Waylon Jennings - Sight For Sore Eyes Lyrics

I knew the day i met you
Where i stood
There was no way that you
Would stay for good
But when you left
I just kept hanging in
Praying that i see you
Once again
And you sure are a sight
For sore eyes
Just seeing you again is worth
Every tear i cried
Oh don't keep me waiting
Come inside
You sure are a sight
For sore eyes

Just take me in your arms
and don't explain
And kiss away the teardrops
And the pain
Don't feel that theirs a thing
You need to say
Your here and that's
What matters anyway

You sure are a sight
For sore eyes
Just seeing you again is worth
Every tear i cried
Oh don't keep me waiting
Come inside
You sure are a sight
For sore eyes
You sure are a sight
For sore eyes

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Waylon Jennings Sight For Sore Eyes Comments
  1. Frank Burton

    Beautiful. Just beautiful. Loved Waylon and Jessie all my life. Wonderful

  2. Peter Degroot

    Waylon the best

  3. Francisco Oliveira

    Fantastic. Giant. Wonderful duets. The great singer Waylon. Rip.

  4. Peter Degroot

    Waylon the best of all

  5. Doris Johansson

    Wonderful song

  6. Seri White

    Beautiful song, beautiful video, thanx for posting it.

  7. Neil Ladd

    Saw Waylon twice and really enjoyed his guitar playing .Excellent!

  8. Ruth Raines


  9. Monique Lamarche

    Belle mélodie avec paroles touchantes superbe interprétation de Walong et Jessi j'adore xxxxxxxx

  10. judiekleng

    Beautiful song and video. I play it over and over....

  11. Tom Cortis

    never heard this song until now I noticed the horse with a tear in its eye had to watch it beautiful

  12. Martin van Lijssel

    Beautiful romantic pictures!

  13. cruiser girl

    Fantastic Video For This Song!!!!

    Lino piras

    +cruiser girl  Waylon  F A V O L O S O

  14. Pansye Gibbs

    Like ALL Of Waylons songs...Love them all.

    Dena Buckley

    Love me some Waylon😍

  15. MyCanadianeh

    I still miss Waylon... a true American treasure...


    here it is 2017 and I still miss him

    Ken 1706

    Now 2019 and I still miss him too but he left us with his music. What a legacy!

  16. Branko Margeta

    Wow .... good song ... for my audio file ...

    Lino piras

    +Branko Margeta  Waylon.....FORMIDABILE e GRANDISSIMO

  17. Hetty van zee

    Wat een prachtig nummer is dit ,bedankt hiervoor .

  18. Richard Thweatt

    Biscuit Loves Brooke Google This for Me please , I ask Whole Heartly for The reason of Loving everything That in l;ife will make You Capable of Finding Your Heart and Souls Desires

  19. Lisa McMurray

    3 Rik's of wood, listening to a roaring river not far, it's smells of wild onions and dirt outside, the fire is going outside, I have my favorite jeans on a t-shirt of a man that imay have spent the night with. I look good smell good, and budlight is on ic every cold keeping my hands cold. And I stirring up the fire listening to the bulfrongs and of course good music, I grab a cold beer leaving lipstick on the can & think of a man that can't never catch me but a great Night!

  20. Rachelle Genaille

    What a Love song! Amazing Voices <3 Fantastic wording !

  21. Marianne Menon

    Love the song, haven't heard it in quite a while but it brings back many sweet memories as do ALL of Waylon beautiful songs. Thank you for sharing!!

  22. teed lassen

    ...Lin another nice one, not sure how this got away from me, hadn't heard it b 4...Hope the Sunday was a pleasant one....Cya again soon rain rain rain

  23. ItsWaldo (Walter Brinkman)

    Great song by Waylon & Jessie and a superb video !!

  24. pecvillian

    Nice video, and a great Waylon song.

  25. hugewaylonfan

    SUPPER WORK ....Waylon Rules !