Waylon Jennings - Old Church Hymns And Nursery Rhymes Lyrics

Blow on you restless wind up to your old tricks again
Bear down you Texas sun you make the desserts dry and the brush fires run
Splintered wood rusty chains this old front porch swing remains
A pendelum of memories goes back and forth on a summer breeze

Singing old church hymns and nursery rhymes
From the days way back before my time
With a little child upon my knee singing every sweet word back to me
Look how far I had to come to get back where I started from
With a child's wisdom passing time
Singing old church hymns and nursery rhymes

I've run the race I've walked the wire I paid the price of my desire
And the only time I've known it all is just before I took a fall
So howl you lone coyote song fade to sapphire sky of dawn
Count me in the lucky men to send the world around again

Singing old church hymns and nursery rhymes...

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Waylon Jennings Old Church Hymns And Nursery Rhymes Comments
  1. Black Rocket

    i shed a tear every time i hear.

  2. rustisamust17

    This song always reminds me of my grandma Zo. She raised me on church hymns and old silly nursery rhymes. It was beyond perfect spending time with her.

  3. Cyndi Lukens

    god I miss him

  4. Seri White

    This is an amazingly beautiful song by a great musician and my favorite artist.

  5. John Delahaye

    1st time ever heard these... THE GREATEST COUNTRY VOICE EVER.No matter what he sings ,,you believe every word !!! Thank you WAYLON,,ALWAYS BE MY FAVORITE !!!!

  6. Cyndi Kimmell

    don't fc with Waylon- can't nobody fuck with waylon

  7. Kevin Bandy

    The Eagle CD has some songs that I didnt hear until 2006.My gave me the CD many years after its release.These songs are waycool

  8. Cyndi Lukens

    How good was the man, this album was sooooooooo good, but only real country fans know this or have ever heard this

  9. eqtedaar Faez

    WHAT A MEMORIES OF childhood

  10. Jeanette McMaster

    Thank you Waylon Jennings, for the many songs, such as the Old Church Hymns.

  11. Cyndi Lukens

    God I would love to hear something this good and strong today

  12. Kelton King

    4 people need to get hit in the face with a steal chair.

  13. Karen Lindsay

    Great song🎤

  14. Newton Jackson

    Before I discover Waylon, Johnny Cash was my favorite. Still love Cash but Waylon took that spot. Glad I saw him twice in concert. Long live his music.

  15. Dora Scott

    Waymore swinson, what up my friend... Some times called him that, he was a real friend of mine. Dora... N ..NM

  16. randall whitman


  17. Michael McGuire

    Nobody even comes close.


    I would have to disagree. Johnny Cash is the best in my opinion.

  18. Sandy Douvia

    Love you so much Waylon.It's not the same without you.Your the best of the best.A big gap in Country music.I just wish we had you back.To big of a loss.


    The best of the best in my opinion is Johnny Cash.

  19. Lyric Rogers

    My grandma used to sing this to me when I was younger...

  20. Sandy Douvia

    Heaven has all my Heroes except Merle Haggard and just a few left.God don't take Him for along time please.


    What about Willie Nelson?

  21. Sandy Douvia

    Your so loved and missed.Your voice is straight from God

  22. Marvin James

    A real pleasure to listen to. Thanks

  23. Brenda Hancock

    Beautiful what else can one say, the feeling and the voice don,t get any better than this.


    To me Johnny Cash is the best.

  24. tony roberts

    just awesome

  25. lynette dodge

    what a legend is right:))))

  26. Anders K. Andersson

    A true American hero..

  27. Kathy Newton

    He was and always will be in my opinion the best singer ever!

  28. ProfWho

    Probably my favorite song from my favorite male vocalist ever to grace Country with a bearded voice.

  29. SaddleVamp

    This song is one of my favorites to play and sing! I sure miss Waylon!

  30. Tremkoe HVAC

    Yupp, such a voice as this can only come from God himself and it was borrowed to us for just a few short years- we miss you each and every day Waylon Jennings. Thank you for being faithful to your calling in life and blessing us with your gift of awesome music. Sublime indeed.

  31. Monika Braunsdorfer

    Waylon 4 ever

  32. Clavier35

    If the legends could have had a voice .....
    it would be Waylon's
    absolument grandiose .....

    Mike Barrs

    Clavier35 hier power and

  33. 4lsc88ho302s

    Read these words for a friend, before his burial. A path we have both been on. Great words----Great presentation; Meaningful. Excellant sound.