0207

    Tommy Peterson, I completely agree!

  56. Rm M

    Here's to ol Waylon, Kris Kristof.... and Billy the Kid

  57. Tommy Petersen

    God he loved that woman! When he got clean he sang her praises to anyone and everyone. Waylon knew how lucky he was to have her, she clearly saved his life. What a great couple and a great man...my hero.

    Maxine Freeman

    I had an album when Waylon had short hair. I was a kid.

    charles coffell

    @Kayte 0207 WTF did LB say about Hoss

    Kayte 0207

    charles coffell, A couple of years ago, Luke Bryan was doing an interview and said something to the effect that he was not an outlaw country music singer who ran around and did cocaine. He went on to say that if people were interested in that kind of country music, then they should go out and buy Waylon and Willie. This comment precipitated an angry outburst against Bryant on social media by Waylon’s daughter-in-law, Kathy Pinkerman-Jennings. Kathy is the wife of Waylon’s son, Buddy (named after Buddy Holly) and is also the daughter of Waylon’s longtime bus driver. Luke Bryant later apologized to Waylon’s family for his remarks.

    Terry Olson

    @Magnal Fiacre He lived life his way,looked the way he wanted to look, damn them all! Does everyone have to conform to the way people want them to look? I've got long hair and I play country on my guitar. I'll be damned if I'll cut my hair or shave for anyone,you don't like it, though! Maybe you need a bath!


    Waylon and jessie was the greatest couple in history.... god bless them and may we meet in heaven someday so I may hear him sing of jessie and the lords praises

  58. American only

    My favorite song ever

  59. Brenda Chalkley

    jessiencolter was beautiful

    Chad Gruesbeck

    Brenda Chalkley "is beautiful" , she is still out there. And still making great music.


    She still is..

  60. steven mcconaughy

    as hank said and waylon is lovin jesse more these days. r.i.p waylon brother. you kicked ass. big yeeeeehaaaaw to all the southern outlaws of the past. inside and out. peace

  61. jenny nichols

    Good looking couple :)

    Rias Gremory

    jenny nichols nasty

  62. Theo Aerts

    Is dit Jessi Colter ??

    Theo Aerts

    Prachtig mooiiiiii

    Theo Aerts

    @***** Helemaal mee eens..... 

  63. mike kavanagh

    Excellent Singer.

  64. verimadmags vMM

    Isn't this of the best love songs ever? Without all the sloppy over sentimental clap-trap. I never found it, most likely never will, but I do admire the fact that some do find the other to love and hold for a long time, if not forever. But, we all do love Walon forever! Thanks ksufler for the post!

    john allison

    I found my true love and we had 54 wonderful years together before she went to Heaven to be with God and all the country singers there.I know she is listening to this with a big smile on her beautiful face. Rest in peace My Mary Ann.Till we meet again.I love you Darling.

  65. Dani Bowman

    Johnny was not a great singer at all. He was unique, I am a fan. But Waylon was in every way a better singer. No comparison.

  66. roberttudhope

    The Eagle 1990 Album.

  67. abbie0akley

    Oh! I LOVE this song!

  68. Billy Dean Ledford

    and a beautiful woman

  69. poodlemama9

    He is still the best. He sings with such feeling.

  70. greg berry

    nobody including the man in black i were better than ole hoss. I have rode a million miles with Waylon singing to me. wore out many 8 track and cassettes of him I'm a ramblin man.

  71. OneidaNativeGirl16

    She is lovely

  72. Richard Thweatt

    Google Biscuit Loves Brooke , The Hope , The faith That The UISa Is suppose to be Built on But Failure it seems That everything isn't for reason , God Knows Not What He is Doing My Human Flesh says Inside , Sometimes . Knowing Better I feel That In Life the Things That seem Impossible , Are Possible with Time , Hoping that We Have eternity To Learning a Faith That Will whip Your ass , For The reason of having To Hope In Siome God That made everything In Creation

  73. ksr9t

    God made just one Waylon Damn I miss him

  74. Donald Stark

    Waylon and Jessi. love it

  75. TheHeliumkid

    don't overlook this album...

  76. americaneon

    stop comparing people! each have a unique gift and talent, thank goodness they don't all sound and look the same... LIKE THE COPYCAT NO TALENT WE GET TODAY WITH CORPORATE MUSIC

  77. Cynthia DiMarco

    I can't believe you people would argue about best songwriter best singer best this or best that. Country has a lot of great singers and songwriters. Marty Robbins was great Hank Snow was great Tompall Glaser was great. All the ones you mentioned were great And there's some great female singers and songwriters Jean Shepherd. Jenny Lou Carson. a person could go on and on about all the greats....I love them all!

  78. Nazi6193

    Beautiful <3

  79. Linda Pendergrass

    what bout kk he wrote um!!

  80. 3waymore

    Greatest singer songwriter ever???Have you heard of a guy named Willie Nelson?That's a song writer! Kris Kristofferson?He wrote the book on writing songs.Greatest singer its Waylon Jennings and George Jones.Greatest ARTIST Waylon for sure Sang as good as anyone God has ever known and played a badass guitar.Johnny had that rhythm because he was a one trick pony!!!Jerry was nothing without Montana.Waylon and Johnny were what they are because they needed nor wanted anyone's help or approval!!!

  81. flatroofer


  82. jb92034

    Excellent ! Love the pic also ! Didnt recall hearing this b4 -it's now my fav !! THNX

  83. Colin Broad

    I miss him and I wonder if Jessi still does. Probably. God bless Waylon XX

  84. mawcaw555

    I would be willing to bet that if we could ask Waylon and Johnny today which one was best, they would immediately point to the other one. They were not in competition when they were alive, and they are not now.

  85. cu chi warror

    no one was better than waylon i also like john cash .

  86. June Farmer

    Johnny Cash couldn't carry a tune.......don't know why he was popular. His voice had no range at all. so there's no way he could come close to Waylon.

  87. Billy Bifta

    Jessi is a babe

  88. headredbone

    When someone asks me to compare country singers, talking about the legends, not todays wannabes. I think each have their own uniqueness, and that is what I like. I find good in each and everyone of them. I do not spend time deciding who is #1, 2, or whatever. I just enjoy listening to each of them.

  89. Opinionated Times

    You cant compare Johnny and Waylon.Nowadays on the net, people just like to argue.Comparing Johnny to Waylon is the mark of a listener new to country music.Because doing so is like comparing Joe Montana to Jerry Rice they are different parts of the same machine. They are the best at what they do. Waylon was cooler, especially his guitar skills. But Johnny, now there was quit possibly the greatest singer song writer there ever was.And don't forget that rhythm.Now see,you went and made me do it!

  90. Celeste Beaulieu


  91. Celeste Beaulieu

    I love Waylon too. Typed Waylong by mistake at first...laughing to myself.

  92. Georgia Jones

    Waylon Jennings, in my opinion, is/was the BEST 'country/western singer EVER! He could sing any genre of music if he so chose. Still love you Waylon.....

  93. sjaak de kievit

    Many thanks for posting.

  94. ksufler

    The Eagle, as written in the description :)

  95. Jared Wise

    anybody know what album this is from?