Waylon Jennings - The Dark Side Of Fame Lyrics

Just a kid with a song when he wandered from home
In search of the phantom of fame
She promised she'd wait but he got back too late
Just a scene from the dark side of fame.

In the wrong frame of mind he took to the wine
Holding pieces of love's broken chain
It was colder than jade in this world that he'd made
All alone on the dark side of fame.

His songs were soon curled on the lips of the world
They earned him the highest of claim
And yet his greatest desire was the simple warmth of love's fire
'Cause it's cold on the dark side of fame.

The wine took its toll and soon he grew old
Much younger than most people do
But there's no trace of shame in the sound of his name
Though he lived on the dark side of fame.

He lived on the dark side of fame...

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Waylon Jennings The Dark Side Of Fame Comments
  1. Anne White

    Thank you for posting this beautiful old song , i love it !!!

  2. Joy Gilbert

    This song makes me sad Lost my son 😭😭😭😭😭

  3. Jean Fraikin

    the dark side of fame

  4. Connor M. Music & more

    It was recorded in 1965

    19 March 1965 [18:00-21:00] RCA Victor Studio, 800 17th Ave. South, Nashville, TN – Waylon Jennings (Gerald Gropp [gt], Jerry Reed [gt], Bob Moore or Paul Foster [bass], Richard Albright [drums], Ray Stevens [piano] + Anita Kerr Singers. Producer: Chet Atkins)

    Ryan Hobson

    Connor M. do you know if Down came the world(track 7) is a different version from the Folk Country version in 1966?

  5. Robert Dunham

    had the album

    Shell Scott

    My folks did. I listened to Waylon's "It's All Over Now" many times before I heard the Stones' original.

  6. scott meyer

    thank you for this great old song!


    @scott meyer You're very welcome!

  7. katson6

    @Tallshipdreamer I'm so glad you found it and enjoyed listening to this song. I love Waylon's early years.

  8. katson6

    @jsmit2401 You are welcome. Thank YOU for listening to Waylon in his early years.

  9. Tallshipdreamer

    This is such a great tune Thanks for posting!