Waylon Jennings - Listen, They're Playing My Song Lyrics

Down the street a baby just cried
When he woke up all alone
A train's leavin' town and that lonesome old sound
Is chilling me right to the bone.

A song is playing I can barely hear
About a love that's gone wrong
The freezing rain on my window pane
Listen they're playing my song.

Taps being played by a soldier's grave
So sad it torments your soul
Just listen to that north wind moan
Tonight it's so dark and cold.

Somewhere a siren cuts through the night
Sounds like a whole world's gone wrong
Thunder just warned but it's coming a storm
Listen they're playing my song...

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Waylon Jennings Listen, They're Playing My Song Comments
  1. Jamie Kennedy

    my hearts broken... god i miss you baby' maybe one day you will realise what you ment to me.

  2. Lori Randolph

    My dad Glen Garrison wrote this song. He was good friends with Waylon.

    Damian Johnstone

    This song written by your dad is an absolute classic Lori! Waylon sings it to perfection.

    Christopher Ripley

    I came to this song through Jerry Lee...it’s a masterpiece. Thanks to your dad.

  3. Wynne Mainprize

    From 1967....Really? Chilling me right to the bone...it hurts and heals and helps. Thanks, Waylon.

  4. Wynne Mainprize

    This song makes my heart hurt.

  5. Seri White

    Love this guy. I don't believe I've heard a song of his I didn't like. There will never be another Waylon. Glad we still have his music.

  6. Red West

    The harmonica playing on this song is awesome.  The bending technique sounds so good.

  7. stephen

    I love this song he and i have a whole lot in common;I only wish i could have met him he will always have my utmost respect.

  8. carolyn keck

    I also can relate to the taps part as i went to my grandpas funeral and yea taps is so lonesome it torments your soul.

  9. carolyn keck

    thanks for uploading i can relate to this song. we also live close to a fire station and train track so i hear sirens and trains alot.

  10. Lois slotboom

    this is the ,ost beautifull of them all

  11. jeff werner

    ty for this jennings "gem"...i'd like to see more of his material from '65 through '70
    any other cuts from this album you could put up? I'll be checking.....ty tpage...

  12. rockeycountry

    Have had this LP since it first came out. Always loved it. Thanks for posting.