Waylon Jennings - The Chokin' Kind Lyrics

I only meant to love you don't you know it babe
Why couldn't you be contented with the love I gave
I've given you my heart and now you want my mind
Your love scares me to death girl it's the chokin' kind.

You can kill a man with bullets poison or a knife
But it hurts him more to take his pride and run his life
Whatever it is you want girl I hope you find
But that hat don't fit my head it's the chokin' kind.

When you fall in love again girl take a tip from me
If you don't like the peaches walk on by the tree
Find what you want and keep it treat it sweet and kind
But let it breathe don't make your love the chokin' kind...

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Waylon Jennings The Chokin' Kind Comments
  1. Aprile Crider

    I agree with Jewel, this was written and recorded by a friend of my parents when I was a little girl in the late 1960s or early '70s Named, William ( Bill ) Poe !!!

  2. crunchypickles99

    This dude knew all about crazy co-dependent relationships and lyrics are so amazing

  3. CountryBoy Williams


  4. Jewel Dotson

    My Favorite Waylon song, like many artist Waylon sang better before he became a big star.

  5. Bob Dant

    Waylon Gave me the vox 12 string in the video simply because I told him I wanted one. He just said 'Here', see if you like it! I did.

  6. John Oberle

    Best thing that ever happened in country music..Waylon Jennings!

  7. keith hakanson

    Waylon Jennings is a true legend.

  8. prettycountrygirl2

    Very slowed-down, compared to the Joe Simon version; but sounds nice.  Just read today that Waylon first sung this song. Wow! I didn't know that.  (""The Chokin' Kind" is a 1967 song, later recorded by Joe Simon in 1969, written by Harlan Howard. The original version of the tune was released by Waylon Jennings in 1967.")

  9. MrMusicguyma

    Nice job by Waylon on the Harlan Howard song.

  10. Mary Mcwright

    The dictionary has a word for the

  11. Mick Donnell

    Not the best of Waylon... doesn't sounds unique in his later years in tonality and in my opinion. In His forties were his best.... again...in my opinion.

  12. Page Ribe

    Written by Harlan Howard who also coined the best definition of country music: "Three chords and the TRUTH!

  13. Brajean Prier

    This song was stolen from Joe Simon

    paul levine

    I am wondering if you know that Waylon actually put his name on this classic tune stealing it or if i'm correct in telling you that's a lie & he merely recorded it & played it in his shows. Nashville even back in the 60s had strict laws against plagiarism. Just because he recorded this doesn't mean he stole it unless his name is on the record as the writer & not Joe Simon's

    Jeff Perdue

    Joe Simon does a nice version, but it's a Nashville song, which where Simon recorded

  14. John Oberle

    The 60`s style with the female backup singers was great. Love It.

  15. FishWhiskey

    Stone cold, spring water smooth........classic!

  16. graham bull

    Always preferred pre-outlaw Waylon! 💜

    Bob Top

    Yes, the best Waylon is Waylon without that beard!!!

    John Smith

    ... had so much more in common with the outlaw ...

    Keith Wicks

    I prefer any Waylon .

    Daniel Azevedo

    I'd just prefer alive Waylon to be honest...


    I prefer the waylon that broke free and did his own thing, not controlled by his record label.

  17. Connor M. Music & more

    That's got to be Joe Zincan on bass. Saw a video of Bob Moore's and he told how he'd slap the bass.

  18. Albert Gomez

    This song can make me cry. God I miss Waylon.

  19. 2012zzman

    Anyone see that elderly lady in the back with her arms wrapped around her and a nasty look on her face ...

  20. Benny Danielz

    My niece was named after Amanda 😀

  21. scottkeef

    I'm sure Waylon appreciated Harlan Howard writing this song..

    weston malone

    Wait, who wrote this then? I thought it was a soul song

  22. Buddy Lowe

    Early Waylon was my favorite. Had so many good songs in the mid sixties.

    Joost Meeuwsen

    Buddy Lowe dey

    kelly aiken

    Funny that you say that because all his hits in the early to mid seventies were his songs from the sixties..

  23. Steve Melancon

    Born in Littlefield, TX., west of Lubbock on the Llano Estacado, land of cotton fields, sheep and goats, cattle feedlots and  Buddy Holly. God bless Texas.

    Augustine Coronado

    Steve Melancon I live here and you're right. God bless this sacred land the produced waylon buddy and sonny Curtis.

    Chuck Borel

    What about George Jones?

  24. MsBeaver2011

    I love this song! He was great!

  25. sauquoit13456

    American thoracic surgeon Henry Heimlich passed away today {December 17th, 2016}...
    May he R.I.P.

  26. arinvests

    Nice song by Waylon, Thanks for post ~ Arthur

  27. Willie McGee

    Waylon has zillions of great songs that even huge country music fans haven't heard. He was the best.

  28. Connie Paige

    I love this version of the song.  Didn't know Waylon had it in him.

  29. Phillip Higdon

    really like this song ..guess you have to live to understand...

  30. Bobby Jo Cowpoke

    This is one of Waylon's best.

  31. MsBeaver2011

    Waylon was one of the best, and this song is one of my favorite's

  32. J Marks

    Must have played this 100 times after my second divorce

  33. robert ray

    I dedicate this song to my first wife.

    Bob Dant

    Me too-my 1st & LAST wife

  34. David Dennin

    This is such a very beautiful song ! With such a charming-playboy voice it would be a challenge to keep the women away , ha ha !!