Waylon Jennings - So You Want To Be A Cowboy Singer Lyrics

City light are shining like diamonds
Coming from the southwestern lows
Big jet engines screaming like ten thousand horses
Another town, another show.

I don't talk about the women that I've known from time to time
You know that I just can't be alone
You know there's no one waiting for me anywhere
That I love, like I love the one at home, love the one at home.

So you want to be a cowboy singer
It can make you rich or make you poor
Just turn it loose, let it out, and hook em' down the road
There's always room for one more.

[Waylon & Tony:]
Sometimes when I look into the mirror
I can see that I've been crazy now and then
The lines on my face won't tell you where I'm going
But it sure as hell can tell you where I've been.

So you want to be a cowboy singer
Pick them ol' guitars every night
If you're ever down around Corpus Christi Texas
Be sure to tell them all, I said, ''Hi.''
"tell 'em me an' ol' Waylon said hi.''...

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Waylon Jennings So You Want To Be A Cowboy Singer Comments
  1. Beach Blossom

    Excellent song!! Best of the best!!

  2. Al Barth

    You've been waylonized In 2018 !

  3. Clinical Educator1

    HOSS and the SWAMP FOX. It don't get no better!!

  4. 18winsagin

    RIP Tony Joe White you're awesome!

  5. Honky Tonk Dalton

    Now this is music.

  6. Neil Ladd

    Waylon was  the ultimate! R I P.

  7. Foxpowers

    Great country song


    Foxpowers . I'm.I'm

  8. fred

    their style of playing complimented each other so well

  9. Dylan Rothwell

    Hell yeah

  10. Christy DeWitt

    tony joe and waylon sound perty good together i think


    What in the world has happened to country music today cause it sure doesn't sound anything like this anymore?? RIP Waylon

    Caleb Melton

    ZRN1986 look up cody jinks

  12. yvwic50

    Woop, woop!

  13. Tom Kendall

    With all due respect to Mr. Jennings,Tony Joe White can stand with the best of them
    Check it out here on youtube
    and enjoy

  14. Winston Tucker

    @teddie488 I don't, but I think my dad might still have one! Bet some of my tapes still play perfectly!

  15. Winston Tucker

    @teddie488 I still have some 8 tracks of his from my Navy days! Probably some cassettes too!

  16. Frances DeMers

    Where are you getting these songs, Teddy. I've never heard this one either. Keep them coming. Love em

    snake plissken

    album - Waylon and Co.

    Mary Mcwright


  17. hugewaylonfan

    Been Along Time sence i heard this one good job { Waylon Rules}