Waylon Jennings - The Eagle Lyrics

Lord knows I am peaceful when I'm left alone
I've always been an Eagle, been awhile since I have flown
My claws are sharp as ever, so's my Eagle eye
Something's gonna go tonight, when the eagle flies

Lately I've heard rumors that the eagle may be lame
Just because I've been idle, don't mean that I'm tame
You've jeopardized my freedom, my natural place to roost
I can fly when I have to, if they turn the eagle loose

So lay all your doubts aside when you go to bed tonight
My feathers are all ruffled now, I'm ready for a fight
Just because I took awhile to fly that don't mean I don't care
When you feel the shadow crossing, the eagle's in the air

So lay all your doubts aside when you go to bed tonight
My feathers are all ruffled now, I'm ready for a fight
Just because I took awhile to fly that don't mean I don't care
When you feel the shadow crossing, the eagle's in the air
When you feel the shadow crossing, the eagle's in the air

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Waylon Jennings The Eagle Comments
  1. Sean Hales

    Waylon was a genius!!! One of best

  2. guitar hillbilly

    This song was written by Hank Cochran - Mack Vickery - Red Lane.

  3. Marilee Dent


  4. Cole Robinson

    Waylon is the best no one except cash,Nelson and kris Kristofferson and the hag even come close

  5. Marilee Denr

    Thank you for the video

  6. Marilee Denr

    Love this and I knew Waylon

  7. olvinyldude

    Nice ...

  8. bobby jenkins

    kake up we the people...seed/freedom lions of liberty

  9. bobby jenkins

    Hillary is a dirty lier and Obama was a muslin ok

  10. bobby jenkins

    love it....now my life is a song...

  11. Willy Roger Sörensen

    In my next live, I want to be an Eagle.Waylon forever !

  12. Bk H

    Shooter ya seen by floating around anywhere.lol he came to the house he had tortoise she borrowed the shower😂😂

  13. redneck400m

    Trump needs to play this to little rocket man


    Or someone needs to play this to him


    Great patriotic video! And my favorite singer/musician singing on it too.

  15. Edd Ter

    LEGEND..Best ever.. ass kicking player..told Nashville to kiss his ass..played with buddy holly..wrote dukes of hazard theme..Broke the mold..singers nowadays couldn't tune his guitar..R.I.P

  16. tracy mounce

    Must have been 36 terrorist watched this.. Great job!

    Marilee Denr

    Caught em too

    Marilee Woods

    Got em too.

  17. Dave Holland-Hensley

    That's them ♥

  18. Randal mc'murphy

    America was great before trubb and his gang of mediocre nitwits came along. now it is the laughing stock of the world

  19. Adam Lunoe

    I think it's hilarious that you used an ex Soviet, Russian Mi-24 attack helicopter painted like a golden eagle as one of the stills in this video, at 1:27. That is all.

  20. Kathy Snow

    Love this.  Take me away dude.

  21. joe mcmillan

    Very nice...Music and video.

  22. Dale Alumbaugh

    Remember...the Democrats are the internal enemy....

  23. Dale Alumbaugh

    I wonder who put thumbs down on this song.Want to make a guess?

  24. James Pickering

    I vote for trump and America

  25. Laura Mills

    Thank You Waylon You knew "The Words" before so many! R.I.P.

  26. Laura Mills

    Dam Straight we are coming back, Thanks to Trump no turning back ever again!

    David Alexandert

    Laura Mills little boy in N Korea needs to listen hard to this song!

  27. Lucifer Caligula

    I hope the boys down at the Pentagon, bang this shit as they pop a Patriot missile, off a drone and eradicate some Isis, top level, sorry piece of shit! America First, it's a Trump year

  28. Alexandar Wright

    YES, on Trump's and the anthem for America's Freedom.  Tell all your Waylon and Real Country Music friends to VOTE.   Socialism isn't the American way. God Save America.

  29. Gary Moore

    Great work!

  30. Alexandar Wright

    JoryLee Judd SAYS IT BEST:  "Thank you everyone for your great comments. keep them comming. as for the pothetic loosers who think they need to make comments and belittle me and my song/video and country, well you can go to hell. move out of my country and find some shitty piece of sand to move out too. 1776 founded with god and guns. god bless and god speed."Waylon sang that song with the soul and meaning for every AMERICAN who knows what this country stands for.  Hopefully 2016 Election will make this country STRONG AGAIN.    Thank you JoryLee for the amazing video and your belief in America.

  31. Pedal Pumping

    awesome video everytime i watch it i feel an overwhelming feeling of patriotism and am glas I am an American I love my country. We may not be perfect but we are the best. We would be perfect if these foreigners not all but the ones that refuse to assemble into American society. Pack up and go back to your country or get screened by our govt and placed in a detention work camp. America was and can be awesome again. Immigrants follow the law, Speak the langauge or at least try to learn it, work towards making the country better, its not what the country can do for you but what you can do for this country, next be part of society get children into sports join a club or american legion etc, give up any radical muslim beliefs or criminal way life, finally try to incorporate this thought process " take what you need and leave the rest." The end.

  32. Nada Brown

    Just an absolutely remarkable and stunning video, Jory! Thank you! I'm sharing this on facebook now!

  33. William Simmons Simmons

    great song

  34. Bryon Wood

    Trump plane train n platform is gonna fly with Americans and the Eagle

    Tzvi Berkowitz

    Yup # neverHillary

  35. Richard Sorgman

    definitely a TRUMP anthem


    Definelty not, Trump is the antithesis of America

  36. Wortem14

    The Binladen thing made me lagh so hard I woke up all of talbot county Georgia! 🐏👳 👈😅

  37. Sheldonn Humphreys

    Trump would make a great presiden

  38. Christian Workman

    I would rather see trump than hilary

    Tyler Durden

    Christian Workman this song has absolutely nothing to do with that but I agree


    Why pick lesser of two evils?

  39. silent

    You mean if you want America to hate again vote for trump .

    Tzvi Berkowitz

    What are you talking about? Trump 2016 Build the wall!

    Ron Keeney

    This is Waylon's tribute to the strength and greatness of America and it's people -- Pls don't demean Waylon's tribute to all of AMERICA by suggesting it's because of one or two so-called "leaders".

  40. Bryon Wood

    Amen Trump is the man

  41. Kris Michael

    The best

  42. BGSHLZ :

    nice pics

  43. Evelyn Johnson

    Waylon Keepn On Keepn On Even Now God Rest his Soul and God Bless his family startn with miss Jessie

  44. Bryon Wood

    let's make America' great again vote for TRUMP


    Damn straight! We got one chance left to get this country on the right track, and that is getting Trump in. Otherwise, our Republic is gone.


    @Gene Conrad You anti american motherfuckers are obvious with your racism now


    @Bryon Wood What do you got against Sanders?


    @David Alexandert He loves money, and he's fooling all of you dumbass boomers right now, god forbid Waylon see this shit today

  45. Mychal Shadowlord

    Nicely done Jorylee Nice Presentation

  46. Ed King

    When Im left alone!!!!!!!!

  47. cobalt blue

    Interesting display of Antiques

    BGSHLZ :

    +cobalt blue might as well add your mother


    cobalt blue
    I'm taking you meant that facetiously. 👍🇺🇸🤠

  48. Brock Spellerberg

    When ya feel the shadow crossin', the Eagle's in the air!

  49. Dylan Drummond

    Why is it that I got a Crest commercial in Spanish. When i am listing to Waylon Jennings? Sometimes..........

  50. Carol Stone


  51. Dave Wollenberg

    Waylon hit #22 in Billboard, 3-16-91. God bless you, Jory, for postin' it. Thanx! Have a blessed week! RIP, Hoss.

  52. MrJimmyGivens

    GREAT SONG! EXCELLENT video presentation JoryLee Judd! ;-) שלום

  53. Phaedra Cannon

    Well done

  54. MrJimmyGivens

    JoryLee, I have always LOVED this song! If you had not announced that this was your first attempt at a video, no one would have known. Every now and then I visit this video and enjoy it. I also post it when I want to get the message of our great country out!

    You did a FANTASTIC job on your production! ;-) 

  55. brian plumley

    bin laden loved  islam so much that he used to give him a ride on his  motorcycle but now he is a full grown sheep

  56. stu milam

    well done and thank you

  57. shane davis

    Russia needs to listen to this and change some Ukrainian policy. Otherwise the Eagle will be turned loose, the feathers are already ruffled.

    Ozzy Osbourne

    Ukraine was always poor country subordinate to Russia, I'm from Poland and you would agree with me, they just can't be independent (only on paper they are)

    shane davis

    Yes and its the people of Russia the sanctions hurt. Putin is playing a cold war game against an America more powerful than the Soviet Union ever faced and Russia is not superpower the Soviet Union was militarily, but poverty ran rampant now that the Russian people start to get ahead he goes and blows it for them. I sympathize with anyone from Russia who US sanctions hurt but we had to stop Putin from annexing Ukraine if we didn't it's Soviet bloc allover again no one wants that

    Guin Chapman

    Obama needs to listen to this too.

  58. Alexandar Wright

    To JoryLee Judd:
    Thanks for the neat video.  And thank you for reminding the idiots who gripe about America's power, it's the reason they can.  Thank you to every military man and woman who protect The Eagle.

    Miss Waylon, a bunch. RIP

  59. Arthur Morgan

    how down this song f  u

  60. TheDustysix

    Happy 4th Warrior Judd!

  61. John D

    C'mon out now Eagle....our people seem to have forgotten about you.
    They are so busy arguing amongst each other they forget that the jackals are waiting for them to fight each other, instead of them.
    Stand strong America....we've been thru some tough times before, we'll get thru this too.
    Keep the faith !.

  62. PsykoToons

    Could you please make ur next vid a little more patriotic. Wtf is this left wing bs. Geez....



  63. Timmy Hart

    Waylon, my favorite outlaw, sure miss your style.

  64. Rick Clark

    Awsome song The Eagle by Waylon Jennings/ R.I.P.

  65. David East


  66. airdaleva42


  67. Warren Lautz

    don't be so upset Ngai. nobody can expect you to know if your not taught. your welcome.

  68. NgaiOlaudah

    No I won't shut the hell up! Of course, Warren, you really need to watch your fuckin mouth! You don't know who you're talkin' to. You're so damned dumb you poor sod you can't even read and comprehend what I said; it makes answering you a ridiculous waste of time. Get some brains first before you joust with boy or at least get a life since you can't get an education. Waving a flag IS NOT TRUE PATRIOTISM AND NEITHER IS XENOPHOBIA. On both sides of my family my people have been here since the 1730.

  69. Warren Lautz

    o just shut the hell up. and nobody is "hiding" behind guns... its called aiming and it helps you hit what your shooting at. holding the pistol sideways whilst running and 'spraying' is not proper form.

  70. NgaiOlaudah

    It's a pity that all you know of American history in the 18th century is mostly mythology & not fact! When you invite Americans who don't agree with you to leave "your" country as if it isn't theirs too shows us just what kind of a pathetic ignorant nut you are. Notice the correct spelling of "PATHETIC" (that's YOU). 1776 was NOT "founded with God nor guns" whatever IGNORANCE that statement comes from! Real patriotism is quiet neither does it need to hide behind God, guns or flag! The Real Eagle

  71. tim biggart

    Thanks, Jacob. Good to know we still have friends. Cheers.

  72. tim biggart

    Thanks for the black POW-MIA flag. We will never forget our comrades.

  73. Murray Berger


  74. Shane Burrough

    What a legend!

  75. curtis rose

    Another great song by Hoss! Thanks to all you vets may GOD BLESS ALL OF OUR VETS!!

  76. K Mc


  77. onodrim20001

    Thank you so much for uploading this song i couldnt find it anywhere else and an awesome video to go with it to, and thank you for your service to this great country.

  78. Jacob Davies

    You Yanks can deal with your own troubles. If ya need a hand GB is always on call. We owe ya that much. 911, some of my people died in those towers. You aint the only ones with a flag of red white and blue. Good luck to those serving.

  79. DodgeD100Sweptline65

    Thanks for your service im going into the National Guard Jan. 8th :D

  80. Frances DeMers

    awesome - gave me goosebumps

  81. 6wyocowboy

    This song represents the 1st Amendment the 2nd and the 4th

  82. sugarman dedam


  83. mike olden

    Great job you done Thanks

  84. Rosa Jones

    I think you have done a great job !!! Thanks

  85. John Beaton

    Well said. Be calm and peaceful, my friend, THE EAGLE'S IN THE AIR!! Excellent start to your video career. :-)

  86. farmer07089

    thank you for your service sir Semper Fi

  87. JoryLee Judd

    Chuck Thanks for dropping in and thank you for your service brother.

  88. Charles Westford

    I applaud you JORYLEE,I wish there were more like you. I'm also a VET and God bless you son,
    Receive.............yes, Recieve.....NO!

  89. Bart Phillips

    Awesome video!! Love it!! USA!!!

  90. ggallman

    I Hope that the next Change will allow our Eagles to fly properly. - 2012

  91. Casey Gable

    Love It.

  92. Anders K. Andersson

    Thnx for sharing ,Good Eagle...Waylon RIP....

  93. bj cov

    well done thank you

  94. Sam Roberts

    A little risque, but other than that TOTALLY AWESOME!

  95. sjaak de kievit

    many thanks for posting. greetings from holland

  96. 1942ann

    @JORYLEE76: I have no doubt that you have MANY more supporters than naysayers. Thanks for sharing your music. And, I thank you for your service for us and our country! Sic 'um, Fido!

  97. Marion Sisco

    You did good!

  98. JoryLee Judd

    Thank you everyone for your great comments. keep them comming. as for the pothetic loosers who think they need to make comments and belittle me and my song/video and country, well you can go to hell. move out of my country and find some shitty piece of sand to move out too. 1776 founded with god and guns. god bless and god speed.

    L Benson

    Come on JoryLee, tell us how you really feel! Great song and great video. Thanks and take care.

  99. Tears From Heaven

    Cool song, nice vid :)